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Sasha's Obsession, Part 2

Date Night

After a nice shower, Sasha came downstairs to find Mark on the couch in the living room. She’d put on one of the outfits she’d picked up at the sex shop. The red satin panties hugged her ass cheeks, while a matching satin and lace top lifted her already-perky teenage tits, displaying generous cleavage. She cuddled next to Mark, and his arm drew her in.

“I had a lot of fun today,” she said.

“Me, too. I hope you know that I’ll always take care of you.”

“I do,” she said, “and I can tell you, now, that I will never hesitate to help a blind person on the street.”

They laughed together.

“It felt good, didn’t it? Giving up any control?” He asked

“It was scary, but yes, I liked it.”

Mark pulled his half-hard cock from his shorts, and guided Sasha’s mouth to it. She opened and let him fill her, like the obedient suckslave she was. He rested her head against his chest, and simply sat back with half of his penis in her mouth. Rocking his hips, he gently fucked his meat in and out. Sasha suckled on it lovingly.

“You love having cock in your mouth, don’t you?”

“Mmm Hmm…”

Mark turned on the TV, and Sasha’s eyes flicked to it habitually. She gasped, causing Mark’s hardening cock to slide deeper into her mouth. He held her head and gently pumped his shaft in, out, using it to jerk himself off. On the screen, she saw herself laying on a beach towel, legs spread. The camera angle changed as Mark set it down to the side, and she watched as he nibbled and sucked at her cunt. Moments later, his face disappeared from the screen.

“Hey,” he called to someone, and he panned the camera over to three college-aged guys in swim trunks, all of whom began walking his way.

“Sup?” One of them asked.

“This chick is a total cocksucker,” Mark said, “and we came out here to find some strange for her. You guys down for a little fun? The catch is I have to film it for her, but I won’t get your faces.”

“Fuck yeah,” they quickly agreed.

“What’s up with the headphones?” Asked one.

“Kinky slut likes it anonymous. The glasses are blacked out, too. She can’t even see you.” Mark answered.

“Fuck that’s hot.”

She watched as Mark helped her to her knees, and her mouth opened, ready for use. It was so surreal to watch it now. As it had happened, it was like she was detached from the whole scene. She’d been blind, deaf, just a warm hole for these three strangers to deposit their seed in. Her pussy was wet thinking about it.

“You let three strange men fuck your wet mouth, didn’t you?” Mark asked.

“Mmm Hmm,”

“Your mouth is a pleasure hole for cocks, isn’t it?”

He slid his slimy prick out of her mouth.

“My mouth is a pleasure hole for cocks.” She agreed.

She watched the men, one by one, fill her mouth with their spunk. The sultry voice in her mind told her that her tongue was for licking cock and tasting semen. She was only useful when there was fuck meat in her holes. She trembled as Mark massaged her meat wallet through the satin panties. On the video, Mark was explaining to a handsome hispanic waiter that they were university students doing a study on disabilities, and that Sasha was currently blind and deaf, Mark acting as her support. Smart. She hadn’t thought about that. But she didn’t have to think. She just had to suck and swallow.

“What are you doing right now, Sasha?”

Spit poured from her mouth and down his shaft as she lifted up and replied, “Sucking my brother’s cock.”

She began sucking again.

“That seems very nasty, Sasha. Why would you do that? It sounds almost like incest.”

*Slurp* “Because my brother has a cock, and my mouth is only useful when it’s full of cock,” she said dreamily, licking his head, “it’s only incest if my brother fucks my pussy and cums inside it.”

“You want your brother to fuck your pussy and cum in, don’t you?”

“Mmm Hmm…”

“Incest is very wrong and nasty, Sasha.”

“So wrong...So nasty” *suck...suck*

“You don’t care that it’s nasty, do you?”

“Mmm Mmm.”

“You like that it’s nasty.”

“Mmm hmm.”

“What kind of girl wants her brother to cum in her pussy, Sasha?”

“Gum Thlut,” she said around his cock.

“Sasha, your brother’s prick is in your mouth. I can’t hear you.”

*slurp* “A dumb slut,” she said again, wiggling her cunt against his probing fingers. She put her lips back on his dick.

“Dumb sluts love incest, don’t they?”

“Mmm Hmm.”

“Dumb sluts like to be nasty don’t they?”

“Mmm Hmm.”

“Dumb sluts love to feel spunk in their horny cunts, even when it’s their brother’s, don’t they?”

“Mmmm Hmmm!”

She began sucking faster, cupping his balls.

“Should dumb sluts be raped, Sasha?”

“Mmm hmm!”

“Is it wrong to rape a dumb slut?”

“Mmm mmm.”

“But rape is a crime, and it’s wrong. Why isn’t is wrong to rape dumb sluts?”

*Slurp* “Dumb sluts are for taking cocks,” she said. *Slurp*

He slipped his finger into her cunt.

“Those strange men probably wanted to rape you after you sucked their cocks.”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

“If they raped you, it would be ok, wouldn’t it?”

*slurp* “uuuh...yes!” *slurp*

“Why would that be ok, Sasha?”

*slurp* “Because...I... I’m a dumb s, slut!” She said and came on his probing finger.

Mark pushed his dick back in her mouth.

“And it’s ok to rape dumb sluts, because dumb sluts are for taking cock, aren’t they?”

“Mmmmm Hmmm!”

Mark held her head in place and began to slide his twitching prick into the back of her throat. He felt Sasha choke. She spat around his meat as he pushed it in further, and warm spit flowed out of her stretched mouth. Her head lips touched his pelvis, and with one hand he held her head there, making small thrusts with his hips, fucking her throat, his free hand frigging her spread cunt. Sasha could hardly breath in this awkward position, and her body bucked against the invading prick in her throat.

Mark pulled her head up suddenly, and she sucked in air, her face red and slimy, covered in her own drool. Before she knew what was happening, Mark had pushed her on her back and spread her legs. He pushed her panties to the side and rubbed his throbbing fuck stalk between her dripping pussy slit.

“Do it! Fuck me,” she said, chest heaving.

Mark stroked his cock with the copious saliva coating it and came all over her waiting cunt. Sasha orgasmed again as her brother’s spooge coated her pussy lips and satin panties. Another shot splattered her belly. She groaned and wrapped her fingers around it, stroking it for him. She sat up and put it back into her mouth, sucking every drop she could as Mark trembled with pleasure.

He gathered Sasha up in her arms and they made out hotly, his hands wandering over her body. The semen on her belly squished between them, and Sasha could feel her brother’s half-erect cock brushing her cum-covered pussy mound. God, she was completely lost in her perverted desires. Ever since the first time Mark had pinned her and made her repeat those filthy words, she hadn’t stopped thinking about the next touch, the next orgasm, the next depraved act she’d commit. She craved it.

Mark showered with her again, and then took her to her room. He began going through her closet, until he found a very normal, yet sexy red dress. It was the kind of thing she wore out if her parents were taking them somewhere nice for dinner. Mark knew this, of course. He’d seen it a few times.

“I like how your ass and legs look in this,” he said, and handed it to her, “We’re going out for a bit,” he explained, and started for the door to get ready. He paused, “Oh, and no panties.” He winked.

Sasha shivered in delight. It hadn’t even crossed her mind to wear panties, actually. Only uptight, prissy bitches with shriveled cunts wore panties, unless they were trying to get raped, the voice had told her.

Sometime later, Sasha rested on the couch, idly stroking her bare cunt as she watched Mark fuck her mouth on the big screen TV. He was right. The video was super-hot. She watched the way his bulbous cockhead pushed her lips open, and how that long, thick shaft stretched her little mouth around it. It was like her mouth was the perfect size to create a tight, sucking seal around her brother’s big penis.

“My mouth is made for cock…” she remembered.

This was the fourth time she’d watched the video while she waited for Mark, but it was still just as good. The dumb slut on the TV deserved to get her face raped. Look at the way she was dressed, in that tiny tube top, skirt barely covering her semen trap. She was begging for it. The girl was an obedient suckslave, though, taking every inch of that long dick into her throat, never asking for a breath or a moment to rest. She was a compliant bitch. Sasha was a compliant bitch. She forced down the little tremor in her cunt that rose at the thought.

Mark entered the room and grinned at her, taking a seat on the couch.

“This is my favorite part,” he said, as the slut on the TV was bent over the cold tabletop. She visibly shook in the throes of orgasm as semen gushed across her spread pussy. “You look so beautiful when you cum,” Mark told her, and she blushed.

“Where are we going?” She asked, pulling her gaze from the TV, though she could still hear the sounds of herself begging to be fucked.

Mark took her hand and guided her around the couch. He stopped her and motioned for her to wait. He vanished around the corner, and she heard the hall closet open. When he came back, he was holding a rose as red as her dress, and a tiny box.

