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Andrew's Abstinence: Illustrated

Andrew came home from church camp with a renewed sense of spiritual purpose. Each time he attended, it was as though he could feel the Holy Spirit having touched his shoulder and assured him that he was on the right path. Having just graduated from high school, this year's camp had focused on a special lesson that Andrew felt certain was going to help him succeed in life.

Already a virgin, Andrew took to the lessons about abstinence readily. The distractions caused by a girl's body, the temptations of their soft curves and seductive eyes, had led a few of his friends astray already. At least one was going to be a father, right out of high school. Andrew had seen the distress it had caused in his friend's life, as well as that of the girl. Andrew, himself, didn't want that. He was intent on making the most of himself and pursuing a real career. When he met the right woman, then he'd consider giving in to temptation in a way that was right and holy, one that conformed to the ideals of his church and the will of The Lord.

Andrew came home to find his sister's car in the driveway. Two years older than Andrew, Becky had been away for the whole year for her sophomore year of college, attending a school six states away. Andrew was excited to see his older sister, and couldn't wait to tell her all about his new vow of abstinence, to show her his purity ring, and to have her support. Maybe he could even get Becky to adopt abstinence, herself, as a show of familial solidarity.

He found Becky in the living room, lying on the couch, watching TV. His sister perked up at his arrival, running forward to give him a big hug and squashing her large, braless tits into his chest.

"Oh my God! It's so good to see you!" Becky squealed excitedly, "How was your little Jesus camp?"

Andrew was slightly embarrassed at having his retreat referred to as a "little Jesus camp," but he ignored the jab and touched his purity ring. The feel of Becky's large, soft, and obviously braless breasts were the first real test of his vow. He could tell that it was the devil's temptation, too, as it made him think about large, jiggling tits and that those tits were his own sister's. It was a double whammy that had involuntarily made his cock twitch.

"It was really great," Andrew said, seriously, "When did you get in?"

"Just a few hours ago," Becky answered, "Do you think you can help me take some bags out of the car?"


Andrew aided his sister in taking her bags in. While she unpacked and put her things away, Andrew related the remarkable tale of his spiritual journey at church camp. Becky laid out her things on the bed prior to putting them away, sorting out the mess of clothes into matching piles. Among the piles were several pairs of very tiny, lacy panties and bras that she set right next to Andrew. The sight of them made her brother blush as he stammered about his vow of abstinence.

His eyes kept drifting to the little pieces of cloth, the devil's temptation putting images in his mind of where those panties and bras had been. Becky left these articles for last, forcing Andrew to sit next to them uncomfortably as she put everything else away.

"So, you're going to be like a monk, or something?" Becky asked, "You're never going to have sex?"

Andrew laughed and shook his head, saying, "No. It just means I'm saving myself for the woman I'll marry, so we can begin our life together in purity."

Becky giggled a bit at the dreamy look in Andrew's eyes as he imagined himself and the unnamed future wife.

"What if she's not a virgin, though?" Becky asked, arranging her make-up table.

"I'm not going to force my own beliefs on anyone," Andrew said, shrugging, "People are who they are. My choice doesn't have to be everyone's. If we fall in love, I'll love her for who she is, not who she was."

"That's really sweet," Becky said and gave him another hug, this time pulling his face into her cleavage and smothering him with her tits.

Andrew flushed as his cock hardened, betraying him. Becky held him a moment longer before letting him go.

"What if she's disappointed, though, because you don't know what to do when it's time to get it on?" Becky asked.

Andrew blushed and stammered, "I… I'm not worried… about that."

Becky shrugged and said, "Okay. I guess we'll see how long you make it."

Andrew furrowed his brow in confusion and asked, "What does that mean?"

Becky grinned, saying, "Boys aren't made for that shit, Drew. Especially eighteen-year-old boys. You'll be jerking off by the end of the week."

"That's… No, I won't! That's gross!" Andrew argued.

Becky shrugged again and said, "We'll see. I want to have a nap. It was a long drive."

"Yeah. Okay," Andrew agreed, leaving his sister alone.


