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November Roadmap: Bad Science

Well, we're closing in on the end of the year, and I know things are a bit behind where I wanted them to be. For that you have my apologies. I feel like I'm turning into the Elon Musk of the erotica world. Everything comes ten years after I said it would. Trust me, I'm working on getting it all together for you!

While I'm still at work on Kayla 3, it's one of those huge projects that requires me to step away and look at the big picture. The DomCo world is my baby, and bringing the main series to a close is something I want to do really well, both for myself and for all the people that have supported this series from the beginning. Rather than push out something I don't feel is ready, I've decided to ensure that the conclusion of the Kayla trilogy is up to spec before it's out.

To that end, I'm not making any promises on when it'll be here, but I do have some things for this month and next that will fill in more DomCo story. The first of those pieces will be out for you on November 17th. There's some finishing up to do with it, but I'm really loving this one. It will launch concurrently here, on, and Smashwords.


I've always been a huge fan of weird science, if you couldn't tell. The DomCo series has a lot of it. Most of my tech is grounded in some form of reality, magic necklaces aside, but I've never gone into any explanation as to where this whacky stuff comes from. In the beginning, I had this vague image of a corporate R&D department, with unlimited funding and a staff of quirky folks.

As I've been working on the Kayla conclusion, and planning out the final DomCo book, Sophie's conclusion, and a second Edge novel, it's given me a better idea of how things work in the company. That brings us to a new series character, the horrible mastermind behind the R&D department.

Erica is one of those rare geniuses, similar to Dr. Swell, who see themselves using their intellect for the good of humanity, but with a severe lack of ethics. Like Rebecca Swell or Dr. Welcome, the ends always justify the means. If science can take the human race to new heights, what does it matter if a few subjects have to suffer along the way?

So, this month, you'll meet the brains and beauty behind DomCo tech, Erica. Erica is obsessed with change and transformation. How many different methods can she use to alter minds and bodies? What can be achieved when one truly faces no consequences in their quest for knowledge? When other people are more like things, do you truly have limits?

Erica doesn't fear changing herself or those around her with her mad experiments. Edge tech, Haloes, brainwashing methods, all of these things are productions of Erica's twisted mind. And what better playground for a young super-genius than her own family?

In one of the darkest chapters in the DomCo saga, we'll learn about Erica's warped worldview and witness the transformation of her older sister, father, and mother. Prepare to experiment with Erica this month.


I am not going to leave you hanging on Kayla 3. While I'm pushing back the timeline on it, I'll drop a couple of preview chapters this month along with Erica's story. In these opening chapters, the Hamlin twins will make their reappearance in the series, along with weird, bald Stephanie, as the mystery surrounding this odd doppelgänger deepens. You'll also be treated to a further step in Tiffany's journey through indoctrination, as well as the initial steps in gathering the remaining daughters with Kayla, Marie, and Vicky.

It's an exciting November, and I'm glad you're all here with me!

A note on the future

My first goal is finishing up the DomCo series. I also have plans for adding future books in the iFem Chronicles. However, coming next year, I'll be dropping some news on a huge new series that will be something on par with the DomCo books. Stick around! Things are gonna stay weird.

Fall Sale

The annual Fall Sale runs through November! If you've been holding off on a new title, grab it this month!

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