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Love, Lust, and Erin: Part 2

Chapter 8: Where no Man Has Gone Before

Dave relaxed on the couch, while the late morning sun beamed in through the open blinds. He had a cold towel on his forehead, dressed in his running shorts and a tank top, while perspiration gleamed on his skin. On the TV, old reruns of Saturday morning cartoons played. Autobots battling Decepticons registered on some level in his ears, but his mind was drifting, replaying the feel of Erin’s light little kiss the night before. Suddenly, the cartoons stopped. A white, horizontal line stretched across the TV screen. Weird.

“Do not attempt to adjust your TV…” a voice said, and Dave sat up straight, wondering when this channel had taken up replaying The Outer Limits.

The line went vertical, but then began to pulse in time with Queen’s “We Are the Champions,” which began to blare. He set the laptop aside and stood up. What the hell? Just then, the front door opened, and the sound of two laughing girls filled the entryway.

“Good morning, Dave!” Erin crowed.

Casey followed her in, both of them dressed in cotton pajamas with the top two buttons undone, big fuzzy slippers on their feet. Casey tossed her overnight bag onto a chair, and they each hugged him tightly.

“You know, there really ought to be some kind of control on those things. Unexpectedly taking away a man’s Saturday morning cartoons is a big no no, and a nostalgia killer.”

“We are in control,” Erin said, evilly, “We control the vertical, and the horizontal!”

He sighed, defeated, but not in the least put out.

“I take it you two had fun?” he asked.

“Loads!” Casey answered, and Erin stifled a giggle.

“We got you a present!” Erin said, digging in her purse.

“If it’s a World’s Greatest Grandpa mug, you can keep it.”

“It’s only slightly better than that.”

She handed him a little black box. He took it, opened it. A set of shimmering contacts lay within.

“Are these… those things?”

The two girls swiped and poked at the air, and Dave watched as the color drained from their eyes, leaving them empty, black, and soulless. They approached him slowly.

“Dave…” Erin droned, “Join us, Dave…”

“It will be good for you, father,” Casey added, “You must join uuuusss…”

Despite how horrifying the effect was, Dave let loose a guffaw that had his belly hurting.

“Stop it! Jesus, that’s the creepiest thing. And no hearts!”

They poked the air, and their eyes returned to their normal colors.

“Put them in, Dave!” Erin cried excitedly, practically bouncing.

Dave took the box into the bathroom and removed his contacts, replaced them with the Haloes, and popped one of the accompanying earbuds into his ear. The sensation in his ear caught him off guard as the earbud seemed to expand, fitting itself tightly into his ear canal. A few seconds later, a glowing letter “H” hovered in the air in front of him.

“Too cool!” He exclaimed and walked back to the living room.

The girls watched him anxiously as he went through the setup steps, then the Haloes asked him for a name.

“Suggestions?” he asked.

“Jarvis!” Casey said.

“No!” Erin cried, “Come on, Dave, you big nerd. If you don’t name them Hal, I will actually kick you in the balls.”

Dave grinned, and said, “Hal.”

“Hello Dave. I’m Hal,” a voice said in his ear, and it was a perfect match.

“Wow!” He exclaimed, “How did it know what Hal sounds like?”

“They’ve got perfect replicas of every pop culture AI built-in, of course.”

“This is wild!” He had a cheesy grin plastered on his face.

“Dave,” Erin said, and stood bouncing on her feet in front of him, “let me in. Leah, connect to Dave’s Haloes.”

A message popped up in his vision, asking for permission for Erin to share his view. He accepted.

“Ok, she said. I’m ready. Do it.”

Dave looked at her quizzically.

“Do it! Do it! Do it!” she repeated, her whole body quivering, eyes wide like some little anime girl.

“Open the pod bay doors, Hal.”

“I’m sorry, Dave. I can’t do that.”

Dave chuckled, and Erin giggled, hands covering her mouth in glee.

“Again!” she cried.

“Hal, open the pod bay doors.”

“I’m sorry, Dave. I can’t do that.”

She laid her hand on his chest and whispered, “Did you just have a little nerdgasm, too?”

He nodded his head, jaw slack.

“No. Not again,” Erin said softly, “Save it.”

He nodded again.

Casey rolled her eyes, and said, “Geeks. I’m going to have a shower.”

“I’m next,” Erin said.

“You wanna walk me through the rest of this?” Dave asked her.

While Casey went to shower, Erin and Dave finished setting up the Haloes. She jabbered excitedly, showing him features and functions, how to set up quick access, and generally playing around. Dave was enthralled. It was like half the sci-fi novels he’d read growing up were suddenly real, and then it dawned on him that he was about to witness people leaving for another planet in only two days.

Erin saw the faraway look on his face.

“What is it?” she asked.

“It just kind of hit me that all my childhood fantasies about spaceships and cool tech just became real life. You know, when I was your age–”

Erin groaned dramatically.

“When I was your age,” he continued, “I never would have dreamed that I’d be alive to see something like this, but damned if I didn’t just become some sort of cyborg. It’s just, kinda nuts.”

“It’s all moving so fast,” Erin agreed, “Personally, I think it makes you value more, the people you have around you. Even if they are cyborgs.”

“Ok. Epiphany over,” he said, “Continue showing me cool stuff, please.”

Dave fed them sandwiches for lunch, during which he was treated to the sight of the girls, once again, in tiny panties and their pajama tops. He still felt like a guilty pervert, but he had to admit that it was enjoyable.

After lunch, he lounged on the couch, flicking through Halo menus and exploring his new toy. The sound of footsteps running down the stairs drew his attention, and he sat up, curious. Erin burst into the room, her hair whipping behind her.

“They’re coming out of the walls!” she cried and dove behind the armchair.


“Leah! Draft Dave into the war!”

A message popped up in his vision, stating, “Erin has requested you join the fight for freedom.”

He tapped yes. A giant mechanical spider crawled over the end of the couch in front of him. He yelled and fell off the couch. He looked up, and the thing skittered menacingly toward him, and then it exploded into a shower of sparks.

“Die!” Erin shouted.

Dave looked over at her. She wore a cowboy hat and held a smoking laser pistol in her hand. What the fuck was happening? Erin skirted the armchair and kneeled beside him.

“I’ve got you, Dave, but they’re holding Casey hostage. It’s up to us!”

“Jesus! What are they?”

“Mechanorachnids, and the queen has got Casey!”

Dave sat up and noticed that he had a pistol in his own hand. He grinned like a kid, and felt like one, too. He pointed his pistol over Erin’s shoulder and blasted another spider as it crawled over the armchair, feeling a thrill of delight as it vanished in a puff of sparks. Together, they got to their feet. He had to admit that it was a little odd seeing Erin wearing a cowboy hat, pajama top, and thin panties, while she blasted mechanical spiders into dust, but the effect was kind of sexy.

A wave of spiders poured down the stairs, and together they blasted through them, sparks flying into the air, evaporating as they fought their way up the steps. On the landing, a gigantic mechanorachnid with glowing ruby eyes blocked the way. They blasted it with the pistols, but they had little effect on the gleaming, metal body.

“Go for the eyes!” Erin said, and they took aim.

The creature hissed in fury as 2, then 4, then 6 of its horrid eyes exploded in puffs of red dust. It thrashed, keeled over, and then burst into sparks.

“Was that the queen?” Dave asked, as they crept up the steps.

Erin poked her head around the corner, gulped, and then said, “Nope…”

Dave leaned over her and looked, “Shit!”

Guarding Casey’s door was a hulking black mass with jointed, razor-sharp legs. It had two heads that swiveled back and forth watchfully, gleaming red eyes attentive for intruders. Dave and Erin glanced at each other, nodded, and then split up, drawing the gaze of those sweeping eyes in both directions, firing at the glittering rubies. The thing screeched in pain as they blasted out its eyes, its legs flailing.

Jesus, it looked real, Dave thought, and the creature stood up on its hind legs, protecting its remaining eyes. A bolt of blue fire arced through the air, striking Erin in the shoulder, and she went down, crying, “I’m hit!” Dave saw smoke rising from her shoulder, but she rolled away from a second blast, and came up on one knee, firing her pistol in rapid succession. On the creature’s abdomen, Dave glimpsed a swirling, blue crystal. He took careful aim, fired, and saw the crystal burst into a million blue shards. The queen collapsed, her mechanical legs folding beneath her as the light faded from her eyes. She evaporated into a thick black cloud and swirled away. Erin hobbled toward Casey’s door, which was coated in shiny, translucent webs. She fired her pistol, and the webs burned away. Casey came rushing out of the room and threw herself into Erin’s embrace.

“My hero!” she cried.

“It was a team effort,” Erin admitted, rubbing her smoking wound.

Casey hugged Dave, giving him a peck on the cheek. Dave returned the embrace, careful to keep his sweaty hands from groping her ass. In his Haloes, a stat screen appeared, showing his shots fired, hits, misses, and score.

“Old man’s got skills!” Erin said, “Deadeye Dave, we’ll call you.”

Dave grinned like a maniac and blew smoke from his pistol.

“Next time, you’re the hostage,” Casey said to her.

“That was a… blast!” Dave said, and the girls groaned.

“Hey, now that we’ve saved the world, I have some last-minute shopping to do for the trip. You?”

“I could use a few things,” Dave agreed.

“Are pants required?” Casey asked.

“We could wear bikinis!” Erin suggested.

Dave flushed, and added, “I need a shower.”

The next morning, Dave found himself wedged into a middle seat on the plane between the girls. They shared a movie in their Haloes during the flight, getting odd looks from the people across the aisle, as the three of them stared off, seemingly at nothing, and chuckled to themselves. Dave didn’t care. The kid in him was practically bouncing out of his seat with excitement. The last few days had made him feel so young. Now, with the prospect of a childhood dream coming true, and his new cyborg eyes, he really did feel like a kid. He’d been as horny as one, too, unfortunately. He didn’t remember a time when he’d jerked off so frequently, as he had these past few days.

He’d stopped feeling quite so guilty about it, because it was becoming normal, but he couldn’t help that twinge of sickness, thinking of himself as perverted when he stroked his cock, imagining Erin’s delectable bottom. He made a strong mental effort, though, not to include Casey in those fantasies. That was a line a little too far. The memory of Erin’s suggestion that she was going down on his daughter, however, did not make that an easy thing to do.

The blinding Florida sunshine greeted them as they departed Melbourne International, but there was something a bit off about it. Blinding. It should have been blinding, because he’d forgotten to pack sunglasses. It wasn’t, though. His vision itself was tinted against the bright rays. He caught Erin’s eye, and saw that her normal bright blues were darker, like a shade had been drawn over them. She cocked her head in question.