That evening Andrew made dinner and Becky helped. He didn't feel it was all that appropriate for his sister to putter about the kitchen wearing only a pair of the sexy panties and a tank top, but he focused on making the meal. Becky had other ideas, though. While Andrew kneaded meat patties, Becky wrapped her arms around his waist and pushed her tits into his back. Her hands rubbed his chest, and she whispered in his ear.

"I'm so glad to be home with you. We can have a lot of fun this summer, just me and you."

Her tongue snaked out to flick his earlobe and one hand strayed downward to lightly brush his cock through his jeans.

"Don't do that!" Andrew protested, his hands covered in meat juice, "That's wrong on so many levels."

"If you can't take a little teasing," Becky argued, "How are you ever going to keep up this vow of yours?"

Andrew blushed but didn't say anything. Becky returned to stirring a cornbread mix.

During dinner, Andrew recounted, again, his tale of church camp to their mother. Under the table, Becky casually ran her foot up his leg and pressed her toes into his crotch. She gave him a little smile across the table when she felt his cock harden. Andrew only blushed and stammered about his vow of abstinence.

"That's really sweet of you, honey," their mother said, "If it's what you really want, I'm sure you'll do fine."


As Andrew lay in bed that night, he sighed into his pillow and tossed. His phone pinged with a message, and he muttered to himself about having forgotten to silence it. The message was from Becky.

"Hey, I'm really lonely. Would you just snuggle me for a bit, like we used to?"

Andrew went to Becky's room, thinking of all the times that Becky had come to his bed, or called him to hers, when they were kids. Becky was always an affectionate girl who liked to be held. Many nights, while growing up, he'd needed to lay with her until she fell asleep. It had been many years since it had happened, but he supposed having been away for a while had brought those memories back. He went to Becky's room and knocked lightly.

"Come in," came the reply.

Andrew let himself in.

"You okay?" he asked with genuine, brotherly concern.

"Yeah. Just kind of lonely. My roommate and I sleep in the same bed a lot, so I'm just kind of used to having someone with me. Do you mind? Just until I fall asleep?"

"Alright," Andrew said, and slipped into the bed, laying on his back.

"Not like that, Drew. Hold me," Becky said.

Andrew sighed and turned on his side, putting his arm around Becky's waist. His sister wiggled her bottom and spooned into his crotch to get comfortable, then sighed contentedly and was still. Andrew lay against her warmth. It felt nice, he decided, after so many years. He settled in and began to drift off.

Andrew was nearly asleep when Becky, lazily, rubbed her panty-covered bottom against his crotch. He grumbled but was near sleep. A moment later, Becky pulled his hand from her waist and put it on one of her breasts. Still sleepy, Andrew barely registered this, but then he gave her tit an unconscious squeeze and felt her nipple harden. He tried to pull his hand away but Becky mewled, sleepily, in protest and clung to his hand. Her ass wiggled against him again and Andrew found his cock hardening involuntarily.

"Becky!" he hissed.

His sister mumbled tiredly.

Andrew's hardon pressed into the crack of her ass and he was acutely aware, now, that he was groping his sister's tit in his hand. Finally, he was able to get his hand away. Quietly, he snuck out of Becky's room and slept fitfully the rest of the night.


Andrew made his way to the shower in the morning, but the door to the bathroom was wide open and the water already running. He could hear Becky humming to herself in the shower. Averting his eyes, he reached in and shut the door, then returned to his room to wait his turn. His cock was hard again. He rubbed his purity ring, said a small prayer to himself, and busied himself reading a few of his scriptures. Once he heard the bathroom door open, he waited, then took his turn in the shower.

When he made his way downstairs, intent on making breakfast, he heard sounds from the living room. Upon entering to investigate, he was shocked to find his sister with her legs spread on the couch, masturbating, while watching porno very loudly on her phone.

"Becky! What the heck!" Andrew cried.

Becky only moaned and continued to finger her twat, now watching Andrew with a lusty, glazed expression. Andrew quickly fled back up the stairs. He threw himself on the bed, prayed, and hid in his room. After some time, Becky let herself into the room without knocking. His sister wore only a tank top and Andrew's eyes fell on her naked pussy.

