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Love, Lust, and Erin: Part 3

Chapter 14: Live Life Like a Porno

Dave awoke to the feel of a hot, sucking mouth around his prick. Groaning pleasantly, he kept his eyes closed and just enjoyed the feeling. He couldn’t remember the last time this had happened. The sensation of Erin’s squirming tongue along his shaft sent shivers down his body, and he finally had to look. He cracked his eyes and took in the beautiful sight of Erin’s tousled blonde hair covering her face as she made love to his dick with her lips. His eyes watered. Damn, he’d fallen asleep with his Haloes in.

She pushed her hair from her face and looked up at him with smiling eyes. Her head sunk down, maintaining eye contact, taking the whole of his cock into her throat and making his toes curl. She held him there, watching him writhe, and then released him, sucking in air while she stroked his shaft slowly.

Erin got to her knees, and Dave drank in the sight of her body. Her naked body. She’d removed her panties and bra. He marveled at her big, round, breasts, high and perky with just a hint of sag because of their size, down her flat stomach, to the perfectly shaved little V between her legs.

“Better than an alarm clock?” She asked, voice husky.

Dave nodded, mute.

Erin straddled him, poised perfectly to sink down onto his shaft. She lowered herself, and Dave felt the head of his cock touch a pair of sticky, wet pussy lips for the first time in over a decade. He sucked in a breath and felt the warmth of her lips part around his crown, coating it with her arousal. Just one little push, and he would be inside her. Reflexively, his hands rested on her hips. Erin tossed back her head, flipping her hair seductively as she moaned and rubbed his cockhead against her opening.

Instead of filling herself, though, she moved up, and Dave’s cock flopped back wetly against his stomach, then sprung back up. Erin rested herself on his crotch, trapping his cock against his pelvis and her wet lips. God, the heat of her! She slid her wet pussy along his length, coating it with her honey, rocking slowly back and forth, her head thrown back in pleasure.

She leaned forward, brought her hands to his chest and caressed his muscles, hands gliding up his body. Leaning, leaning, she pressed her naked tits against his chest and found his mouth with hers, kissing him eagerly, but with a slow, burning passion. Her hips rocked back and forth, sliding his shaft along her slit, his cockhead bumping up against her clit on the downstroke each time. She breathed heavily into his mouth as she fucked herself along his length, and then she took over his mind with that unique, hypnotic brand of filth that he had fallen in love with the night before.

“Would you like to wake up this way every day with me? With your cock wet, and my slick pussy around it? I want you to fuck me, baby. I want you to fuck me and make me yours every day. Will you do that? Will you treat me like your sexual property, and push your cock into me?”

“Fuck! Please, don’t stop.”

“I want to be yours, Dave. I want to be yours every day, until we’re old, and I want you to take me for as long as we’re able. Your dick feels sooo good. I want it inside me. Do you want to fuck it into me and make me cum, Daddy Dave?”

“Yes!” He readily agreed.

“You know you can. All you want, right?”


“What do we have to do first? What did you promise me? I can’t wait!”

“We… I… Oh, God… Casey…”

“That’s right,” she said, and picked up the pace on his cock.

Her slick lips slid back and forth pushing him closer and closer. He could feel the tremors in her body as she worked to get herself off with him.

She continued, “We have to let Casey watch, don’t we?”

He nodded. He knew it was wrong. It was too far. He was a pervert for even thinking about it.

“We have to let Casey watch her daddy fuck her best friend for the first time,” Erin hissed, “Your daughter wants to play with her cunt, while her daddy pushes his fat cock into her best friend’s virgin pussy.”

“Oh, fuck!” Dave clung to her ass tightly, using her pussy to jerk himself off. The twisted image of Casey, her legs spread as she played with herself came unbidden.

“That’s so sexy,” Erin said, “It will be a sexy secret just for the three of us. We’ll be a little family with a sexy secret, won’t we?”

“Gonna… Oh, shit…”

The hot wetness of Erin’s pussy was too much. Dave pulled the last of his reserve, and held on, wanting the feeling to last forever.

“That’s so hot, baby,” Erin said, “That’s so dirty and hot! Your slutty daughter watching you fuck her friend is so hot! Cum for me. Think about Casey watching us fuck, and cum for me!”