“Do the Haloes… adapt to the sunlight?”

“Of course!” She chirped.

“Jesus. These things are even gonna put sunglasses out of business.”

The three of them, bags in hand, crossed to the car rental, where Erin checked them in. A short time after, a valet brought around a bright red EV convertible.

“Nice choice!” Dave praised her.

“Every hot blonde needs a cherry red drop top,” Casey said.

“Beats the old bucket back home, that’s for sure.” Erin agreed, took the proffered keyfob from the valet, and got behind the wheel. Casey vaulted the passenger side door into her seat, Dave, awkwardly, clambered into the back seat. They cruised down the ramp and hit the highway. Off to his right, Dave watched the rolling ocean waves, dotted by small boats and parasailers. Yeah, this was the life. He settled back in his seat, while Casey tuned the radio, until the Red Hot Chili Peppers were crooning, “Road trippin’ with my two favorite allies…” from the speakers.

“Now that’s timing!” she said, and settled back in her seat, kicking her feet up on the dash, her bare legs soaking in the sun.

“Do you know where you’re going?” Dave asked.

“Leah,” Erin said, “Share the map with Dave.”

In the corner of his vision, a HUD displayed an overlay of a GPS route on the road ahead.

“Should have known,” he answered himself.

He stared off at the ocean and lost himself in the music and the whipping of the warm coastal wind.

“I can give you a better view, Dave,” the voice of Hal said in his ear.


Casey looked back at him, and he caught Erin’s eye in the mirror.

“Hal,” he said, and waved it off, then he replied, “Ok, Hal. Show me what you've got.”

Something like the zoom control of his phone camera winked into existence, floating in the corner of his right eye. He scrolled the dial, and watched the ocean grow closer, closer, until he felt like he was right there on the beach. The effect made him feel a bit dizzy, like he’d lost his depth perception, but he became accustomed to it quickly. He could even make out a gaggle of girls in bikinis along the sand and chuckled to himself. These things were a peeper’s dream. If he’d been a peeper.

Erin pulled the convertible into the Radisson Resort at the Port. The place was completely packed, and not just with the usual early-summer vacation goers. This was a global event, never to be repeated. Though the world had known for some time that it was coming, as the launch grew closer it actually became real for people. Even getting flights and a hotel 3 months before had been a challenge, and it hadn’t come cheap. The entire state was gouging on prices, and it was paying off big.

Rocket Launch Viewpoint would be off limits for the general public, having been reserved for high-ranking dignitaries, and covered in massive amounts of security. Fortunately, they’d be able to get in at Port Canaveral Park. While it wouldn’t be a front row seat, just being a part of it was enough.

There was a festive mood in the air, and everyone was on a space craze. On every available bit of sidewalk was someone with a booth, a cart, even kids with wagons, all of them hawking some kind of souvenir to cash in on the event. They couldn’t walk 10 feet without nearly tripping over a Martian, a Klingon, or some other space-faring creature. Children with masks, rockets, laser guns, and space helmets were everywhere. People were decked in shirts reading, “Take me to your leader,” or “Pale Blue Dot,” and other memorable sayings.

They entered the lobby and stood in line to check in. Dave soaked in the temporary decorations that had been put up in honor of the launch. Banners sprinkled with comets and stars hung from the ceiling. Twinkling LED stars covered the walls. Carpet runners covered in comet trails crisscrossed the floor.

“This is the coolest freakin’ thing in the world!” Erin said.

“You mean…out of this world!” Dave shot back.

Casey rolled her eyes, and said, “You two should get a fantasy suite, and just bone in a moon crater.”

“Oooh!” Erin cooed, “I could be a sexy Orion Slave girl, and Dave can be a gross, slimy tentacle monster from planet Zorkon Prime!”

“Jesus! What kind of sick fantasies do you have?” he asked, then added quickly, “Forget I asked. Please, forget I asked.”

“Good catch, Dad,” Casey said, “She will tell you in lurid detail right here.”

The couple in front of them cleared away, and their turn to check-in came up, cutting off whatever witty reply was, no doubt, about to come from Erin. They checked in, were given key cards, and made their way up to their room. Room. Singular, Dave realized.

“Um, you don’t have your own room?” he asked.

“It was hard enough to get the one,” Erin said, shaking her head, “But it has a big king bed, Dave. Don’t worry. Unfortunately, it is not a moon crater, so please get your disappointment out of the way, now.”

“I left my giant slime bottle at home, along with the fully poseable tentacle suit, anyway. You just never know what to bring on vacation.”

Erin let them in and tossed her bag on a chair. Casey and Dave set theirs down. Dave crossed the room and drew back the curtains to the balcony, letting the sunlight fill the space. Erin kicked off her sandals and flopped down on the bed. Casey joined her. Dave admired the view of the Cape from the balcony, scanning the bustling town with his Haloes.

“Bikini time!” Casey said, suddenly, and vaulted from the bed.

She dug her swimsuit from her bag. Erin followed her, and together, they disappeared into the bathroom. Dave opened his own bag, retrieved a pair of baggy shorts and a tee, and tried not to imagine what was on the other side of the door. He was not successful. He wondered, briefly, if Haloes came with X-Ray vision.

“Hal, activate X-Ray vision,” he whispered.

“I’m sorry, Dave. I can’t do that.”

Well, it was still in Beta.

After much giggling, the door opened, and the two girls stepped out. Casey was looking very cute in an ivory two-piece with red and yellow splashes, a pair of Tory Burch thong sandals on her feet. Erin was downright sexy in an emerald bikini that showed it all off, and a sheer sarong wrapped around her waist. Both of the girls had their hair tied back in ponytails. Dave tried his best not to salivate as they began to smear sun lotion all over each other. He busied himself applying his own.

The sun was just beginning to dip into early evening, now, as they strolled through the milling crowd on the streets. Dodging vendors, they found a trendy little cabana restaurant for dinner, and wolfishly tucked into their food. For the next few hours, they explored the shops. Erin and Casey found matching sun hats, while Dave picked himself up a NASA baseball cap

The nightlife was in full swing as they walked back in the direction of the hotel. Casey spotted an under 21 dance club, and after a bit of convincing, they dragged Dave inside. The place was pumping out dance pop, something about “Backdoor Girl.”

“Is that music?” Dave asked.

“It’s Bratty Britt,” Erin explained, “She’s too naughty!”

“I’ll say.”

They found standing room in a corner, and Dave tried to understand the appeal of the utterly trashy lyrics

“Grab my reigns like a pony, baby

Pull em back and show me

How a backdoor girl makes her money”

“You ain’t gotta buy me dinner

Or take me to a movie

Just bend me over rough

And put that big one right through me”

“I’m a backdoor girl, baby, backdoor girl

Bottoms out, scream and shout

Bury that stick

I’m a backdoor girl, baby, backdoor girl”

“Split it wide. Come inside.

Slap it. Watch it jiggle.

My math skills stop at divide.

I’m always open for a ride.

Can’t resist the way my backside wiggle”

“It’s about butt sex,” Erin explained.

“Yeah, I picked up on the subtle lyrics,” Dave said.

The filthy song blended into something less racy, whereupon Dave found himself being pulled onto the dance floor by the two girls. He had no moves, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t look any more ridiculous than the other people bouncing around. He was sandwiched between Casey and Erin, who laughed and ground against him, pushing their asses against his hardening crotch. He went with it. After a few songs, though, the day began to catch up with him, and he excused himself, becoming an observer. Other men took his exit as an invitation, but the girls ignored them, instead dirty dancing with one another to the delight of every male within view.

They returned to him soon enough, sweaty and laughing, but it was clear that they were fatigued, as well. They each held one of his hands and walked back to the hotel. They let Dave have the shower first, where he was very tempted to relieve the pressure in his aching balls, but he just couldn’t do it. Instead, he ran the water cold, then put on a pair of sweats and a new shirt.

“All yours,” He announced, and the girls took the bathroom together once again.

Dave was flummoxed. Changing together was one thing. Women did that, right? Showering together? Were they showering in their bikinis? Naked? Soaping each other up while they kissed passionately? The ache in his balls returned. Not now, he told his penis. No. He removed his Haloes, placed them in the case, turned on the TV, and tried not to think about naked teenage girls caressing each other.

His eyelids were heavy when they came out of the bathroom, making him groan inwardly. He feigned interest in the TV. The two girls wore only panties and thin pajama tops. Erin pulled back the covers on the bed, then they both came at him, plopped down to either side of him, and snuggled in close. The erotic smell of freshly washed teenage flesh drove the weariness from his mind. He handed the TV remote to Casey.

“Thanks so much for a wonderful day, Dave,” Erin whispered softly in his ear, and a shiver ran through his body.

“This is awesome, Daddy,” Casey whispered in his other ear.

Dave melted, and just enjoyed it. That little twinge of guilt faded into the background, and he let himself relax. Shouldn’t he let himself feel a little rush from being sandwiched between two half-naked women? Yes.

The TV droned on about tomorrow’s launch. Weather outlooks, the history of the program. Fiery failures, but many, many more successes. 240 repeat uses of the Starship vehicle. 16 round trips to the lunar surface. Years of planning and preparation. Already 5 unmanned flights to the Red Planet to deliver cargo and supplies ahead of the mission. Soon, though, his eyes were heavy again, and he caught himself snapping his head up to try to stay awake. He could feel Erin’s even breathing against his neck on his right side, Casey’s on his left. He had neither the heart, nor the desire to wake them. He took the remote from Casey’s limp hand and closed his eyes.


Dave awoke in a tangle of limbs, with a hardon. Casey’s arm draped over him, one leg over his own, as he lay on his side. He could feel the heat of her pussy against his leg. Erin, lay with her hands tucked under the pillow, her eyelids twitching, also with a leg over him. She was so close that he could feel her breath on his face. What was the protocol in this situation? What did one do when their half-naked daughter’s pussy was pressed against their leg, while her sexy best friend’s utterly kissable lips were barely an inch away. Oh, and your dick was hard. All he knew was that if he didn’t extricate himself somehow, there would be more than one rocket going off soon.

Erin abated his dilemma when her eyes fluttered open, sleepily. Her lips brushed his, and he found that he couldn’t move. Fuck. He shivered. Her lips didn’t move. Instead, she pressed a little harder, tentatively, and licked his lips. Then, again, slow, sexy, her eyes closed. She sighed, pulled away, grinned, and opened her eyes again.

“Morning,” she said.

