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Korrupting Kayla: Book Two Cover Reveal

Korrupting Kayla turned out to be an unexpected sensation. When I started that story, I really had no idea how much people would like it. Judging by the poll results, reads, and downloads, you all like Kayla just as much as I do.

Finishing her story is something that I wanted to do with my best foot forward, to really produce a high-quality product that will be enjoyed as much as the first book, if not more. I know it's been a while since I've done any more on that one and there's a reason.

I started Korrupting Kayla as a serial for Literotica, but when people started to tell me how much they liked it, I stopped producing more chapters. That was done in order to take the time to tell the story in a way that would be satisfying. I always aim to produce good work that's entertaining, kinky, dirty, and fun. Some stories are a miss. I don't want that to happen with this one. There are a lot of people invested in Kayla's story, and I don't want to let anyone down. It's one of the few books that actually sells a substantial number of physical copies on a regular basis.

My writing's come a long way since I started that story. The first book wasn't a perfect one, and that was partially due to my own ignorance of formatting, dialogue tags, etc. Those are things I've been paying a lot of attention to since. This time, I want everything to be perfect.

Normally, I do my own cover art, which probably shows, but I feel like I do a pretty decent job with them. I've changed the covers on the books a couple of times in order to make them more attractive and to help set the tone of a particular story. With this one, I opted to get it done by professionals. The cover for this one was done by Miblart and I'm really pleased with what they've produced.

I'll just leave this here. Feel free to drop a like on the post if you feel like I made the right call. When it releases, it will be available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover.

Korrupting Kayla: Book Two Cover Art
Korrupting Kayla: Book Two Cover Art

Korrupting Kayla: Book Two 3D Cover Art
Korrupting Kayla: Book Two 3D Cover Art


Not up to date on Kayla's story? You can start it in the story index or download a copy from the shop!

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