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Julia's Dreams

Julia's Dreams by Tori Hamlin

Julia didn't particularly enjoy having her brother's fat log of a cock buried so deeply in her anus that it felt as though her insides were being rearranged. She was, however, becoming used to it. After a while, she knew, she would even orgasm from it.

It hadn't been an easy thing, either mentally, emotionally, or physically, to be anally pounded by her brother. It had been even less so when her father had started in on it. Julia didn't have much say in the matter, though, because Julia was a whore.

Having always been told that she had the biggest, sluttiest udders in town and that her ass was the kind that folks classified as a "money maker," Julia had started down the path to sex work as a stripper. Living in a relatively small town, with only two such establishments, it didn't take long for her family to discover what she was up to.

Julia's town did not have a great deal of opportunity. Pretty girls usually ended up as strippers or hookers. Julia had ended up as both. Her large melons and delectable bottom had made her the most popular girl at the club, earning her great tips.

Within days, her brother was also visiting Julia's club and not a soul in town could blame him for buying lap dances from his blushing and embarrassed sister. A few days after that, her father was there, too, and most folks just nodded their head with understanding as Julia ground her ass and pussy against their familial erections.

Julia had dreams, though, dreams that could only come true outside of the small town with little opportunity. Julia dreamed of moving away and making a name for herself in a big city, where she could use her amazing assets to become a high-end escort. She loved submissively pleasing men, adoringly swallowing their stiff cocks and allowing them to pump her pliable nineteen-year-old body full of hot cum. The fact that she could be paid for it was even better.

Within weeks of beginning her stripping job, Julia began accepting money from men to fuck her. That money she saved up in order to follow her dream. That same week, her brother had come to the brothel and paid to fuck her.

Julia had protested at first, saying, "No! It's bad enough having to grind on your dick at the strip club. You're not going to fuck me!"

The brothel's Madame had slapped Julia for her disobedience, and then held her down, apologizing as she lubed up Julia's anus.

"I'm so sorry," she said, "She's usually such a good whore. Brother cock is just another cock, so I don't understand why she'd be such a whiner about it."

Julia mumbled into the mattress and kicked her legs as the Madame held her face down.

"Thanks kindly," her brother said. "She's been a real cocktease. You understand, right?"

The Madame nodded understanding, putting her weight on Julia's shoulders and spreading her ass apart. Julia's brother eased his thick penis into his sister as Julia wiggled and groaned. It was not that she didn't like anal sex, only that most men weren't as endowed as her brother and, of course, it was her brother. Money was money, though, in the Madame's opinion.

He worked his cock into Julia's ass, taking several minutes to open her up widely enough to accept his girth. Julia whimpered and mumbled as it happened, but when the full, thick length of his tool was fully lodged in her backdoor, it took her breath away. Then, he began to fuck her. Soon, she no longer had to be held down because she was cumming and asking for more of it. It was disgusting and horrible, but the incredibly full, stuffed feeling it gave her was like nothing else.

The next week, her father made a visit and, again, Julia balked at having to fuck her father. Once more, though, she was slapped and held down, her anus violated by the man that had raised her. Just as well-hung as her brother, Julia had in intense cum as her daddy pounded her butthole into orgasming submission.

At home, the two of them touched her more frequently, groping her ass or tits, while making lewd comments about how sluttily she'd cum from her incestuous buttfucking. The next week, they each came twice, and three times the week after that. They never wanted her pussy or her mouth. Something about forcing their mammoth meat into her ass just did it for them.

After anally violating her six times a piece, they began to see Julia as little more than a slutty hole when she was at home. They treated her more like a rubber sex torso now, rather than a family member. They didn't even pay her anymore.

"If you want a place to live, the price is your fat, slutty butt," her father declared.

As Julia did not want to spend her dream money on a place to live, she became used to waking up in the night with one of them stuffing their fat meat into her backdoor, while they pulled back her hair and pummeled her jiggling cheeks with their forceful thrusts. She always, inevitably, orgasmed from it.

However, the novelty of nightly butt-humping, even one's own sibling or daughter, became normal. Therefore, they began to choke her on their cocks once they'd finished with her ass. Julia hadn't wanted to do ass-to-mouth with her father the first time it had happened, but he'd slapped her with his slimy cock log until she opened her mouth and accepted it. Her brother didn't have as much difficulty with her the following night.

The logical next step was to take her two at a time and, within a week, Julia was being spit-roasted. One of them would stretch her mouth out around their cock, while the other made use of her asshole. Once the first had greased her butthole with their load for the second, they'd swap places. On many nights, using her mouth after plumbing her rectum would get them hard again, leading to many a long night of Julia being skewered to the point of exhaustion.

This practice, too, soon lost its novelty and there was only one further hole to explore.

"My house, my holes," her father declared, as he pushed her legs back and fed his fat cock into his daughter's reluctant fuckhole.

Her Daddy thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of Julia's overfull cunt tightly encircling his erection, gripping it as she grunted. He forced orgasms out of her until she was in tears and twitching, every nerve hypersensitive and her pussy soaking her sheets. Her brother was eager to repeat the exercise the following morning and, though she was tired and sore, her spasming cunt seemed happy to pleasure his immense cock.

As Julia had become little more than a subhuman fucktoy to the two of them, the only thing left for it was to impale her on their dicks at the same time. Her father squeezed her oversized tits in his hands as Julia bounced dazedly on his cock, her cunt stretched so widely that the suction of his thrusts was audible. She wailed when her brother stuffed his dick into her backdoor at the same time and she felt as if she might break. It never got easier, even though she still orgasmed through the painful pleasure of being so full.

The only problem with this arrangement, was that their fucktoy often screeched and wailed loudly as they pounded their thick meat into her pleasure sheaths. It was distracting and often threw off the rhythm that they'd carefully built up with their intense, painful thrusting. Her father tried to gag her, but the wailing still made it through.

This went on for several days, causing the two men no end of trouble and headaches. Then, Uncle Buck moved in and provided the perfect solution. Now, the only sounds from Julia's lewdly stretched mouth were her glurks and sputtering as she was finally, blessedly full.


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