Dave was speechless. She made an enticing show of stretching languidly, and loudly, which roused Casey. She snuggled her nose against the back of his neck.

“Morning, Dad.”

“Morning, Honey.”

For the next few minutes, Dave stayed in bed, willing his erection to subside. This was complicated, however, by the fact that Casey and Erin strutted about the room in their panties, while deciding which bikinis they would wear today. Finally, they disappeared into the bathroom together. He heard the shower running, a great deal of laughing and chatter, as well as the smack of a hand against wet flesh, followed by Casey yelping. His cock was not willing to go down. He tucked the damn thing into the waistband of his pants, got up, and made some bad hotel coffee.

Complimentary paper cup in hand, he pulled back the curtains and stepped into the warm, morning air. The town was already buzzing. Though the launch was scheduled several hours from now, there were already people heading toward their preferred viewing destinations. He supposed that every meter mattered in a case like this. He snapped his fingers to wake Hal for a closer look, but nothing happened. Of course, he hadn’t put the Haloes in yet. He marveled for a moment at how attached he’d become to the damn things in just 2 days. He contented himself with his regular, old, human eyeballs. After all, they’d worked just fine for the last 43 years.

The sound of the bathroom door opening snapped him around. The Florida coast was a beauty, but it had nothing on the banging blondie stepping out into the room, hair wet, decked out in a skimpy white thong bikini. Casey followed a moment later, steam rolling from the tiny bathroom, wearing a blue two-piece with a keyhole top, which pressed her tits together and promised a whole lot of fun to the right man.

“We’re going down to get some real coffee,” Erin stated, “Want us to wait for you?”

“Go on ahead,” he answered, “I’ll be down in a minute. If they have bacon, though, I’d love it!”

“One big helping of fat, greasy meat for Dave,” Erin acknowledged, “Got it!”

They snatched their little purses and sashayed out the door, much to Dave’s delight. As soon as the door closed, he was in the shower, furiously attending to his boner.

Prepared to face the day, Dave put on his NASA cap and departed the room.

“Hal,” he said, “Locate Erin.”

“Erin is sharing her location with you,” Hal replied, “Would you like guidance?”


A glowing arrow blinked at the end of the hall, indicating that he should proceed right, toward the elevator. He followed. Hal highlighted the button for the lobby floor. He followed. The doors opened on the lobby, and a trail of stardust glowed on the ground before him. He followed. The sparkling trail took him to the public dining room, where passable hotel food was being served to the hungry masses. A swirling blue icon floated above Erin, seated at a table with Casey.

“You have reached your destination,” Hal said.

“Thanks, Hal.”

“I’m at your service, Dave.”

Dave joined them at the table.

“Old man’s gettin’ the hang of it,” Casey quipped, sipping coffee with a welcoming grin.

“Girl, I was reading about this shit in paperbacks before you were even a thought.”

“Pa… pap… er… What is this word you speak of, ancient one?” Erin asked.

“You see, when I was just a lad, we used to cut down trees–those are the big green things outside– and then mash them up into tiny pulp. Through a very complicated process, they became flat, and we could write words on them with a pencil.”

“Words? Like this?” Casey asked, and drew a ditzy emoji 😜 in the air, making Dave laugh out loud.

Erin slid a plate piled high with nothing but bacon in front of him.

“Wow. Thank you for the visit to the cardiologist.”

She flashed him a winning smile.

“I think I’ll compliment the gigantic pile of grease with something that won’t kill me by the afternoon,” he said and went back to the breakfast buffet.

Thus, hunger suitably assuaged, the three of them made their way toward the Port Park to stake out a viewing site. Erin scanned the hourly weather radar in her Haloes and saw nothing but clear skies. It was as though the whole hope of humankind had managed to contain the weather itself, and nothing could stop the future from coming. They found a small hill overlooking a sea of gathered people from all over the world, and Casey tossed a blanket on the ground. There was nothing to do now but wait.

The hours ticked by. They kept a live feed from the launch site in one corner of their Halo vision, and whiled away the time playing virtual cards, chatting, and snacking. Everyone was glued to phone and tablet screens as the time grew near. By zooming in as close as possible, Dave was able to actually make out the ship itself on the launch pad. This far away, it looked like a toy, but he knew it was anything but.

Periodically, smoke would bellow from beneath the boosters in a dry fire test. He could imagine the scores of people crawling over every inch of the thing, looking for even the slightest error. In the live feed, he heard back and forth chatter between the control team and ground crews, none of which made any real sense to him. At T-Minus 30 minutes, the President made a speech.

“At the height of one of the world’s darkest times,” he began, “on this very spot, the world came together in the spirit of exploration, and accomplished something that no one would have ever dreamed possible. Today, we are gathered here again, to begin a journey together that has been made possible through the sheer determination and uncompromising perseverance of so many.

I stand with you all today, not as the leader of a nation, but as a citizen of this world. Carl Sagan referred to our planet as the Pale Blue Dot. It is the only known harbor of life in our galaxy, perhaps even our universe. As imperfect as humankind is, we are the stewards of life as we know it. Our responsibility is vast. Today, we take the first step in a brave new journey, beyond our home, beyond our moon. We boldly go where no one has gone before, and we go there together!”

Dave found himself clapping, tears in his eyes. The thunder of thousands of hands doing the same washed over him. Shrill whistling and raucous cries of joyful cheering, laughter, the sound of people crying was like an emotional tidal wave. He felt Erin’s hand find his, and then Casey’s, and he was hugging them to his chest as tears streamed down his cheeks.

“Thank you,” he said, and kissed Erin’s blonde head, “Thank you so much for this.”

He heard her sniffling into his chest. He held them close, the two most precious things left in his life. His reason. He thought about Kathy, and how much she would have loved to see this moment with them. He felt a small pang of sadness, because these days he had trouble recalling her face. Then, Casey caught his eye, and he could remember Kathy’s face clearly. It was right there in front of him, and as long as he had her, he’d always have that lost love.

He looked at Erin and his heart swelled. He was standing in a place where the past and future met. A place where people fought for and died for their dreams, scared to death of the unknown frontier, but ready to face it with the kind of steel balls of courage that few would ever have. As she stared up at him, eyes blue and clear like the sky above, he wondered if he had the courage to chase his own future. He’d always thought of the future as this slowly approaching wave, something that gradually came on, until it was just there. You were living it. The last few days had proved him wrong, though. The future had blasted into his life, like the rocket on the pad, and had become his present. He felt so young, like the last 12 years of sadness had been blown away like all the clouds in the sky, and it was all thanks to these two women at his side.

The minutes ticked down on the counter in the live feed. Now, everyone was on their feet. A total hush fell over the crowd. The entirety of humankind held their breath and waited. The live feed flicked across to cameras all over the planet, where literally everything had stopped. Cars on the side of the road, watch parties in Times Square, and cities around the globe, offices where everyone stared into phone screens and TVs.

1 minute.

Erin’s hand squeezed his tightly. Casey clung to his arm. His Haloes were zoomed in as far as possible, and he knew the girls were doing the same. Everyone was holding up cameras and phones to capture the moment. Silence. Wait. The ocean breeze sighed across the island, and then it too was still.

30 seconds.

No one dared to speak. Even the smallest of children had been infected by the silence.

10 seconds.

Hissing smoke poured from vents along the rocket’s surface. The only sound, now, was the countdown from the control center. Every ear on the planet focused on this one, faceless man’s voice.

9. Dave’s palms were sweating.

8. He held his breath.

7. His whole body tingled with anticipation.

6. Sweat beaded on his forehead, rolled down into his eye.

5. He didn’t dare blink it away.

4. His blood raced in his eardrums.

3. Casey’s nails dug into his flesh.

2. They leaned forward.

1… and “Ignition.”

From beneath the boosters rolled a cloud of hot, thick black smoke that quickly turned to a blazing red inferno as the ship broke free from the ground with agonizing slowness. Seconds passed, and then the booming roar of those monstrous engines washed over the crowd, causing everyone to take a step back from the deafening crash. The rocket hurtled toward the atmosphere on a pillar of fire that seemed miles long, leaving a trail of white smoke in its wake.

Beside him, Erin broke the silence, whispering, “Go! Go! Go!”

Dave and Casey took up the chant with her, “Go! Go! Go!”

All around him, it spread, and soon thousands of voices were chanting in unison, “Go! Go! Go!”

In the live feed, that anonymous man’s voice said, “Mars 1 has successfully cleared the pad. Good luck, and God Speed. You’re carrying us all with you.”

Erin broke out into a whoop of triumph as the ship vanished into the sky. The cheers and clapping that followed were like nothing the world had ever heard before.

Chapter 9: The Power of Creation

The walk back across the island toward their hotel took hours through the press of bodies. They stopped for dinner, buzzing excitedly about the launch. It was on everyone’s minds, of course. All about them, people stared into phone screens, glued to the live feed from the spacecraft as it entered a slingshot that would send it onward to a new world. The three of them were no exception. As they chatted over dinner, interviews with the crew played in a corner of their Haloes.

They decided to walk off their meal by taking a stroll down to the beach, where they spent a few hours splashing about in the waves. Dave couldn’t help admiring the girls’ wet skin, sparkling in the evening sunlight as their bikinis clung to their bodies. Night came on, and they returned to the hotel, where Dave flopped down on the bed, while Erin and Casey took over the bathroom.

Erin ran the shower, and stripped off her suit, turned a predatory gaze toward Casey, and pulled her into her arms. Casey moaned excitedly, quietly, as Erin peeled the wet swimsuit off of her.

“I’m so hot!” Casey whispered.

Erin pulled her into the shower and began to soap her body. She started at her neck, rubbing the slippery soap down over her shoulders, kissing her lips lightly, While Casey bit her lip. She gave her breasts and nipples extra attention, soaping, rinsing, and then flicking her tongue across Casey’s hard nubs. She worked her way down her belly, rubbing soap between her warm, wet legs, between her ass cheeks, flicking her tongue against Casey’s aroused clit. Then, she turned her around and lathered her hair with shampoo, pressing her naked body against her as she did.

“We could sleep next to each other in bed tonight,” Erin whispered, “your dad would be just a few inches away, and I’d play with your wet little pussy.”

She slid her hands between Casey’s legs and rubbed vigorously.

“He wouldn’t know how hot your cunt is, would he?”

“No…” Casey hissed.

“It would be a sexy secret, wouldn’t it?”


“He’d be lying so close. I’d slip my fingers into you, just like this,” she said, and demonstrated, making Casey buck, “your sexy pussy would get the sheets all wet when you cream. You’d have to be so quiet, so your dad wouldn’t hear you cum. Could you be quiet when I finger fuck you?”

