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Holes Episode 1: A Most Awful Birthday

A Note from the author:

The following is a work of utterly ridiculous fiction.

This is an awful story, filled with awful people. You should not read it. If you do read it, you should not like it. If you like it, well, I'm sorry. There isn't really anything else to say.

***Last Chance***

In the history of unfortunate names, perhaps one of the most unfortunate was Holes. Though her parents insisted it was pronounced “Hawless,” they knew from the start that nobody would actually pronounce it this way. It was intentional. Holes had the additional misfortune to be born to a pair of perverts, and to further add to the ordeal that would become her adult life, these perverts were of the surname Ferbonin. The woeful tale of Holes Ferbonin, though, did not begin with her unconventional naming. It began with an incident in the kitchen of the Most Almighty.

Prologue: My Father Who Art in the Kitchen

The day the Good Lord brought forth His Son into the celestial kitchen, a clumsy mistake would set the stage for the creation of a new life–ultimately, that of a young woman destined to become a plaything for all those around her.

“Just a pinch now, Jesus,” thundered The Lord, “sugar and spice, everything nice for the girl. Good. That’s just enough. Now, a sprinkling of the stardust for the sparkle in the eyes. Yes. Good.”

The iridescent dust fell from His Son’s fingers, adding to the mixture that would form this new life.

“The captured nebulous gasses, next, if you please, Son,” said The Lord.

Jesus reached up to the higher shelf, pleased to have finally been allowed to assist His Father after so many millennia. Unfortunately, his newest pair of celestial sandals were taking some getting used to, and in one clumsy motion, this new life forming before them was forever altered. Jesus' foot slipped, just slightly, causing his robe to brush against the lower bottles of ingredients. Two of the bottles tottered, tipped, and fell, directly into the mixture.

The Lord gasped in horror as the contents in the bottles spilled forth.

“Sweet Jesus, Jesus!” The Lord boomed.

“Apologies, Holy Father!” Jesus said, aghast, “What…what was it? What have I done?”

“My entire bottles of Rape Magnet, as well as Ire of Man. We’ll need to create at least a dozen new nebulas to replace those.” The Holy Father said, shaking his head in dismay, “For any beautiful woman, even one grain of Rape Magnet is more than enough. I used two for Megan Fox, and even that was a bit much. A whole bottle, though…not even in the time of the 12 tribes, at my most sadistic, did I think to use so much.”

“Shall we start over, Father?” His Son asked.

“No, no. I must admit to being curious about the result. It won’t be an easy path for the poor creature, but she shall receive her reward in Heaven. Hand me that bottle of Eternal Lubricant. I think she’s going to need it. And, the Gag Reduction powder, if you please.”

Chapter 1: Cause for Celebration

Holes had been told that when she became an adult, things would be very different. Her parents hadn’t gone into specifics about it, only that there were certain expectations of adults. She’d gone to bed with her stomach in knots, wondering what was going to happen, and awoken to a new set of rules.

Rather than being awakened by her alarm clock, Holes was roused by the sound of her mother puttering about her room, going through her drawers, and putting all of her underwear into a garbage bag.

“Mom? What’s going on?” She asked, wiping sleep from her eyes.

“Oh, good morning, honey.” Lacy replied, “Well, you’re an adult now. Happy birthday, by the way. That means that there are going to be some changes, and that starts with how you’re going to dress. Adults don’t wear certain things, Holes. Panties. Bras. Those are for children.”

“But,” Holes argued, “that isn’t fair! Everyone’s going to see my…my…”

“Your cunt, yes. That’s expected.” Lacy stated, “And your tits, most likely.”

Holes was aghast. Lacy opened her closet, and began to pile all of Holes’ pants into the bag, as well.

“Second, skirts or short dresses only, from now on. No more pants. Pants are for kids, and not sexy little cock-teases.”


Lacy finished bagging Holes’ old clothes, and gave her a kiss on the forehead, saying, “I’ll do some shopping for you, and make sure you have lots of new clothes that are more appropriate. Go get ready for school.”

She slung the bag over her shoulder and left the room.

The morning of Holes’ 18th birthday was a cause for celebration. Not in the typical sense, in which a teenager legally becomes an adult, and feels excited about the possibilities that life might bring, but rather for everyone else around her. She’d awoken with a dripping pussy, which was actually quite normal. It was just the way she was. Her doctors had classified it as very healthy and active Batholin glands. Her overactive glands caused her to be wet, quite literally, all the time.

Holes showered and prepared herself for school, the usual sounds of her family also going through their morning routine, a background buzz of activity. In her room, she dressed in what was left of her clothes. Today, a white tank top, through which her hard nipples were quite apparent. Next, she donned a short, pleated pink skirt. No panties. Lastly, she strapped on a pair of wedge heels, the only type of shoes she now owned, and made her way downstairs.

Her mother was in the kitchen, half-nude in a slinky set of white lingerie. Her father, Chuck, was seated at the table, drinking coffee, reading from a tablet, and paying no mind to the fact that his son, Brandon, stood behind Holes’ mother groping her ass. Holes stood at the entrance to the kitchen, mouth agape.

“Morning, Honey.” Her father said, without looking up, “Happy Birthday.”

“Thanks, dad.” Holes replied woodenly, watching her brother molest his mother’s backside.

“Big day today.” He commented, “lots of folks will be by later tonight for your party!”

Before Holes could make a reply, her brother stopped molesting his mother’s ass, and directed his attention to his sister.

“Birthday spankings!” he cried with glee, and was across the kitchen in a flash.

“Wait! No!” Holes argued, but a moment later she was bent over the table, her skirt hiked up.

“Holes,” Her mother said, “It’s not polite to tell men, no. Girls with wet cunts deserve to be spanked for being naughty.”

“I’m not naughty!” Holes replied, her face pressed against the table.

“If I check your cunt, it’s probably wet, isn’t it?”

It was, and her mother knew that. It was just the way she was.

A sudden stinging slap against her dripping pussy made her squeal, followed quickly by another. 16 more to go. Her father continued reading, ignoring the shrieks and the harsh slapping of his son’s hand against the girl’s ass and cunt. She orgasmed at number 12, squirting sticky girl cum onto her brother’s hand, her legs trembling as she came. He finished the remaining slaps on her ass, leaving it hot and red. Then, he stood her up and hugged her, holding her tight, his big hands palming her ass as he pressed her tits against his chest.