"Becky!" he cried.

Becky quickly approached, put a finger on his lips, and pressed something into his hand, then ran from the room. Andrew, stunned, opened his hand and found a pair of Becky's panties balled up in his fist. The panties were very wet. Blushing, Andrew took the panties to the hamper and put them in, then marched to Becky's room. He knocked at the door.

"Come in," Becky called.

"Are you decent?" Andrew asked.

"Yes," Becky said, and Andrew opened the door.

Becky lay on her bed, stroking her wet pussy with one hand and watching porno on her phone.

"Becky! Cover up! Oh my gosh!" Andrew yelped, covering his eyes.

"It's my room," Becky said, "What did you want?"

Andrew could hear the sound of the porno playing and the slick, wet sound of his sister's fingers playing with her pussy.

"Nothing!" Andrew said and shut the door.


Andrew hid in his room, attempting to avoid any further awkwardness with Becky, but eventually he became hungry. He poked his head out into the hall and, seeing it clear, snuck down the steps to the kitchen. The house was quiet. He set about making a sandwich for himself.

While he laid out the bread and began to lather mayo on the slices, he heard the soft patter of bare feet on the floor. He looked over his shoulder and saw Becky stealing into the kitchen in a pair of panties and her tank top. Andrew whirled around and pressed his back to the counter as Becky swooped in and pressed her body against him. Her hands encircled his waist and her tits pushed into his chest as she leaned upward and kissed him on the mouth.

Andrew made a strangled cry of protest and flailed his arms, but Becky pushed her tongue into his mouth and groped his hard cock through his shorts. He managed to push her away.

"What are you doing?" he shouted, his face flushed.

"What?" Becky asked innocently, "If you can't handle a little teasing, how are you going to survive college with this abstinence vow? Girls in college are going to cocktease you mercilessly."

"You're my sister! You shouldn't be doing that!" Andrew said, rounding the kitchen island to keep away from her.

"I think you like it. Your dick was really hard," Becky countered.

She rounded the island and advanced on him, Andrew backpedaling until his back hit the wall. Becky sank to her knees in front of him and touched his cock through his shorts again, looking up at him.

"Come on," she said, breathily, "You could just let me suck it for you. It would feel really good."

"No! Stop it, Becky!" Andrew said and swatted her hand away, "If you don't stop, I'll… I'll tell mom what you're doing."

Becky laughed at him and said, "Go ahead. Mom's a pervert that watches incest porn. She'll probably give me a pat on the back and tell me to keep it up."

"You're lying!" Andrew stated, "Mom wouldn't do that."

"Oh yeah?" Becky said and reached out to touch his cock again, "I'll show you her browser history. If I'm lying, then I'll stop. If I'm not, then you have to let me jerk you off."

"What? No! That's so gross!"

"Alright. I'm going to keep cockteasing you until I've got your fucking cock balls deep in my pussy, then," Becky said, smiling up at him wickedly and stroking his cock.

Andrew gasped and ran from the room, fleeing up the stairs and locking his door. He knelt and prayed for strength and for his sister's forgiveness. As he prayed, his phone chimed. He said his Amen and checked the phone. The message was a picture of Becky's wet pussy, spread by her fingers, with a message stating, "Your cock goes here."

Your cock goes here

Andrew deleted the message. A few minutes later, another arrived, this one of Becky's open mouth, with the message, "Your cock goes here."

Your cock goes here


Andrew did not want to leave his room, but he couldn't starve himself. He'd never finished making his sandwich and it was getting close to dinner time. He was desperately hungry and he hadn't even had a pee for hours now. He'd deleted four more messages from Becky, showing him her tits, her ass, a sex toy in her pussy and one full body nude. This couldn't go on. He had to tell his mother about Becky's behavior. It had to stop.

Andrew opened his door as quietly as he could and snuck down the stairs. There was no sign of Becky. He quickly got together an easy dinner of fettuccini noodles and sauce, with some bread. While the noodles simmered on the stove and Andrew stirred the sauce in a pan, Becky crept in behind him and kissed his neck, putting her arms around his chest.

