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Cheerloathing, Part Two

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Cheerloathing is an epic-length erotic novel of betrayal, seduction, and duplicity. As something of a spiritual successor to The Second Place Sister, this story features lots of kink and deep characterization. Enjoy!

Chapter Three: Bad Teammate

Sara fumed the entire drive home. Watching from the sidelines, she’d seen how easily Diana went through the stunts, tumbles, and moves. She wasn’t just good. She was perfect.

Not only was Diana skilled, but she was likable, helpful, and a natural leader. When the time came to move up and get voted in as captain or co-captain, it wasn’t going to be a tough competition. Diana would get it. She’d only get better, too, likely keeping that position through varsity. She’d be the best and Sara would be a background second.

Sara did not like having to compete to be the best. She’d done it before, her senior year in high school. It wasn’t going to happen again. Not now that it meant so much, and when it could mean a spot with an elite squad.

That silly cunt, Lana, had thought she was going to be miss perfect, take the captain’s spot, and be a pro flyer. Well, where was Lana now? Probably about to pop out that new baby. Her own brother’s baby, Sara thought with some satisfaction at the memory.

The ideas about how to handle Diana were already forming by the time the psychotic blonde pulled into the driveway. Those ideas were made even more delicious as Sara thought about what awaited her inside the house. Riling up her dad through his sick infatuation was just the way to end the day.

She opened the door quietly and set her bag in the hall, then crept through the house. Dutiful daddy would, no doubt, be in his office working. He’d certainly failed to keep his hands off his dick after the latest video she’d sent, and the thought of his weakness and humiliation had her pussy soaking her spanks.

As she expected, he was in his office with the door cracked open, likely waiting to perv when she got home. She eased the door open and he looked in her direction, his eyes trailing up her legs to her cheer skirt, then continuing up her flat belly, lingering on her tits, before he finally met her eyes with a flush in his cheeks. It was miserably adorable to see him so whipped these days.

Sara moved behind him and draped her arms around his neck, kissing him lightly behind the ear. Her little pink tongue snaked out and gave it a flick that sent a shudder through him.

“You didn’t make it, did you?” she whispered in his ear as her hands caressed his chest. “You couldn’t help yourself.”


“Hush, daddy. I know. It’s so hard not to play with your cock when I do nasty things, isn’t it? Princess can be so mean.”

He shuddered again.

“Did you like it?”

“Yes,” he said, and it came out as barely a breath.

“I’ll bet you didn’t even make it through Jason fucking your little girl’s mouth, did you? It’s alright, daddy. You can tell me. Did you cum in my panties when he fucked my face or my pussy?”

Her father groaned.

“Jason will be here soon. I don’t want you coming up and listening through the door, alright? Don’t you dare! Are you going to stay down here and wait?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

Sara kissed his neck again and stalked out, pausing to shut the office door. She was feeling better already. The sound of the front door opening came to her as she climbed the steps, where she pushed open the door to her room and peeled off her wet spanks. Jason came through her door a moment later.

“Where’s the old man?” he asked.

“Does it matter?”

Jason shrugged and said, “Guess not. You want the door open for him?”

Sara shook her head. Jason shut the door.

“I wanna talk to you about something,” Sara said.

Jason, without acknowledging she’d spoken, took her by the arm and turned her around, bending her at the waist over the side of the bed. He tugged his cock from his shorts.

“I said I want to talk to you about—“

“I heard you, cock hole,” Jason cut her off and pushed his prick into her in one, hard thrust. “But you need to shut the fuck up and take some dick, first.”

Sara moaned as his engorged cock filled her up. He gripped her neck and pushed her face into the comforter, then began to stuff her fuckhole with long, angry thrusts that had her whimpering. Cock teasing her dad had begun to set her night right, but this was just what she needed to top it off. The words made her cunt gush as her ex-boyfriend crammed his hard cock inside her, and his rough hand on her neck held her in place.

“That’s it, princess,” Jason said. “Get good and wet for me. Go on and scream so daddy can hear. You know you need to.”