“Tonight, you are my beautiful date,” he said, and handed her the rose, “and this,” he opened the box, “is only a tiny pretty thing, for you, my tiny pretty thing.”

He turned the box around, and she saw a gold necklace with a little “S” charm. S is for slut, she immediately thought. Or was it, Sasha? Her name was Sasha. Sasha was a subservient suck slut.

“It’s so pretty,” she said, smiling, and clasping her hands around the rose.

He took the necklace from the box and put it around her neck, where it nestled between her young tits. She kissed him on the lips, and felt his arm encircle her waist.

“I love you, Sis,” he said.

She beamed, and then came the final gift. Mark produced the headphones from behind his back.

“Just for the car ride,” he said.

Sasha felt her cunt moisten further at the thought of that seductive voice. She eagerly took the headphones and put them on. Mark tapped his phone and walked her to the door.

“It’s ok to rape dumb sluts...I’m a dumb slut...My mouth is a wet hole for your cock...It’s ok to rape me if I say no... I am a suckhole made for sperm…”

Sasha stumbled a bit as the voice went on, Mark leading her to the car. There was something different about it this time. It wasn’t the same breathy, sensual bimbo saying these things in her ears. The voice was her own voice. She looked at Mark, and he saw the realization in her eyes, but he only smiled. She saw that evil twinkle in his eyes that she’d seen the first night. That evil made her cunt feel very warm.

“I am an eager fuck machine...My cunt is always wet and available...One cock in my cunt doesn’t mean it can’t take another...Vomiting sperm makes room in my tummy for more…”

The voice, her voice, was still filling her head with good thoughts as Mark parked the car at La Fiesta, Sasha’s favorite restaurant. She stopped talking to herself in the headphones, and Mark removed them. She leaned over and kissed his cheek, whispering in his ear, “My cunt is always wet and available. It’s ok to rape me. I won’t say no.”

Mark grinned and held her hand.

“You're the best little sister a guy could ever ask for.”

He got out and opened her door for her, then escorted her inside. When they entered the restaurant, Sasha was taken aback when she saw Amy, the girl from the sex shop, standing inside the door. The girl’s face lit up with desire when she saw the couple. Mark led them over to her.

“Hey there, cuties,” Amy greeted them.

“Amy,” Mark said and pulled her in for a hug. His hand gently squeezed her ass through her skirt, and Sasha felt a stab of jealousy and arousal. Amy turned to her, and embraced her, too, giving her an open-mouthed kiss, which drew stares from other nearby staff and patrons.

“Oh, yum!” Amy exclaimed, “I can’t wait to have some fun with you, girl! Look at you, all legs and ass.” She winked.

“Thank you,” Sasha answered, “You look fu...very nice.” her face reddened. She’d almost said that Amy looked fuckable. She could see that the girl had noticed the slip and was not offended in the least.

“You didn’t tell your little sister that I was the third wheel tonight, did you?” Amy asked Mark.

“No. Sasha likes little surprises, right?”

“Pleasant ones.”

“Oh, honey, I promise I will be more than pleasant! I will be downright pleasurable.” Amy said.

A staff member showed them to their seats, took their drink orders, and bustled away.

“Thank you so much for inviting me. I was really excited to hear from you!” Amy said.

“There was something about you,” Mark said, “the other day, and I just knew you would be the perfect fit.”

“Oh, I will be. And if it don’t fit, you make it fit, I always say,” she winked at Sasha, who blushed.

In the back of her mind, Sasha heard her own voice telling her, “There is no such thing as too big...My cunt was made to stretch...A little pain is a lot of pleasure…”

“And if you’re worried, Sasha,” Amy whispered, “that I know he’s your brother, don’t be.”

“Amy has seven brothers,” Mark said.

The girl nodded, “talk about a lot of work for one girl. They just call me airtight Amy, if you know what I mean,” she said and giggled.

Sasha flushed and gently rubbed her cunt through her dress. Her voice told her, “Having all my holes filled at once is multitasking...There’s always room for one more cock…”

The server showed up to take their order, and they spent the next hour chatting amiably. Sasha decided she liked Amy’s silly attitude. She was unashamedly filthy, and a complete slut, but she was proud of it. Mark paid their bill and led the two girls to the car. Amy took the back seat and chatted away happily with the both of them as Mark drove. A short while later, they pulled into the movie theater.

“Dinner and a movie? Mark, how traditional you are.” Amy said.

“Tradition has its charms for first dates, right? Were you expecting a frat party and the swingers club?”

“I wouldn’t have said no,” Amy answered, “But traditional doesn’t mean boring.”

“Anything but,” Mark said, and got out. He opened the doors for the ladies, and they each took one of his arms. Mark bought them tickets for a movie called “The Boss,” which Sasha hadn’t heard of. They took seats at the back of the theater, in a secluded corner, and Sasha had flashes back to early high school dating. Amy ate it up.

“I feel so young and sneaky. I hope my mom doesn’t find out.” she whispered, sitting on one side of Mark, while Sasha took the other.

Sasha pulled up the movie synopsis on her phone while they waited for the lights to dim. The film was about a woman who takes a job as a secretary and is seduced by her boss into becoming his obedient sex slave. It wasn’t a porno, just one of those edgy R-rated ones. The lights dimmed, and they sat through the trailers for the latest summer blockbusters, and those films destined to be forgotten.

Sasha found the movie somewhat interesting and became more engaged as the woman’s relationship with her boss became more erotic. At first, he would just make subtle remarks on her wardrobe, her performance at the office. Soon, she was dressing a little sexier for him, making small mistakes just so that he’d call her into his office. The little mistakes began to lead to disciplinary action. Spankings, removal of her panties, small humiliations that the slutty secretary’s fuck hole wet all the time for her boss’ cock.

Soon, he was dictating the way she dressed, teasing her body, putting things in her cunt and calling them her “panties for the day”. Sasha’s own cunt grew very wet and excited at the treatment. Her hand began to rub Mark’s bulge through his pants. He unzipped and pulled his hard cock out, put his hand on her head and pushed her down. Sasha quietly suckled on his cock.

She could hear Amy and Mark making out a moment later, tongues gently toying with one another, as Sasha sucked him. Sasha felt that little arousing stab of Jealousy again, but it wasn’t her place to be mad, was it? She was Mark’s obedient suckslave. She was a knob polisher. A meat shaft milker.

“She’s such a good girl,” she heard Amy say.” Mark agreed.

They kissed and whispered to one another as Sasha took care of Mark’s hardon. She tried to listen, but it was difficult to catch it all.

“ your pussy so good…”

“...when you fuck me with that big dick…”

“ your ass…”

“...use your slutty little sister’s mouth…”

Mark pulled Sasha’s warm mouth from his prick and kissed her, too. Sasha’s tummy fluttered. Mark tucked his wet dick away. Sasha wasn’t sure how the movie ended. She was distracted by the heat in her cunt now, and she just wanted to get home and let Mark put his hard cock back in her mouth. Or maybe tonight he would fuck her pussy. She almost orgasmed at the mere thought of it. Why didn’t he just fuck her stupid cock hole?

Sasha drifted out of the theater, while Amy prattled on about the movie, and how hot it was. They made it to the car, where Mark stroked Sasha’s wet cunt the whole drive home. Amy toyed with Sasha’s fuck handles from behind her seat, sitting up to whisper filthy things into her ears as they played with her, as though she were a toy.

“Fuckin’ love these beautiful tits, Sasha,” Amy said, “Can you feel how hard and excited your nipples are? You’re one horny little slut, aren’t you, baby? Horny little sluts like you always have hard little nipples on their tits,” she tugged on Sasha’s nipples, making her moan out loud, “Fuck, I love the sound of a hot little fucktoy moaning in pleasure. I’m going to bury my tongue so far in your little cunt tonight, Sasha. I’ll bet your pussy tastes so sweet. Your brother says it does. Did you let your brother eat your pretty cunt, Sasha?”

“Uh huh!”

“Fuck, that’s dirty. My brothers eat my cunt, too. Sometimes, the seven of them take turns sucking my cunt, and fucking my slut mouth.”

Sasha squirmed and came on Mark’s fingers.

“Oh yeah, that was so good, baby. You like thinking about four guys fucking my mouth, don’t you?”


“You’d probably like to help, wouldn’t you? You’d help me suck off all those dicks, swallow all that hot jizz?”

“Fuck, yes!

“You’re a hot little cumslut, aren’t you, Sasha? Letting all those hard dicks pump their cream into your tummy.”

“I love to swallow cum.”

“You made your brother really hard when you sucked off those strange men at the beach. He loves that he has a horny little sister that loves sucking cocks. You love making your brother hard, don’t you?”

“Ahhh! Yes!”

Amy licked at her ear, pinching her tits.

“Your brother is turning you into a brainless fuckpuppet, isn’t he, Sasha?”