Erin’s body shook, and her hot breath in his ear as she gasped set him off. She bucked back and forth on his shaft. Cum exploded from the head of his cock, splashing her pussy, coating his crotch and his stomach as he lost himself in the moment. He tried, really tried not to think about Casey, but it was too hard. Erin’s dirty talk had wormed its way into his brain and taken root. He saw himself driving his prick into Erin as she lay on her back, legs spread, tits heaving. Laying on the bed next to them, her hands busy with her own pussy, Casey watched his shaft disappear into her friend.

He held Erin tightly as she panted in his ear, while his vision cleared. She kissed at his neck as he held her until, at last, he could breathe normally again. Jesus, he was going to Hell. He wasn’t strong enough to avoid the temptation. He was holding pure sex in his arms, and he couldn’t say no to her. Casey… Casey!

He sat upright, startling Erin.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Casey! Fuck, I fell asleep!”

Erin put her hand on his chest.

“Hey, it’s ok. She’s fine. She’s home. I made sure.”

Dave relaxed, but he felt like shit. Erin saw the look on his face, and put her arms around his shoulders, massaging gently.

“Dave,” she said, “It’s ok. Casey knows how to take care of herself. She’s a big girl. Besides, I slipped her pepper spray before she left.”

Dave looked at her, furrowing his brows.


“Yeah. You think I’m letting her go off alone on her first date without something to defend herself? I was checking in with her all night.”

She tapped her eyes to emphasize the point. Dave sunk back on the bed, and Erin joined him, tracing her fingers along his chest.

“Big ol’ Dave,” she said, “So full of love. You’re perfect.” She kissed his cheek and got up from the bed.

Dave watched as she stretched, naked in the sunlight, like some kind of golden-haired angel. He snapped a picture with his Haloes to immortalize the moment. Big ol’ Dave, so full of pervy desires, he thought, and grinned.

“Wanna soap down my hot naked teenage body?” Erin asked, with a nod toward the bathroom.

“Do you have to ask?”

Following a very erotic shower, Dave made his way to the kitchen. While he bustled about making Sunday breakfast, Hal played a news briefing in the corner of his vision. Meanwhile, Erin made her way into Casey’s room. She slid under the covers and pressed her half-naked body against Casey’s back, sliding her arm around her and groping her tits. She kissed the back of her neck softly, until Casey woke up and rolled over to face her.

“Morning!” Erin greeted her.

“Good morning to you, too.”

Erin slipped her tongue into Casey’s mouth and for a moment they lay that way, kissing and cuddling.

“Dave’s making breakfast,” Erin, finally said.

“I’m starving.”

“You had a good night,” Erin stated.

“You did, too!”

“Let’s go eat. I’ll tell you all about how I sucked your daddy’s cock later.” Erin teased, slipping her hand between Casey’s legs.

Casey whimpered and smacked her arm.

“You’re the worst!” she groaned.

During breakfast, Dave was treated to the sight of the two girls in what had become their new state of dress around the house. Panties, braless, too-small tops. He ate nervously as the two of them chattered and joked. Every time he looked at Casey, he couldn’t help but think of that dirty image in his mind, and his stomach clenched. Then, he looked at Erin and he burned with desire. He wanted her. God, he wanted her more than anything. Was he seriously thinking about letting his daughter watch him make love to her best friend, just to be with her? Yes. He was thinking about it. More than he should.

Erin left after breakfast, taking the morning to check on her mother. Dave donned his running clothes and went for a long run to mull over his thoughts. He returned sometime later, sweat-covered and winded, but feeling good. After tossing back some cold water, he showered off and made himself comfortable on the couch to enjoy a lazy Sunday.

He was flipping channels when Casey came down to join him, still half-dressed, and looking very pleased with herself.

“Hey, kiddo,” he said, and patted the seat next to him.

She sat down, then laid her head in his lap.

“So, how was the date?” Dave asked.

“Super awesome!”

“Seems like a nice enough guy,” Dave allowed.

“He is dad. He’s… he’s great!”

“Did he treat you right? I do have the bat, you know.”

Casey laughed, and answered, “He was a perfect gentleman. No need to slug him.”

“Ok. Just want you to be safe.”



“Thanks. You know that you’re super awesome, too, right?”

“Super Awesome is my middle name.”

“Your middle name is Theodore.”

“Super Awesome is a much better middle name,” he countered.

“You know why I love you?” Casey asked.

“Who wouldn’t love a guy whose middle name is Super Awesome?”

She lay on her back and looked up at him, saying, “Because you’ve always trusted me, to just be me.”

Dave thought, then replied, “Honey, there’s nothing in the world more important to me than you. I want what’s best for you, but I know that what I think is best and what you think is best isn’t always the same thing. You being you is what makes you super awesome, and that’s why I love you. I think that one of the… mistakes… some parents make is trying to put too many of their own expectations on their kids,”

Casey nodded.