“Aaah, no!”

“But your dad would hear you cum. He’d hear your pussy squishing and wet, wouldn’t he?”


“It would make his cock really hard! He’d hear this sexy teen pussy, so wet and slippery, and it would make him think about fucking, wouldn’t it?”


“You like making men hard, and think about fucking pussy, don’t you?”


“It’s so nasty to make your dad think about fucking wet, teen pussy, isn’t it?”

“So nasty!”

Erin’s fingers worked her faster, bringing her close.

“You want to be nasty, baby. You love being nasty.”

“Uh huh…”

“Do you think he’d jerk off? Would your dad’s cock get so hard he’d have to jerk off, hoping we wouldn’t notice?”

“So hard…”

“Your own dad would be jerking off just a few inches away, stroking his cock, imagining horny, young pussy.”

“Fuck!” Casey hissed.

“I wouldn’t let you cum, though,” Erin whispered, “I’d turn over, and get under the covers. I’d start sucking his hard dick, and let you finish yourself off while you listened. You’d have to listen to your best friend sucking your dad’s hard cock while you play with your cunt.”

Casey lost it, and started to tremble, biting her lip to keep quiet.

“Don’t keep it quiet, baby,” Erin urged, “It’s ok to be a horny slut. You can cum really good, and moan for me, so your dad knows you’re a horny slut.”

Casey gasped and squeaked, her stomach muscles contracting as she came on Erin’s fingers. She couldn’t help it. She moaned out loud, and the sound echoed off the shower walls.

“That’s it, slut,” Erin said, “Being a horny slut is so sexy. It’s so sexy to cum out loud when your pussy needs it so bad.”

She held Casey and kissed her lips as she came, and as she came down from her high.

“You’re so fucking bad!” Casey hissed with a satisfied smile.

“Uh huh!”

They finished their shower, dressed for bed in their panties and pajama tops, and emerged from the steamy bathroom. Erin noted Dave’s flushed cheeks, and his pointed attempts to ignore them as he watched TV and was certain that he’d heard Casey’s orgasm. The thought made her pussy tingle. The two of them removed their Haloes and stowed them away.

“My turn?” he asked, and Erin nodded.

Dave carefully extricated himself from the sheets, covered his erection with his pajamas and quickly ducked into the bathroom. When he got back out, Erin and Casey were in bed, under the covers. They patted the spot between them invitingly. The cold shower hadn’t done much to relieve his hardon, which was quickly returning to a state of arousal.

Erin pulled back the covers, revealing her half-naked glory, and made him climb over her to get into bed. Her eyes flicked to his crotch as he did, but she chose not to embarrass him further. He lay on his back, and they watched more of the TV news discussing the launch, as though it were the only thing happening in the world. Eventually, the excitement of the day faded, and he fell asleep nestled between two warm, young bodies.


The glow of the red digital numbers on the bedside clock read 2:21 am when he awoke. Erin was no longer in the bed. Casey, though, was dead asleep on her stomach, sprawled comfortably beneath the covers. He let his eyes adjust to the dark but saw no sign of Erin. Curiosity eventually won over. He slipped out of bed, found his Haloes, put them in, and ducked into the bathroom, so as not to disturb Casey.

“Hal, locate Erin.”

“Erin has shared her location with you. Would you like guidance?”


He emerged from the bathroom, noted now that he could see perfectly fine in the dark, located his key card, and followed Hal’s direction out of the room. He quietly shut the door, followed the guidance down the hall, down the elevator, and then out of the hotel. The night was warm and tasted of salt. Where, exactly, had Erin gotten to?

The shimmering trail of stardust in his vision led him around the back of the hotel, and then down a set of concrete steps, until he found himself on a dark, deserted stretch of beachfront. A short distance away, laying on the sand, a glowing icon over her head, he found Erin. He sat down next to her.

“Hey,” he said, “You ok?”

“Great!” she said, staring up at the sky.

She sat up and looked out across the dark water. Dave followed her gaze but kept quiet. She’d obviously come out here for something, and it probably wasn’t to hear him pepper her with questions.

“It seems like it never ends, doesn’t it?” she asked and swept her hand across the water. The gentle rush of the surf lapped at the sand ahead.

“It does.” He agreed.

“All that dark,” she said, “and it’s an illusion. It’s finite. You know that at some point, you go far enough, and there’s another bit of land, and then another city, and then more people,”

She lay back on the sand again, looking up.

“But, up there, it just goes on and on, forever. I can’t even imagine what those people must be feeling right now, looking out across all those stars, and knowing that there’s no end. There’s no city. There are no more people. It just keeps on going and going.”

“I’d think,” he said, laying back on the sand, “that it’s equal parts wonder and terror. How brave do you have to be to do something like that? Plunge ahead into the unknown. Excitement? Dread? One miscalculation and you hurtle off into emptiness, forever.”

“Or, you get it right, and you start something new. You leave behind all the old concerns, the old fears, the old you. It’s a new beginning,” she said, “It’s… like the power of creation. There are no laws telling you what you can’t do. There are no old, social norms that say what’s right and wrong. You just… begin, and you figure it out together.”

They lay quiet, just watching the cosmos wheel overhead. Finally, Erin turned to him.

“Wanna take a journey with me?” she asked, grinning.

“Will we fly off into nowhere?”

“No. I’ll keep you safe.”


She stood and dusted herself off, reached out to him, and he did the same. She did not let go of his hand.

“Leah,” she said, “I’m going to create an Experience with Dave. I’ll be the creator, and he’s my companion. I’ll need a brush."

In his Haloes, a message appeared, asking if he’d like to share an Experience with Erin. He did. Nothing seemed to change. There was still a dark and empty beach, but when he looked at Erin, she held a paintbrush in her hand. Her pajama top and shorts had been replaced with a slinky red dress that displayed a cum-worthy slope of cleavage. Her hair was styled, curled, cascading down her shoulders.


“Shh…” she hushed him.

She took a step forward and drew the brush across the sky. In its wake, it left a smattering of brightly twinkling stars. She continued to wave the brush as they walked down the beach, and the sand beneath them became an endless carpet of the same glowing points. It was as though he was walking through the vast dark of space. The effect was disorienting, but only for a moment. He could still feel the sand beneath his feet.

She led him across the expanse of nothing, so full of those twinkling lights, millions or billions of miles away. His mind tried to grasp the enormity of it. It wasn’t real, but it sure as hell looked like it. He kept his mouth shut. It seemed inappropriate to speak, like his voice had no place here. It was too small to have meaning in a place like this. She led him across the sea of stars, and comets streaked by, leaving trails of stardust that spread across the emptiness. He knew that those little bits of dust would drift endlessly across the universe, now, until they, too, became part of something bigger. The power of creation. Erin’s hands seemed a blur as she tapped, flicked, and pinched the air in front of her, the brush twirling nimbly in her hand, like a baton, as she breathed life into the cosmos around them, like some kind of goddess.

In the distance, he saw a glowing sphere, which rapidly increased in size as they took each step. Mars. The planet loomed before them, becoming larger, until it filled his entire field of view. The stars vanished as they crossed into the thin atmosphere of the planet, and then he was looking out across the empty, red, rocky surface. They descended further, until they were standing on the Martian desert, looking back up at the pale sky, Deimos and Phobos hanging overhead.

Finally, Erin stopped, and just looked up at the sky, holding his hand. He was afraid to break the silence. He could still hear the lapping of the ocean waves, which only mildly intruded on the illusion.

“Someday,” Erin said softly, “there’s going to be something new and beautiful here. It won’t be red, dry, and empty. It will be green and full of life. They’ll create it with their hands and their minds, and it will be all theirs.”

She looked up at him, wrapped her arms around his waist. He stared back into those deep blue eyes, filled with wonder, shining with brilliance. He saw a beautiful mind, somehow more beautiful even than her smiling face, working, always working, always wondering, ever curious and excited. He felt her tremble. She closed her eyes. She kissed him under the pale sunlight of an alien world, and it was perfect.

Chapter 10: How to Date Your Daughter’s BFF

Their flight left early the next morning. Dave and Erin didn’t speak about that kiss on the beach, but all through the morning, Casey could see them giving one another little glances, the occasional, conspiratorial smile. Once they were on the plane, she messaged Erin in her Haloes.


“😏” Erin replied back.



“Enough! Did you do something…naughty?” Casey asked.


“Then why is my dad looking at you like a puppy?”

“It was just a kiss.”


“On a moonlit beach, under the stars, with gently rolling waves.”

“That’s not just a kiss! That’s a kiss!”

“It was!” Erin agreed, feeling the flutter in her tummy as she replayed the memory in her head.

“Tell me about it later!”

“You want me to tell you about how your dad kissed me? While I finger your pussy?”

“Oh, fuck!”

Dave was conscious of Casey squirming in her seat next to him.

“You ok, Hun?” he asked.

“Just getting comfortable,” she replied, her pussy itching.

A few hours later, the plane touched down. Erin had already ordered an Uber as they taxied in, which was waiting outside when they arrived. The driver gave them occasional glances, likely wondering what the relationship was there. The hot blonde, her head on his shoulder, and the sexy little brunette holding his hand, made Dave feel like a king. The car dropped them at Dave’s house, where they made their way tiredly inside.

After he fixed them an easy, early dinner, Erin picked up her bag, looking sad.

“You know you’re welcome to stay,” Casey said, hugging her.

“Yeah,” she answered, “but I should probably head home. Make sure my mom hasn’t fallen down the stairs in a drunken stupor and lain in a puddle of her own piss all weekend. Not that that’s ever happened, of course.”

Casey hugged her tighter and said, “Call me later.”

Next, she wrapped her arms around Dave and held him.

“Thanks for being my space nerd. Dave,” she said, burying her face in his chest.

“No. Thank you for convincing me to go. I’ll be all the nerd you can handle, any time.”

“I love you guys so much,” she said, “Can we just become Mormons, and all get married to each other? I’m pretty sure it works that way.”

“This is your home, too,” Dave said, “You can always stay as long as you like. I won’t even charge you rent!”

Erin tilted her head up toward him, and for a moment there was something like… hope… he thought, but then she leaned up and kissed the side of his mouth lightly. He felt that same magic wrap around him, just like on the beach. She gave him a wry grin and broke away. He watched her walk out the door, and his heart sank a little, like she’d taken all the fun in his life with her.