“That’s so fucking hot! You only think about fucking now, don’t you?”

“All I think about is fucking,” Sasha repeated.

“Does it make your cunt wet when you think about your brother making you into a sex toy?”

“My cunt is always wet and available. It’s ok to rape me. I won’t say no! I wanna be an obedient fuckdoll!”

“Fuck! That’s the hottest shit I’ve ever heard. You’re gonna lez off with me tonight, aren’t you?”

“I’m a good little lesbo cockslut!” She moaned, as Mark fingered her snatch.

“Your brother’s dick will be so hard watching you lick cunt, Sasha.”

“I’ll be your little slitlicking lezzie, Amy. You can use my tongue to get your pussy off.” Sasha said.

Just when Sasha thought she might explode from the stimulation, Mark pulled the car into the driveway. The three of them made their way into the house, where Mark stole another bottle of Pinot Noir from his parents and poured them all glasses. Surreptitiously, he poured a pinch of an aphrodisiac powder from the sex shop into Sasha’s glass. Amy was already in a hot, sloppy makeout session with his sister, hands all over her body. Sasha tried to keep up, but it was so new. She’d never been a dirty little lesbo cuntsucker before.

Taking the wine upstairs, Mark led the way to his bedroom. Amy followed Sasha closely, hands reaching under the girl’s dress teasingly. Sasha sipped at her wine as she walked. In the bedroom, Mark turned on some seductive trance playlist, and watched Amy tilt Sasha’s wine glass into his sister’s mouth. Sasha guzzled it quickly. Amy did the same with hers, and Mark took the glasses, refilling them.

When he turned back, Amy and Sasha were at it again, tongue kissing, Amy aggressively molesting the younger girl’s body. She slid Sasha’s dress over her head, leaving her completely nude. Amy ate her body up with her eyes, stripping off her own shirt and chucking it to the side. Mark set the wine glasses on a nearby bedside table and shed his clothes. He joined the two girls.

Amy tilted Sasha’s face toward her brother and watched their fiery lip lock. She cupped and fondled Sasha’s tits, kissing her neck. Sasha’s whole body felt warm and electric. She couldn’t ever recall being so turned on, and that was saying something given how keyed up she’d been the last few days. She could feel a little trickle of fuck lube sliding down her leg, her pussy was so wet. Amy’s hands caressing her body, Mark’s on her ass, the slippery sensation of his tongue in her mouth, were all heightened to a level that was making her feel like an animal.

“That’s so nasty, Sasha,” Amy whispered in her ear, “The way you tongue fuck your brother’s mouth. He loves it. You were made for sex, baby.”

Sasha moaned in agreement. She was made for fucking. Her willing holes were designed for pleasure. Her own voice had told her, so it must be true. Amy pushed Sasha, gently, to her knees, where she was confronted with Mark’s throbbing erection. She looked up at him and opened her mouth, then felt the hot shaft slide inside. She shook with a little orgasm at the intrusion. Her mouth was a warm hole for her brother to fuck. She could hear Amy and Mark sloppily tongue kissing, as Mark’s firm hand held her head and he began rhythmically pumping his meat into her mouth.

“Lay on the bed,” Amy told Mark, “And bring your cocksucker with you.”

Mark lay back on the bed, and Sasha crawled between his legs, sliding his wet pole back into her mouth. She bobbed her head on it, slashing her little tongue around his crown, teasing the veiny shaft. Then her brain exploded with pleasure, and she moaned out loud as Amy’s tongue found her dripping slit. For a moment she forgot about Mark’s cock as the squirming tongue in her cunt set off fireworks in her body. Mark wasn’t going to forget about his cock though, and he took hold of her hair firmly, pushing his dick back into her mouth. Sasha made a satisfying “gluck” as he hit the back of her throat and felt a gush of hot drool seep out around her lips.

“My hair can serve as a grip for you to guide my mouth down your prick…” Sasha remembered.

She watched him with glassy, fuck-glazed eyes as she went back to sucking, sending pleasant vibrations down his stalk when she moaned. For a moment, Amy disappeared, and Sasha saw her taking a wine glass from the table. She was behind Sasha again a moment later, and that warm, talented tongue returned, lapping at her slut box. Sasha gasped around Mark’s prick when she felt a trickle of wine splash on her ass. It rolled down her crack, through her wet gash and coated her cunt. Amy licked it up and repeated the action. Fuck! The slut was drinking wine off her ass and cunt!

The wonderful tongue stopped what it was doing, and Amy crawled up the bed to join her. She pulled Sasha’s head from Mark’s cock and kissed her. Sasha tasted wine and cunt in the other girl’s mouth, and her body convulsed with a little cum. Amy put her lips around Mark’s dick and sucked gently, pushing her head down until his balls touched her chin, her tongue extended from her mouth. She pulled away and replaced her own mouth with Sasha’s. Mark groaned and almost lost control, but he steadied his breathing.

“You’re letting sluts lick your cunt while you suck your own brother’s cock now, Sasha,” Amy told her.

“Mmm hmm!”

“That’s so hot, isn’t it?”


“You’re becoming a brainless fucktoy that just thinks about her cunt and cocks, aren’t you?”

Sasha orgasmed and moaned around Mark’s penis. She knew it was true.

“All I think about is cock and cunt,” she agreed, “I’m a dumb slut!”

Amy put Mark’s dick back in Sasha’s mouth.

“That’s ok, Sasha,” She said soothingly, cupping Mark’s balls with one hand, stroking Sasha’s hair with her other, “The world needs dumb little blonde fucktoys for men to empty their balls in, right?”

“Yeth…” She agreed around his dick.

“You don’t mind that men empty their balls in you, do you?”


“It makes your brother’s cock hard, knowing his sister is a dumb little blonde fucktoy, doesn’t it?”


“Your brother is going to fuck me, Sasha.”


“Your brother is going to fuck my pussy.”


“Your brother doesn’t fuck your pussy, does he?”

“Mmm mmm…”

“But you want him to fuck your pussy, don’t you?”


“You have a very horny pussy that needs to be fucked, don’t you?”


“Will you be jealous when your brother fucks my wet pussy, and not yours?”

“Mmm hmm!”

“But it’s his choice which slutty hole he wants to fuck, isn’t it?”


“Why is that, Sasha?”

She pulled her mouth off the cock, stroking it with her hand as she said, “I’m just three warm holes to fuck. He can use me however he pleases.”

Amy kissed her, pulled her skirt off and tossed it aside, then straddled Mark’s lap, her pert ass toward his face. She felt him grab it in his big hands. Amy took his spit-coated prick in her hand and slapped it against her wet cunt, watching Sasha’s eyes follow it. It made wet smacking sounds as little flecks of Sasha’s spit fell from it with each slap. Amy put the head at her entrance and slowly slid herself down the shaft.

Sasha watched as Amy’s pussy swallowed Mark’s throbbing penis, inch by inch, until she finally took it all. Her body shook as she came. Sasha’s eyes were wide. Amy’s pussy stretched lewdly around her brother’s thick fuck meat. The girl ran her hands up her sides, toyed with her nipples, and ran her hands through her dark hair.

“Fuck, that’s some good dick!” she said.

She gripped Sasha’s hair and directed the slut to her full snatch.

“Lick my cunt, slitsucker,” she ordered.

Sasha was so hot inside. She burned with shame, and her jealousy was a stabbing pain. But she was so fucking turned on by it all. Her brother had his own sister’s wet, willing cunt to fuck whenever he wanted to, but instead he was balls deep in a dumb slut he’d only known for a few hours. It made Sasha feel worthless, and that also turned her on. She was a suckslut, good enough to pump semen into her throat, but not good enough for her brother to fuck. If he didn’t want to fuck her pussy, how useful was she, really?

She stuck out her tongue and licked up the base of Mark’s cock until she hit Amy’s protruding clit. Amy shook with pleasure, holding Sasha’s hair as she rode the wonderful cock.

“Oh fuck, Sasha,” Amy said, “your brother’s big cock feels so good!”

Sasha dutifully licked at Amy’s pussy, her brother’s shaft, his balls. Amy popped the dick out of her cunt and put it into Sasha’s mouth.

“Good girl. Suck that fuck juice off his cock for him. You’re such a faithful little suckhole, aren’t you Sasha?”

“Mmm hmmm!

Mark pulled Sasha’s head from his dick and pushed Amy onto her back. He pushed her legs back to her shoulders and drove his cock back into her, pounding her cunt with long powerful strokes. She wrapped her legs around his back, her arms around his neck, and pulled his face to hers.

“Rub your horny cunt while he fucks me, Sasha.” Amy instructed her.

Mark slowed his thrusts and Sasha watched him and Amy making out as pumped his hard shaft into her welcoming cunt. Sasha rubbed and fingered her cunt, wishing that it was her with that big cock inside her. Their kiss broke, and they just watched each other's eyes, mouths open and panting, smiling.

