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The Good Samaritan (Guest Post by All These Roadworks)

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This story contains themes of nonconsent.

If you're familiar with my work, you've likely read some of the exceptionally creative stories by the master of fetish fiction, All These Roadworks. He's the author of the exceedingly dark and twisted novels TitCage and The Lesbian Debt, and one of my personal favorites.

This story is copyright of All These Roadworks. Posted with permission of the author.

These works are erotica, not politics, and the author urges everyone to base their sexual and romantic interactions on a foundation of respect, equity, safety and positive enthusiastic consent. Please click here for a comprehensive discussion of his content policy.

Warwick considered himself a “good Samaritan” to a certain type of girl – and that “certain type of girl” being girls with incest fantasies.

He looked out for them online – girls of legal age, usually young but sometimes older women who were mothers and/or wives, who were looking for incest porn.

He would find them on this site or the other. He would chat to them. He would find out exactly what kind of interaction they fantasized about. Father-daughter? Brother-sister? Sister-sister? Mother-daughter? Mother-son?

And most importantly, he would find out their real name and where they lived. This was rarely something they just volunteered, but Warwick was clever, and he knew the internet, and there ways and means of identifying someone even when they thought they were anonymous.

And then he would go to work. It was simplicity itself. He would perform a pair of swift, targeted abductions. And 12 hours later, the girl would wake up to find herself naked in a basement prison cell – and sharing the cage with her would be the object of her fantasies. Her mother, her sister, her brother, her father, her uncle – whichever family member she dreamed about fucking.

(Or at least, so Warwick believed, for it had never occurred to him that a girl who searched father-daughter incest porn might not want to fuck her actual father…)

There would be a small supply of food and water – laced with aphrodisiacs, to help them get started. There would several cameras outside the cell, at different angles, to watch them and record them.

And there was a simple black and white sign on the wall.

If the pairing was of two women, the sign read, “YOU CAN GO FREE AFTER YOU MAKE EACH OTHER ORGASM THREE TIMES.”

If it was a man and a woman, it instead read, “YOU CAN BOTH GO FREE AFTER YOU EJACULATE IN EACH OF HER HOLES.”

Both captives would be fitted with a small, black plastic collar that could not be removed. Every thirty minutes until they started fucking, it would give them a powerful electro-shock. When they started fucking, Warwick would turn it off, from his remote control room, reactivating it five hours after they stopped to prompt them to begin another round.

It was a perfect setup. The girls got to fuck their family member, without ever having to admit that they actually wanted such a perverted arrangement. In fact, some girls would preserve the illusion that they didn’t want to fuck their father or brother by crying or weeping or begging them not to cum in their pussy, because they weren’t on birth control.

As promised, once they had completed their program of incestuous sex, Warwick would knock them out again and return them to their home. He would share the video of their encounter with them too, so that they could re-watch it and remember the experience. He couldn’t just give them copies, of course – the girl would be forced to destroy hers to maintain the charade that she hadn’t wanted any of this to happen. So instead he uploaded it to a public porn website that refused all takedown requests, and sent them both links to it.

After the first dozen women had been forced to fuck their family members, Warwick decided to improve on the program, and help them fulfil their other kinks. For girls who had incest and impregnation kinks, he would require the girl’s father or brother or son to keep fucking her twice a week after release, under threat of having their video publicized, until the girl fell pregnant. For girls with violent rape kinks, the sign in the cage would have the added words, “YOU MUST MAKE HER CRY. YOU MUST LEAVE A BRUISE.”

Warwick cherished his successes. Every incestuous fantasy fulfilled was a miracle, but sometimes his beneficiaries went above and beyond what he had ever expected.

He remembered Kelly, who had had a mad sexual crush on her older sister Gina. Forced to fuck in his cage, both girls had discovered a genuine passion for incestuous lesbianism, and had gone on to have an intense sexual relationship even after being released.

He remembered Rosa, who had fantasized about being fucked by her father. When he’d paired them up, her father had been eager enough to stick his cock into her – but he’d been so horrified to find her sopping wet for him, and to feel her orgasm as he raped her, that after they’d been freed he’d begun to secretly punish her for her whorish behaviour when the two were alone together, which on each occasion started by stripping her nude to beat her tits and her pussy, and then sticking his cock back into her cunt to see if she’d learned her lesson. (She never did.)

He remembered Madison, whose virginal 18-year-old cunt had been impregnated by her own brother as they fucked in Warwick’s cage. Upon their release, her brother had been so terrified someone would find out that the baby growing in her womb was his that he had forced her to invent a story about working as a teen prostitute and falling pregnant to an anonymous client. When her disgusted parents kicked her out onto the street, the lie became the truth, as Madison took up residence in a local brothel. Her brother became one of her frequent clients, and then, later, as her belly swelled with pregnancy and her tits began to lactate, her father began to make his own visits to investigate his daughter’s new career.

Warwick never touched the girls himself, of course. They never even saw him. That was because he was truly selfless. This wasn’t about satisfying him – although of course he did masturbate as he watched his incestuous couples work themselves up to the idea that they were actually going to fuck each other.

Because of Warwick, so many women with frustrated incestuous fantasies had had a chance to experience the reality. And because of that, the world was a better place. No one would give Warwick the medal he deserved for his actions.

But that was okay. Because, in the end, the work was its own reward.

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