Dave continued, “I really tried to give you good values, and what’s important to me is that you’re just a good person and treat other people well. I think that’s more valuable than what career you decide on, or how much money you make. I just want you to be good. Even though it’s hard for me, because I want to protect you, I know that you have to feel life out for yourself. I have to let you make your own mistakes, and learn from them, even when my daddy instincts tell me not to.”

“Thanks, dad. Do you think Ian is a mistake?”

“No. I don’t really know enough about him, so of course I’m cautious. But I’m cautiously optimistic. I think you should give people chances and see what happens. But if he hurts you, well, I do have the bat.”

Casey laughed, “God, stop it with the bat!”

Dave grinned, “Do you think I’m making a mistake?” he asked, more seriously.


“You know.”

“Oh! Hell no!” Casey said adamantly, “I think you should go for it. From what I heard, you already kind of did!”

Dave blushed, “Yeah, well…”

“Dad, it’s ok. You don’t think Erin’s going to blab all about it to me?” She tickled his sides and laughed, screaming, “You saw my bestie naked!”

Dave fended off the tickle attack, but only half-heartedly.

“Ok, ok! I surrender!”

“Smokin’ hot, isn’t she?” Casey asked, beaming, “God, what I wouldn’t have given to see your face!”

That made Dave’s cock twitch, and the dirty image from his imagination sprang to the fore.

“Inappropriate!” He grumbled.

Casey rolled her eyes, and shot back, “Oh, whatever. You know…” she drawled, “Erin and I have a pact.”

“A pact?”

“An oath, stronger than blood. A sworn promise between BFFs that nothing can break.” she said dramatically.

“My, that sounds serious. I hope there was no blood involved.”

Casey shook her head, saying, “Well, let’s just say that if you want to get any further with her, you’re gonna have to go through me.”

“Um, I don’t follow. I thought you were on board with this,” he said, carefully.

Dave felt a wave of panic. He was quite certain that he did know what Casey was implying, and his conflicted mind wasn’t ready to tackle it.

“Oh, I am so totally on board with it. I want it for both of you. For all of us. You guys are perfect for each other. It’s just, we made a promise to be there with each other for, well, our first time.” Casey said, and her cheeks flushed. She looked away.

“Your first time?”

“With a man.”

“With… a… man…” Dave repeated.

“With a man,” she stated, again.

“Jesus, Casey!” He put his hand over his eyes, “You’re serious?”

“As a heart attack.”

“I might just have one," he sighed.

“Oh, come on, dad,” she teased, “doesn’t it sound a little exciting? Remember, I’ve seen your browser history. I know Dave’s a little dirty!”

“You guys will never let that go, will you?”

“I think it’s kind of sexy,” she purred, “like we’re living in a porno.”

“Porn is not real life. Some things should just be, I don’t know, in your head?”

“No, dad, most people’s real life is not a porno. But yours can be.”

Dave felt his dick harden. This was so wrong. So wrong. So tempting, and so wrong. Wasn’t it?

“Casey-” he began, but she cut him off.

“Nope,” she said flatly, and straddled his lap, shocking him into silence. He could feel the warmth of her pussy through her thin panties against his crotch. She wrapped her arms around his neck and continued, “Just be who you are, right? I’m super awesome, and you love me because I’m me, right?”

He nodded, caught in her gaze. She continued, “I like dirty, kinky things, dad. Do you still love me, even if I like dirty, kinky things?”

He nodded. She pressed on, “I’ve never been all the way with a guy, but I want to. I really, really want to. Erin really, really wants to, and you’re the guy she wants. Do you want her?”

He nodded, speechless, her eyes boring into his soul as she continued, “Erin likes dirty, kinky things. Do you still love her, even if she likes dirty, kinky things?”

He agreed, swallowing a lump in his throat.

“Did she do that thing to you? You know, the dirty talk thing?”

Dave flushed, and Casey smiled. No need for a verbal response.

“It’s super-hot, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” he croaked. Wasn’t he supposed to be the adult in charge here? Why did he feel like he was a slave to the two gorgeous women in his life. Why did he not care one bit that he felt that way? Why was it tremendously exciting?

“Now, just imagine that the rest of your life is that, only it’s real. It’s not just talk. It’s not just strangers in some fantasy world where dirty, exciting, oh-so-pleasurable things happen. It’s your life. Every day. It’s waking up with a hot, busty, blonde Barbie that even old Heff would have snatched up, and she’s willing to do anything you can imagine to please you.”