“I love your fuckin’ cock,” Amy whispered, “you fuck me so goddamn good!”

“Your pussy’s so tight, baby,” Mark said.

Sasha listened to them whisper filthy things to one another, watched their tongues playing, the grunts and groans as they fucked, and she came on her fingers. She was a useless slut with no cock in her.

Amy looked at her, masturbating as her brother fucked.

“Sasha wants to get fucked, Mark.” Amy whispered, “She’s a little blonde fuckpuppet that needs to be fucked.”

Mark grinned. He pulled his cock from Amy, reached under the bed and dug through a bag. Amy leaned over the side, and Sasha heard her squeal and say, “Perfect!”

Mark crawled up on the bed toward Sasha, and her breathing quickened. Was he going to fuck her? He pushed her on her back, straddled her chest, and pushed her tits together. His dick slid easily between her cock pillows, as coated with slut slime as it was, and Sasha moaned. She watched his shaft slide in out of her mounds, her mouth open and ready in case Mark needed to fuck it.

A moment later, she felt her cunt opening, and she moaned as it was filled. She came on the thing in her cunt, and Mark pushed his dick into her mouth at the same time, making her orgasm go on longer. He dismounted her, removed his cock and slapped it against her face with a wet smack. Sasha could now see Amy wearing some kind of strap-on dildo, which was buried in Sasha’s warm cunt.

“How does my cock feel, Sasha?” Amy asked.

“Fuck! So good! Fuck me!”

Mark stuck his dick back in her suck hole, and fucked it, while Amy slid the cock in and out of her cunt. Sasha’s over-excited brain, fueled by days of sexual teasing and the spiked wine, swam with the pleasure she was feeling.

“This is what you were made for, isn’t it, Sasha?” Mark asked.


“You’re a dumb little blonde fuckpuppet, aren’t you, baby?” Amy asked.

“Mmm hmm!”

“You’re very useful when you’re full of cock, aren’t you?” said Mark.

*slurp* “I’m useful when I’m full of cock!” *slurp*

“Your slut has an available hole, Mark.” Amy noted.

Mark pulled his dick from his sister’s mouth and retrieved a purple butt plug from his bag of tricks, tossing it to Amy. Amy pulled her cock from Sasha’s meat tube and turned the girl on her side, lifting her leg. Mark began fucking his sister’s mouth again. Sasha groaned as Amy used her well-lubricated cunt to lube the butt plug, and then she felt the tip at her anus. Amy pushed, spreading Sasha’s butthole open, and then Sasha orgasmed as the toy slid home and the base touched her skin.

Amy lay on her side, behind Sasha, and slid her strap-on cock back inside the blonde fuckpuppet. Sasha squealed as she was filled up in all three holes at once. Amy’s hand reached around and tugged at Sasha’s hard nipples. Sasha was completely gone in a haze of fuck-lust. As Mark fucked into her mouth, Amy pulled the cock back, and then pushed it in as Mark pulled back. They developed a rhythm, using Sasha’s body.

Finally, Mark couldn’t handle it anymore. He blew his big load into his sister’s mouth. Amy pushed her cock all the way into Sasha’s cunt at the same time, and she came violently, choking on the sperm spewing into her mouth, legs shaking, Amy pinching and pulling her nipples. Mark withdrew and collapsed on the bed, covered in sweat. Amy pulled her cock from Sasha’s convulsing cunt and turned her around. She stuck her tongue into Sasha’s mouth and tasted Mark’s creamy load on his sister’s tongue.

She reached around and slowly pulled the base of the toy from Sasha’s asshole, dropping it to the floor. She discarded the strap-on, likewise, and then lay back with Sasha, stroking her hair, running her hands over her sweaty body, and raping her mouth with her horny tongue. Sasha felt warm all over as she drifted off to sleep, Amy’s tongue probing her mouth.

Ain’t No Fun If the Homies Can’t Have None

The steady rocking of the bed brought Sasha to bleary-eyed wakefulness, and she cracked her tired eyes open to the early morning sun streaming through the curtains. Amy grunted as Mark held her legs spread and drove his prick into her repeatedly. Sasha watched, quietly rubbing her cunt. Amy noticed her and turned to gaze into Sasha’s eyes with a delighted, fuck-crazed smile on her face.

Sasha watched the girl’s expressions as she was fucked. Her dreamy eyes half-closed when she came, but she never stopped watching Sasha watching her get fucked. There was something unbelievably hot about it. Sasha orgasmed on her fingers as she realized that she had literally awoken, and the first thing she’d thought of was fucking.

“All I think about is fucking…I am made for sex...I am a fucktoy designed for men to pump semen into… ” said her voice.

Amy squealed happily as Mark bottomed out in her cunt and came, filling the dark-haired girl with his semen. Sasha saw the look on Amy’s face and was pleased that Amy was fulfilling her purpose. She was a good cum dumpster. Amy was a useful fuck hole being filled with sperm and providing pleasure to a horny dick.

Mark pulled his cummy dick out of Amy’s snatch and put it into Sasha’s mouth. She obediently sucked the slimy mess off it and orgasmed on her fingers. She was a useful fuck hole being filled with sperm and providing pleasure to a horny dick. Mark withdrew, finished with her for the time being, and left the room. Down the hall, she could hear the shower come on. Amy twisted her body, until her spread legs were facing Sasha.

“Come get your breakfast, suckslut,” she said, beckoning Sasha.

Her voice told her, “I want to be a good gash lasher...Sucking warm cunts full of semen makes my stupid head happy…”

She obediently licked at Amy’s full pussy, happy to extract her brother’s load from the other girl’s insides. Amy held her head, humping her face.

“Fuck yes! Tongue out my spermy gash! Good girl, Sasha! Get that dirty incest cream in your slut mouth.”

Amy orgasmed on her face, expelling some of the semen that had been too deep for her tongue onto Sasha’s wet face. Amy got to her knees, pushed Sasha onto her back, and licked the gooey mess from her face, trading sloppy kisses with the other girl.

“Oh, shit,” Amy said, “I could fuckin’ lez off with your pretty cunt all day.”

She put her head between Sasha’s legs and sucked at her slit like a good little cunt muncher, sliding her hands up and down Sasha’s legs, tummy, tits. Once Sasha had spurted her girl cum onto Amy’s lips a couple of times, Amy helped her up and dragged her into the shower that Mark had just vacated. She washed and molested Sasha’s body until the water grew cold, and then led her, naked, back to the bedroom. Sasha stopped in the doorway. On the bed were the earphones, the blindfold, and the restraints.

“Tied up sluts are easier to rape....” her voice told her.

“I’m going to take Amy back to her car,” Mark said, and beckoned her over.

“Oh, this looks fun!” Amy said and pushed Sasha back onto the bed.

Amy put the cuffs around Sasha’s wrists, while Mark did her legs. Then, she slipped the blindfold over Sasha’s eyes, and placed the headphones over her ears. A moment later, something vibrated gently against her pussy. Her voice began speaking to her.

“Making decisions is hard...Having to choose makes my cunt dry up...A dry cunt is a worthless cunt...My cunt is always wet and available...I am an obedient and useful fuckpet…”

The vibrating thing against her cunt teased her mercilessly, providing only enough stimulation to keep her on edge as she spoke to herself.

“Being forcibly raped by strangers makes me cum... Decisions should be left to men with hard cocks... I am afraid when I have to make choices… I am a brainless sex doll... Being used as a masturbation device makes me wet... ”

Sasha had no sense of how long she lay there as her cunt burned with need, listening to her own voice in her head reinforcing the fact that she was a dumb slut that was only useful for raping. Finally, she felt the vibration stop as the thing was taken away. It was replaced by a warm tongue, and it took only seconds for her to orgasm, but she wanted more. She felt a spongy cockhead at her slit, teasing her, as usual. Then, it was gone, and the blindfold was being removed. She shut her eyes against the light that she knew was going to burn. The restraints were undone as she slowly regained her sight and saw Mark uncuffing her legs.

He didn’t remove the headphones, and her voice kept speaking to her, happily. She was an eager meat hole. Saying no really means please. He ran his hands over her body, molesting her tits, sticking his thumb into her mouth. Sasha could hardly stand it. She needed to cum so badly. Mark removed the headphones and set them on the bedside table.

He kissed her, snaking his tongue into her mouth, pressing his body against hers. His toned chest was hot against her naked tits as he sucked at her tongue. She felt Mark’s hand between her legs, rubbing that hot fuck oil on her slit and ass, and her pussy became even warmer. He pinched her nipple, and the remainder of the oil spread that same warm feeling to her tit. Then, Mark pushed the entire length of his cock into her pussy.

It took a moment for her mind to register that her brother’s throbbing, hot penis was balls deep inside of her, and when the reality hit her, she had the biggest orgasm of her life, screaming her pleasure out as she fucked her hips against him.