Sara did need to. She was almost certain that her father hadn’t listened to her instruction. His cock might not let him. The torture of listening to other men using his little girl like a sex doll was too strong a pull. Sara began to moan and humped her pussy back to meet Jason’s hard thrusts. His hand gathered up her hair and yanked it back, making her yelp, and then the yelp turned into hot grunts as he pulled her head back. The hard slap of his pelvis against her ass and the wet squish from her pussy was like a hypnotic fuck track that soon had her legs quaking. Jason’s free hand rested on her ass and gave it a squeeze, then gripped it tightly as he battered her fuckhole.

Sara had her first orgasm, crying out loudly, more loudly than she needed to so that she could make her father listen to it. She imagined him on the other side of the door, his ear against it, as her asshole ex took her pussy as if it belonged to him. It wasn’t humiliating enough that he had to listen to his daughter fucking, but to have to listen to her fucking someone he despised, just made her pussy so fucking gooey.

When Jason finally splattered her insides with his copious load, Sara couldn’t hold back another good cum. She was already thinking ahead, fantasizing, not just about what she’d subject her father to when Jason left, but her plans to ruin Diana.

Jason extracted his wet, slippery cock from Sara’s cunt and tugged on her hair, forcing her to her knees as she squealed. He plugged her open mouth with his satisfied meat, pushing it into her throat and holding her down as her tongue and throat muscles cleaned it for him. It wasn’t until she began to slap at his legs for air that he relented and let her up to breathe.

As he slapped his softening cock on her forehead he asked, “What did you want to talk about?”

Sara caught her breath, opened her mouth to speak, and Jason put his cock back in it for a good laugh. Sara stared daggers at him but she also felt a stab of hot arousal at the treatment. The fuckhead knew exactly how to treat her, and she both hated and loved it. Finally, he pulled his cock out, wiped it in her hair, and put it away.

“You were saying?” he asked again.

Sara wiped at her mouth and sat on the bed.

“Did you notice the pretty black-haired girl today?” she asked.

“I noticed more than one.”

“The flyer,” Sara added.

“Oh, her. Yeah.”

“Do you want to fuck her?”

“Sure. I’d fuck any one of them. Why?”

“She’s good. Like, really good.”

Jason’s face broke into a grin and he said, “Oh? Do you have another Lana situation?”

“Something like that.”

“So, you’re afraid miss really good might have a shot at being miss better than you?”

Sara flushed and snapped, “No. Nobody will be better. But… I don’t like her.”

“Alright, so what’s the game this time? I assume you’re asking me because you want my help somehow?” he asked.

“It’s not like you won’t get anything out of it. You liked Lana well enough.”

“Yeah, but Lana was a stuck-up cunt, kind of like you.”

“You’re such an asshole,” Sara blurted and folded her arms.

“That’s why you love me.”

“I don’t love you. You’re a prick.”

“That’s also why you love me,” he added.

“Whatever. You’re a fucking asshole, and I hate you.”

Jason slapped her and Sara moaned.

“You’re one fucked up slut, babe. That’s why I’m gonna help you. What’s the plan.”

Sara did not have the entire plan, but she did have the beginnings of the plan. That was the easy part. Befriending a friendless girl that wanted to be popular wasn’t difficult. Learning what she’d need to ruin Diana’s life and then doing it was the difficult, but rewarding part. After laying it out, Jason left, and Sara took the stairs down to the living room.

Still in her cheer uniform, with no panties, Sara took a seat on the couch next to her flushed, horny father. He couldn’t look at her, though he was already, in a sense, looking at her. On the TV in front of him was one of the many videos that Sara made to torture him. The sounds of her muffled moaning came through the surround sound speakers.

Sara put a hand on his neck and lay her head on his shoulder. Her other hand fell to the bulge in his pants and rubbed it gently. He shuddered but kept his eyes on the TV, enrapt. Most nights, these were all he watched anymore. And when he jerked off, it was to his daughter’s videos, exclusively. Nothing quite did it for him the same way.

“You love my birthday movie, don’t you, Daddy?” she whispered in his ear.

He nodded. Sara was used to this. Wherever her father went in his mind when he fantasized about her, it was like his brain and his ability to speak were nearly disconnected.

“This is my favorite part,” she said and eased down the zipper on his pants. “Jason and his friend were so mean to your princess, weren’t they?”


“They made me do all kinds of nasty things with them, like that.”