She closed the gap between them, putting her mouth to his ear and hissing softly, “No matter how degrading, dirty, or downright kinky it is, she does it. For you. Without question. That is the rest of your life.”

She sat back again, grinning madly, “Oh, and your equally hot, and equally kinky daughter, who you cherish and love more than anything else is wholly behind this idea. Your daughter, who loves her old man with all her heart, and truly believes that you deserve all the happiness in the world. Does that sound like a good life?”

He nodded. It did sound like a good life. His penis agreed.

“I…” he stammered. Casey waited. He continued, “Isn’t it wrong? To… you know—”

“To have hot sex with a bombshell blondie half your age? Um, you might recall there was a guy who built a whole business empire from that shit.” Casey teased.

“That’s not really what I meant.”

“I love that you have a moral compass, dad, but it needs a bit of an adjustment. You don’t have to fuck me,” she stated, and watched him reel back, but she kept pressing, “I mean, I’d totally let you if you wanted to,” His jaw dropped, what the fuck was happening to his life? “But if you want to bang my bestie, you’re going to have to be ok with sharing her. And that starts with letting me fulfill our pact. Do I sense an objection?”

“Wh… what did you do with the little girl that used to beg me for a pony?” he asked.

“She grew up. And she got super horny. And if you still love her, you’re going to have to be ok with the fact she does want her life to be like that which she so eloquently described.”

She snapped her fingers, flicked and tapped at the air, and then held out her left hand. In it, she held a little figure dressed in monastic robes, and said, “This is life choice number one. Celibate, whacking off secretly in the dark, praying to a man in the sky to forgive your animal nature. Every day you'll be tortured by sounds of two hot, naked girls lezzing off together just down the hall, after they prance around the house cock-teasing you.”

She held up her right hand, which contained the face of Hugh Heffner, “and this is life choice number two,” she explained, “That of an adventurous, liberated playboy with a long line of arm (and bed) candy at his beck and call. Minus the millions of dollars, of course, but with your brains and Erin’s brains, I’m sure that part is inevitable. Hot, horny, sexy girls tend to pull in other hot, sexy, horny girls. They also like to share their toys, because they were taught good values.”

Dave had to agree that she was making a very compelling argument. Or, perhaps his erection was influencing his judgment. Any argument made by a braless brunette rubbing her panty-covered pussy against one’s erection did sound compelling, after all. Even when it was your own daughter. Yes, he was probably going to Hell.

“Now,” she asked, “shall we cut you a tonsure and call you Brother Dave?”

Dave shook his head.

She beamed, “I didn’t think so. Make sure you keep up your exercise. You’re gonna need a strong heart for this ride.”

She winked and hugged him, “I love you, dad.”

“I wub woo huvy,” he mumbled as she crushed his face into her chest.

For the next couple of hours, life returned to a somewhat normal state. Casey cuddled under a blanket with Dave, and they watched something silly. She made them lunch, giving Dave time to stretch. As he was settling back onto the couch, waiting for Casey, a stream of hearts appeared in his Haloes, followed by a kiss from Erin.

“Missing you guys,” came her message.

“Hal, call Erin,” Dave instructed.

He waited, and a moment later Erin appeared in front of him. Rather, a ghost Erin appeared, sporting a pair of jeans, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a denim jacket.

“Howdy, buckaroo,” He jested.

“Just to show you how in the mood I am for a ride,” she shot back, making him blush.

Casey came into the room, carrying a plate of turkey sandwiches.

“Hal,” Dave said, “include Casey in the call.”

Ghost Erin appeared to Casey, as well.

“How’s your mom?” Casey asked.

“Drunk,” Erin answered, “but what else is new. She’s fine. I have some homework to finish up, but I’ll be over later.”

Casey nodded and waved.

“We just wanted to say hello,” Dave said, “and we miss you. Come back soon.”

Erin blew him a kiss and faded from view.

Casey quickly wolfed down her sandwich and leaned back into the couch.

“God, I can’t wait!” she said suddenly.

Dave raised an eyebrow, mouth full.

“You’re really gonna let me watch you fuck Erin? Really?”

Dave choked on his sandwich. Casey waited, grinning, as he got himself under control.

“Jesus, Casey!” he said, “Not if you kill me, first.”

“Sorry. I’m excited! Can we do it tonight? Please, can we do it tonight?”