"So, did you decide to fuck me?" she whispered, "I can just start by sucking your cock, if you want to go slow."

Andrew struggled away and whirled on her, angry.

"Why are you doing this?" he snapped.

"Because I'm a slut and I want you to fuck me," Becky said, shrugging, "Isn't it obvious?"

"Becky, I'm not going to do that. It's wrong for every reason! You need to stop. Please."

The door from the garage opened and their mother walked in, unphased by Becky's braless tits in her tank top and thin panties.

"Hey, mom," Becky said, and gave her mother a hug.

"Hey, honey," their mother said, returning the embrace, which lasted for quite some time.

"Thanks for dinner again, Drew. I need to get changed. My feet are killing me," mother added, quickly leaving the room.

Becky took a seat at the table, scrolling her phone, watching and making Andrew uncomfortable as he finished dinner. Over their meal, Becky again teased his cock through his shorts with her feet. Andrew, flushed but starved, wolfed down his meal and quickly left the table.


Andrew locked his bedroom door that night and ignored his phone, which pinged twice more. He wouldn't look at it. During the night he awoke to the feeling of Becky slipping into his bed with him.

He woke and turned over to find his sister snuggled under the covers with him. When he opened his mouth to protest, Becky put her tongue in his mouth and began to stroke his cock through his shorts, making him moan into their forbidden kiss. Andrew pushed her away.

"Stop it, Becky!" he said again, "You can't keep doing this."

"But you're hard," Becky teased, "I felt it. Come on. You can just put it in my mouth. It's okay. I want you to."

"I don't want to do that!" Andrew argued, "Can you just leave, please?"

"Fine. You know where my room is, if you need to drain those big balls."

Becky left him alone after peeling off her panties and leaving them on his pillow. Knowing, now, that it was useless to lock the door Andrew threw the panties on the floor and tried to go back to sleep. His cock was so hard it hurt.


A locked door was no barrier for Becky, who easily sprung the bathroom lock with a hairpin and let herself in as Andrew showered the next morning. Nude, Becky got into the shower with her brother and pressed her naked tits into his chest, grabbing his cock in her hand while Andrew was still trying to process the fact that his naked sister was molesting him in the shower. Becky kissed him and fondled his erection, moaning into his mouth.

Andrew wanted to push her away roughly, but the shower was slick, and he didn't want to hurt his sister. He gently struggled under the hot spray as becky relentlessly tugged on his hard cock.

"Becky! Don't!" he protested and tried to skirt around her to get out of the shower.

"You can just let me jerk you off with my hand," Becky said, "That's not breaking your vow, right? That's not even sex and you're not masturbating."

"No! It's wrong!" Andrew said, swatting at his sister's stroking hand.

"I'll bet you need to cum really bad," Becky said, reaching for his cock again.

Andrew groaned. He did need to cum badly. The unholy thoughts were a lot to deal with, but the entire situation was too horribly wrong to contemplate. He couldn't let his sister jerk him off. Her hand running the length of his hard shaft did feel amazing, though, and it had been nearly two weeks since he'd last masturbated, before going to church camp.

"Did you think about me last night? Did you touch your cock and think about putting it in my mouth?" Becky taunted, squeezing his hardon.

"No!" Andrew croaked, his resolve crumbling under his sister's handjob.

"No? Did you think about my pussy? It's really wet, and it would feel so good if you'd just fuck it," Becky said seductively, "You just have to do it."

Andrew summoned his will with a silent prayer and stumbled out of the shower, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around himself as he fled the bathroom. Despite knowing it was futile, he locked the bedroom door and dressed. This was impossible. He couldn't live this way.

Confused, horny, angry, Andrew left the house and drove to his church. For the rest of the day, he volunteered for the food pantry and ignored his phone. He didn't even make it home for dinner.


Andrew came home late and snuck into his room, but when he turned on the light he found Becky in his bed, wearing a lacy bra and matching panties. She patted the bed next to her.

"I'm sorry," she said, "Come lay with me and we'll talk about it. I promise I won't touch you."