He was stretched out on the couch a while later, watching the progress of the ship on the news, when Casey entered the room, looking down. As had become the norm, she was rocking only panties and a tiny shirt, her nipples clearly visible as hard little nubs beneath the thin cloth.

“Can I join you?” she asked.

“Of course!”

He threw back his blanket, and she climbed in with him. He put his arm around her and folded her into the blanket.

“You ok?” he asked.

“Yeah. It just feels different without her, doesn’t it? Am I just being crazy?”

“No. You’re not. It does feel a little lonelier. Not that I’m complaining about having you all to myself, of course. I mean, when was the last time that it was just us?”

“That’s just it,” Casey said, “it hasn’t been for a long time, and this weekend, it feels like something… something changed, or has been changing, you know?”

“Yeah, it has been. Gosh, you guys just grew up so fast! I mean, I saw it happening, but this past week it kind of slapped me in the face, I guess.”

Casey teased him, “From what I hear, that’s not all that happened to your face.”

“Casey, I… shit…”

“It’s ok, dad. Really. Why are you embarrassed about it? She likes you. Like, really likes you.”

“Casey, I just… I don’t even know. You don’t think it’s weird?”

She laughed, “No! Why would it be weird? You two are so fuckin’ cute together!”

“Language, young lady.”

She scoffed, and continued, “Why do you think it’s weird?”

“Well, for one, I’m old,”

“You’re not old. Lots of guys have a young hottie.”

“Second, she’s always been, at least to me, like you. A daughter.”

“I get that, but she isn’t your daughter. She isn’t me. What we have is different.”

“Third, you don’t feel like, maybe even a little, like I'm betraying your mom?”

Casey was quiet for a moment, then answered, “You know, sometimes, I can’t really even remember what she looked like. I mean, there’s things I remember, like the way she made me feel, or you guys laughing together. Good things. And when you’re with Erin, it makes me feel the same way. No, I don’t feel at all like you’re betraying her, or the memory of her. Mom loved you. I remember that. She wouldn’t want you spending your whole life alone, sad, with nothing but a memory of what love was like. She’d want you to live, to find real happiness.”

Dave felt his throat tighten, and croaked, “How did I manage to raise such a gorgeous and insightful young woman all by my lonesome. If I ever did anything right, it was you.”

“You think I’m gorgeous?”

“Honey, you’re a man-eater!” he said, and nipped at her neck, making her squeal.

“Erin thinks you’re sexy,” she giggled, “I think she totally wants to do you.”

“You shouldn’t talk about your bestie that way, when she’s not here to defend herself.”

“Do you think she’s sexy?”


“Come on! Remember, it’s not weird. I think she’s sexy. If you aren’t gonna take her, I totally will!”

Dave laughed, but he also remembered the sound of that orgasm she’d had with Erin in the shower and felt his dick twitch against Casey’s ass.

“Yup,” she said, “You do think she’s sexy. You totally wanna do my BFF!”

“Ok. Now it’s getting weird,” he said.

“It’s not weird! Come on, dad. I’ve seen your browser history.”

“Damn it! I really need a password on that thing. What were you doing in my browser history?”

“I’m a curious and precocious teenager with raging, out of control hormones. Duh!”

“I think this conversation’s gone far enough,” he stated.

“I’m enjoying it.”

“Did your curiosity extend to learning the word ‘inappropriate’?”

“Oh, geez. If I don’t talk about it with you, I’m just going to go on the internet and discuss it with strangers who will want to take advantage of my youth and naivety. They’ll probably want to do all kinds of bad things to me, and then I’m gonna end up barefoot and pregnant in a trailer park with some guy named Slick. He’ll have a bunch of gross tattoos and a spittoon. Oh, and he’s a pimp on the side.”

“Jesus! That got dark.”

“All because daddy didn’t wanna have the talk with me. So sad.”

“Okay! Man, you really lay it on. You get this crap from Erin, don’t you? That sounds like a line of her gobbledygook.”

“All I’m saying,” Casey went on, “Is that I know you think she’s sexy. You’re just a man, dad. Men want to bang hot chicks. It’s biology. You can’t fight your biology.”

“You sound like that DomCo nutcase,” Dave grumbled.

“Well, he has a point there. Guys want to have happy penises. Hot girls give them happy penises. You’re a guy, and you want to have a happy penis. Erin’s hot. I’m hot. You like to watch porno that resembles the only two hot girls you spend most of your time around.”

Dave made a little strangled sound in his throat.

“I just think that people should be free to explore their fantasies, and not feel ashamed to be who they are. Life is short. We learned that lesson twelve years ago. You have to find your happiness in moments. Who cares if those moments are through art, or a business, or even getting a dick pounded into your mouth. Just find your happy moments and treasure them.”

“That’s… well, that’s… a lot of words…” Dave said delicately.

Casey erupted with laughter, and he joined her. Once they settled down, Dave said, “I think I should go to bed.”

“Yeah. It feels like you’ve got something to take care of.” Casey said and wiggled her butt against him.

“Now that is inappropriate,” he said.

“Oh no! Are you gonna spank me?”



“May I go, or do you just get a perverse joy from making me uncomfortable?”

“Perverse joy. Dad?”


“Just remember. It’s ok. With Erin. Don’t worry about me. Just find your happy. I love you, and I want to see you find it.”

“Thank you, Honey.”

“And I don’t care if you watch porno with hot girls that look like me and Erin. Just find your happy.”

“I’m going to leave now.”

He kissed the back of her head and disentangled himself from the blanket. As he stumbled up the steps, he wondered again what the hell was happening to his life. He slipped into bed, and stared up at the ceiling, then brought up his Halo menu and found the Flick-Talk app. A few minutes later, he heard Casey’s door shut.

Casey had been right, in a lot of ways, he decided. 12 years of hanging onto a memory of a feeling was a long time. He’d often thought that it was his way of being strong, as if refusing to really move on was some noble act of true love. But was it? Were people really built that way? Weren’t there millions of others who had been through the same thing as he and Casey, yet they’d seen that real love could come from other people they met during their journey? What, really, was holding him back?

He brought up his matches. Linda. 40 years old. Cute, mature, carrying some expected extra pounds. She had a charming little video showcasing herself journeying around the world, her son in tow. Marketing Director. 79% match. Swipe left.

Cassandra. 38. Olive-skinned. Italian heritage. Dark haired with the kind of eyes a man could get lost in. Loves dogs. Really, really loves all 12 of her dogs. 68% match. Too many dogs. Another Casey. Swipe left.

Leslie. 39. Pale and red-haired with enormous breasts and charming dimples. Self-described white-hat, and a gadget junkie. Can’t get enough of books, especially romance novels. 63% match. Swipe left.

There were more, but on the side of his menu, the little favorites icon turned green. He only had one favorite. He tapped the icon, and there was Erin. Only a second later, a message popped up.

“Hey, beach buddy!” she said.

“Hey to you, my favorite Martian. Everything ok at home?”

“Meh,” she wrote back, “My mom’s still kickin’ it. I miss you guys, already.”

“We miss you, too.”

“So…” Erin wrote.

“So…?” he replied.

“I don’t want to make it weird for you.”

“You can’t make it weird,” he assured her, “I’m… over the moon!”


“Seriously. It’s not weird. If I can be honest,” He wrote, “quite the opposite.”

“So, you kinda liked it?”

“No. I really liked it.”

“Maybe it won’t be the last one?” She asked.

“Depends on if I fall for any of these orcas your app is matching me with.”

“See any that you like?”

“Let’s just say that I only have one person on my favorites list, and we already know each other ;) “

“Dave, you know how to make a girl blush!”

He was feeling randy, and wrote back, “That’s not all I know how to make a girl do…”

“Mmm…now this I’d like to hear!”

“Can’t give away all my secrets. I’ll need to be convinced.”

A moment later, a photo appeared in his Haloes. Erin stood in front of her mirror in her panties, one of the straps of her tank top pulled to the side, exposing a hint of her firm, supple curves.

“Convincing enough?” she asked.

“Very, but I can’t divulge my secrets online, where Big Data could find them out. I’ll only reveal them at an undisclosed location. We’ll discuss it at our next meeting.”

“Intrigue! Well, don’t keep me waiting too long. I do love a good secret.”

“I’m sure you have some of your own.”

“You have no idea,” she teased.

Chapter 11: Becoming

Dave was on a high all the next day. He’d stayed up far too late, losing himself in his back-and-forth banter with Erin. By the time he’d finally gone to sleep, the conversation had turned into a back and forth slinging of innuendo, a hair away from becoming pornographic. What had surprised him, this morning, was that he no longer felt any real guilt over it. Rather, it was a giddy sort of excitement, like the honeymoon phase of a new relationship. Which, he reflected, is exactly what it was.

He felt productive and motivated, though at times he caught himself daydreaming about that kiss and checking the clock. Erin had messaged him the occasional little kissy face throughout the day, but that was all. No doubt she was busy with classes, as was Casey. Still, he found himself wondering if she’d be coming over after class

It was while he was brushing his teeth for the third time that day that a message came through from Casey.

“Care to go out to dinner with two sexy ladies tonight?” she asked.

“Will you be there, too?”

“Ouch! :( “

“Hahahaha! Joking. You know that you’re the most beautiful daughter that I have!”

“Wow! Someone is a super meanie today! Guess I’ll just keep all the sexiness for myself, then,” she pouted.

“I would be honored to be accompanied to dinner by two sexy ladies, as long as one of them is you and the other is Erin.”

“Okay, but now you’re also going to listen to Bratty Britt the whole time we’re in the car, as your penance.”

He groaned.

A few hours later, Dave fidgeted on the sofa, waiting for the girls to get in. Casey was the first to arrive, plopping down on the sofa with her dad, where she tucked her feet up under her skirt. Dave could see she was brimming with exuberant energy.

“What?” he asked.

“Erin will be here soon,” she said, bouncing in her seat.


“Are you guys gonna be, like, a thing?”

“Honey, we’re just going to be, uh, us. Why rush to put a label on anything?”

She sighed dramatically, “Oooh! That’s so cute!”

Dave rolled his eyes.

“What’s your interest in this, anyway?” he asked.

“The truth?” she countered.

“I’d sure hope so.”

“Weeell… I know she makes you happy, and…”


She mumbled something, too quietly for him to hear.

“What?” He asked.

“It’s… I think it’s… kind of sexy?”

Dave crinkled his brows.

“Daughter’s hot best friend has it bad for her single dad. It’s like… like a real-life porno plot, and I think it’s sexy, okay?”

Dave blushed. What was it with all the sexy from Casey lately?

“Well…” he stammered, “Just don’t get, um, too ahead of yourself. It’s a developing situation.”

