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Love, Lust, and Erin: Part 3

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Chapter 14: Live Life Like a Porno

Dave awoke to the feel of a hot, sucking mouth around his prick. Groaning pleasantly, he kept his eyes closed and just enjoyed the feeling. He couldn’t remember the last time this had happened. The sensation of Erin’s squirming tongue along his shaft sent shivers down his body, and he finally had to look. He cracked his eyes and took in the beautiful sight of Erin’s tousled blonde hair covering her face as she made love to his dick with her lips. His eyes watered. Damn, he’d fallen asleep with his Haloes in.

She pushed her hair from her face and looked up at him with smiling eyes. Her head sunk down, maintaining eye contact, taking the whole of his cock into her throat and making his toes curl. She held him there, watching him writhe, and then released him, sucking in air while she stroked his shaft slowly.

Erin got to her knees, and Dave drank in the sight of her body. Her naked body. She’d removed her panties and bra. He marveled at her big, round, breasts, high and perky with just a hint of sag because of their size, down her flat stomach, to the perfectly shaved little V between her legs.

“Better than an alarm clock?” She asked, voice husky.

Dave nodded, mute.

Erin straddled him, poised perfectly to sink down onto his shaft. She lowered herself, and Dave felt the head of his cock touch a pair of sticky, wet pussy lips for the first time in over a decade. He sucked in a breath and felt the warmth of her lips part around his crown, coating it with her arousal. Just one little push, and he would be inside her. Reflexively, his hands rested on her hips. Erin tossed back her head, flipping her hair seductively as she moaned and rubbed his cockhead against her opening.

Instead of filling herself, though, she moved up, and Dave’s cock flopped back wetly against his stomach, then sprung back up. Erin rested herself on his crotch, trapping his cock against his pelvis and her wet lips. God, the heat of her! She slid her wet pussy along his length, coating it with her honey, rocking slowly back and forth, her head thrown back in pleasure.

She leaned forward, brought her hands to his chest and caressed his muscles, hands gliding up his body. Leaning, leaning, she pressed her naked tits against his chest and found his mouth with hers, kissing him eagerly, but with a slow, burning passion. Her hips rocked back and forth, sliding his shaft along her slit, his cockhead bumping up against her clit on the downstroke each time. She breathed heavily into his mouth as she fucked herself along his length, and then she took over his mind with that unique, hypnotic brand of filth that he had fallen in love with the night before.

“Would you like to wake up this way every day with me? With your cock wet, and my slick pussy around it? I want you to fuck me, baby. I want you to fuck me and make me yours every day. Will you do that? Will you treat me like your sexual property, and push your cock into me?”

“Fuck! Please, don’t stop.”

“I want to be yours, Dave. I want to be yours every day, until we’re old, and I want you to take me for as long as we’re able. Your dick feels sooo good. I want it inside me. Do you want to fuck it into me and make me cum, Daddy Dave?”

“Yes!” He readily agreed.

“You know you can. All you want, right?”


“What do we have to do first? What did you promise me? I can’t wait!”

“We… I… Oh, God… Casey…”