On the screen, she was currently being spit-roasted by Jason and one of his teammates, on her 19th birthday. Jason had her blonde pigtails in his fists, using them to hold her in place as he throated her. Behind her, his teammate clung to her ass and pounded his substantial prick into her asshole. The sounds of her muffled, violated squealing spilled from the speakers.

“It makes you so hard when they make me do those things, doesn’t it, daddy? When they make your little girl act like a slut?”

His cock twitched under her hand. She could practically feel him aching to pull it out. She slipped her hand inside his fly and brushed her nails along his throbbing penis, making him groan.

“You can have it, too, can’t you?” she teased.

“I... I can’t,” he whispered.

With her free hand, Sara put a fingertip on his chin and turned his flushed face toward her. She licked her lips. His eyes were glassy and they shifted away from her, back toward the TV. She knew why. He wanted to see them stuff their cocks up both her holes at once, the fucking pervert.

She took it away from him by lightly, teasingly, kissing his lips and curling her fingers around his cock. She pulled it out of his pants and slipped her tongue into his mouth as she stroked his length. He shook and his cock pulsed under her touch. Sara broke away and brushed her soft cheek against his, nuzzling it lovingly as she teased his dick.

“You can,” she said again. “You know what you have to do to have it, don’t you?”

“I… I can’t,” he repeated.

“I know. Because you’re a big, sweet daddy,” she taunted him. “You want to do all those dirty things you think about, the things those boys make me do, but you can’t. You can’t do what it would take, can you?”

“Please,” he pleaded.

Sara took his hand and guided it to her cunt, warm, wet, and filled with spunk. She pushed one of his fingers into it.

“Jason did it,” she whispered, fingering his cock as he fingered her cummy pussy. “Jason can do what it takes. Don’t you want to do it, too? Don’t you want to know how good it feels to fuck your princess, daddy? To make her do all those gross things you think about? Shouldn’t your little girl’s pussy be for daddy, instead of those mean boys?”

“Please,” he said again, desperate now, his dick twitching as she lightly stroked it.

For several minutes she stroked his erection, pushing her tongue into his mouth until she could feel his cockhead pulse with need.

“You’re going to do it, aren’t you? You’re going to give in because you’re a fucking pervert.”

His cock jerked and Sara knew he was about to go over. All he needed was one more push, and she knew just what it would be.

“All you have to do is rape me,” she hissed. “Just hold me down, hit me, and make me do it.”

Her father grunted and a shot of hot cum erupted from his cock, spilling over her hand. Sara bent and stuck out her tongue, letting the next shot strike her tongue and lips. The third landed right on her nose. She sat back up and, with a taunting smile, she wiped that last glob of spunk away and sucked it off her finger.

With his crotch coated in semen and the image of his daughter being double-penetrated on the TV, her father looked at her in stunned worship. Sara put another light peck on his lips as she stood.

“Early day tomorrow,” she said, stretching, letting her cheer skirt ride up to show off her bare cunt. “Don’t spend all night jerking off.”

She left him there with a messy crotch and a muddled mind, guilt washing over him. When she finally got into bed for the night, she slept naked and locked the door. Eventually, she’d break him down, and he’d learn to treat her the way she needed. But she wouldn’t make it that easy for him.

Chapter Four: Rocking the Boat

Diana pulled her car into the marina lot and checked the time. Twenty minutes early. Sunglasses perched on her head, she slipped her phone into the little crossbody and slung it over her chest. A short walk later, she found Sara, Shelly, and Dara standing with Jason and two other young men on the deck of a boat.

The boat was a thing of beauty, an Aviara AV40. Forty-two feet long, the elegant lake craft had a covered deck with a retractable sunroof. For days like today, when there was a small crowd of partiers, the expandable, push-button terraces could extend to provide more space. A luxury wet bar and cockpit TV graced the cabin.

“Welcome aboard,” Jason said, offering her his hand to help her in from the dock.

Diana took it and stepped aboard. She was quickly joined by Sara, who gave her a kiss on the cheek and a warm hug in greeting. Shelly and Dara threw her a little salute from their seats. Her three teammates were already in bikinis, enjoying the late August sun. Diana peeled off her t-shirt and joined them to an approving whistle from Jason as he took the helm.

