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Grandfather's Trust: Guest Post by All These Roadworks

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This story contains themes of non-consent.

If you're familiar with my work, you've likely read some of the exceptionally creative stories by the master of fetish fiction, All These Roadworks. He's the author of the exceedingly dark and twisted novels TitCage and The Lesbian Debt, and one of my personal favorites.

This story is copyright of All These Roadworks. Posted with permission of the author.

These works are erotica, not politics, and the author urges everyone to base their sexual and romantic interactions on a foundation of respect, equity, safety, and positive enthusiastic consent. Please click here for a comprehensive discussion of his content policy.

Serina’s grandfather had always called her a whore, and when he died, his will showed that he intended to prove it. His house, which she had lived in all her life, was placed in trust, and if she obeyed the terms of the will she would be allowed to continue to live in it and draw a modest income; if she did not, the full worth of the estate would be converted to a fund intended to frustrate and damage her life in any way that could be found.

The terms of the trust were simple. She would immediately quit all her current employment and education. She would start a career as a model. She must have a photograph of herself under her real name with her breasts visible published on the internet within three months, that would appear under searches for her name. Within six months, there must be a photo showing her face and exposed cunt in the same picture. At that point, she must fill any days not spent modeling by working as a stripper.

Within nine months, internet searches must return a picture of her masturbating. And by the end of the year, she must have had sex on camera and had video and photos of that sex published.

In the second year, she would be required to spend her free time working as a prostitute. At this point, she was prohibited from ever alleging that she had been raped or molested, by way of report to the police or otherwise. In the event that she was raped, she was required as far as possible to track down her rapist and invite him to use her again. By the end of the year, internet searches for her name would return predominantly photos of her with cum on her face or breasts.

The idea of all this horrified her, but at her heart she was submissive, and the idea of not doing as the will told her to never really seemed like an option. On Monday morning she started ringing porn producers, to see who might like to photograph her topless…


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