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Preparing for College

This story contains themes of nonconsent

Ellie was afraid to go to college, because she knew that she was going to get raped. A lot.

"It's a reality, honey," her father told her, "Every girl that goes to college is going to get raped. It will happen in your dorm, or when you walk across the campus at night. You'll get raped at parties, after parties, when you do laundry."

"Do I have to go?" Ellie asked, "I don't want to get raped!"

"Having a good education is important," her father said, "and you can't let a little raping stop you from succeeding in life. The best thing we can do is just get you prepared for it. That way, when it happens, you'll be able to get through it without trauma."

Ellie went to bed that night, worried about going to college, and worried that being raped would stop her from succeeding in life. The next morning, she gave her father a kiss on the cheek, and he greeted her by slapping her across the face and pulling her hair.

"Ow! Stop! What are you doing?" Ellie cried.

"Getting you ready for college," her father explained, as he dragged her over the kitchen table and yanked down her sleep shorts.

"No! Stop!" Ellie screamed and struggled.

Her father held her wrists tightly in his hand and forced her over the table, then laid a hard slap across her naked ass.

"Ow! Daddy, no!"

"It's for your own good," her father said, and spit on his fingers.

He pushed them into her cunt and then again, wetting the passage for his cock, which he pulled out and roughly pushed inside of her.

"The only way you're going to learn to avoid being a rape victim is if you get raped enough that you learn to like it," he said, and pinned her arms to the tabletop.

He began to batter her fuckhole with short, hard thrusts that slammed Ellie into the side of the table and made her squeal.

"Ow! Ow! It hurts!" Ellie complained.

"I know, honey. That's how you know it's a good raping. If you just moan a bit and squeeze your rapist's cock with your cunt, it will be over quicker."

Ellie, through her painful tears, tried to follow his advice and squeeze his cock with her cunt muscles. It seemed to do the trick, as her father ejaculated into her and pulled his cock out.

"Now, always remember to give your rapist a little kiss and say thank you," he instructed.

Ellie kissed him softly on the lips and thanked him for raping her.

"Good girl," he said, "Now, let's work on getting you wet for it."

He brought Ellie into the living room. For the rest of the day, he made her sit on the couch with a vibrating cock and watch an endless series of rape porn, ensuring that each time she orgasmed he pulled her hair or painfully squeezed her tits. Tired and confused, her pussy sore from playing with it all day, Ellie fell asleep.

During the night, she was awakened when a man in a mask held her down and began to fuck her pussy from behind.

"Daddy, is that you?" she shrieked, but the man didn't reply.

He pumped her cunt, pulling her hair, until he came inside of her.

"Thank… thank you," Ellie said, but she could not kiss him, because her face was pressed into the pillow.

The man didn't seem to want a kiss, though, because he left the room. When Ellie showered the next morning, her father tore back the curtain, dragged her from the shower and pushed her legs apart.

"No!" Ellie shrieked, but her father pushed his cock into her and put his weight on her body.

He fucked her hard, groping, squeezing, and biting her tits until he came. Ellie, confused, and sobbing kissed him and thanked him for raping her. After breakfast, she once again watched rape porn and played with her cunt.

When lunch time came around, her father sent her to pick up takeout for the two of them. Ellie drove to the strip mall, but when she got out of the car, a black van pulled up alongside her and pulled her through the sliding door. Ellie screamed but the two men in the back of the van put a gag in her mouth.

One of them held her arms, while the second one fucked her, laughing at her as he pushed his cock into her, because her cunt was already wet. Ellie cried as he squeezed her tits and she struggled, but he came into her pussy anyway. He traded places with the next man, who used the first man's cum to further lubricate his passage into her fuckhole. When he was finished, Ellie tearfully thanked them and managed to get a kiss on one of the men's ski masks, before they dumped her back out into the parking lot, naked.

Ellie quickly put her dress back on, tried to smooth her hair, and went in to pick up the food. The woman behind the counter looked at her disheveled hair and ruined makeup suspiciously. After bringing the food home, Ellie was made to continue masturbating to rape porn. Her father would occasionally slap her or pull her hair as she did this. That night, Ellie locked her door and tried to stay awake, but she was so tired from being raped four times and masturbating the rest of the day, that she quickly fell asleep.

At the end of summer, Ellie went away to college. Being raped had become a daily occurrence by then, and she couldn't remember how many times it had happened. At least once a day, more often two to three times. Every day over the summer she masturbated to degrading rape porn and she found, now, that it was difficult to get any kind of sexual pleasure other than from being forcibly fucked by a masked man. Thus, when she was raped on her second day, while walking home from class at night, she was thankful for having been prepared.


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