“New girl’s got it going on,” he jested and gave her a wink that made Diana blush.

Sara put her arm around Diana’s waist and said, “There are no new girls here, just a team. That toothy shark is Jason. It’s his parents’ boat. The other two ball busters are Shawn and Ivan.”

She indicated Jason’s teammates, who each wore board shorts, bare chests, and had cans of beer in their hands. They raised them to her in greeting.

“Diana,” she introduced herself.

“Soon as Link shows up, we’ll get moving,” Jason said, making a final check of the boat.

“This is awesome,” Diana said. “It’s beautiful.”

“Thanks,” Jason said. “It took a long fucking time for my dad to trust me to take it out on my own. I still have to promise to keep sober when I’m out on it. Small sacrifice.”

He ran his hands over the slick trim as he said it and held up an iced tea.

“Come sit with me, babe,” Sara said, dragging her away to join Shelly and Dara.

She listened to the three of them gossip until a final teammate, Link, arrived and joined the crew.

“And away we go,” Jason declared, taking the helm once more.

The outboard motors hissed and then roared to life. Shawn cast off the ropes and Jason eased the boat out and away from the marina.

“Hold on,” Sara said into her ear, “This is where the boys like to compensate for what’s between their legs.”

“What?” Diana asked, and then yelped as Jason rammed the twin Mercury V12 600s up and the boat reared back.

There was a wild whoop from the men up front and a giggling screech from the other girls as Jason sped across the lake, the boat slicing across the water in leaps and bounds. Diana and Sara clung to one another and cheered. Within minutes, the wind whipping the girls’ hair back, the shoreline receded into the distance. Jason slowed the boat to a more measured glide across the lake and the men at the front got to their feet.

Once they were out, Jason stopped the boat and let it drift. Though it was still warm this late in the month, many of the regular boaters had already stowed their crafts for the autumn and upcoming winter. The odd fishing boat motored past, but otherwise, they had the lake mostly to themselves. Jason’s teammates began helping themselves to beers from the onboard coolers and, soon, Jason himself offered one to Diana.

Diana wasn’t a drinker. Of course, she’d done it. Attending afterparties in high school and being a popular girl, it was kind of expected that a cute girl who was under the legal drinking age would rebelliously imbibe. This was college, though, and she was new. If these people were going to be her friends and teammates, she was going to have to get used to wilder sorts of parties, she supposed. She took the beer and swallowed.

“Thanks,” she said and Jason clinked his glass of iced tea to her bottle.

Shelly and Dara quickly claimed a man each for themselves and settled at the front of the boat, drinks in hand. Link, meanwhile, turned on the boat’s radio and tuned it to a Southern rock station. He and Sara fell into conversation as they looked out over the water and, Diana noted, he none-too-casually rested his hand on the small of her back, just above the waistband of her bottoms. This left Diana alone with Jason, who invited her to sit with him on a rear bench seat.

“Thanks for letting me come out today,” she said. “It sucks not knowing anyone.”

“Good to have you. Where’d you come from?”


“Big city girl,” he remarked with a smile. “What brought you all the way down here?”

“My dad’s job. He’s an engineer and he got an offer at the plant outside the town.”

“Oh, damn. He must be a big brain if he’s building rocket engines.”

Diana nodded and agreed.

“Well, Shoreside’s not exactly a small town, but small enough,” Jason continued. “Once you start getting to know some people, you’ll find out that you end up knowing most of them.”

Jason was very friendly and, as Shelly had remarked, he had dreamy eyes. They were soft, playful, and penetrating. He sat an appropriate distance and listened well, asking Diana about her former life, cheer, dancing, and gymnastics. He seemed to know a lot about the subjects, which Diana guessed came from having dated Sara. She spared a glance in the blonde’s direction, where she sat on Link’s lap with her arm around his neck, giggling and chatting.

“So, you and Sara?” Diana had to ask.

“At one time,” Jason said, shrugging. “There’s a lot of that in a place like this, too. Nothing there now. We just run in the same circles. We had different goals, so it just kind of trailed off. As you can see, she has other interests.”

Diana did see. Sara was now locking lips with Link and his hand rubbed up and down her bare leg. Diana blushed cutely at the brazenness. It wasn’t that she was a prude, by any means. It just felt a little strange to be talking to Sara’s ex while Sara, herself, was making out with one of his teammates only a few feet away.