“Nice. Turn something sexy into a dry news broadcast,” she said, huffing.

“Hey, this is all new to me. I didn’t expect this. I just… I don’t want to hurt anyone. Especially either of you two,” he said.

Just then, the door opened. Both Casey and Dave turned toward the sound. Erin strode into the room, paused, and laughed at the expectant looks on their faces.

“Don’t be weird!” she said, “Geez.”

She walked to Casey, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and then stepped to Dave. Him, she kissed softly on the lips, then again with a little bit of hunger this time. Dave melted into her lips. She stroked his cheek with her hand, and for a moment, the only sound in the room was the wet smack of their lips. Erin pulled away, leaving him looking stunned.

“There,” she said, “not weird.”

She grinned, and laid on the couch, her head in Dave’s lap. Casey crawled over her, and they held each other, while Erin looked up at him happily. Today, her eyes were something between blue and purple.

“Now, this is the life!” she said, “Where are you taking us to Dinner, Dave?”

“Me? This was your idea. Or Casey’s. Haven’t you heard? Chivalry is dead.”

She scoffed, and said to Casey, “Your idea. Where ya takin’ us?”

“It’s a surprise! Come on. Let’s get ready,” Casey replied, “And, Dad? Put on something nice.”

Dave was ready in ten minutes. Casey and Erin took longer. The result, he thought, was well worth the wait.

Casey drove, and true to her word, she blasted Bratty Britt’s “Backdoor Girl” on repeat, causing Dave to sink as deeply into the back seat as possible, much to the delight of both women. Casey pulled the car into the lot at a top-notch steakhouse named Larson’s. Dave’s stomach rumbled. They were in for some fine eating!

“Nice choice,” he said over the music, “Haven’t been here since your graduation.”

Casey turned down the music.

“To be honest,” she said, “I didn’t want vacation to end! I want every day to be like that. You, me, Erin. I know you probably think it’s silly, and life isn’t a vacation, but I think it’s what we make it.”

Touched, Dave replied, “You’re right, Casey. It is whatever we make of it. Every day is up to us.”

“Totally!” Erin agreed, “Can we go eat steak now?”

Dave escorted the ladies into the restaurant, where jealous pairs of eyes followed them across the room. They wore matching bodycon dresses, Casey in red, and Erin white. Dave couldn’t help but compare them to the devil and angel on his shoulders. But which was which?

While they waited for their food, the girls chatted about their classes, making a point to include Dave by asking him about his college days and how they compared. Erin, in particular, delved deeply into his experiences in computer science, seemingly rapt at how archaic the curriculum was compared to her own classes. She was fascinated with the history and development of technology. She lightly stroked Dave’s hand across the table as they talked.

After dinner, Casey drove them home, where they spent a couple of hours destroying Nazis on his PlayStation. Too soon, it seemed, Erin was leaving for the night. She left him with a sexy kiss, while he held her about the waist, then returned to the couch with a schoolboy grin on his face. Casey laid her head on his lap, and they watched TV news as Dave stroked her hair.

“You should have asked her to stay the night with you,” she said suddenly.


“No, the waitress,” Casey joked, “Yes, Erin!”

“Isn’t that moving a little fast?”

She laughed, “Not for her. She’s been saving it for you for years.”

“Here we go again,” Dave said, “Casey, it’s still a little weird having your daughter give you advice on how to… date… her best friend. Is it even dating? I don’t know what it is. I like it, but I don’t really know how to label it.”

“No labels, remember? And it isn’t weird. You’re the only one making it weird. Just take her. Ravish her. She wants it.”

“Can I ask you something?” He asked, tentatively.

“Uh huh.”

“Are you okay? You’ve been kind of flaunting it a bit lately, haven’t you?”

“Yes, I have. It’s fun! Is this it? Are you gonna give me the talk?”

“I don’t need to give you the talk, Honey. You’re a big girl. You can be whoever you are, and I’ll love you to death. I’m just trying to figure it out, is all. I’m your dad, and above all else I just want you to be safe and happy.”

“I’m both. I’m, also, just enjoying being a hot college chick. It’s fun, and it’s exciting. You know, arousing.”

Dave shifted uncomfortably. She had to feel his dick twitch in his pants.

“Look,” she said, “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. You’re my best friend, aside from Erin. I just… I just want you to know me. To know who I am. I don’t ever want to feel like I have to hide things from you, okay?”

He nodded, and said, “You don’t have to hide anything from me. I hope you won't. I may not need every sordid detail,” he chuckled, “but I’m happy that you want to be open about who you are with me. It’s more than most parents get.”

“Well, I’m still figuring myself out,” she admitted, “but I’m really glad to have my dad-friend.”

With that, she got up, and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Dave watched her hips sway in the tight-fitting dress as she left the room, wondering who his daughter was becoming.

Chapter 12: Casey and the Depraved Double-Dicking

Casey casually stroked her pantiless pussy in the passenger seat of Erin’s car, as the two teens drove to their hotel rendezvous. It was, again, Friday night, and Casey was a hair away from cumming in her seat. They’d left Dave with another story of staying over at Erin’s place this evening, and even though Erin was equally as excited as Casey, there was something that didn’t sit right with the little lie. Though he’d been very casual about it, playing it off, she could see that Dave was a little disappointed at the thought of the whole night alone.

Erin, herself, was slightly torn on the prospect, too. This thing, this feeling, the little budding romance, tugged at her attention. She’d wanted it, pursued it, and now it was happening. She wanted to indulge in it. However, she also wanted to indulge in the filthy perversions with Casey, and right now her horny young cunt was winning out. Still, she didn’t feel good about lying to Dave. She shoved the feeling deep down inside, and pulled into the hotel.

Casey looked like a cock-hungry slut, clacking across the hard floor in a pair of pumps, legs bare, running up to a short, tight little skirt. Erin watched the sexy curve of her back, equally exposed, to where it disappeared beneath a clinging tube top. Her dark hair swished loosely, side-to-side as they approached the elevator.

Once the doors had shut, Erin pushed Casey against the wall and kissed her dark, red lips, snaking her hand underneath the tiny skirt, where she could feel how hot and slick her friend’s pussy was. She stroked Casey’s slit, and like a well-trained bitch Casey humped herself against those long, expert fingers. The elevator dinged, and Erin pulled away, grinning seductively as she led Casey down the hall to the room.

Erin held her gently, slowly and sensually kissing Casey, stroking her body, warming her up for what was to come. It wasn’t long before she was prompted with a message in her Haloes that company had arrived at the door. She opened the door to find Ian, accompanied by a friend this time. Both men shifted from side-to-side nervously, wondering if she might slam the door in their faces like it was all some cruel tease. Instead, she smiled and let them in.

“No men with clothes allowed,” Erin said, and then vanished around the corner with a teasing crook of her finger.

“Dude,” Ian’s friend whispered, “I swear to god if there’s a fat chick on the other side of the wall, I’m booking it.”

“You don’t know what the fuck you’re in for, my friend,” Ian scoffed and stripped without hesitation.

He stepped around the corner. His friend fidgeted with his belt, a little unsure, and then stripped himself more slowly. He followed Ian. In the short amount of time he’d taken to decide to get naked, though, Ian had already begun. The sight before him was straight out of a porno. A good porno.

Ian had his dick buried in the mouth of one of the cutest little brunettes he’d ever seen. She was face-down on the bed, legs spread, tiny skirt bunched around her waist. He was holding the girl’s hair tightly in his fist, keeping her head in place as he methodically fucked his dick between her tightly sealed lips. Just behind him stood the hot blonde number, her painted nails stroking Ian’s chest, while she whispered into his ear. Ian stared down at the dick sucker on the bed with a look somewhere between adoration and devotion. The dude was in love.

Erin turned to him and beckoned him forward. He came. He stopped in front of her, looked down. The brunette stared back up at Ian, eyes wide as he used her mouth, more roughly now. Erin stroked his chest, slid her hand down to his hardening cock, fondled his heavy balls.

“Such a nice big dick,” she whispered into his ear, “don’t you want to feed it to a stupid slut?”

She gently stroked his erection, and focused his attention on Casey, continuing, “I hope you don’t mind sharing that tight, wet hole with your friend. That’s what it is, you know. Don’t think of the slut as a person. It’s not. It’s a toy. It’s just for making your hard dick happy. You want to make your dick happy, don’t you?”

He nodded, and swallowed hard. He took a step forward. Ian pulled the girl’s mouth off of his shiny cock, and used her hair to direct her mouth onto his friend’s cock. She inhaled it, almost desperately. He groaned as her wet lips snuggled tightly over his erection, engulfing it in a tight sleeve of sucking pleasure.

“Go on, baby,” the blonde whispered hotly in his ear, “fuck your slutty hole all you like. It feels so good on that throbbing cockhead, doesn’t it?”

“Fuck yeah…” he said, and began to pump his hips in and out of Casey’s mouth.

Ian took Casey’s hand and guided it to his cock. She stroked it as well as she could, but the position was awkward. After just a few strokes, Ian decided to move their toy into a more useful position. He pulled Casey’s sucking mouth off his friend’s dick, and fell in love all over again at the sad look in her eyes. Damn, but this girl loved cock!

He put Casey on her back on the bed, and motioned his friend to straddle her chest. He did so with enthusiasm, and moments later his dick was back in the hot teen’s mouth. He fed her inch after inch, slowly, savoring the amazing feeling of her squirming tongue along his shaft as he used her face. Ian crawled between her legs, spread them, and went to work on Casey’s very excited cunt with his tongue.

Erin’s voice was in his ear as he sucked and lapped at Casey’s delicious honey, “Oh, God! It loves that sexy tongue in its cooch, doesn’t it? I think you’re going to make it cum its slutty cream all over your face. Can you feel it? Can you feel how hot you’re making it? It’s so close. Don’t let it cum. Not yet!”

Ian could feel the tension in Casey’s gyrating hips against his face, the tell-tale signs of an imminent orgasm approaching. Following Erin’s instructions, though, he pulled his mouth away just before it hit. He could hear Casey’s moan of disappointment at having been denied, muffled by his friend’s meat in her mouth. His buddy had a hand behind his back, tugging the slut’s nipples as he continued fucking her face.

Erin turned his wet face to hers and licked and kissed at his mouth, tasting Casey’s pussy. She gently stroked his cock as she kissed him, then guided his erection toward Casey’s spread pussy. She looked him in the eyes, a crooked smile on her face, and touched the head of his cock to Casey’s wet hole. He shivered, surprised and delighted. Was he going to get to fuck the girl?