“There, there, gusher,” he said soothingly, “Happy Birthday.”

Holes sniffled at the stinging in her ass, but it felt nice to be held, even if Brandon squeezed her butt. He let her go, and stuck his wet hand in her mouth. Holes’ stared back, wide-eyed, unsure why his wet fingers were in her mouth.

“Clean up your girl juice.” Brandon instructed.

Obediently, she cleaned up her juices as Brandon smiled and nodded. Quietly, her ass burning, Holes sat down to eat her breakfast, conscious of the smear of wetness she was leaving on the seat. Breakfast done, she started out the door for school. Before she left, though, her mother stuck her tongue into Holes’ mouth, and squeezed her bulging tits.

“Have a good day at school.” She said, and swatted her on the ass.

Holes did not have a good day at school. Her first period class, biology, was taught by an imposing man named Mr. Rogerson. He always made Holes sit in the front row. Today, though, she’d been given her own seat in front of the class, facing the rest of the students.

“Today,” Mr. Rogerson announced, “We’ll be studying the anatomy of the female body. Holes,” he pronounced her name as it was spelled, despite being told a dozen times that it was pronounced Hawless. He never seemed to remember. He continued, “will be our volunteer.”

Holes was certain that she hadn’t volunteered for anything. Mr. Rogerson hovered over her with a yardstick, put it between her legs, and motioned her to spread them. She flushed in embarrassment as her wet labia were presented to the rest of the class.

“I’ll need a volunteer.” Rogerson said, and several hands shot up. He picked a boy named Austin, who was always goosing Holes in the hallway during passing periods. He handed Austin a wireless camera, paired to the large monitor at the front of the class.

“We’ll begin our study with the vagina,” Rogerson said, “Austin, would you please get a nice view of Holes’ aroused vagina, please?”

Austin placed the camera between Holes' legs, and the class was treated to a high definition view of her cunt on the monitor, her secretions dripping into the seat for everyone to see.

“When the woman is aroused,” Rogerson said, “her vagina secretes lubrication, to ease the act of intercourse. We can see that Holes’ vagina is quite excited, leading us to conclude that she is anticipating intercourse, and is prepared for it.”

Holes was not, in fact, anticipating intercourse. They just didn’t understand that her cunt was always wet.

“At the top of the vagina, we’ll find the clitoris,” Rogerson said, “Austin, please part Holes’ lips, here,” he pointed at the monitor with his yardstick, “and get us a good view of the little nub you find. Yes, there it is.”

Austin spread Holes’ pussy lips, and zoomed the camera in on her engorged clit.

“The clitoris is very sensitive, much like the head of the penis. When stimulated, say with a finger or tongue, it can induce orgasm. Austin, have you induced orgasm in a woman before? Don’t be shy, son.”

“Yes, Sir.” Austin said.

“Would you care to demonstrate the technique using a finger?”

Austin grinned, and rubbed Holes’ clit in a gentle back and forth motion. Holes’ clit was an excited piece of work, much like her pussy. It was ultra-sensitive, and even a little bit of stimulation was enough to make her cum. Austin’s attention, as well as the fact that his attention was being displayed on the screen to her classmates caused the poor girl to orgasm quickly. Her pussy gushed in her chair, spraying the camera lens. A mix of disgusted and shocked murmurs erupted from the class.

“Hush now,” Rogerson said, “It’s nothing to be grossed out by. Holes’ is what we call, in technical terms, a squirter. That is, her orgasms have the potential to produce an ejaculation much like that of a man’s.”

Austin continued to play with her clit, making Holes squeal, her eyes rolling back in her head.

“You can stop now, Austin,” Rogerson said, “let’s have a closer look.”

Rogerson handed Austin another camera, this one on a flexible arm.

“Please insert this into Holes’ vagina, Austin.”

“But…” Holes squeaked, but Rogerson swatted her across the tits with his yardstick, making her scream.

“Quiet down now!” He ordered.

Holes began to sob as the camera slid inside of her. On the screen, the class could see the contracting walls of her pussy clenching at the camera. Rogerson explained in great detail, the interior of her cunt.

“We can see that Holes’ vaginal walls are contracting around our camera. Her vagina is attempting to pull it deeper and massage it pleasantly, as though it were a penis. It’s attempting to coax the sperm from it, in order to facilitate impregnation. We can all be certain that Holes is eager to be impregnated, based on what we see here.”

The girl brushed away her tears, her body flush with embarrassment. Rogerson stood behind her, reached over her shoulders, and pulled up her top, exposing her large, braless tits to the class. Her hard, puffy nipples stood at attention, slightly red from having been whacked with the yardstick.

“The breasts,” Rogerson said, “serve the biological purpose of nursing a newborn. They, also, show Holes’ arousal. We can see that her nipples are erect, a clear indication that she desires copulation,”

Between her legs, Austin had become bored, and begun to push and pull the camera back and forth inside of her. The class laughed as her cunt squeezed the camera.

“The breasts are an erogenous zone,” Rogerson explained, “and serve to heighten a woman’s arousal, as they are also quite sensitive.”

He pinched one of Holes’ nipples between his fingers, tugging it outward. Holes’ cried out, but the camera fucking into her suddenly made her cum again, much to the delight of her classmates. Rogerson, then, invited each of the students to come forward and try the experiment themselves. All 24 of her classmates took turns rolling, pinching, tugging and slapping her tits and nipples. Her chair, by the end, was completely soaked in her own fluids. She’d cum a dozen times or more.

Rogerson patted her on the head kindly as the bell sounded the end of the period, and the other students shuffled out of the room, leaving Holes a wet mess in her seat, dizzy, the camera still shoved up her cunt. She slid the camera out of her pussy, set it on the desk, but before she could get up, Mr. Rogerson stuck his hard penis into her mouth and pumped it back and forth. Holes choked with surprise, but after just a few pumps bursts of his heavy, thick semen were coating her tongue.

He looked down at her shell-shocked face, eyes wide with confusion as he pulled his wet cock from her mouth. Jesus, there was just something about the bitch that made all kindness flee the human heart. She just looked so utterly rapeable with her tits hanging out, legs spread and wet, a trickle of cum on the corner of her open mouth. He’d waited all year for this.