“I hadn’t really made any plans…”

“Ok, well, don’t forget about me. Geez, I’m totally horny thinking about it. I’m gonna go… upstairs for a while.”

Dave remained silent.

“You can watch, if you want. Maybe it will make you feel better about it,” she said with an inviting grin.

“I don’t think…”

She raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll stay down here,” he said, “you go do… what you have to do.”

“Ok. If you change your mind, I’ll leave the door open.”

She kissed his cheek and fled the room, ass jiggling delightfully. Dave forgot the rest of his sandwich, and curled up on the couch, pulling the blanket tightly around him. He most certainly was not going to go upstairs and watch his daughter masturbate. Most certainly not. Being coerced into having to do it with Erin’s pussy as the prize was one thing, but he was definitely not going to go upstairs and stand in her doorway like some kind of pervert, and watch her spread her legs and play with her horny pussy until she climaxed, imagining her best friend impaled by her daddy’s hard penis. No. He was not doing that.

Dave stood trembling a few feet from Casey’s door, listening to the hum of a vibrator from within. Casey moaned excitedly as she masturbated. Drawn forward by his raging erection, Dave took a few steps closer.

He thought of Erin’s pussy, slick and hot as she rubbed it along his cock this morning. He thought of her voice, dripping with desire and kink, whispering the filthiest things in his ear, words that made his blood boil. He wanted…he needed to feel it. He needed to be inside her. Her pussy was his drug. To get his fix, he had to let his daughter watch him deflower her best friend.

The sound of Casey’s aroused moans, the hum of the vibrator squishing wetly in and out of her hot, young, teenage cunt, was something he would have to get used to. If he wanted to fuel his addiction, to live his life like a porno, then he would have to adjust his moral compass. Just a peek. A little act of voyeurism. He was adventurous, liberated, not a pervert. Casey wanted this. She wanted her daddy to watch her play with her horny pussy.

Dave pressed his back to the wall just outside the door, heart hammering.

“Ooooh, fuuuck…” Casey hissed, and he knew she’d just cum.

It wasn’t the first time he’d heard it. In Florida, he’d heard her cum in the shower. Erin had made her cum. He’d have to share Erin with his daughter. His daughter liked dirty, kinky things, and she wanted him to share his girlfriend…girlfriend? Was he sharing her girlfriend? It was all so confusing. He couldn’t think straight with his cock aching so badly. He could take it out, right here. Casey couldn’t see. She’d never know he was jerking his cock while he listened to her moan. It would be a sexy secret. He shivered. They could all share a sexy secret.

Moral compass adjusted, he slowly peeked around the corner, and couldn’t look away. Casey was fucking herself slowly with a pink rabbit, plunging the vibrating toy in and out of one of the wettest pussies he’d ever seen. His girl was dripping liberally, coating her toy and her hand with her own sex juice. With her other hand, she mauled her own breasts roughly, pulling and pinching her nipples, her lips pursed tightly together as she beared down against an impending orgasm. God, she was beautiful, like an animal, wild and untamed.

She was a different beauty from Erin, but no less enticing. Some still-functioning part of his mind said that it was because she was his. She was the last piece of another life, a lost love, something that was special and beautiful, but finite. It was something too special for a man to hold onto forever. He could see the love of his youth in her, and maybe, just maybe that was the reason that she and Erin instilled that wild sense of abandon in him, now. They were brave, undaunted about who they were. They were a pair of horny, gorgeous young women, who loved with everything they had, and weren’t the least bit ashamed of the things they enjoyed. That was real freedom.

He’d never considered the fact that he might have an epiphany while watching his daughter plunge a vibrating sex toy into her pussy, but they say inspiration strikes when least expected. A sense of cool came over him. His nervous jitters faded away like so much smoke. His animal self still felt aroused at the sight of a gorgeous, naked teen fucking herself just a few feet away, but there was nothing of the taboo guilt that had plagued him just a moment ago. Casey was beautiful. Her freedom was beautiful. Her desire, her passion, her love. They were all beautiful. What she had found with Erin was also beautiful, and he could no more come between that than he could tear off his own arm.

Yes, he was going to fuck the woman he loved. He was going to plunge his cock into her virgin pussy and ravish her with everything he had. He was going to surrender his body and his mind to a sex-crazed blonde temptress with the body of an angel and the mouth of a devil. He was going to do it while his daughter fucked herself with a vibrating sex toy and watched it happen. By God, his life was going to be a porno.