“Your brother’s big dick is inside of your cunt, Sasha,” he breathed in her ear, and began to gently pump his prick in and out of her, “you’re getting fucked by your big brother,”

“Oh, fuck!” she breathed, “fuck…”

“Being fucked by your brother is incest, isn’t it?”

“Mmmm...Yes!” Sasha felt tears in her eyes. She’d done it. Mark was fucking her, and it was everything she’d wanted.

“Incest is wrong, Sasha. But you love it, don’t you?”

“I love it,” she agreed, and kissed him, “I’m such a good fuckpuppet for my big brother’s cock,”

“You let your brother make you into a sextoy that only thinks about fucking, didn’t you, Sasha?”

She came again, humping her soaking cunt against his cock. He continued that slow, deep thrusting into her.

“I’m a sextoy that only thinks about fucking,” she agreed.

“Your horny pussy feels so good, Sasha.”

Sasha felt elated! Her pussy was so good. She was so good. Her brother was using her warm cunt to jerk off his horny prick! Mark pulled his cock out of her, and flipped her over onto her tummy, a moment later, she was stuffed full of his bloated prick again from behind. His hips crashed against her wobbling ass cheeks with each thrust of his cock, and she moaned loudly as her cunt spasmed and came again.

Mark’s body weight came down on her, and his arm slipped around her neck, firmly, but not enough to choke her. He held her in place and fucked her cunt with long, powerful strokes, the head of his penis sliding over her g-spot each time he pulled back and pushed back in. Then, the long thrusts became short ones, and he was pushing just a couple inches of his cock in and out of her entrance, which had the effect of continuously rubbing that same spot with the ridges of his cockhead, until Sasha had a leg-kicking orgasm. She gripped the sheets, drooling as the feeling flowed through her whole body.

“Ahhhhhhhoooow!” Sasha wailed, as he suddenly drove the fat head of his cock into her ass. She felt tears in her eyes.

She recalled all the bad porn stories she’d read that had lines like “his dick slid easily into her asshole.” That was a fucking lie. There was nothing easy about it. Her ass might have been soaked in the warm lube, and a mix of her cum and Mark’s precum, but it still hurt. A lot.

“Crying is not a reason to stop fucking my asshole…” she remembered. She was a good fuckpuppet. She had three warm holes for cock. It was Mark’s choice which one he wanted to put his penis in. She should be grateful that he wanted to fuck her.

His cock popped out, and he gathered more of her slut honey on his cockhead, and then pushed it back in. Sasha screamed again, but it wasn’t quite as bad this time. Mark repeated the exercise, over and over, until her screams became whimpers when his cockhead pushed past her sphincter. Then a new kind of pain began as his wet cock worked its way deeper into her ass. She screamed again, and then had an orgasm when Mark told her that her ass was a good fuck. He spanked her, and then rested, breathing deeply as he let have a moment to get used to the stretched-out feeling.

Her blonde hair stuck to her sweating face, and she breathed deeply. Then Mark began to slowly pull his cock back. She felt more of the warm oil dripping onto her ass, and then he pulled out completely, spreading her cheeks as still more oil fell into her stretched hole. Then, he was back inside of her, prick worming its way into her insides. The lube helped, and now she was taking his thick meat more easily.

The pain gave way to a pleasurable feeling, and soon he was sawing his cock in and out of her asshole much more easily. He humped her butt, using one hand to reach around and play with her clit as she took his cock up her round booty again and again. She felt it begin to twitch, and she could tell he was ready to cum. His cock slid from her anus with a small pop, and he drove it back into her cunt.

“Mark I’m not on the pill…” she said, but it was too late.

He plastered her insides with a spray of hot semen, roaring like an animal as he pumped the full load from his balls inside of her. Sasha came again as she thought about her brother getting her pregnant. Her mother would call her an incestuous, brother fucking baby maker. Her own father would rape her pregnant cunt. Mark just held his penis inside of her, as her pussy milked it.

Sometime later she was showered, and sitting, naked, at the table devouring a club sandwich and soda with French fries. She didn’t know that Mark had spiked the soda with another packet of the aphrodisiac powder. Her ass was sore, and her cunt was warm and wet. There were moments when she was terrified, thinking of her brother’s sperm inside her, and the possibility that even now she was pregnant. The same thought had her pressing her legs together as she became so aroused that she wanted to finger fuck herself until she came.

Mark didn’t seem the least bit concerned. He’d just told her it was ok, and if she was that it didn’t matter. He’d take care of her. That was good. She didn’t feel comfortable making decisions. Decisions should be made by men with hard cocks. She was afraid of making choices. It was ok if her brother knocked up her incestuous cunt. Her cunt was a warm hole for semen.

She felt better. She found Mark in the den on the couch and snuggled on the couch with him while he watched football. He put his arm around her and kissed her head, dick pressed against her ass. Sasha watched the men running back and forth on the field. She found her mind wandering, thinking about how big their dicks were. She pictured them in the locker room, naked, cocks swinging as they showered. Did they have the dumb blonde cheerleaders sucking on their cocks before the game? Were they gangbanging one in the locker room, afterwards, charged with adrenaline, dicks pounding into her holes and spilling their seed inside? Dumb blonde fucktoys in tiny skirts. Like her.

“I need to make a trip to the store for some snacks. A couple of the guys are going to come by tonight for the game. Do you wanna come?”

Cum. She wanted to cum. She shook her head. That wasn’t the right context. All she thought about was fucking. She had to make a decision. Did she want to go to the store, where everyone would know she was a slut that just got filled with her brother’s semen? Did she want to stay home?

“If you’d like me to come with you, sure!” She said happily, and she felt better. Decisions should be made by men with hard cocks, not dumb little blonde fuckpets with cunts full of warm cum.

“Of course. Why don’t you put some clothes on, and we’ll go.”

Sasha nodded and went upstairs. Now this was a decision that she could make. She fished out a tight red skirt from her closet and paired it with a slinky v-neck. No panties or bra necessary. She hadn’t been asked to wear any. She slipped on a pair of sexy pumps and tied her hair back into a ponytail. The ponytail would make it easy to yank her hair back if she acted like a disobedient bitch, or just direct her head to cock more easily.

She met Mark downstairs, where he put her headphones on and led her to the car. This was her new normal. She settled into her seat, allowing her own voice to brainwash her further into sexual servitude, while her brother teased her cunt. Fuck, she was so horny.

“My pussy should always be bare and ready for cock...sluts with cunt hair are sluts that don’t care...Naked is natural...:”

There was a slick coating of fuck nectar on the leather seat by the time Mark parked the car at the grocery store. He removed her headphones, and together they walked into the store. Sasha felt incredibly turned on. It was difficult to think about anything except the squishing between her legs as she walked. Seemingly every man they passed devoured her body, taking in her hard nipples poking through her top, the thin glistening streaks evident between her thighs, her flushed cheeks. They could probably smell the scent of her sex and were all fighting their base instinct to mate with her.

“They want to mate with me,” she hissed at Mark in a husky voice, “I can see it. They’re all thinking about fucking me.”

“They are,” he agreed, “I can smell your horny pussy just standing next to you. If I weren’t here, you would probably get raped.”

A little moan escaped Sasha’s mouth, but she choked it off. Mark handed her a big cucumber and she stared at it dumbly, wondering if it would fit in her cunt.

“For the cucumber salad,” he said, “not for you.”

She shook her head and placed it in the cart. Her eyes drifted over the bananas, and various phallic-shaped gourds, mouthwatering.

“All I think about is cocks and cunt…” her voice told her. It was true.

“Can you grab those chips, there,” Mark asked, pointing to a bag on the bottom shelf.

Sasha bent over, baring her glistening cunt to an elderly couple behind them. The old man coughed, and his wife gasped in shock, pulling him quickly down the aisle. Mark grinned, watching the old man look back over his shoulder. Sasha handed Mark the chips. Then, he needed some dip from the top shelf. While Mark was a good height, the shelf was just out of reach. He suggested that he would boost Sasha just a bit so that she could grab it.

Sasha agreed, and Mark put his hand between her legs, his middle finger sliding into her cunt, and he lifted her. This caused Sasha to orgasm immediately, as she was lifted into the air. She moaned out loud, drawing the attention of every shopper nearby. Of course, they could all see up her skirt. Her whole body turned a shade of red. She quickly tried to compose herself and grabbed the stupid dip. Mark let her down.

“You did that on purpose!” She hissed, “you knew I’d cum!”

He grinned like a mad genius and chuckled. The other shoppers muttered to themselves and drifted away. She heard words like, “slut,” “whore,” “shameful,” and “hussie.” They were right.

