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August Roadmap: Obsession, Korruption, and Edging

Well, summer is quickly sliding into the rearview and another long season of holiday cheer is just over the horizon. In this month's roadmap, I'm going to ramble on about two upcoming titles that have been highly anticipated. Then, I'll just share something that I think is cool. It will probably get a golf clap, but hey, I loved it. Here we go!


In the June Roadmap, I ran a poll on the most anticipated stories and promised to bump the timelines around a bit to get those done. Provided they don't mess too much with getting the DomCo series finished, I want to stick to that as much as my ADHD allows. At the close of June, the story that actually won out was Sasha's Obsession. It even beat Kayla 3 by a single vote.

For me, that's a bit of a surprise. Sasha's story was actually written right after The Second Place Sister. It's a story with a lot of issues. Personally, it's one of my least favorite stories, but I aim to change that. The overall story is a little too rapey. The action happens way too fast between Sasha and Mark. It was meant to be an experiment to see if I could get into the hot stuff more quickly than Second Place Sister, and I also wanted to fool around in the Mind Control erotica genre.

The dialogue is subpar. The sense of desperation on Sasha's part, her need to have her brother control her, isn't conveyed well. The entire thing, in my opinion, was messy. Also, Sasha calls her brother Marky Mark in the first chapter. Bad Hamlin! Why? Go to your corner and think about what you did!

Thus, with his reputation in the erotic fiction community on the line, Hamlin set about rewinding the clock and fixing the horror of Sasha's Obsession. Not only would he fix this horror, but he would right it in such a way that its former self would be like a snuffed candle in the forgotten dark. And he would do so while no longer referring to himself in the third person.

Yes, the only viable way to correct this story is to tear it down and rebuild it. For the first time, I'm going to obliterate what came before and start anew. Sasha's Obsession is getting a complete rewrite from start to finish.

While it will still contain the same sexy scenes and characters, they will be bigger, hotter, and more wicked than what was. Look for the hallmark slow-burn lead-in, more internal conflict from Sasha, and a bit of a deeper, darker character. After writing Sara's character in Cheerloathing, I wanted a little of that attitude to inform Sasha's character.

I've always felt she was a bit too sweet for the story. A girl with a dark obsession, willing to do anything to make that obsession come true, isn't a sweet girl. Rather than dispensing with Megan in the first few pages of the story, you'll see Sasha work to actively sabotage Mark's relationship with his girlfriend. Instead of their parents being away on a summer trip, why not keep them around and use them to build up tension? Having them out of the picture was far too convenient.

And then there's the question of the weird hypno program that Mark used on her in the first place. That bit of the story was left out with the idea that I'd do a follow-up sequel to explain it all. Well, no more. This is the new Sasha. She's fucked. She's kinky. She's out to get her brother's dick, no matter the cost.

Look for this finished release mid-August or before.


That brings me to the next big title. Kayla 3 got a bit of a pushback. As per usual, my August deadline to have it out isn't happening. I write fast, but putting together something this big is still a massive effort. Even after the initial writing, it's a lot of editing and revising. I'm still hoping to get that book out in September, but that will require not getting sidetracked again with something like Convincing Kendra.

Due to the aforementioned ADHD, I can't make any promises. You'll notice that my attention wanders a bit when I see something shiny and exciting. My unmedicated madness forces me to follow, and things like Kendra's story get made. That said, I have been putting down the groundwork on Kayla 3, and a significant portion of that book is in the can, where drafting is concerned.

Once Sasha's story is down, I'll put my full attention on Kayla, such as it is. That also means that Slutty Shorts has taken a backseat to getting the big projects done. Since few of you really care about the short content, though, I don't think that will be a disappointment. They'll roll out as they're finished, or they'll turn into books. Such is the way of things! Anyway, I'll at least give you the Kayla 3 cover. If nothing else, that's finished!

korrupting kayla book three cover


So, I have this friend in the community. She's one of the best friends anyone could have. She's smart, sexy, kinky, dirty, and ultra-supportive of everything that goes on here. She's co-written a book with me, and we've done a collection. She might write kinks that are the polar opposite of those written here in many regards, but a real friendship will always trump kinks.

She's Lisa X Lopez, the spicy Latina on a mission to build an erotic empire of adult entertainment. When I opened the merch shop, she was the first customer, even though she didn't need to be. Well, she did a whole photo set for the site with an Edge crop top, comprising 80 photos. I really couldn't ask for a better cheerleader or poster girl. So, my sincere thanks to Lisa for all the free promo she does for Erotikinks.

If you're a Lisa follower, you can snag the entire photo set from her. If you aren't following Lisa, give her a go. Things on her side of the fence are just heating up.

Visit Lisa's Links and snag this set if you'd like to support her endeavors. As I understand it, this particular set will be up this week.

Lisa X Lopez Edge Top Set

Lisa X Lopez Edge Top Set

That's the scoop for this month. Thanks as always for following along, and I hope you'll continue enjoying the new releases as they come!


Haven't read the latest release? Follow along with Kendra's reluctant seduction at the hands (and other body parts) of her fucked up family in Convincing Kendra!

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