Chapter 15: A Sexy Secret

Nothing in her life had surprised Erin more than the sight that greeted her when she came through the door to Dave’s home. It was the first time she could recall having been utterly speechless, and for a girl who always had a snappy quip ready for any situation, that was saying something. The all-too-familiar sounds of porn drifted from the living room, drawing her curiously forward. This wasn’t just any porno, though. No, she knew this one. She’d filmed it. She could hear her own voice, and it filled her with panic.

Erin rushed into the room, trembling. Oh, shit! Shit! Shit! Dave had found the footage. He knew about Casey’s blowjob adventures and her role in them. He was furious. He was going to kick her out. She’d lost them both. Her best friend. The man she loved. Gone. How could she be so fucking stupid?

Only, Dave was not furious. Dave sat calmly in the armchair. On the big TV played the video of Casey’s first blowjob. Ian pounded his cock into Casey’s mouth as she drooled around his thick meat stalk. The real Casey was on the couch, her legs spread, nude cunt on full display, the pink rabbit pressed against her clit as she watched her own face get fucked.

Erin stood dumbly, looking from Casey to Dave, then to the screen, then back to Dave. her overnight bag fell limply from her fingers, diverting Dave’s attention from the screen.

“Hey, you,” he said with a feisty grin, and rose from the chair.

A hard-on tented his shorts as he approached her, took her in his arms, and kissed her. His hands gripped her ass, and for a moment she was frozen, shocked, but then she melted into him and kissed him back. The initial shock was beginning to fade, but her mind swirled with questions.

“What… what’s going on?” She asked.

“Oh, you know, watching my slut of a daughter get her mouth fucked.”

Casey seemed oblivious to the fact that Erin had arrived. Her attention was so focused on the scene on the TV, and her losing battle to hold in her orgasm.

“Fuck, fuck,” she panted, “Daddy, I need to cum so bad! Please!”

“Not yet, slut!” he barked.

Casey quivered and kept the vibrator on her clit, her body taught and shaking.

“I’ll explain the very compelling argument Casey made a little later,” Dave explained, “For now, I’m told that this is kind of your area of expertise. Would you like to give her some direction?”

“Would I?” Erin crowed, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Is this for fucking real?”

“For fucking real,” Dave confirmed, and added, “I love my daughter so much. If what she needs to be happy is to be treated like a sex toy, well, what better place than with people who care about her. Go ahead.”

Erin easily fell into character. In fact, it wasn’t a character. It was her. She joined Casey on the couch, stroked her hair, and loudly enough for Dave to hear, she said, “Is Daddy Dave being so mean to you, baby? Is he making you hold in that big cum?”

“Uh huh…” Casey groaned.

“Your pussy must be so horny thinking about how that big dick used your mouth. If you could just cum it would make it so much better, wouldn’t it?”

“Oh, fuck! Need to… cum…”

“Your dad knows that you’re a slut, doesn’t he?” she asked, and groped Casey’s tits.


“Your dad saw your porno tape, and he’s so mad that you’re a horny cocksucker.”

“Please… please… have to cum!”

“Not until your daddy says it’s ok,” Erin chided, and tugged Casey’s nipple, “I think he wants to punish you,” She said, and looked Dave in the eyes, “should Daddy punish you for being so naughty?”

“Yes! Oh, fuck! Punish me! Please let me cu… cum!”

This was the hottest, dirtiest thing Dave had ever witnessed, and he knew it was only beginning.

“Stand up so you can be punished,” Erin ordered.

Casey obeyed readily, standing, the vibrator held between her legs. Erin nodded Dave to the couch, and he sat down, his heart racing, palms sweating. His eyes didn’t know where to look. The TV showing his daughter slowly suckling at Ian’s cock, or Casey’s trembling body in front of him, or Erin’s wild grin. Erin directed Casey to lay over Dave’s lap, with her ass in the air.

“Stop playing with your dirty cunt so you can be punished,” Erin hissed in her ear, and Dave’s cock jerked against Casey’s breasts. Her sweet, perfect little bottom wiggled in front of him.

“You’re sure about this?” Erin asked him.

“I’m told that if I want this all to work, that I need to learn to share, so… share.”

Erin giggled with glee and her heart swelled.

“Punish your naughty girl, Daddy Dave,” she said, and got to her knees. Her tongue flicked along Casey’s clit at the same moment that Dave’s hand came down on her ass.

Casey cried out in a mix of shock, pain and pleasure as her best friend’s tongue and her father’s hand set off an orgasm she’d been holding for far too long. She bucked against Erin’s face. Dave laid another smack on her ass, and she buried her face into the couch cushion and screamed.