Sara broke their kiss and gave Link’s wandering hand a little swat, but she laughed as she did it. She removed herself from his lap and straightened her bottoms, doing so while wiggling her backside at him teasingly and giving Diana a little wink, as if they shared some secret. Then, she crossed the deck and plopped herself into the seat on Diana’s vacant side. Draping her arm around Diana’s neck, she planted a kiss on her cheek.

“May I borrow my teammate from you for a while?” she asked Jason.

“Only if you promise to bring her back to me,” he said and added, “Hopefully, I’m not through with her yet.”

Diana blushed again.

“We’ll see. I might just keep her for myself.”

She gave Diana’s neck a playful nip and growled, making Diana start. Jason laughed.

“Be careful, Diana. She might make you lose interest in me,” he said with mock warning.

“Jesus,” Sara muttered, “you sleep with a girl or two and suddenly everyone thinks you’re some kind of lesbian predator!” Diana gasped, to which Jason chuckled, and then she added, “Besides. Who says she’s interested in you?”

“Just a fool’s hope,” Jason said dramatically, swirling his iced tea. “Take care of yourself, Di. May you find your way back to gentler arms than hers.”

“Come on flyer,” Sara said, tugging Diana up. “Let the shark sniff blood a while. When he’s hungry enough, he’ll strike. He’s like that old skit with the shark. He’ll bring flowers or candygrams, and when you open the door,” she growled and, laughing, began to nip frantically at Diana’s neck again, making munching noises and causing Diana to squeal.

She pulled back and said, “Shark attack. Oldest trick around, but women just keep opening the door for him.”

Grinning, Jason raised his glass and said, “Nom nom! Go on. Borrow her. If you start putting moves on my girl, though, I’ll have Link punish you.”

“Prepared to punish, good buddy!” Link called. “Though I’m not averse to seeing her put moves on this one.”

“Nobody likes you,” Sara said and stuck out her tongue at Link, “Or you,” she said to Jason.

Sara took Diana’s hand and hauled her toward the control console, where she pushed a button. The motorized sides of the boat began to descend, extending outward to create a larger party space. With Diana in tow, Sara went astern and popped open a hatch. She extracted two life vests and settled one over Diana’s chest, then clicked the snaps.

“What are we doing?” Diana asked.

Sara put on her own vest, clicked the snaps, and said, “Swimming!”

She stepped up on the bench seat, back to the water, ducked, and then sprung back into a flip and knifed into the lake, giving a yelp as the chilly water shot up her body. She came up, sputtered, and flipped back her wet hair.

“Show me some moves, babe!” she called up from the water.

Diana set her beer aside, took a few steps back, and then made a quick dash. With long-practiced ease, she did a front handspring off the back of the boat, corkscrewed, and landed in the water as Sara cheered.

“Fucking right, bitch!” Sara screamed as Link and Jason applauded.

Diana, grinning, swam up to Sara and the two of them drifted a few feet away, treading water lazily. Diana kicked her legs and floated along beside Sara, feeling, for the first time in weeks, as if she were starting to belong. This was perfect. A new team, new friends, and maybe even a cute guy. Life was looking up.

Now a short distance from the boat, Sara righted herself and turned toward Diana. She kicked up to her and slid her arms around Diana’s neck and, for an instant, Diana thought that she was going to kiss her. Instead, Sara said, “You know, if you wanna go for him, just do it.”

“Who?” Diana said.

“Jason. He’s into you.”

“Oh, yeah. I don’t... I wouldn’t.”

Sara rolled her eyes and said, “Look, we’re going to have a long few years ahead of us. You’re, like, super good. I don’t want there to be anything between us because you’re worried about offending me or something. Jason’s a good guy, but he and I were a long time ago and it wasn’t anything serious. If you think he’s cute and you want to have some fun, go for it. The guy’s nothing to me. I’m working on another one.”

She gave Diana a little wink again.

“Thanks,” Diana said. “He’s nice, but I wouldn’t say I’m interested. He’s just… nice.”

“Alright. Just wanted to clear the air, you know?”