He took a seat behind his desk, and ignored her as she composed herself, pulling her shirt down, and wiping at her mouth. The back of her skirt was soaked in her own cum as she staggered out of the room and into the crowded hallway. Rogerson could hear a chorus of laughter follow her down the hallway.

In her second period English class, she took her usual seat. Her teacher, a stern bitch named Mrs. Marks, spotted Holes’ nude cunt. She wasn’t used to having to keep her legs closed, since she’d never had to do without underwear before.

“Holes,” Mrs. Marks barked, “come up here!”

Holes, trembling, made her way to the front of the room.

“Do you think it’s appropriate to flash your genitals in public?”

“No, ma’am!” Holes said.

“Well, you’re a lying slut, then. If it’s not appropriate, why are you doing it?”

“I…” Holes stammered.

“I…I…Whatever,” Mrs. Marks said, cutting her off, “I know all about this ridiculous ‘religious exemption’ that your parents filed with the school so that you can get away with displaying yourself to your classmates, and disrupting my teaching, but I won’t have it.”

Holes did not know anything about a “religious exemption" being filed, or what that was, but apparently the school administration had accepted this request from her parents.

“Take this chalk,” Mrs. Marks commanded, gesturing to a chalkboard on the far side of the room, “The main chalkboard is for teaching students who have a purpose in life other than cock-teasing. You can use that one, and you’ll spend the class writing the following: ‘I will not show my nude, slutty cunt to the class.’”

Holes flushed and took the chalk. She walked over to the board and began to write, while her classmates snickered and giggled.

The teacher went to her desk, wrote something on a piece of paper, folded it into a cone, and stapled it together. She took the cone over to Holes, and placed it on her head. Once upon a time, it had been called a dunce cap. Holes’ headdress, though, read “Dumb Bitch” in large red letters.

“I will not show my nude, slutty cunt to the class.” She wrote.

As Mrs. Marks lectured, Holes wrote the words over and over. When she’d filled up the chalkboard, she erased the words, and started over again. By the end of the period, a yellow film of chalk dust coated her shirt, which was already spattered with drying drops of semen.

Between her second and third periods, the seniors were corralled into the gym, where they stood in line for their senior pictures. When it was Holes’ turn, the photographer frowned disapprovingly at her chalk and cum-stained shirt. His assistant removed her top, and the photographer snapped a photo of her naked tits, then she was given back her top. She gratefully put it back on and ran from the gym, tears in her eyes at the shame.

Her third period was history. Mr. Bernstein, a bookish man with large wire-rimmed glasses, announced the day’s lesson.

“Prostitution,” he declared, “is often called the world’s oldest profession. Women, and men, desperate for income, or at times, purely for their own pleasure, have sold sexual favors since time out of mind. The earliest records date from 2400 BCE, where the Sumerians record prostitution as an occupation. I know that simply reading and hearing me babble on about this topic is nothing to get excited about, so we’re going to have a demonstration.”

He looked over the attentive class, and set his eyes on Holes.

“Holes,” he announced, “will be a prostitute.”

“But, I don’t want to be a prostitute!” Holes balked.

“Whore, then.” The teacher stated, and beckoned her forward.

Holes sulked to the front of the class. Bernstein fished a pile of Monopoly money from his pocket.

“Holes, are you familiar with how to entice a customer?”

“Um, no.” she answered.

“Since a whore cannot simply hang a menu of services about her neck, she will typically proposition a customer with some customary, veiled invitation for sexual services. Holes, please repeat after me: ‘You lookin’ for a date?’”

“Y…you lookin’ for a date?” Holes repeated.

“I think I’d like that,” Bernstein replied, “You look like a cheap date. What’ll it be to have the pleasure of that mouth?”

He looked at her expectantly. Holes didn’t know how she was supposed to reply.

“Holes, you need to give your customer a price for your mouth.” Bernstein instructed, “Remember, you’re a cheap whore.”

Holes blushed furiously at being called a cheap whore.

“I…It’s, um, $25, Sir.” She said, fidgeting.

Bernstein counted out $25 in Monopoly money and stuck the bills into Holes’ top.

“Whores should be paid in advance,” Bernstein lectured.

He put his hand on Holes’ shoulder, and pushed her to her knees. Holes sank down, reluctantly.

“Most whores, you’ll recall, are in the profession reluctantly. While there are some few that take it up for their own enjoyment, most have done so out of a need for survival. Holes’ acting should be commended. Note the feigned reluctance with which she settles into position to service her customer.”

Bernstein unzipped his pants, pulling out his wrinkled, but hard penis. Holes’ mouth opened to protest, and the teacher pushed his cock into her open mouth with a sigh.

“A good whore knows her job, though,” he continued, pumping his stiff prick into the teen’s mouth, “as Holes has demonstrated by willingly opening her mouth to receive her customer’s manhood.”

He pumped his cock between her lips faster, building to an impending orgasm.

His voice now strained, he continued, “It’s not…customary…to release…your ejaculation…into the whore’s mouth…without some prior consent. Our whore, though…did not…specify…where to finish.”

Bernstein groaned with relief as his semen shot several times into Holes’ mouth. She tried to pull back from her second load of the day, but Berstein held the back of her head until he’d finished, then pulled his wet dick from her mouth and cleaned it on the front of her shirt.

Holes looked up at him with shock on her face. Bernstein patted her on the head, but when Holes tried to get up, he held a firm hand on her shoulder.

“Now, as much as I’m sure we’d all like to get some practice,” he said to the class, “We only have limited time.”

There was a chorus of disappointed groans from the young men in the class.

“Now, now. There’s always tomorrow.” Bernstein reassured them.

He selected four of the young men from the class, who lined up in front. Each of them repeated the lines, as demonstrated, stuffed $25 in Monopoly money into Holes’ top, and then proceeded to plunge their aching cocks into the girl’s mouth. As they fucked their pricks between her lips, and then unloaded their balls into her throat, Holes noted several of the students recording her degrading episode on their phones.

By the time class ended, Holes’ face and top were covered in spit and drying spunk. She stumbled through the hallway to the restroom as the passing students laughed and snickered at her, where she washed her face and rinsed the taste of sperm from her mouth.

