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September Roadmap: Erotikinks Presents...

Struggling with that heat wave? Thankfully, fall is coming, but things around here are still going to get hot! It's the September roadmap! First, my obligatory thanks to all of you who continue to visit and support the site, share the stories, and participate in discussions.

What's on tap for this month? I'll start with the disappointment. It's not Kayla 3. That novel is still in the works, but progressing. In the last two months, I've put out a couple of return to form stories with some taboo themes. Convincing Kendra and Sasha's Obsession: Deviant's Edition.

I know the Kayla delays are a bit of a frustration, as they are for me. It's something I don't want to rush, though. There are a lot of story elements that go into setting up the end of the DomCo main stories, while leaving open plenty of side story opportunities. I'll also admit to a little apprehension on my part. The Kayla series has been successful beyond anything I imagined. I have a personal need to make sure that the final book in that trilogy stands up to what came before. So, I hope you'll forgive the delays if it results in a better finished work. As of now, I'm still hoping to have that book out next month, as long as it feels right.

On a more personal note, it's been a really hectic summer with some real life stuff. That's been a bit of a hit for my production. I don't talk much about personal things here, but we've all got family and aging relatives. Dealing with the issues that arise from that, as anyone that's gone through it knows, takes a pretty significant toll on everything else.

Personal matters aside, let's talk about the fun stuff. The horny stuff. The reason we're all here in the first place! Anyone that's followed this dark little corner of the net for any period of time knows that I have a pretty standard formula. Hot stories, dirty girls, reluctance, taboo, and lots of kink. You also know that I like to experiment.

I've always said that I wanted to be a storyteller first. I also like to play in other mediums. While books will always be my first love and my primary medium for storytelling, I'm someone that likes to take on a challenge, try something new, and learn from the experience. Working with another medium gives another perspective on telling a story, which also informs future written work.

I've made no secret of the fact that I'd love to adapt my stories into other formats, like graphic novels, adult animation, and the like. Since I'm essentially a one-man operation, that means relying on my own skills or those of partners in the space that are interested in doing the same thing.

For example, HentaiArtist 2000 does great illustration work for me. We're discussing a future in which we work together on some visual novels and games. Ellie Desyre is an excellent female voice actor, and we have some ideas around doing audiobooks or dramatizations. Those projects are in the realm of discussion, with little in the way of tangible results. The relationships are there, and when all the schedules and workloads align, I have no doubt we'll make it happen. One project, however, is moving forward and I'll be putting that out this month. Let's take a look.

Erotikinks Presents

As you may have guessed by the banner image on the site this month, the project involves Lisa X Lopez. Lisa and I developed a friendship going back to the release of The Second Place Sister. She was a huge fan of my writing, and a dabbling writer herself. We kept in touch, and I helped her with editing her first book, The Beauty of Broken Things.

We co-wrote The Demon Chain late last year, and worked on a collaboration of kinkier stories. When she first started out in publishing, Lisa had a bit of a struggle in determining her niche. That's been nailed down. Lisa has been on an absolute tear of writing, publishing, and content creation. If you're a fan of cuck stories, especially dark ones that include a lot of humiliation, Lisa's stuff is a great choice.

Lisa's also into taboo kinks, and that's what this latest project is about. I've always wanted the chance to write an actual adult film. One of the benefits of having a burgeoning adult content creator as a friend, is the chance to finally experiment in that space.

Lisa approached me about doing a short incest story and adapting it into an adult flick. Rather than concentrate our efforts purely on that format, though, we decided to do a trifecta of erotic indulgence.

Titled Family Business, this release will be three formats. One, the written story. It will come out on the site for free. Two, the same story with photo accompaniment, for those that like a little visual stimulation with their erotic read. The third is the film version. You'll find the initial trailer below. It is absolutely NSFW.

The premise of our story is based on a mother/son relationship, but of course, it can't just be any old taboo romp. There has to be a Hamlin spin on it. When Lisa loses her job, it puts her and her son in a desperate position. As a single mother, Lisa's only concern is taking care of herself and her son.

Her horny youngster has a plan to help Mom find a new line of work, however. She just needs a little nudge. And so, we set about turning our reluctant mother into an incestuous porn slut. With her son as her acting partner, naturally. While I've done a fair number of daughters and sisters, I haven't actually focused primarily on a MILF transformation tale. It was time to do it. Getting to do it in a variety of mediums is even better!

The visual side of this project stars Lisa X Lopez and one of her stunt cock partners. For those that aren't following Lisa's Erotic Empire, she's been cranking out almost-daily new content. If hot Latina girls doing all kinds of naughty things are for you, you should absolutely be following her progress.

As our first foray into working on this kind of project, I'm sure there will be rough edges to work out. That's what's exciting about the creative process, though. You learn, you fail, you get better at it the next time. This site is all about erotic experiences, and I hope you'll join me in laughing at the failures and nod approvingly at the successes.

Audio Works

I've talked before about doing some audiobooks of my stuff, and at some point I still plan to do that. In the meantime, I've been lending my voice to some friends for their projects. I include these, not so much because the content and kinks align with the site, but more for illustration purposes, to give you an example of what a Tori Hamlin audiobook could be like.

The erotic mystery writer, Logan Black, tapped me to do an adaptation of one of his stories. I did that alongside Ellie, and I'm posting the finished product below for those that are interested. Along with this, you'll find a poll below. Is this type of content something you'd like to see included alongside the written releases of books?

I also did Lisa's first book, The Beauty of Broken Things. That book isn't exactly an erotica book. It's more of a very adult novella that does include some sex scenes. If you're into emotionally impactful stories, though, all I can say is holy shit. The Beauty of Broken Things is one of the most heartbreakingly hopeful things I've ever read. It's a far cry from what she's writing these days, but the raw talent of that story is genuinely amazing. I include it as another example of the kind of narration you could see in future works, if I decide to move into including audio production. All polls are anonymous. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.

Body Count by Logan Black. Performed by Tori Hamlin and Ellie Desyre

The Beauty of Broken Things by Lisa X Lopez. Performed by Tori Hamlin

Is this type of performance of interest?

  • 0%Yes

  • 0%No

That does it for this month's roadmap. Work on Kayla 3 and the rest of the series progresses, so I'll be updating that as it happens! Thanks again for visiting.


Haven't checked out the latest release? Grab a copy of the rewritten Sasha's Obsession!

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