“More!” she cried, “Oh, fuck. More!”

Dave slapped her again. Erin tongued her clit and within moments Casey was soaking her face in more cum. Erin relented. Dave put his hands to his sides. It was one thing to partake in a little fun with Casey, because it was what she wanted. It was quite another to openly molest her ass just because it was in his face. Erin turned Casey over and Dave was presented with her very erect nipples, which Erin quickly sucked into her mouth as she looked up into his eyes.

Jesus! His life was a porno. A good one!

Erin groped Casey’s tits, while still looking up at Dave, snaked her other hand between Casey’s legs and rubbed her pussy.

“You love this, don’t you, baby?” she asked.

He wasn’t certain if the question was directed at him or Casey, but both of them said, “Yes!” and Erin grinned.

“What’s going to happen tonight, Casey?” Erin asked, her fingers busy between Casey’s legs.

“You’re going to… to fuck my… fuck my dad…” Casey said and shook.

“That’s so hot, isn’t it?”

“So hot…”

“You’re going to watch, aren’t you?”


“You’re going to play with your pussy and watch your dad fuck your best friend, aren’t you?”


Erin rubbed at her more aggressively, pushing her closer, while she drove her crazy. She knew exactly how to work Casey up, keep her on edge, and then push her over at just the right time. Casey had a vivid imagination, and Erin knew that if she could put just the right image into her head, and then make her cum, Casey would fix that image in her mind.

“Your daddy is gonna fuck me so hard with his fat cock, until he cums his big load in my pussy.”


“I’m gonna be a daily fuckdoll for your daddy,” she went on, “He’s going to fuck me every night while you sit in your room and listen. You’ll play with your wet little pussy and listen to that headboard bang against the wall while your daddy fucks me. While he fucks your best friend and cums in her like a sex doll.”

“Fuck, fuck! Gonna…”

Dave’s cock was raging at the scene Erin was painting. God, she was a master! It took every ounce of will he had not to reach out and touch Casey’s naked body as she quivered in his lap.

“Every morning I’ll come to your room and spread my legs,” Erin continued, her picture nearing completion, “I’ll let you lick my pussy and get all that cum out of it. You’ll lick out all your daddy’s cum, and wish it was your pussy that he fucked.”

“Ah..ah…uhh, uughhhh!” Casey shrieked and came.

Dave almost lost his own load in his pants from the sheer perversity of what Erin described. It was made all the more exciting, because it was actually true. The daughter that he knew now, Casey the slut, truly would do just that. Dave couldn’t take anymore. His cock was aching. It had to come out.

He picked Casey’s naked body up and carried her up the stairs, casting a glance back at Erin. She leapt to her feet and followed them to the bedroom. Dave dumped Casey on the bed, where she simply lay back and tried to catch her breath.

Dave tore his shirt off and threw it aside, caught up in an animal desire. He took Erin in his arms and devoured her lips. She kissed him back just as enthusiastically, only breaking long enough to peel her shirt off, revealing her big, braless tits. Dave spared a glance in wonder, but then he was kissing again, his hands roaming down her sides, cupping her ass, moving up her back.

Casey, now recovered, watched as another of her perverse fantasies came to life before her eyes. Her dad made out passionately with her topless bestie. She knew that there was only one way this night was going to end. Erin was getting fucked. She was going to watch. She gently rubbed her cunt and groped her tits as she watched the couple sucking face.

Dave gently pushed Erin back on his bed, undid the catch on her shorts, and slid them down her legs. Her panties were gone the next instant, and she spread herself eagerly for him. Dave had not tasted pussy in a long time, and he was ravenous for it. He got to his knees and placed Erin’s legs over his shoulders, then buried his tongue in her moist slit. His experience availed him, and within moments his practiced technique returned.

“Yes!” Erin cried, “Ooh, yes, that’s so fucking good!”

There was a surprised muffled squeak, and when Dave looked up from between her legs, he saw that Casey was lip-locked with Erin, groping her tits. Erin purred into Casey’s mouth as their tongues played with one another, lips smacking wetly. Not in his wildest fantasies had Dave ever imagined that he’d be in a threesome with his own daughter, but damn was it the most erotic thing he’d ever seen.

Erin bucked and came on his tongue, squeezing her legs together on either side of his head, lost to the pleasure. He pried them apart, stripping off his shorts as he stood. His cock bobbed, hard and happy as the two girls looked up at him expectantly. Dave took Erin’s legs and moved them onto the bed, then crawled between them. Her hand shot up and stroked his cock, but then the unexpected happened. Casey got to her knees and spit on the head of his dick. Erin and Dave both looked at her, shocked, but she just grinned and sidled up next to Dave.