The principal’s voice crackled over the PA system as Holes left the restroom, “Attention Senior class. Following fifth period classes, all Seniors are to report to the gymnasium for an award ceremony.”

Having nothing in her belly but a couple loads of cum, Holes was more than ready for lunch. When she entered the cafeteria, she was greeted by a special table with a pink banner above it that read, “Happy Birthday.”

For the first time that day, Holes smiled. Finally! Someone was nice to her. The head cook was a greasy, fat man, but he’d always been kind. He prepared special helpings just for her, with a blend of his own secret ingredients that none of the other students ever got. He made Holes feel very special.

“There’s my favorite little sweet tart,” The fat man said, and led her to the birthday table.

Instead of pulling out a chair for her, though, he picked her up and set her on the table, spreading her legs.

“What’s going on?” Holes asked.

“We’ve got a special treat for you, sweetie,” The cook said, “you’re going to love it!”

He took a seat in front of her spread legs, picked up a hot dog from a nearby plate, and slid the meat into her dripping cunt.

“No!” Holes cried, and tried to close her legs, but two of the assistant cooks held them apart as the fat man fucked the meatstick in and out of her until she orgasmed in front of the gathered crowd.

The hot dog, nicely coated in her own cum, was handed off to one of the assistants. The assistant fed Holes the slimy meat, while the fat man placed his face between her legs and began to furiously tongue her cunt. The convulsions of her next orgasm made trying to eat the wet hotdog a challenge, but she was so hungry that she did her best. Once the quaking in her cunt had settled down, the cook plugged her hole with a cucumber, and fucked her roughly until she came again. Her fellow students took photos and video, and when the cook extracted the vegetable from her sucking hole, one of the assistants cut it up and began passing the bits around for everyone to share.

Finally, the fat man produced a slice of cake with creamy, pink frosting, which the kitchen staff had each deposited a large load of semen on. The fat man fed the cake to her with his fingers, while each of the assistants took a turn at making her cum with their squirming tongues. The fat cook didn’t seem to care that he managed to get more of the cake smeared on her face than in her mouth. He finished her meal off with a tall glass of cold water, the majority of which ended up coating her already messy top, making the white shirt nearly transparent. The wet fabric clung to her hard nipples.

After lunch, she had Economics, where she was due to give her presentation on the S&P 500. Holes knew she wasn’t the brightest girl, but she had worked really hard on putting the presentation together. She’d done a PowerPoint presentation with lots of graphs and slides, explaining in detail what the S&P 500 was, and why it was important as an economic indicator. She felt like a fool, standing in front of the class with her wet shirt clearly showing the outline of her large tits, and the inside of her legs wet and shiny from her dripping cunt.

Shakily, she navigated the class computer and found her presentation file, opened it, and brought it up in front of the class. She was proud of the graphic she’d created for the cover slide, having pasted together several stock photo files.

“The S&P 500 index,” she began, “stands for Standard and Poor’s. It is a market-capitalization index of 500 leading publicly traded companies in the U.S.”

She flipped to the next slide and stared in horror. Instead of her carefully written explanation of the index, the slide showed an up-close photo of her own spread cunt, clearly taken from someone’s phone during her first period class. The class erupted in laughter. Mr. Cassidy shook his head in disgust.

Holes stammered, “This isn’t right! I…It’s not…”

She clicked the next slide to get the image off the screen, but the following slide showed an image of a blonde girl with a cock in her gaping asshole. The girl’s face had been badly doctored to look like her own.

Mr. Cassidy turned off the monitor with his remote.

“Quiet down,” he bellowed, “Quiet! Holes,” he said angrily, “I guess I should have expected this kind of thing from you.” He shook his head sadly.

He strode to the front of the class, took Holes by the arm and led her to his desk, where he bent her over in front of the class and proceeded to spank her exposed bottom as she screeched.

“Your parents warned us that you’d be likely to act out,” the teacher said, “and have given all your teachers special permission to discipline you whenever we feel it necessary.”

Her classmates watched on, tittering, as the teacher turned her bottom red with his repeated smacks. Then, he roughly rubbed her excited clit until she moaned loudly and came, spraying the classroom carpet. Mr. Cassidy instructed her to stay this way as the rest of the class gave their presentations. She quietly sobbed into the desk, and when class was over, Mr. Cassidy jerked himself off onto her round bottom and let her leave.

Overwhelmed by the degradation, Holes pleaded with her math teacher to be dismissed from class to see the nurse, claiming she felt ill. The teacher wrote her a hall pass to the nurse, which he hung about her neck on a lanyard. In red marker, the pass stated, “My tummy hurts. Please don’t rape me.”

Holes quickly made her way to the clinic. Nurse Jenkins took in the sight of the girl as she entered. Stained shirt clinging to her braless tits. Legs soaked in her slut juice. The delicate walk of a girl that’s had her ass swatted one too many times. Her hair was a frizzy mess, and her eyes were red. While most of those in the nursing profession take it up due to an abundance of empathy and desire to ease suffering, the sight of Holes just did something to those around her. Nurse Jenkins felt a flutter in her cunt at the sight of the miserable girl, and welcomed her in. This was going to make a boring day more fun!

“Come in, sweetie.” The nurse beckoned kindly, “What’s the trouble?”

“I was hoping I could just lay down for a bit? I’m not feeling too well.” Holes replied.

“Oh, dear!” Jenkins said, taking her by the arm, “Let’s see what we can do.”

She led Holes to a cot, and had her lay on her stomach.

“First things first, let’s get your temperature.”

The nurse took a classic glass thermometer from a nearby drawer. Holes made to sit up so the nurse could put the thermometer into her mouth, but Jenkins placed a hand on her back to keep her laying down.

“This one doesn’t go in the mouth, honey.” Jenkins explained.

She parted the girl’s legs and slid the instrument between Holes’ slick slit.

“You certainly are moist, honey,” she commented, and coated the thermometer liberally with Holes’ cunt cream.

She spread the teenager’s ass, and began to push the device into her bottom, making Holes gasp and groan. She made a show of carefully watching the mercury rise, while she idly fingered Holes’ wet pussy with a gloved hand.