Diana nodded. For a while, they floated alongside the boat, chatting. Sara, just like Jason, asked her all kinds of questions but hers were more professional. She asked Diana about her cheer history and, finally, her aspirations.

“Right now, all I want to do is help the team,” Diana said. “Sideline cheer is great, but I’m more interested in competition. Since I captained my last team, I thought I might try for it here, next year.”

Sara’s face gave away nothing as she nodded, smiled, and said, “You’d do great. Sideline or competition. You know we do both here?”


Once they were back on the boat, with the terrace raised and wrapped in towels, Diana shared a couple more beers with the girls. The music blared, the sun was high in the sky, and she was cutting loose and dancing with her new, blond friend. Sara was so much fun and Diana found herself opening up easily and having a great time.

Jason, too, was a good dancer, which she might have expected from his quick footwork on the court. When it came time to set off across the water for another ride, Diana found herself feeling a little giggly and sitting in his lap at the wheel. He took her hand and guided it to the throttle, placing his over hers.

“Gentle,” he instructed her, speaking in her ear. “Just ease it up a little bit and give her some power. You don’t want to ram it all the way. Start off slow and then give her more speed when you feel like she’s ready.”

Diana blushed and laughed, saying, “We’re still talking about the boat here, aren’t we?”

“Of course,” Jason said and released her hand, sliding his own to her leg, just beneath the towel. “Now get my motor running, sailor.”

Diana squirmed her bottom against his erection and remarked, “Seems like your motor’s running just fine, captain.”

Jason’s hand slid up to her waistband and Diana nudged the throttle forward. The twin motors purred and the boat slid forward. Inwardly, Diana was thrilled at feeling the power of the boat in her hands. The feel of Jason’s cock under her wasn’t so bad either. It had been a while. With Jason guiding her, and his hands holding her, she steered the boat back to the dock.

Once they had it tied up and cleaned up, Diana disembarked with her teammates, leaving four hard dicks on the deck of the boat. Walking back to their cars, Sara took Diana’s hand and swung it back and forth like they were childhood playmates.

“I had a lot of fun today,” she said. “It was really nice to have you.”

“Thank you. I had a great time,” Diana said.

“Hey, where are you working out?”

“My sister and I just use the campus gym,” Diana said. “She’s into tennis and they have the machines, plus no membership fee. It’s just convenient.”

“Oh! Sister?”

“Twins,” Diana explained. “Carrie.”

“Geez, double trouble,” Sara jested. “You should give my place a try. It’s an old place down on Batton Avenue. Hank’s. Good energy. If your sister’s into tennis, they have a court and machines, too. I go for the tough crowd, really. Lots of mean-ass bodybuilder types, who like to push the little blonde girl to get buff. They also have a kickboxing ring.”

“Seriously? You kickbox?” Diana asked, looking the trim blonde up and down.

“I’ve been at it for a couple years. The guys down there have some kind of weird obsession with turning me into a little, blonde, cheerleading death machine. It’s practical for cheer, though. You get a ton of cardio and strength training together, plus flexibility, footwork, and coordination. It should be a mandatory cheer course.”

Diana belted out a laugh at the idea, and said, “Jesus! That would be one squad you don’t wanna mess with.”

“Yeah. It’s funny. When I tell those brutes about all the injuries I’ve seen in cheer, they go kinda squeamish. I guess they think it’s all short skirts and waving pompoms.”

“Most people do,” Diana agreed. “They sort of leave all the missing teeth, broken bones, and crippling back injuries out of the marketing material.”

“Anyway, I can send you the address if you two want to come down and check it out. I’ll be in there tomorrow morning.”

“Sure. I’ll talk to Carrie. If she doesn’t want to come, I’ll make it down.”

Diana stopped at her car but Sara didn’t let her hand go. She put a quick peck on Diana’s lips and said, “Night, babe. See you tomorrow.”

Then, she gave Diana’s hand a little squeeze and walked away. Diana put her hand to her lips, confused.


Enjoying this story so far? Cheerloathing is the biggest Tori Hamlin tale at the time of this publication. Sprawling over 61 chapters, this story is set in the DomCo world, and features cameo appearances by both heroes and villains in the series! Follow Diana's descent at the hands of the seductive and evil Sara and see just how much of a bitch the competition can be.

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