“Do it, daddy,” She hissed in his ear, “Push your dick in that warm teenage pussy. It’s so wet and horny for you.”

Dave knelt, placed himself in position. His cockhead, coated with Casey’s spit, nestled snugly against Erin’s opening, parted her lips, found her wet entrance, and slipped inside, parting her folds.

“Oh, God!” Erin moaned.

Dave wrapped his arms around her, kissed her gently, slowly, and began to push. Erin squealed, clung to him, kissed back, and humped her pussy against him. Casey lay next to them on the bed and began to stroke herself as she watched her father slowly push his dick into her best friend’s inviting pussy.

Erin’s cunt walls sucked at Dave’s penetrating penis, accepting it, milking it, craving it. He bumped up against her hymen, stopped, gave another gentle nudge. Erin’s hands gripped at his shoulders, his hair, her mouth worked against his own. He drew back, pushed, and Erin squeaked, gasped, and then lay still. Dave waited. Casey came on her fingers.

Dave raised his head, looked Erin in the eyes, and said, “I swear, if I see those little hearts, I’m pulling out right now.”

She giggled, and answered, “You are not pulling out. You’re mine!” she put her lips to his ear, and whispered, “Fuck me until you cum.”

He did, gently, slowly, at first. She deserved it. She deserved someone to make love to her, to worship her this first time. She deserved to feel loved in all the ways that she’d made him feel it, had made Casey feel it. It no longer mattered if those ways were a little dirty, a bit…a lot unconventional. Not every way we love those around us has to be chocolate, presents, and jewelry, he thought. Sometimes, the best way to love is just to embrace the things that make each of us unique.

He moved inside of her, rocking back and pushing in, feeling her body move against him as they found their rhythm. Theirs. It was theirs. He’d had his rhythm with Kathy, and that was gone. It had been wonderful and special, and he would always hold it in his heart and look back on it with fondness.

But here was something else, special in its own unique and exciting way. It wasn’t the puppy dog love or devotion of a young man. This had been a slow-burning thing born out of years of dedication, tempered from his experience. This was a new chapter, a new love, one that encompassed the two people who mattered most in his life.

Erin bucked against him, and he met her with more powerful, intense thrusts, driving his cock deep into her. He watched Casey kissing her, his daughter’s hands groping and stroking Erin’s breasts as he fucked her closer and closer to their orgasm. When it came, the most wonderful pussy he’d ever felt contracted tightly around his shaft and demanded his cum. He surrendered to it easily, burying himself deep into her, holding her tightly as she threw her head back and gasped.

Jesus fucking Christ! Casey thought. It was the hottest fucking thing she’d ever seen. It wasn’t just the eroticism of the whole situation, the fact that she was getting off while her own dad fucked her best friend, it was watching the two of them together. Years ago, one simple mistake by a drunk woman had brought a stranger into her family, and today that stranger was part of it, an inseparable part. Watching her dad making love, not fucking, but making love to Erin was more exciting than the dirtiest porn she’d ever watched. It’s because it was real, she thought, it wasn’t just fantasy filth. It was real, and that was something that porn could never be. No matter how many dirty scenarios you watched, or how hot this or that person was, they would never be real. That was the difference.

The feel of a man releasing inside of her was like nothing Erin could describe. It was one thing to watch porn and see videos or pictures of cumshots. It was quite another to feel the power of the man you loved holding tightly to your naked body, while his cock blasted powerful shots of cum into your quivering pussy. She’d thought that all that filthy porno had prepared her to take on anything. She was wrong. So very wrong. She wasn’t ready for the rush of emotion that surged straight through her heart as the rhythm they’d built up together culminated in that shared, explosive moment of pure heaven. She wasn’t prepared for the way it would make her feel, like her heart was so full that it could burst.

She wasn’t a girl from a broken home. She was a woman with a home. She had a sister. She had a man that she loved. He loved her. She felt it in his body. She tasted it on his lips. She saw it in his Halo-filled eyes, and he didn’t need any heart emojis to do it. It was real, and it was hers. She took Casey’s hand, squeezed it as she breathed raggedly, looking up at Dave with wonder. Her other hand stroked his cheek. There were no words. They didn’t need any. Dave kissed away her happy tears and held her, saying, “I will never let you go.”


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