The deli was torture for Sasha. Every case, every display, was filled with dicks. Rather, her mind turned all the long slabs of meat into dicks. By the time Mark was finished picking sausages to make snack trays with, Sasha was wiping drool from the corners of her mouth and resisting the urge to just lay on the floor and finger bang herself.

Their last stop was the pharmacy, where Mark bought her a supply of morning after pills. Instead of using the automatic checkout, he made her go through the line with a human cashier. She had to stand in line, being ogled by two older women, who gave her disgusting looks. The cashier was a girl her own age, and Sasha knew she had seen her at school, but she couldn’t remember her name. She rang up the pills, did not bag them, and handed them back to Sasha in full view of the people in line behind her. She mumbled a thank you and hurried to where Mark waited for her.

By the time they made it back to the car, she was a mess. She was visibly sweating, her breathing ragged. Her chest heaved, and there was an animal look in her eyes. She was long overdue for an orgasm.

“Will you take me home and fuck me? Please? I’ll be the best little blonde cockpocket for you,” she begged, rubbing Mark’s cock through his pants, “you can fuck my ass, my pussy, my mouth, my tits. Please?”

Mark reached into the back seat and rifled through the bags. He turned back to Sasha holding a foot long sausage, which he unwrapped and handed to her. She knew exactly what he wanted her to do with it. She spread her legs and plunged the fat stick of meat into her gushing meat wallet and groaned.

“I’m going to cut that up later for the snack tray,” Mark explained, “my friends are all going to taste your cunt tonight.”

Sasha cried out and came all over the seat, with a foot long sausage halfway in her cunt, while sitting in the middle of a busy grocery store parking lot. Even with the window up, her cry of pleasure drew a look from the surprised woman getting into the car parked next to them. Mark casually backed out of his parking space, leaving the woman gaping after them.

Mark stopped momentarily at a stop bar in the parking lot, put the headphones over Sasha’s ears, and smiled as his sister went to town on her pussy with the sausage. He listened to her repeat the words playing in the headphones, punctuated with small mewls of pleasure or howls when she came really hard.

“I am a wet, loving sexpet,” she said, “I need cock cream in me daily. A dry cunt is a bad cunt... ”

They arrived home and Sasha, reluctantly, pulled the sausage from her sopping fuck hole. She wanted to put it in her mouth, but Mark took it away and wrapped it in its bag. She knew he wanted her slut slime all over it when his friends ate it, and that made her hot. The voice in her headphones stopped, and she took them off. She helped Mark carry in the groceries, and they laid out their goods on the table.

Preparing snacks for Mark’s friends should have taken her mind off her needy fuck hole. However, it did not. It was particularly difficult to cut up the sausage that had just been shoved up her cunt. Not that the task itself was in any way difficult. It was just that she kept thinking about how three guys that she had known for years were about to shovel mouthfuls of her cunt honey into their mouths, unknowingly. The two siblings prepared salads, chip trays with dips, pretzels, and brought them into the living room.

Mark took Sasha upstairs, where he presented her with a slutty cheerleader uniform, consisting of a tiny, red, frilly skirt and matching red top that would leave her tummy bare and show off a generous amount of cleavage. It has a university-style “S” in the center. S is for slut, she thought. Sasha is a subservient slut toy.

She watched the pre-game with Mark, while they waited for company to arrive. As evening approached the doorbell rang, and Sasha went to answer it. The first guest to arrive was Craig. He carried himself with the self-assurance of a man that knows he is handsome, but not exactly cocky. He was quick with a smile, and came across as a bit of a pig, but not in a demeaning sort of way. He wore a baseball cap over his closely-cropped dark hair, and his eyes fucked her as soon as she opened the door.

“Fuck! Sasha?” He exclaimed, stunned by the sight of her twin peaks and long legs, blonde hair in a ponytail. She looked every bit the naughty cheerleader.

“Hey, Craig,” she said, nervously.

“I said, goddamn you look superb.” He set down a case of beer and pulled her into a hug. Sasha felt his cock stir as pressed her body against his, and his big hand palmed her ass beneath the tiny skirt. There was no way he could have missed that she was sans-panties.

He grinned, and picked up the case of beer, taking it to the fridge.

“You really went all out for game night, didn’t you,” he said, “just missing your pom poms.”

“Well, I wanted to make the night fun for you guys.” She answered, playing nervously with her ponytail.

“It’s working.” he answered, and handed her a beer.

He carried two more, and handed one to Mark upon entering the living room. They greeted each other, and Craig took a seat in one of the recliners. Sasha sat next to Mark, sipping on her beer, her legs spread so that Craig would be able to see her wet cunt.

“My cunt is always wet and available...It’s ok to rape me.... I won’t say no… ” her voice told her.

Craig choked on his beer as he looked their way and tried to play it off. Mark pretended not to notice. The doorbell rang again, and Sasha went to get it. Craig watched her ass as she left the room, and then turned to Mark.

“Dude! Sasha seems a little...different?” He said.

“Hadn’t noticed,” Mark said, eyes on the TV.

“You’re fucking with me, aren’t you? You sick fuck.”

“Don’t know what you mean, buddy.”

“Your sister just flashed her pussy at me, man!”

“Did you like it?” Mark asked.

Craig gave him an odd look, assessing.

“She’s your sister, so…”

“So? It doesn't mean you can’t like her pussy.”

Craig didn’t say anymore. He sipped his beer with an odd expression on his face.

Sasha met Brad, the next guest at the door. Of all of Mark’s friends, she liked Brad the least. It wasn’t that she disliked him, exactly. He was just the stereotypical rude, arrogant, womanizer of the group. He was good looking, his family had money, and he had always looked at her like a piece of meat. That look was evident on his face as he saw her uniform.

“Well, damn, Sash. You finally decided to dress up nice for me. The slutty cheerleader look is dead on for you.”

She could smell liquor on his breath already as he pulled her in and hugged her, his hand cupping her ass, squeezing, stroking. Sasha moaned in his ear.

“I think this is gonna be a good night,” he said, letting her go, “Maybe I can give you a little halftime entertainment. Show you how to penetrate the defense.”

Sasha blushed, and somehow managed not to tell him that her cunt was wet and available. That it was ok to rape her. She wouldn’t say no. Brad brushed past her, a bottle of whiskey in his hand. Before she’d managed to close the door, Rogan was walking in. Rogan was, perhaps, the most gentlemanly of the group. Sasha was sure he’d always had a crush on her, but she’d only had eyes for forbidden fruit. Rogan was always very kind, quiet, preferring to speak only when he had something to say.

“Hey, Sasha,” he said, and his eyes roamed over her, confused, “You look, um, really nice tonight.”

Unlike the others, he did not pull her in and grope her, so she did it for him. Wrapping her arms around him, she pushed her horny cunt against his crotch. He could feel her hard nipples in the slutty top, and he blushed.

“Hi, Rogan,” She said quietly, “Thank you for coming tonight. I hope you have a lot of fun!”

“Uh, yeah. I think I will.”

She followed him into the living room, where he was greeted warmly by all his friends.

“Sasha!” Brad yelled, “Do a cheer for us!” he whooped, and everyone looked at her expectantly.

“Um, go team!” She yelled, thrusting her arms in the air, and planting them on her hips.

“Good, but cheerleaders usually jump, don’t they guys?” Brad asked, grinning at her, “You know, so their boobs shake, and the crowd gets excited.”

“The crowd is already excited,” Craig commented, looking at her legs.

Sasha’s cunt felt so warm, with four men staring at her body. It was obvious that they all wanted to fuck her. They wanted to hold her down and put their dicks inside of her, to fill her warm holes with sperm.

She did a little leap in the air, shouting her cheer, “Go team!” The action caused her skirt to flip up, and her tits to bounce, just as Brad had known they would. There was audible gasp from their three guests as Sasha flashed her bare pussy at them. Brad clapped for her.

“That’s what I’m talking about. Well done, babe.” He said and took a swig of his whiskey.

Sasha flushed. All of their eyes were on her body as she rounded the couch and took a seat next to Mark, legs spread. She could see that they all wanted to ask her what the fuck was going on, but none of them could manage to get the words out. They were still stuck on the social norm that stated that one should not directly ask a girl about her bare cunt in front of her brother.

While they kept sneaking looks at her body, especially as they consumed more alcohol, they were also intent on the game. Well into the first quarter, Sasha stood and took a snack tray around. Mark smiled when she picked up the sausage, crackers, and cheese. All of the men’s eyes watched her ass as she took the tray around, bending over to offer the tray. While she was bent over in front of Craig, first, the other three men were all watching her pussy wink at them. She was clearly wet and aroused. She took the tray to Brad next, giving Craig the same view of her horny cunt.

“Now that is service with a sideways smile,” Brad remarked, making Sasha blush. He seemed to really take his time in selecting just the right snacks, while ogling her tits.

“Damn, this is good sausage,” Craig commented, and Sasha moaned quietly. Craig was tasting her cunt.