Holes squirmed at the intrusion of the nurse’s fingers as they sawed in and out of her slippery cunt.

“You certainly are warm.” Jenkins commented.

She jammed her fingers more vigorously in and out of the girl, bringing Holes to another squealing orgasm. Her cum soaked the cot as pleasure wracked her body. Damn it! Why did it have to feel so good? She wondered.

“Goodness,” Jenkins remarked, “you have the wettest little cunt I’ve ever seen, girl. Leaking all that slut honey, you must be getting dehydrated.”

Jenkins pulled the thermometer from the girl’s ass, sat Holes up, and handed her a large bottle of water.

“I want you to drink that whole thing and get some fluids back into you, right away.”

Holes drank the water gratefully, and then Jenkins gave her another, watching expectantly while she chugged this one, too.

“We really ought to do something about that leaky cunt of yours, though.” Jenkins pondered, then her eyes lit up.

She went to one of the cabinets, rooted about, and came back with a flat, black balloon. Holes looked at it quizzically.

“What is it?” She asked timidly.

“I think this will help sop up those juices. Spread your legs, now. I’m sure you’re used to that.”

Holes blushed furiously. Everyone just assumed she was a slut, even though she was still a virgin. Jenkins worked the flat balloon into Holes’ quivering hole. Once she was satisfied that it was in, she began depressing the bladder and inflating the device. Holes trembled as the balloon began to get bigger, and bigger, until it was pressing against the sides of her vaginal walls. Jenkins kept pumping.

“Nurse Jenkins,” Holes moaned, “It hurts.”

Jenkins ignored her, and continued to inflate the balloon a bit further, until Holes began to sniffle. The sight of the girl practically made Jenkins cream her own panties. Finally, she stopped, and admired the girl’s stretched cunt, bulging widely with the balloon.

“There we are,” Jenkins announced proudly, “That should help. You’re just lucky it wasn’t your ass that was leaking.”

Holes lay back on the cot. Her pussy felt so stuffed and stretched. Jenkins, pleased with herself, ignored the girl for the few minutes that remained of the period. When the bell sounded, she shuffled Holes out of the clinic, the balloon still tightly lodged in her vagina. An announcement over the speakers stopped all of the students in their tracks.

The voice of Principal Arnold came over the speakers, “Attention Seniors! An award ceremony will be held in the Gymnasium this period. Seniors, please report to the Gym. Thank you.”

Holes and the other senior class altered their destinations, and made their way to the gym. Holes found it quite uncomfortable to get seated, as her ass was still sore, and the balloon in her cunt made it difficult to close her legs. Once the students had been seated, Principal Arnold took the stage.

“Welcome, Seniors!” He boomed over the microphone, “I’m sure you’re all curious about this special gathering. After today’s Senior photos, the administration has decided that we’ll be handing out an award for best Senior class photo. If you’ll direct your attention to the monitors, please.”

On the giant screens used for the school’s basketball games, an image of Brian Landry, the school’s quarterback appeared. Brian was a handsome boy with a smug grin on his face, decked out in his letter jacket. He looked confident and assured.

“Brian Landry,” The principal announced, “comes in at 3rd place. Brian, please come forward and accept your award.”

Landry strode to the floor as the students cheered him. The principal handed him a small trophy, and a gift card.

“Brian, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all thankful for your leadership this year on the field. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.”

Brian shook the man’s hand, and made his way back to his seat. The next image on the screen was that of Lexy Wright, the captain of the cheer squad. Lexy was a stunning blonde, dressed in her short cheer skirt, hands on her hips, and pom-poms in her hands. The Principal called her up, to a cacophony of whistles and cheers. The girl accepted her small trophy and gift card.

“The first place photo,” the Principal announced, “goes to Holes Ferbonin!”

An image of Holes’ naked tits appeared on the giant monitor, and she choked as all of the students laughed and cheered.

“Holes, please come up.” the Principal called out.

Holes stood on wobbly legs, her skin bright red with shame, and she stumbled down the steps and across the floor.

“Holes,” he said, “This is a marvelous photograph. We’ve already sent copies off to be published in the town paper, so everyone can see what an inspiration you are. Here’s your trophy.”

The principal produced a small, rubber object, shaped like a penis, with a wide base at the end. Holes looked at it with confusion. The Principal turned her around, bent her over at the waist, and pushed the object into her anus. Holes cried out in surprise, though it didn’t really hurt. Her cunt had leaked so much of her own cream into the crack of her ass that she was thoroughly lubricated. Still, it was not a comfortable fit with the balloon in her cunt.

He stood her back up, and whispered, “it stays in the rest of the day or it will be detention for you.”

Holes nodded grimly in reply.

“Now, a Senior sendoff!” The Principal announced, and yanked Holes’ top up, revealing her bouncing tits to the gathered Seniors and staff. Each of the administration staff lined up and took a turn slapping Holes’ tits until they were red as the students watched her breasts bounce and jiggle back and forth on the monitor. The experience was made even worse by the fact that she orgasmed more than once from the rough treatment, and finally pissed herself from all the water the nurse had made her drink.

When they were all finished, Holes hurried from the floor, tugging her shirt down, leaving a trail of slut slime across the floor.

Thankfully, the award ceremony had taken up the time that would have been her next two classes, bringing an end to her terrible day at school. She waddled from the building, the plug lodged in her ass, and made it to her car. Once she was home, she quickly stripped off her clothes. The remains of water, tears, crusted semen, and spit had completely ruined her top and skirt.

As she cleaned herself off in the shower, she replayed the events of the day. The sound of the bathroom door opening, though, shocked her out of her reverie. The shower door slid open, and her naked mother invited herself into the shower.

“Mom!” Holes cried.

“Shush, Honey,” Lacy said, “I’m going to help you wash up.”


“You’re an adult now, Holes. This is what adults do. Especially girls with horny, wet cunts.”

Holes wasn’t certain, but it was her first day as an adult, so she relented as her mother took up the soap and began to run it all over her body. She had to admit that the feeling was very nice.

Lacy soaped up her daughter’s large breasts, paying extra attention to her sensitive nipples, while she kissed her neck and nipped at her ears. Holes shivered with pleasure at the gentle attention on her abused tits.

“Tell me about your day.” Lacy whispered softly.

