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Kitten Tells Daddy No: Video Story

I feel like there could be a real story here. Don't be surprised if you see a book titled Kitten next year. Source at the end. Videos DO have audio, so be aware of your surroundings. 😉

Watch the entire video here or scroll down to read the story with clips.


Kitten hated that her panties were wet, but it happened every time. Daddy knew it. Daddy knew that Kitten's pussy told her to be bad, to say things she didn't mean and to be a little brat. Even at eighteen years old, she just couldn't be a good girl.

"Daddy, no! Oh..." Kitten cried as his hand rubbed her cunny through the wet panties.

"Hush, Kitten. Whose fault is it?" Daddy asked.

Today, Daddy wanted Kitten to wear the yellow sundress, but Kitten told Daddy, "No," because she knew that the tiny yellow dress would make daddy do things to her, and everyone was home. They'd get caught.

"It's... It's mine!" Kitten admitted.

"Who told Daddy no, Kitten?"

He'd pull her into a corner, or a bedroom, even though everyone was home, and make her pussy hot with his fingers. He'd spread her legs and push his cock into it. It would make Kitten cum, and her pussy was already so sore from daddy making it cum that morning.

"Oh... Me... I... Daddy!" Kitten sputtered, trying to push daddy's hand away.

Daddy didn't like that, and so he spanked Kitten's bottom and kept rubbing her wet hole.

"You know Daddy can't help it, can he?" Daddy asked.

"No... I know... Daddy!" Kitten said, because she knew it was her fault for having a cute, wet cunny.

"How come, Kitten? Why does Daddy have to do this?" Daddy asked, clutching her wrists.

"I... I have a cute, wet cunny that... makes me bad!" Kitten sniffled, "I... My cunny is naughty!"

"Yes, Kitten. Your little cunny gets so wet and tells you to be bad, doesn't it?"

Daddy's fingers made squishing sounds in her pussy, making Kitten's head light and fuzzy. She'd already cum so much when daddy woke her with his tongue, when he'd forced those orgasms out of her before breakfast, but now another one was coming on.

"I'm sorry! It's... so bad!" Kitten cried.

"Daddy has to cum the brat out of it, doesn't he?"

"Yes!" Kitten wailed, "Oh, no, Daddy! It's... I can't..."

Kitten's body shook and she came, painfully, deliciously, knowing that Daddy was right. She had such a naughty cunny, and it was always able to cum.

"It's alright, Kitten," Daddy said, "Let it happen."

She sobbed at the shame of having such a bratty pussy that made her be bad, but Daddy wanted to be sure this time. He needed to do it to her to make her behave. Daddy knew that when she was all cummed out, that she would be good. Until the next time. It was so much, though, so bad but so good to let Daddy do it, when she knew it was wrong.

"I... don't want to... Daddy... I can't"

Every time she said it, Daddy told her she was pretending. Kitten didn't feel like she was pretending, but Daddy knew better. Daddy understood that girls with wet pussies didn't really know what they wanted.

"Daddy knows you can," Daddy said, "Be good for Daddy."