“Special recipe,” Mark said.

“Fuck, man. Don’t tell me you spit on it or some shit.” Craig joked.

They all laughed. Sasha took the tray to Rogan next, and he quickly snatched some of the snacks.

“Thank you, Sasha.” He said, trying not to ogle her tits.

“Does anyone need another drink?” She asked. The three beer drinkers all did.

She made her way to the kitchen. At the same time, Brad excused himself to the bathroom. Instead, he rounded the corner, and came into the kitchen through the hall entrance. He watched Sasha, dick hard in his pants, as she entered the kitchen. He pulled his cock out and came up behind her, putting his hand over her mouth and bending her over the table. Sasha gasped in surprise.

“Don’t say a fucking thing, Sasha,” Brad hissed in her ear, “fuck you’re such a cocktease, aren’t you?”

Brad’s cock sank into her wet pussy and Sasha groaned.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it? Flashing your cunt to everyone in that tiny skirt. You’re begging to get fucked, aren’t you?”

As horny as she was, Sasha’s mind was only catching up to the fact that she was being raped over the table by her brother’s friend. This was the same guy whose parents had bought her an entire Barbie playset when she was four, and she’d unwrapped it at her birthday party on this same table. They’d played kickball together as kids. He’d practically been family. Now his pulsing shaft was inside her cunt. She orgasmed, moaning through his fingers over her mouth.

“Fuck! You just came, didn’t you? I never knew you were such a hot slut! Your fucking pussy is just as good as I imagined it would be.”

He pumped her hard for a few more minutes, and then pulled out without cumming.

“Not a fuckin’ word, slut.” He hissed, and then he was gone.

Sasha lay over the table, legs spread, a trickle of fuck juice runnind down her leg. She reached between her legs and frigged her cunt.

“I am not a rape victim. I am a rapetoy...Dumb little blonde fuckpuppets are made for cock…”

She came again on her fingers. In a daze, she straightened her ridiculous skirt, and used a napkin from the table to clean the slut slime from her inner thighs. With shaky hands, she retrieved four beers from the fridge and made her way back to the living room. The second quarter of the game had begun. She handed beers around, opened her own and chugged, hoping it would calm her beating heart. Taking her seat next to Mark, she glanced at Brad, who winked at her and sipped from his bottle.

The second quarter of the game passed without incident. Sasha made another trip to the kitchen for beer, watching her back this time. She wasn’t sure if she was hoping that someone else would fuck their cock into her or not. Her head was very fuzzy from the beer, her arousal, and the aphrodisiac powder Mark had fed her earlier. She only knew that if she did get raped, that it was ok. She wouldn’t say no. Nobody had shown up to fuck her, though, and she returned with the beer.

At half time, the men made lewd comments about the skimpy clothes that the performers were wearing as they danced around to some hip-hop track. When the cheerleaders came out and did a routine, Craig commented that Sasha was a hotter cheerleader than any of the girls on TV. This led to some debate as to whether Sasha should try to perform the same moves the cheerleaders were doing.

She felt butterflies in her tummy as she thought about all those high kicks the girls were doing. For one, she wasn’t flexible enough to high kick. Secondly, the girls were wearing cheer panties. Sasha was not. Any sort of kick would give the guys even more views of her bald, wet cunt, and she found that both exciting and scary. She could already tell that they were barely holding themselves back from ravishing her.

“There’s no way I could kick that high.” She commented.

“Let’s see,” Mark said, and pulled her off the couch.

He turned Sasha around in front of the TV, so that she was facing the three men seated around the room.

“I’ll help,” he said, and took her leg in his hand. He held her waist, and lifted her leg up into the air, spreading her wide open. As expected, her nude fuck hole was on clear display for everyone, and she flushed.

“That’s good,” Mark commented, and let her leg down. He repeated the action with her other leg. The guys all groaned.

“Hey, what about that pyramid thing they do?” Brad suggested.

“Great idea!” Mark exclaimed, “we’ll need a hand.”

Craig and Brad were on their feet in an instant, but Rogan stayed on the couch, an uncertain look on his face. He felt disappointed. He’d always thought Sasha was a nice girl, but here she was with a naked pussy in front of all of them, and clearly aroused.

Craig and Brad each took one of Sasha’s legs in their hands.

“On three,” Mark said.

He counted down, and on three Brad and Craig lifted her legs, while Mark lifted her by the ass. Sasha squealed as her legs were spread, and the three of them carried her about the room like a trophy. They put her down, then, all of them taking a turn at groping her ass and pussy. Sasha squirmed in heat. She could hardly stand all the petting and teasing.

“You’re a good sport, Sash.” Craig said and licked his finger.

“You guys are so bad!” she teased, “especially you!” she punched Mark in the chest playfully.

“Don’t blame the guy,” Brad said, “If you were my sister, I’d be fucking you all the time. No offense bro.”

“Yeah, Sasha. You’re totally hot in that little skirt,” Craig agreed, “and you must know what you’re doing to us all, running around with no panties. What’s up with the cockteasing shit, anyway?”

“I’m not teasing,” she said, before she could stop herself.

She could practically hear their dicks hardening.

“Who needs another beer?” Rogan said, trying to distract them.

Brad and Craig coughed and retook their seats, adjusting their pants. All the beer drinkers opted for another round, which Rogan excused himself to get. Mark, too, retook his seat. As Sasha made to sit down next to him, though, he instead pulled her onto his lap. He spread her legs to either side of his, but did not touch her, as had previously in this position. Instead, he just let her sit there as the halftime show came to a close. Rogan returned with the beers, glancing at Sasha uncomfortably, as she perched on her brother’s lap.

“How about a bet?” Brad asked.

“Like what?” Craig chimed in.

“Next fumble. Which player makes it? Winner gets Sasha on his lap until the next point is scored.”

“I’ll take that bet.” Craig agreed.

“I’m in.” Mark said.

They looked at Rogan. He didn’t look all that happy, but he agreed.

“What if no one wins?” Sasha asked.

“Then you get to rotate,” Mark said, “everyone gets you for 2 minutes.”

“So, I’m the communal lap toy? You all just get to grind me on your boners for two minutes?”

“This is quickly becoming the best game ever.” Craig said.

“You are the communal lap toy, yes.” Mark said, grinding her against his boner.

“Hey, no fair,” Brad complained, “the bet hasn’t even started.”

“House advantage,” Brad said, and held Sasha’s hips, rocking her back and forth on his lap. Her wet pussy left a visible wet spot on his jean shorts.

They guys quickly made their bets, naming off the next player that they believed would be a clutz. Mark’s two minutes ended, and he gracefully set Sasha on the couch next to him. As fate would have it, Craig won the bet. He whooped and beckoned Sasha over, his arms outstretched for his prize. Sasha settled on his lap, ass against his hardon. She could feel that it was thick. She wished they’d stop toying with her, and one of them would just stuff a cock into her already.

Mark started a timer on his phone, and the next bet was made. They all watched Craig molest Sasha’s body. He gripped her hips and ground her pussy against him, slid his hands under her skirt and made her groan as he rubbed her cunt. He pulled her against his chest and groped her tits through the top, and then under it. By the time the two minutes were up, there was a wet spot on Craig’s shorts and Sasha was trembling.

She retook her seat, and everyone cheered for her. She was unmolested for the remainder of the third quarter, but on the first play of the fourth there was another fumble. This time, there was no winner. Since Mark was closest, Sasha began with Mark, as he was closest. This time he was not shy about feeling up her body. His cock was raging, the memory of Sasha’s warm pussy wrapped around him that morning emboldened him.

“Fuck, that’s hot, dude!” Craig exclaimed.

“I told you, man. If Sasha were my sister, I’d be fucking that pussy.” Brad said.

Rogan stayed silent. He was next in line, though, and did not complain when Sasha straddled his lap and laced her arms around his neck. His face red, the blushing boy let his arms grasp Sasha’s hips. He tried to look up into her eyes, but she had her head thrown back, lips parted as she panted with lust. He’d always thought Sasha a cute, quiet, and good girl. He supposed he was wrong, and he felt sad about that. Still, it didn’t stop biology from doing its job, and his dick was very rigid as Sasha ground herself against it.

She finished by giving him a little kiss on the forehead, her green eyes misty as she looked at him hungrily. Finally, she came to Brad, who looked at her smugly. Aside from her brother, he was the only one that knew how her wet pussy felt. Though he’d only raped her for a couple of minutes, she felt flush as he pulled her onto his lap. Brad was happy to take liberties with her body, his hands roaming, tugging her nipples and making her yelp, caressing her tummy, rubbing her clit with his fingers, his face buried in her neck. That was just the first 30 seconds.

“Need to get a little more comfortable,” he said, and fished his cock out of his loose-fitting basketball shorts.