“Everyone was really mean to me,” Holes sniffled, “Mr. Rogerson showed the whole class my vagina-”

“Cunt,” Lacy corrected her.

“My cunt,” Holes corrected, “and let them all pinch and hurt my boobs-”


“My tits. Then, when the class was over, he…he put his…his penis-”

“Cock. Dick.”

“He put his cock in my mouth and…”

“And he came in your mouth, didn’t he?”

Holes nodded. Lacy’s hand strayed further down, between her daughter’s legs, and began to clean her wet pussy. She felt heady listening to how the teacher had treated the girl, and just had to hear more. Holes trembled as her mother rubbed at her overly-sensitive cunt.

“Then, we had Senior photos, and the photographer took a picture of my tits.”

Lacy quivered with delight at the thought of her daughter stripped to the tits and photographed in front of a room full of strangers.

“Then, Mr. Bernstein made me show my history class what prostitutes do. He put his cock in my mouth and came in it, and so did four other boys.”

Lacy spared a hand for her own cunt, and began to masturbate herself and her daughter at the same time.

“That must have been so nasty,” she hissed in Holes’ ear, and Holes nodded, “I’ll bet you loved all that creamy spunk in your throat, didn’t you?”

Holes shook her head.

“You’ll get used to it.” Lacy assured her. Holes wasn’t sure that she liked the implication.

“At lunch, the cook made me sit on a table and they put hotdogs and cucumbers in my cunt,” Holes related, “and then the cooks all took turns licking me…down there, and making me cum.”

Lacy gasped and came on her own fingers, pushing two fingers into her daughter’s cunt, and holding her as Holes quaked and squirted girl cum across her hand.

“Good girl,” Lacy said, “That’s mommy’s little slut.”

Holes’ head spun as she felt her mother cumming with her. She couldn’t believe she was getting excited by the way the men had used her as a plaything.

“In economics, someone ruined my presentation by putting porno pictures in it, and I had to get spanked in front of the whole class.” Holes said. Her aching bottom brought back those memories clearly. “And then, the nurse put a big balloon in my cunt, and when the Principal gave out awards for Senior class photos, I…I peed myself in front of the whole class!”

Lacy gave a cry of passion and came violently on her fingers. She pinched Holes’ nipples with enough force to make Holes’ squeal in pain, which somehow made her orgasm again.

“Oh fuck!” Lacy gasped, “Fuck, that’s so hot! Jesus, fuck!”

She held Holes through her orgasm, groping her tits and sucking at her neck.

When she came down, she massaged Holes’ tits more gently again and said, “God, you’re gonna be such a good cockhole!”

“But, I don’t wanna be a cockhole!” Holes argued.

“Hush, hush,” Lacy cooed, “You are a cockhole, Honey. You’re a hot, dirty little slut with a pussy that’s always wet and ready to be played with. It’s not a bad thing. You were just made that way, and you make everyone around you so happy. Don’t you like to make everyone happy?”

Holes nodded. She did want people to be happy. She just wished they didn’t need to slap her tits and ass so much to be happy. Still, she couldn’t argue with the fact that she got lots of orgasms, and those sure did make her feel good.

“Well, maybe you should stop being so selfish, then. You’re a sexy little fuckpuppet, and the world needs fuckpuppets to make all those hard cocks happy. Your cunt is always wet, isn’t it?”

Holes nodded as Lacy stroked her nude cunt again lovingly.

“Girls with always wet cunts are horny little sluts. Say it back.”

“Girls with always wet cunts are horny little sluts.” Holes parroted.

“That’s right,” Lacy said, “Your cunt is always wet, isn’t it?”

Holes nodded again.

“What does that mean?”

“I’m a horny slut.”

“You’re a horny slut.” Lacy agreed, and fingered Holes’ wet hole until she squirted girl juice once more.

Chapter 2: Birthday

Holes placed one of her special towels on the couch, and sat down to wait for guests to arrive. On account of her constantly leaking cunt, Lacy had explained, she had to put down towels, so as to not stain the furniture. Staining furniture would lead to further spankings. Well, most everything would lead to further spankings, she was told. The fact that she had an ass was cause enough for spankings.

Brandon was the first to join her in the living room, where Holes flicked through the TV channels. Her older brother plopped down next to her, pulled her head onto his lap, and kindly stroked her hair. Holes loved her brother, despite the fact that he’d spanked her and called her gusher.

While they watched TV in silence, Brandon reached under her top with his other hand, idly groping her tits and stroking her hard nipples. Holes squirmed from the pleasure. She could feel his cock writhing like it was alive inside his shorts. She was an adult, and it wasn’t polite to tell men “No,” so she just let him maul her tits and she enjoyed the pleasure. It was much nicer than having them slapped or pinched.

Her father, home from work now, entered the living room and took a seat on the other side of her. He casually lifted her legs, set them in his lap, then reached under her skirt and began to play with her wet slit. The feeling of his fingers running along her cunt, rubbing her clit, and pinching her pussy lips together made Holes squirm.

“That makes your cunt feel good, doesn’t it?” Brandon said as he stroked her hair and molested her tits.

Holes nodded. It did feel very good. Maybe being an adult wasn’t all bad.

“Your cunt is always wet, isn’t it?” He asked. Holes nodded.

The three of them watched TV, though Holes wasn’t really paying much attention to the show anymore. Her body was trembling and quaking from the waves of pleasure that were coursing through her. Her dad had his thumb pressed against her clit and was working it side to side. Within moments, she was gushing with another orgasm, soaking her special towel and moaning as Brandon continued toying with her tits. Her father relented, and simply stuffed one of his fingers inside her and gently massaged the inside of her cunt.

Soon, knocks on the door signaled the arrival of guests. The three of them got up from the couch, and greeted each of the newcomers as they came in. Her Uncle Walter hugged her tightly and put his tongue into her mouth as he squeezed her bottom for several seconds. Holes did not kiss back, but just stood frozen as he molested her. Before today, it had just been wolfish looks and the occasional peck on the cheek. Now that she was 18, though, things were going to be different, it seemed.

Her Aunt Abby groped Holes’ tits shamelessly and snaked her tongue into Holes’ ear.

“You are one rapeable little bitch, Honey!” She whispered to her.

Holes blushed. She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to take that. A compliment?

