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What Your Wife Won't Do

Mandy loved to rub her cunt. She did it often and she did it everywhere. At school, she liked to rub her cunt in the toilets, biting her lip and looking at pictures of pretty lesbians with their tongues in each other’s pussies. At home, she rubbed it before her parents got in from work, watching lesbians with strap-on cocks fuck each other. At night, she rubbed it, imagining having a sexy lesbian girlfriend whose pussy she could also lick.

Unfortunately, Mandy really got into rubbing her cunt, and when she was at it, she tended to zone out. Today, Mandy was in the living room, rubbing and stroking her wet pussy to a hot video of passionate, lesbian lovemaking. Mandy did not, therefore, notice the arrival of her older sister, Tara, until Tara shouted from behind her.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Mandy dropped the phone and, shocked, tried to hide her pussy from her sister. However, Mandy had removed her panties, already feeling naughty at masturbating in the living room.

“Tara! I… I wasn’t… It isn’t…” Mandy babbled.

Tara rounded the couch and picked up the phone.

“Oh my God! Are you seriously rubbing one out to lez porn?” Tara asked.

“No!” Mandy tried to deny it, despite the evidence, literally, in front of her sister’s face.

“Jesus Christ,” Tara said, “Mom and dad are going to fucking disown you!”

“What? No! You won’t tell, will you? Please!” Mandy begged.

Tara held the phone and then, smirking, said “No. I won’t tell. But you’re going to do something for me.”

“Anything!” Mandy agreed.

“You’re going to sit down and watch it some more, and you’re going to rub your cunt.”

“What?” Mandy asked, confused.

“Do it,” Tara said, and offered Mandy the phone.

Mandy took it, hesitantly.

“Go on,” Tara said, “Pretend I’m not here and watch those two sexy girls lez off together. Rub your pussy and watch your cute lezzies get it on.”

“I… I can’t do that,” Mandy protested, “It’s gross.”

“You were just doing it,” Tara said, rolling her eyes.

“But you weren’t watching!” Mandy argued.

“Yes, I was. I’ve been standing here for, like, ten minutes, watching you go at your cunt.”

Mandy blushed and said, “You… you were watching?”

“Go on. Rub that pussy for me,” Tara said, again.

Mandy reluctantly sat back down. She did not start rubbing her cunt.

“Rub it, Mandy. Get your pussy all gooey over those hot girls, or I’m telling mom that you’re a dyke.”

Mandy, sniffling, began to rub her cunt. She played the video, and she watched the two girls making love, trying to ignore her sister watching. After a few minutes of embarrassed silence, Mandy started to get into it. It felt a little dirty and little exciting to touch her pussy in front of another girl. She flicked her eyes from the screen, up to Tara, who was filming her masturbating on her phone.

“Tara!” she said, “Stop!”

“Rub your cunt,” Tara said, “Just keep rubbing your cunt for me.”

Mandy didn’t want to be filmed rubbing her cunt, but she wanted to be disowned even less, and so she continued to masturbate. She watched the girls, writhing and moaning, touching, petting, licking each other, until she orgasmed on her fingers with her sister watching.

“Good girl,” Tara said, shutting off the recording.

“You won’t tell?” Mandy asked, blushing, her sister looking at her wet fuckhole.

“Come over to my place tomorrow after school,” Tara said.

“Okay, but you won’t tell, right?” Mandy asked again.

Tara shrugged, “I can keep a secret, but we’re not done.”

“What do you mean?” Mandy asked, confused, “I did it… like you told me to.”

“And now I’m telling you to come over after school,” Tara reiterated.

“Alright,” Mandy agreed.


Mandy showed up at her sister’s home the next day. Tara greeted her in the living room and her sister was nude.