Erin continued stroking his cock, then slapped it against Casey’s dripping slit, making her buck.

“It’s such a sexy pussy, isn’t it?” Erin hissed in his ear.

“So sexy…”

She rubbed his spongy head along Casey’s slit, coating it with her girl cum.

“It’s never been fucked,” Erin continued, while she teased his dick with that inviting warmth, “It wants to be so badly, but I haven’t let it.”


“Is that what you want?” Erin teased, slapping his cockhead against Casey’s clit, “You want to be the first to fuck it, don’t you?”


“You want to know how good that sexy teenage pussy feels when you push your big dick inside it, don’t you?”

“God, yes!”

Casey gurgled loudly as Ian’s friend continued pumping her mouth, forcefully stuffing his excited prick into her gullet, making wet, squishing sounds with each thrust.

“That’s my pussy,” Erin whispered, and used his cockhead to stimulate Casey’s clit, bringing on her much-awaited orgasm, “I’m saving it for the right man. Are you him, Ian? Are you the right man?”

Ian breathed heavily as Erin jerked his cock, coating it with Casey’s fuck honey as she continued to tease them both. Jesus, this girl was gonna make him blow! She was a perverted maestro, and sex was her symphony.

“You want to be, don’t you? You want it to be you. You want to push your fat knob into it and feel it gripping you so tightly. It would feel soooo good! Just think about how smooth and hot that pussy is. Can you imagine what it would be like to get your cock all the way inside of it? You can, can’t you? You could fuck it as hard as you want, as often as you want, and it would always be so wet for you.”

She put the head of his cock against Casey’s hole. It fit so snuggly at her entrance.

“Just one little push,” Erin said, “That’s all it would take to have it wrapped around your cock. Do you think you’d cum? I think you’d cum so fast.”

Fuck, this chick was doing a number on him. He’d never done anything this nasty! She was jerking his dick off with just the head of his cock poised to fuck her friend. He couldn’t handle much more of this.

“You could push it so deep and just fill it up, make it take your big load. It would love that. It would suck all the cum out of your balls and then want more, wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah… Fuck… Fuck… Gonna…”

“You could empty your balls inside it, and then step aside so your friend could be next…”

Ian lost it at that mental image. Erin felt his cock twitch, jerk, and then he groaned and shot his first load of cum all over Casey’s quivering cunt. Only a second later, his friend roared like an animal and unloaded into Casey’s mouth. The dual sensation of hot cum splattering her pussy, while she took another load into her mouth triggered Casey’s orgasm, too. Erin squealed in elation as all three of them came together.

Erin gently pushed Ian aside, and took his place between Casey’s legs, licking up the cum from her horny pussy. Ian and his friend stepped aside on wobbly legs and watched the blonde babe eagerly suck at her friend’s slit, cleaning up the spooge, and coaxing another hot orgasm out of the suckslut. Ian settled on the bed and began to make out with Casey. The fact that she’d just swallowed his friend’s semen seemed to make no difference. He was overcome with the depraved sight in front of him. His friend joined them on the other side, sucking at Casey’s tits as Erin worked her up for yet another hard cum.

The trio of stimulation had Casey’s mind in a whirl, and within moments she was going off again, squealing into Ian’s mouth, cumming on Erin’s face, with a hand on the back of the stranger’s head, while he feasted on her nipples. This was fucking heaven!

Chapter 13: Date Night

Casey panted wildly, her vibrator pressed against her clit, while she replayed the video of last night’s debauchery in her Haloes. Erin had sent her the edited video, from three different perspectives, just minutes ago. Once again, her friend’s skills were top-notch. The finished cut, from the viewpoints of Erin, Ian, and his nameless friend, was even better than the previous weeks'. This time, it was no fantasy. It was her. It was her real mouth stuffed full of cock. It was her pussy with a man’s cock against it. The hot cum was spurting onto her real body, and into her mouth. It was intoxicating to watch. She soaked her sheets in girl cum as she watched a man without a name unload his balls into her willing mouth.

After the… event… lying on the hotel bed with Ian’s tongue in her mouth, Casey had come to the realization that this perverted stud sucking her tongue was actually kind of cute. And nasty. And, she found herself wanting to know more about him. It was a new feeling. She’d never really had a crush on someone before, that she could remember. Was this a crush? Whatever it was, she’d messaged him that morning, and lost several hours as they chatted back and forth.

Ian, she’d discovered, was a nice guy. He was a few years older, smart, kind of silly, and exceptionally perverted. It was, to Casey, an excellent combination! So excellent, in fact, that she’d asked him out on a date. Her first date with a boy! It wasn’t lost on her that their interactions thus far had been sort of backward. Traditionally, one does not start the relationship with filthy blowjobs, and then progress to normal dating routines, but was that wrong?

Casey didn’t think so. If she was going to date someone, she decided it was better for them to know that she was a slut right from the start, to avoid any problems later on. Ian wasn’t put off in the least. He seemed to love it. He’d even asked her to dress up like a hot piece of ass for their date.

“I want every man that sees you to think about how much fun it would be to get their dick in you,” he’d said.

She had, of course, excitedly shared all the details with Erin throughout the day. Her best friend teased her mercilessly.

“He’ll want to have you suck him off on the way to dinner,” she’d said, “he’ll want to make sure your tummy is full of his sperm by the time you get to the restaurant!”

That thought had, of course, been immensely exciting to Casey. She forced herself to stop playing with her cunt and get ready to go out.

Down the hall, Dave was spending more time on his appearance than he had in over a decade. He was giddy at the prospect of a date with Erin. He’d been meticulous in his grooming, even going so far as to ask Casey’s opinion on his cologne. She’d been messaging him throughout the day, teasing some kind of surprise she had for him. Knowing Erin, it was bound to be fun. Satisfied that he was looking good for an old man, he left his room.

On his way to the stairs, he met Casey leaving her room, and raised his eyebrows in unspoken surprise. His daughter flashed him a smile and cocked her hip. Her dark curls hung loosely down her back, and her Haloes gave her eyes an emerald tint. She was clearly braless in a spaghetti strap top, her midriff bare, and wearing one of the shortest, tightest skirts he’d ever seen.

“Wow!” Dave said, “You look…”

“Hot?” Casey suggested, “sexy?”

“Girls didn’t dress like that when I was your age,” he grumbled, “Are you sure you’re giving this guy the right impression?”

“I’m giving him exactly the impression that I want,” Casey answered.



The doorbell rang.

“Don’t worry,” she said, and kissed his cheek, “Big girl, remember?”

“Isn’t this where I tell you that you’re not leaving the house dressed like that?”

“You can. I’d probably listen, resent your authority, and then do something rebellious like teenagers do. Or, you can trust me to take care of myself.”

“Okay,” he said, reluctantly, “but note that I was not encouraging this.”

“You can spank me for being bad later,” she quipped and ran down the steps.

Dave sighed, feeling like a bad parent.

Casey opened the door and welcomed in her date. Dave took the guy’s measure. Ian was stocky, with well-cut sandy hair and an easy smile. His eyes were kind as he flicked over Casey, and then turned his gaze to Dave.

“Hello Mr. Marrin,” he said, and extended his hand, “Thank you for letting me take Casey out tonight.”

Dave took his hand, shook it politely, and said, “Good to meet you. Can I grill you before you take my most prized possession out?”

“Um, sure,” Ian agreed.

“Don’t worry,” Casey said, “He left his bat upstairs, so I think you’ll be okay.”

“Comforting,” Ian said.

Dutifully, Dave peppered Ian with a few questions, all of which he answered appropriately. This made Dave feel like a slightly better parent. They were interrupted by the front door opening, and Erin made her own entrance, looking casually sexy in a tight pair of jeans and lacey blouse, her blonde hair braided.

She hugged Casey, gave Dave a quick kiss on the lips, and then turned to Ian.

“Now you, young man,” she said, “You be damned good to her. Don’t keep her out until all hours, and if you hurt her, I’ll kick you in the balls. Got it?”

“Yes, ma’am!” Ian said, holding his hands up defensively.

“And then Dave will beat you with his bat,” Erin added.

“Aluminum,” Dave nodded.

“Noted,” Ian said and gulped visibly.

“We’re not a violent family, really,” Casey said, taking Ian’s arm, then turned to Dave, “You have your own hottie to take out. You two nerds go play D&D, or whatever nerds do.”

She kissed Dave on the cheek again, and then surprised everyone by kissing Erin on the mouth. Even Erin was taken aback. Then, they were out the door. Dave gave Erin a quizzical look, and she blushed.

The moment Ian was out of sight of the house, he pulled his half-erect member from his pants, and pushed Casey’s head into his lap. She slipped her lips over his swelling cockhead and lovingly sucked away as he drove. Her first date was off to a great start!

A short while later, Dave sat in the passenger seat of Erin’s car, thankful that Bratty Britt was not on the radio. Erin found his hand and held it as she drove. The feeling was becoming less odd by the day.

“So, are you going to clue me in on this surprise?” he asked.

“It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if I told you.”

He sulked dramatically.

“Worried about Casey?” she asked.

He nodded.

“He’s a nice guy,” Erin said, “he’ll be good to her.”

“He seems like it. It’s just… she was dressed kind of... you know.”

“She just wants to be hot. She is hot,” Erin corrected herself, “She just likes to show it off, in case you haven’t noticed.”

“It’s hard not to notice. Is there something going on with her? I just feel like she’s been pushing this being sexy thing a lot lately.”

“She’s just having fun,” Erin answered, “But, it’s not really my place to talk about it. Maybe you should just talk to her. Casey’s an open book, Dave. If you want to know anything, she’ll tell you.”

Dave nodded, and looked out the window, lost in thought. What if he didn’t like the answer? What if he liked the answer, and it wasn’t appropriate to like the answer? He tamped down his thoughts for another time. It was time to focus on being a good date, not a concerned dad.

Erin pulled the car into a strip mall and parked in front of a shop with blacked out windows. The sign, in futuristic blue lettering read, “X-Pwn”.

“What is this place?” he asked, genuinely curious.

“Come on!”

They held hands and walked to the building, where Dave courteously opened the door for her. They were met with thumping bass music, which reverberated off of the walls decorated with gaming nostalgia from over 60 years of history. Everything from Atari joysticks to Nintendo Power Gloves, to circuit boards, posters and stickers lined the walls. On the big, open floor were arcade cabinets with ancient classics ranging from Pong and Pac Man, to Galaga and Space Invaders. The arcade ran back into the darkness, and as Erin led him through the maze, he saw couches with every conceivable console set up for players to enjoy.