The new arrivals brought gifts into the living room.

Next, her neighbor and his son came in. Father and son sandwiched Holes between them and she could feel their hard pricks rubbing against her front and back as they hugged her tightly. It was weird, but felt sort of nice. They, too, brought gifts for her.

Finally, Uncle Barry rounded out the guests. He, too, hugged her, but also stuffed two fingers into her wet cunt, and then licked them with a sigh of contentment.

None of Holes’ friends came to the party. This was because Holes had no friends. Most people didn’t like hanging around with a girl that always smelled of wet cunt.

Holes’ followed the guests into the living room, where everyone was eagerly chatting with each other. Finally, they turned their lustful attention to the birthday girl, who was handed her first gift. This one was from Aunt Abby. While her brother videoed, Holes began to tear the shiny paper. The video was, in actuality, a livestream of the party being broadcast on the internet. Anyone tuning in could see Holes’ nude cunt winking from beneath her skirt.

Holes finished unwrapping the first gift, and opened the small box. Inside were a pair of alligator clips.

“Thank you?” She said, unsure of what the purpose was.

“Oh, those will look so lovely on you,” Aunt Abby said, “Here. Let me show you.”

She took the clips from her niece, and tugged Holes’s shirt up, exposing her bare breasts to the partygoers. Holes’ gasped, and then screeched as Aunt Abby clipped first one, and then the other of the nipple clamps to Holes’ tits. Holes squirmed in her seat and bit back tears as Aunt Abby flicked one of the clamps, sending a spike of pain through Holes’ body.

The gathered guests complimented Abby on such a thoughtful gift, ignored Holes’ discomfort, and thrust another gift at her. Across the internet, more and more perverts were being alerted to the livestream, and joined in to masturbate. Holes, hands trembling, unwrapped the next gift, this one from Uncle Walter. The box was long and thin. She cast aside the paper, and opened the box to find a metal bar. She looked up, confused.

“Spreader bar,” Lacy said, “what a nice present, Walter!”

Holes wasn’t sure what a spreader bar was, but Uncle Walter wasted no time in showing her. He took the bar from her hands, spread her legs wide apart, and affixed each end of the bar to her ankles. Awkwardly, Holes accepted the next gift from Uncle Barry. Her nipples were feeling numb as she tore at the paper, and found a smooth leather collar inside. The word, “Fuckpuppet” was inlaid in silver letters. Uncle Barry snapped the collar around Holes’ neck, then unclamped her nipples. Holes’ sighed with relief, but a second later the clamps bit down on her nipples again and she screeched.

“Never gets old.” Uncle Barry said with a chuckle.

Her next gift, this one from her neighbor and his son, was familiar to Holes. She’d seen her first one earlier today. She held a bright pink buttplug up for the gathered guests to see. Holes’ mother helped her stand, shakily with the bar spreading her legs so far apart, and the two men bent Holes over. While his son spread her ass cheeks apart, the older man coated the plug with a copious helping of Holes’ cream. He also helped himself to a serving straight from the source, latching his mouth onto her dripping cunt and sucking at it until she trembled and came, coating his face in girl cum. As he licked his lips, he worked the buttplug into her anus until it was tightly lodged inside of her bottom.

The livestream of her party had now become quite popular. The fact that an 18 year old was being molested and made to cum by her own family was inconsequential. Once people got a look at Holes, it was clear that she deserved it. Her mother handed her the next gift, this time from her parents. As Holes unwrapped the present, Lacy removed one of the nipple clamps and began to massage some life back into it with her tongue, which sent a wave of confused sensations through Holes’ body. She fumbled with the paper, but finally managed to get it off.

She opened the box inside, and found a pair of panties with a large vibrating dildo attached to the crotch. Lacy pushed her back onto the couch and lifted her legs, she removed the spreader bar, and Holes’ father slid the panties up her legs. Lacy removed the other clamp from Holes’ nipple and sucked her tits as Chuck slid the dildo into his daughter’s cunt. Holes groaned as the big toy filled her up. Now, she was plugged at both sides and her body was quivering with an impending orgasm. Chuck clicked the vibrator on. Lacy reattached the clamps to her nipples. Holes’ screamed, then gushed in spurts as she came hard from the mix of sensations. Chuck held her legs apart as her cunt squirted, and Lacy reattached the spreader. The gathered guests murmured appreciatively as Holes thrashed about in pleasurable agony, the vibrating toy driving her sensitive little pussy crazy.

“Who wants cake?” Lacy asked.

The guests filed out into the front yard, where Chuck had set up folding tables and chairs for the party. Aunt Abby affixed a leash to Holes’ new collar and led the stumbling girl out the door. This was not an easy task, with the spreader bar between her legs. Holes’ wobbled precariously along, and joined the guests on the lawn. Lacy carried a pink cake out to the table, where Holes blew out the candles.

As it was only early evening in the late spring, several people were out and about, jogging, cutting grass, playing in their yards, couples out for a walk. Lacy cut a piece of cake and handed it to Uncle Barry, who placed it on the table. He began to masturbate furiously onto the cake while he looked at Holes, and then coated the cake with a thick rope of jizz. He brought the cake to Holes, and placed it in front of her. Holes looked up at her mother as her body shook from the vibrator packed tightly into her cunt.

“Don’t be rude, Honey,” Lacy said, “eat Uncle Barry’s jizz cake.”

Holes took up a fork and staked out a piece of the cummy cake. Getting the cake to her mouth proved a challenge, though, as she had another orgasm. Lacy helped her by feeding the cake to her instead, scooping some of Holes' snatch juice onto it for extra flavoring. Curious onlookers began to drift over, and soon they were helping themselves to a few gropes and feels of Holes’ body.

An elderly couple from next door seemed fascinated by the way she hollered and came as they removed and then clamped her nipples repeatedly.

From across the street came a middle-aged woman who was delighted by the fact that Holes’ pussy squirted as she fucked the vibrating dildo in and out of her cunt.

Brandon’s livestream was wracking up significant tips, now, bringing in a sizable income. He decided that this kind of thing would probably be a great business.