For a moment, everyone thought he was going to slide it up her cunt, but instead, the heavy piece of meat lay against his belly, and he took hold of Sasha’s hips. He slid her wet slit back and forth over his cock.

“Jesus,” Craig remarked, “Should have thought of that.”

He was visibly groping his hard dick in his pants, on the verge of pulling it and jerking it right there. This was quickly turning into one of the nastiest nights of his life, and the way Sasha was moaning, and Mark’s couldn’t give a fuck attitude about his buddies screwing around with his sister, it was about to devolve into something much nastier.

“Ooooh fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Sasha said, eyes closed as she leaned back against Brad, sliding her pussy along his shaft, while he held a hip in one hand and squeezed a tit in the other. Though it had been just over a minute since the pussy slide had begun, it seemed as though several minutes had ticked by. Then Sasha did cum, her body shaking. She tried to clamp her legs closed, but Brad wasn’t having it. He held them apart so that everyone could see her quivering cunt, his fingers frigging her clit.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Sasha repeated.

“You’ve got one hot little pussy, Sash.” Brad said.

“It’s always wet and available,” Sasha answered, “it’s ok to rape me. I won’t say no.”

There was a collective gasp from everyone but Mark, who just grinned.

“Dude,” Craig said to him, “If you don’t punch me in the face right now, I’m going to fuck your sister.”

“Sounds like she’s wet and available,” Mark said, sipping on his beer, phone in hand, filming the whole thing, “You heard her.”

Craig stood up and dropped his pants, attempting to remove them along with his shoes, socks, and shirt all at once. He wasn’t born with enough hands. Brad slid his cock inside of Sasha’s ready meat hole, and she moaned deep in her throat. Craig took hold of her ponytail, and pulled her mouth to his, their tongues clashing, making wet smacking sounds.

“You ready to suck some dick, Sasha?” He asked.

“My mouth is a warm hole for you to fuck.” she answered.

“Fuck, that’s the nastiest shit I’ve ever heard.” He said and pushed his dick into her open mouth.

She gyrated her hips on Brad’s flesh pole, and Craig kept a firm hold on her ponytail as he fucked her face. He was aware of Mark standing off to the side filming the whole thing, but he was far too drunk and horny to care. Sasha made little wet glurking sounds as her throat was invaded.

Why don’t we take this party upstairs?” Mark suggested.

Craig, the musclebound fuck that he was, lifted Sasha off of Brad’s dick. She screeched as he flipped her upside down, so that her pussy was at mouth level, and plunged his tongue into it.

“Fuck man,” Brad exclaimed, “My dick was just in there, you nasty bastard.”

“Gib a fk” Craig replied, mouth full of Sasha’s pussy. He pushed his dick forward into her shrieking mouth and carried her up the stairs.

Mark followed. Brad and Rogan gave each other an astonished stare. Brad shimmied out of his shorts, tossed his shirt, and darted up the stairs. Rogan warred with himself. This was sick. He should leave. He shouldn’t be party to this foul fuckup of a night. But there was something about it that was also calling to him. It was like watching a trainwreck in slow motion. With a sigh, he took the stairs slowly, approaching the sound of Sasha’s screams.

By the time Mark entered the room, Brad not far behind, Sasha was spread on her bed with Craig’s dick pistoning in and out of her squishing cunt. Her legs were over his shoulders, his hands holding her ass cheeks. The ridiculous cheer top was skewed sideways, and one of her tits jiggled enticingly out in the open.

“Oh yes! Bury that fuck stick in my cunt,” She said, “use me to jerk yourself off!”

“Goddamnit Sasha!” Craig said, stroking her deeply, “when did you get to be such a horny bitch?”

Sasha came around his cock, bucking her hips up to meet his thrusts, hissing, “I’m an obedient bitch. You can fuck me anytime you want!”

Brad turned her head to the side and stuck his dick in her mouth. Mark moved about the filthy threesome, capturing every angle. Brad had one hand on Sasha’s head, the other tugging her nipples. He pushed his skin pipe to the back of her throat and gagged her, sending a spurt of drool out the side of her mouth. The two guys developed a nice rhythm for some time, fucking the little blonde more thoroughly than she’d ever been.

“You ever take it up the ass, Sash?” Craig asked.

Brad extracted his wet from her mouth, eager to hear the answer. She did not disappoint.

“You can deposit your semen wherever you see fit. I’m your pleasure toy tonight, and sticky cum is the only reward I need!”

Rogan felt sick. He had been wrong. Sasha was just a dumb slut. How had he ever crushed on this girl?

Brad and Craig shared a nod. Brad lay down on the bed, and Craig hefted Sasha in his big arms. His cock popped out of her with a wet squish, and he turned her around, depositing her on Brad’s flag post. He slid into her wet hole easily. Craig bent her forward and worked at her ass until he was able to get the slippery head of his cock inside of her. Fuck. They always made it look so easy in pornos, but this was an uncoordinated clusterfuck.

Finally, Sasha let out a wail as he made it inside of her. Her legs shook, and Mark captured it all on camera. Craig, brow furrowed, pushed again and slid further into her anus. She made little gasping noises now, pushing back against the two invasive fuck poles lodged in her ass and pussy. Finally, Craig was as deep as he was going to get. Sasha trembled as the two men began to saw back and forth into her.

“Ooooh my God!” She groaned.

Mouth open in a silent scream, Sasha let the two men share her fuck holes. Then, Rogan stuffed his dick in her mouth, and she came.

“You’re just a slut, Sasha,” he said, fucking her mouth as she looked up into his eyes, “I always thought you were a nice girl, but you’re nothing but a cock hole, aren’t you?”

“Um a gok ho!” Sasha agreed.

“You’d probably fuck your own brother,” he said, and Sasha’s eyes rolled back in her head as she came again, grunting around Rogan’s dick as he fucked her mouth. After a few more sloppy pumps, he pulled out and sprayed her pretty face with cum, watching how she kept her mouth open as though offering a target for his cream hose.

“Ah, dude! Come on!” Brad complained as drops of cum fell on him from Sasha’s face.

Rogan dropped from the bed, put his pants on and left in a huff. Craig, finally having had enough, ripped his dick from Sasha’s butt, causing her to shriek. He added his load to her creamy face, painting her eyelids and forehead with strings of thick goo.

“Goddamn you both!” Brad, complained again, “You nasty fucks.”

Craig retreated and sat heavily on the bed. Brad, finally free of all the extra weight, rolled Sasha over onto her back and pumped her pussy with deep little strokes. Her toes curled and her legs locked around his back.

“You are one cum-soaked little fucker, Sasha,” Craig said into her ear, “You should see all that fuckin’ jizz on your pretty face. You took three cocks like a goddamn porn slut and didn’t even get paid. You just gave up your ass and pussy like an easy bitch, didn’t you?”

“Oooh, yes! I’m an easy bitch!” She agreed.

Brad pulled out of her, firing his load onto Sasha’s belly, her tits, wiping the head of his cock between her hairless slit as she rubbed it to another orgasm. The two tired boys backed up off the bed, standing behind Mark as he filmed his sister finger fucking her pussy, coated in sweat and cum.

“Dude,” Craig said quietly, “when are you hosting fuckin’ game night again?”

Mark laughed and kept filming.


Mark patted himself on the back. He was tired as fuck, and the sun was already coming up. Sasha lay spread on the bed behind him, still sleeping off the beer and the gangbang. He’d cleaned the cum from her face and pussy before covering her with a blanket, but not before he’d gotten plenty of great video of her pretty, coated face.

He watched the upload bar hit 100% and put the video into a draft folder. The internet is an amazing thing these days. A couple of hours and anyone can build a high-quality website, set up payment processing, build a subscription service, and create a new stream of income. Hell, even editing the videos and capturing HD screencaps is a breeze. He looked over his final design and saved. Across the city, on a corporate server farm below the DomCo offices, the upload of files was archived. Automated systems updated a report and forwarded it to the appropriate channels for follow-up.

Mark got up, shucked his clothes, and climbed into bed with Sasha. She was completely out. He thought back on the evening’s activities with only a minor twinge of guilt. He was only feeding Sasha’s own desires, he convinced himself. She wanted this. She wanted to be a fucktoy. He was doing it for her, for her dark obsession. He stroked her body, so hot and firm. Perfect. Tired as he was, his dick had been hard for hours. He spooned against her, pushed his cock inside her still-wet pussy, and fell asleep.

A few miles away, Rogan’s guilt was overwhelming. He’d let himself fall prey to some sick animal instinct and participate in the abuse of a girl he’d grown up with. He’d crushed on Sasha for years and seeing her act like nothing but some cum-starved meat hole had snapped something in him. He decided, then and there, that he couldn’t let it stand. Whatever Mark had done to Sasha, he was going to rescue her. And he knew of someone else that had gone through something similar. Someone that might be able to help.

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