Erin led him back, further into the depths of the place, until they reached a door, over which hung a sign stating, “No Noobs Allowed.” Erin winked at him and pushed open the door. She took them to a nearby counter, where she registered them as “Oddly Shaped Pear.” The attendant, a skinny goth kid with lanky black hair, handed her a card.

Together, they lounged on one of the couches, and watched as other teams fought deathmatches against each other and hordes of demons in one of Dave’s favorite games, “Hell Match.”

Finally, they were up. Erin handed an attendant her card, and they were placed side-by-side at a couple of terminals. This was old hat to the two of them. They’d put in a lot of hours as an online team but being here among a bunch of other gamers was a new experience. Erin grinned wildly at him as they took down their first team, and then a second, but the third proved a better challenge. Dave was taken out by a sniper, leaving Erin to fend off two opponents. They eventually brought her down in a pincer attack.

After the match, they hit the arcade cabinets, where Dave excelled in the retro games, taken back to his childhood. Erin was very touchy and affectionate, which proved his undoing on several occasions. She laughed and grinned wickedly, fully aware of what she was doing, but Dave couldn’t have cared less. He was in nerd heaven. Video games. Hot girl touching him all over. It was bliss.

They called it a night at the arcade and were soon back at Dave’s home. He flopped onto the couch, and Erin joined him, snuggling up against him, pulling a blanket tight around the two of them.

“Thank you,” Dave said, “You’re incredible.”

Erin beamed, and replied, “that was so much fun! Casey never wants to go gaming with me.”

“I’m up for it any time,” Dave said, and hesitantly put his arm around her.

“It’s ok,” she said softly, “Not a little girl, anymore, remember?”

“Remind me,” he said, cheekily, surprising himself.

Erin raised her eyebrows and said, “Bold, Dave.”

She tilted her head up and kissed him softly, lingering, and again with more pressure, parting her lips, her tongue snaking into his mouth. Dave let it happen, pushing away the hesitancy, the little nagging guilt that was slowly becoming a distant memory. They made out like a couple of horny kids, Dave trembling with excitement at the feeling of a woman’s lips against his. This was different from that kiss on the beach. That had been a moment of passion, yes, but not like this. This time, they were in a position to take it further, if he was willing. Erin caressed his chest with her hand, signaling that she was certainly willing.

“Take me upstairs,” she whispered.

Dave gulped and found himself standing, pulling her up with him by the hand. He dimmed the lights in the bedroom, closed the door, and turned to the bed. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of Erin, laying on her side in the loose top and jeans, her blonde hair spilling over one of the pillows as she lay on her side. Her curves were perfect. Her eyes caught the low light. That familiar, crooked smile played on her lips, which looked so wonderfully kissable.

“God, what a view,” He breathed, and Erin’s grin grew wider.

He joined her on the bed, and excitedly took up where they’d left off, kissing, letting his hands roam across her back, down her sides, feeling the heat of her skin beneath his fingertips, where her top left her belly bare. Erin mewled in appreciation of his touch, and returned it, sliding her hands under his shirt, nails raking lightly against his chest, her hot, trembling palms flattening to glide over his chest.

Her hands sank further, further, and came to rest on his crotch, massaging his hard cock through his jeans. He groaned into her mouth, sucking at her tongue. She undid his belt, snapped the button on his pants, unzipped it, and her fingers slid inside, lightly teasing his dick through his boxers.

Dave stopped, looked into her hungry gaze, and swallowed, saying, “It’s… been a long time since anyone… since…”

She put her finger to his lips, brushing them softly.

“Take your time,” she whispered back, “We have our whole lives. Right now, it’s enough just to be here, like this, with you. You know…” she hesitated, “it’s… well, I’ve never actually… done it.”

That caught Dave by surprise. When Casey had said that Erin was “saving it for him,” it hadn’t actually registered.

“I wanted it to be you,” Erin said, and kissed him lightly.


“I… Dave… I love you.”

Dave wrapped his arms around her, holding her to him, and kissed her ear.

“You’re the most amazing woman, and I love you, too. You make me feel… alive.”

He felt wetness on his cheeks, and when he looked at her, he saw small tears in her eyes.

“You make me feel the same,” she said, “Like I can do anything.”

“You can,” he said.

Erin wiped at her eyes and collected herself. In a flash, her grin returned, and her eyes were smoldering.

“Anything?” she asked.

He nodded.

She gently pushed him onto his back, and when he blinked, she was on top of him, straddling his crotch. She peeled away her top, revealing the most marvelous set of breasts Dave had ever seen. She wore a slinky, white bra, which pressed her big tits together so invitingly. Her hair was a wild dervish of gold across her shoulders, down her back, stray locks hanging over her eyes. She slid her body along his, and found his mouth again, locked her lips against his, and kissed.

She stroked his face with one hand, and whispered in his ear, “Can I make your cock hard?”

He swallowed, feeling hot, and said, “You already did.”

“Can I take it out? Can I stroke it, and suck it?”

“Oh, God…”

“I can be all yours, Dave,” she whispered, her warm hands against his skin, her hips rocking against his erection, “You can do anything you want with me. You can have me any way, any time, however you like. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

He nodded, dumbstruck.

“You can have my sexy mouth wrapped around your fat cock, anytime you want it,” she teased, “I’ll be your personal, blonde, little, teenage, Barbie, fuckdoll,” she hissed, “and you can do anything to me.”

“Fuck…” Dave said and felt his cock twitch against her rocking hips.

“Do you want your own, sexy, fuckable, teenage pussy toy, baby?”

Dave nodded. There was only one answer to the question.

“Jesus, where did you learn to talk like that?” he managed to asked, shocked, but more aroused than he could ever remember being.

Erin got on her knees, and wiggled out of her Jeans, casting them aside. She stood over him and whipped her hair back. Dave was in awe of her perfect body. He just watched, enrapt, as she pulled off his jeans and tossed them across the room. He found himself pulling his shirt off and throwing it to the side, his heart thumping in his chest. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

Erin ground her warm body against him, slithering along him like a snake poised for the kill, and she sucked at his earlobe.

“You like the way I talk?” she asked, “I love talking dirty, Dave. Do you want me to stop? Will you spank me for saying bad words, like you’re my mean daddy?”

“Don’t stop…” he found himself answering.

“No? You want me to keep saying dirty things? You want me to be your little porn slut?”

She kissed his neck, grinding her warm, panty-covered pussy against him.


“I love porn sluts,” she went on, “we can watch porn together, and you can fuck me so hard, while we do it. I’ll do anything you want. You can fuck my mouth. My pussy. My ass. I’ll belong to you, like a wet little pet ready to do anything that pleases you.”

She slid down his body, until she was looking up from between his legs, stroking his cock through the thin lining of his boxers. Her breath was hot against his cock as she teased him. Then, she pulled his dick out and held it, stroked it lightly in her hand. God, it had been so long.

“Can I suck it?” Erin asked playfully in a little girl voice, “Can I suck your cock, Daddy Dave?”

Dave shivered. She hadn’t called him that in years. It was sick, he knew, but right now all he wanted was to feel her lips around his aching cock. Her tongue flicked along his shaft, and she stared up at him as she licked along his length, stopping to caress his cockhead with her tongue.

“Yes!” He begged.

“Uh uh,” she said, licking again, “You have to be dirtier than that. I’m not a girl anymore, remember? I’m your little blondie slut Barbie. What do those mean daddies tell their little Barbie sluts in the pornos?”

“Suck it,” Dave said, “Suck my cock!”

Erin slipped her lips over his cockhead and lovingly fucked it with her lips, then slowly engulfed his shaft, making Dave groan as her warm throat swallowed him in a tight tunnel of pure joy. Unconsciously, he gripped her blonde hair and held her head as she moved up and down, up and down, pleasuring his penis with relish. She hummed and moaned happily as she worked, quickly bringing him to the brink.

Then, she stopped, pulled away, slid up beside him. She jerked his cock with her saliva-slick fist and made out with him, the sound of their wet, smacking lips filling the dim room. She brought him close, backed off and fondled his balls, and then ramped him up again. The delightful torture seemed to last for ages as he lost himself to the pleasure of her hand, tongue, and lips.

“You want to cum for me, don’t you?” she hissed.


“You want to cum in my hot pussy, don’t you?”

“Fuck! Yes!”

“You want to push your cock so deep in my young, teenage pussy, just like those porno girls, and fuck it until you cum?”

Dave groaned, a breath away from losing it.

“You can, if you want to,” Erin said, “but you have to do something for me. You have to promise me.”


“If you do, I’ll do anything you want, baby. Will you promise me?”

She slowed her pumping on his shaft, but he was so close.

“Yes!” he groaned.

“I’m your daughter’s best friend,” she said, and kissed him, jerking him faster, “We do everything together, don’t we?”

Dave nodded, unsure where this was going, but right now all he could think about was his overwhelming need to spew his load.

“You can fuck your daughter’s best friend, any time you want. Anywhere. However you like. But you have to do just one thing.”

“Oh, fuck, I’m so close!”

“Please, please for me, baby. Just one thing.”

“Yes!” Dave cried, his dick quivering just on the edge as she stroked him.

She pressed her lips against his ear, stroked him, moaning excitedly, and whispered, “You have to let Casey watch when you pop my cherry. You have to let your daughter watch you fuck my pussy for the first time.”

“Oh fuck!” Dave lost it. It was too much. He couldn’t resist. His over-excited mind conjured an image of Casey, dressed in a tank top and her panties, openly masturbating as he fucked her best friend.

Erin quickly sank down and engulfed his cock, letting him spurt his pent-up charge into her mouth, swallowing and sucking eagerly, moaning and purring as she encouraged him to shoot his spunk onto her tongue. Dave cried out, his body rigid as the most powerful orgasm of his life swept away all coherent thought.

His entire being seemed to be his spurting, jerking cock in the sucking confines of Erin’s mouth. He imagined just how wonderful her pussy would feel as he pushed his dick into it, how it would grip and pull at him excitedly while he filled it just like this. While Casey watched. While his daughter watched. While his daughter watched him take her best friend’s virgin pussy.

“Oh, Fuck! Fuck! Oh my God!” he cried, as Erin sucked his soul out through his spent cock.

His head was a happy, hazy buzz, as she slid back up next to him, draping her arm over his chest and nuzzling against his neck, kissing it softly over and over.

“I love you,” she said into his ear.

He could not find the strength to reply but did manage to find her hand and squeeze it, nodding as he stared sightlessly into the dark. What had he just agreed to?


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