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Andrew's Abstinence: Illustrated

Andrew came home from church camp with a renewed sense of spiritual purpose. Each time he attended, it was as though he could feel the Holy Spirit having touched his shoulder and assured him that he was on the right path. Having just graduated from high school, this year's camp had focused on a special lesson that Andrew felt certain was going to help him succeed in life.

Already a virgin, Andrew took to the lessons about abstinence readily. The distractions caused by a girl's body, the temptations of their soft curves and seductive eyes, had led a few of his friends astray already. At least one was going to be a father, right out of high school. Andrew had seen the distress it had caused in his friend's life, as well as that of the girl. Andrew, himself, didn't want that. He was intent on making the most of himself and pursuing a real career. When he met the right woman, then he'd consider giving in to temptation in a way that was right and holy, one that conformed to the ideals of his church and the will of The Lord.

Andrew came home to find his sister's car in the driveway. Two years older than Andrew, Becky had been away for the whole year for her sophomore year of college, attending a school six states away. Andrew was excited to see his older sister, and couldn't wait to tell her all about his new vow of abstinence, to show her his purity ring, and to have her support. Maybe he could even get Becky to adopt abstinence, herself, as a show of familial solidarity.

He found Becky in the living room, lying on the couch, watching TV. His sister perked up at his arrival, running forward to give him a big hug and squashing her large, braless tits into his chest.

"Oh my God! It's so good to see you!" Becky squealed excitedly, "How was your little Jesus camp?"

Andrew was slightly embarrassed at having his retreat referred to as a "little Jesus camp," but he ignored the jab and touched his purity ring. The feel of Becky's large, soft, and obviously braless breasts were the first real test of his vow. He could tell that it was the devil's temptation, too, as it made him think about large, jiggling tits and that those tits were his own sister's. It was a double whammy that had involuntarily made his cock twitch.

"It was really great," Andrew said, seriously, "When did you get in?"

"Just a few hours ago," Becky answered, "Do you think you can help me take some bags out of the car?"


Andrew aided his sister in taking her bags in. While she unpacked and put her things away, Andrew related the remarkable tale of his spiritual journey at church camp. Becky laid out her things on the bed prior to putting them away, sorting out the mess of clothes into matching piles. Among the piles were several pairs of very tiny, lacy panties and bras that she set right next to Andrew. The sight of them made her brother blush as he stammered about his vow of abstinence.

His eyes kept drifting to the little pieces of cloth, the devil's temptation putting images in his mind of where those panties and bras had been. Becky left these articles for last, forcing Andrew to sit next to them uncomfortably as she put everything else away.

"So, you're going to be like a monk, or something?" Becky asked, "You're never going to have sex?"

Andrew laughed and shook his head, saying, "No. It just means I'm saving myself for the woman I'll marry, so we can begin our life together in purity."

Becky giggled a bit at the dreamy look in Andrew's eyes as he imagined himself and the unnamed future wife.

"What if she's not a virgin, though?" Becky asked, arranging her make-up table.

"I'm not going to force my own beliefs on anyone," Andrew said, shrugging, "People are who they are. My choice doesn't have to be everyone's. If we fall in love, I'll love her for who she is, not who she was."

"That's really sweet," Becky said and gave him another hug, this time pulling his face into her cleavage and smothering him with her tits.

Andrew flushed as his cock hardened, betraying him. Becky held him a moment longer before letting him go.

"What if she's disappointed, though, because you don't know what to do when it's time to get it on?" Becky asked.

Andrew blushed and stammered, "I… I'm not worried… about that."

Becky shrugged and said, "Okay. I guess we'll see how long you make it."

Andrew furrowed his brow in confusion and asked, "What does that mean?"

Becky grinned, saying, "Boys aren't made for that shit, Drew. Especially eighteen-year-old boys. You'll be jerking off by the end of the week."

"That's… No, I won't! That's gross!" Andrew argued.

Becky shrugged again and said, "We'll see. I want to have a nap. It was a long drive."

"Yeah. Okay," Andrew agreed, leaving his sister alone.


That evening Andrew made dinner and Becky helped. He didn't feel it was all that appropriate for his sister to putter about the kitchen wearing only a pair of the sexy panties and a tank top, but he focused on making the meal. Becky had other ideas, though. While Andrew kneaded meat patties, Becky wrapped her arms around his waist and pushed her tits into his back. Her hands rubbed his chest, and she whispered in his ear.

"I'm so glad to be home with you. We can have a lot of fun this summer, just me and you."

Her tongue snaked out to flick his earlobe and one hand strayed downward to lightly brush his cock through his jeans.</