Once everyone had finished their cake, and the sun was going down, Holes’ neighbor and his son departed. The rest of the family made their way inside, and back to the living room. Lacy helped Holes remove her gifts, first unclamping her tortured nipples, much to Holes’ relief. Next, she removed the spreader, flicked off the vibrator, and slid the toy from her daughter’s hole. She licked and sucked the girl’s tasty cum from the toy, then set it aside, following the same procedure with the buttplug. Holes swayed unsteadily, then sat down on the couch, her eyes closed as she breathed heavily, recovering from the many orgasms.

She wasn’t given much time to rest, though. Before she knew what was happening, Lacy pulled her up from the couch. She opened her eyes and saw her father laying on the floor, his hard cock erect.

“What…?” Holes began, but Lacy walked her over to where Chuck waited.

“Be a good cockhole, now.” Lacy said, and lifted one leg over Chuck’s body. She pushed Holes down, and guided her wet cunt over her father’s engorged penis. Holes clung to her arm, but Lacy pushed firmly and Chuck’s penis slid easily into his girl’s pussy.

“Oh, yeah. That’s good.” He said with a sigh, and his hand grabbed her hips and pulled her down until she was firmly seated on his erection.

Holes had never felt anything like this. The vibrating dildo was the first thing that had ever been so deep in her cunt, but this feeling was very different. His cock was warm and fleshy, hard but spongy. Her cunt leaked out her arousal against Chuck’s crotch. Then, he began to gently thrust into her, and she came again. Chuck groaned at the tight, hot little sheath of his daughter’s cunt, so smooth and pleasurable around his twitching member.

Holes shivered with pleasure. Uncle Barry stood over her, took a fistful of her hair in his hand and plunged his cock into her mouth, making her squeak in surprise. Brandon moved about them with the camera, continuing the livestream. Uncle Walter knelt behind her, and she could feel his fingers probing her anus. She had a feeling about what was coming, and found herself wondering how good it would feel. Having the buttplug and the dildo in her at the same time had felt quite nice. How would two real penises feel?

Her father held her still. Uncle Barry stopped thrusting into her mouth and simply held his erection deep in her throat, her lips pressed tightly against his balls. Uncle Walter worked his cock at her asshole, until he finally managed to get it into the tight confines of her teenage anus. Holes groaned around Uncle Barry’s cock as Uncle Walter’s shaft burrowed deeper and deeper into her ass. She felt him stop, and then felt his cock wiggle inside of her. It was an incredible feeling. She could feel her father’s cock rubbing up against the shaft of Uncle Walter’s through the thin lining inside of her.

Then, the three men slowly began to move, building up an unspoken rhythm, whereby Uncle Walter would pull out as Chuck pushed in, and then reverse. All the while, Uncle Barry fucked her wet mouth gently like it was another pussy. Holes glurked and moaned as the three men fucked her in unison, until one-by-one she felt them unload great gobs of hot semen into her with satisfied groans.

For a few moments, none of them moved as they basked in the afterglow. Uncle Walter was the first to withdraw, pulling his slimy cock from her butt. Uncle Barry extracted his penis from her mouth, leaving a trail of sticky slime dangling from her lips. Lacy helped her to stand, and Chuck’s penis slid from her soaking cunt. Her mother pushed her back on the couch, and then began to lick and suck at her pussy, cleaning her and driving her to another powerful orgasm, while Brandon stood over her and jerked his cock, finally emptying another load of cum onto her reddened nipples.

Her mother continued to clean the cum off Holes’ tits as Chuck saw his brothers off. Then, Lacy helped her stumble up the steps and into her room, where Holes fell into a deep sleep.

She was awakened a few hours later by the feeling of another hard cock between her legs. Of course, her cunt was wet and ready. She wrapped her legs around the waist of…someone. It was dark. She couldn’t tell. The hard penis pounded into her while she hung on and moaned in pleasure.

“Fuckin’ slut,” She heard Brandon’s voice in her ear, “Cock-teasing, fucking slut!” He hissed, “Take my dick! Fuck yeah! Get that dick all the way in there! You like being a nasty slut, don’t you?”

Holes only groaned as his fat penis battered her insides repeatedly like a machine, the wet slap of his pelvis against hers echoing off the dark walls. She began to cream as his veiny shaft plunged in and out, in and out, rubbing that special spot just inside her cunt that made her squirt so much.

“Yeah, you’re the family whore, aren’t you? You love taking dick. Fuck you’re a nasty little bitch for your big brother. I’m gonna fuck you every day, you little meatpuppet. Your big brother’s gonna fuck this pussy every day. You’ll love that, won’t you?”

Holes wasn’t sure if she’d love that, but right now it felt spectacular, and the filthy words in her ear were making her feel funny, dirty, but like she was doing something right, even if she didn’t know what it was.

“Fuck, you’re such a dumb bitch, Holes,” Brandon went on, pumping his dick into her, “but you’re so fucking hot for cock. Fuck, that pussy’s so good. I’m gonna bring my friends over to try this pussy. You’ll love that. All the fucking dick you can handle. Fuck, you’re such a filthy bitch!”

Brandon’s cock flexed, spat a big load of semen into her, and he groaned, holding himself rigid as he unloaded his balls deep into his sister's cervix. He sighed with relief, pulled his cummy member from her, then straddled her chest, pinching and groping her tits. Holes panted with arousal. Her tits were so sensitive! Her brother slid his slimy cock into her mouth, using it like a toy as she glurked and swallowed.

“Oh, fuck, you’re a good cocksucker, sis. I’m gonna love this. My friends are gonna love fucking your slut mouth, too. You like that idea, huh? You like the thought of all my buddy’s shoving their dicks in your hot mouth until they bust? Yeah, you do. Horny bitch!”

Within a few minutes of plunging his dick into her mouth, Brandon was hard again. He crawled back between her legs, shoved his prick back inside her. He gripped her ass tightly with his hands, crushing his weight onto her, and fucked her hard, again.

“Goddamn you’re a good fuck! Like a hot little sexdoll. So fuckin’ good. Take that dick, bitch. Take that fuckin’ dick and cum on it.”

Her brother pounded her relentlessly into the night, until she was so tired from cumming, that she just lay motionless, half asleep by the time she felt him bust again. As she drifted off to sleep, she remembered the words of Mr. Bernstein to the students who hadn’t been able to treat her like a whore. There’s always tomorrow.


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