Andrew, hesitantly, lay on the bed fully clothed.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" Becky asked, looking up at the ceiling.

"What? Of course," Andrew answered.

"Why don't you want to fuck me?"

"Becky," Andrew groaned, "You're my sister. It's wrong and I don't want to have sex with anyone until I get married."

Becky sighed and was quiet.

"Can I snuggle you? Just for a while?" Becky asked, her eyes pleading.

"Fine. Just… don't do anything weird, alright?"

Becky nodded. Andrew turned on his side and felt Becky turn on hers, then her arm went around his waist. She was quiet, her hot breath on his neck, her breasts against his back. Andrew couldn't deny that her body felt good next to his. Having never been intimate with a woman before, he had nothing else to compare it to.

"You don't know what you're giving up," Becky whispered, when Andrew had begun to doze off.


"I'm always horny," she said, and he felt her hand begin to gently caress his chest, "When I think about your dick, it makes my pussy so wet. Sometimes, I lay awake at night, and I touch it, thinking about you."

"Becky…" Andrew groaned.

"I think about getting on my knees and putting my lips around your cock. I think about looking up at you while I suck it and seeing the pleasure on your face, knowing that I'm making you feel good," Becky hissed.

Andrew's cock stirred at the image, his sister's hand lightly digging into his chest.

"I think about waking up with you and stroking your cock in my hand or putting it between my tits until you cum on me," Becky whispered, her voice low and hot, her breath against his neck in the near dark.

"Stop it, Becky," Andrew hissed.

"Are you going to go tell mom that I want my brother to push his cock in my pussy and fuck it?" Becky teased, her hand drifting downward to the band of his shorts.

Andrew's breath caught in his throat. The feel of her body, the filthy words, the images those words conjured in his horny, teenage mind, had his cock straining. He wanted to touch it. He wanted Becky to touch it. Her fingers lightly raked across his skin, teasing the waistband of the shorts.

"No. I'm not going to tell mom," Andrew whispered, "Just… Becky, it's not right."

"It's right," Becky countered, "No one will ever love you like your big sister, right? I can show you how to do it right."

Her fingers slipped past the band of his shorts and brushed his erect cockhead. Andrew groaned at the feeling.

"You can just let me touch it and stroke it for you," Becky said, "It's so hard, Drew. I can feel how hard your cock is."

Her fingertips gently tickled the head of his cock.

"I… If I let you do it… If I let you touch it, just once, you'll stop?"

"No," Becky answered, "If you let me touch it and stroke it, just once, then I'm going to want to suck it, too. I really want to suck your cock, Drew."

Andrew shivered and Becky grasped the head of his cock in her hand.

"You can't suck it," he said, "But… If you really want to you can… you can touch it. Please. That has to be enough."

"You mean it?" Becky asked, excitement clear in her tone.

"Just once."

Becky shifted, getting to her knees. Before Andrew knew what was happening, she'd unsnapped her lingerie top and pulled it off, baring her naked tits to him. She urged him onto his back and tugged at the string of his shorts, untying it and yanking them down.

"Becky!" Andrew hissed.

"I can't touch it with them on," she said and reached for his boxers, hooking her fingers into the band and tugging on them.

Andrew's cock sprang free, bobbing happily in front of her eyes. Becky wasted no time, wrapping her hand around its length and gently giving it an experimental stroke. Andrew groaned and his cock twitched in her hand. Becky lay on her side, resting her head on his chest, and looked at his erect cock. Slowly, she began to pump it and stare at it.

"You've got a beautiful cock," she whispered, "It feels so good. Do you like that?"

"Uh huh," Andrew answered, his eyes glazed and breath ragged.

"You could let me do this every day for you," Becky said, bringing her face closer to his cock, until Andrew could feel her hot breath on it, "I'd love to stroke it like this every day."

Andrew rested his hand on her blonde head and gripped his sheet with the other, his resolve a memory. Nearly two weeks without an orgasm and now here was his own sister, slowly pumping his cock and saying the dirtiest, most sinful things. He shouldn't be doing it, but it was too hard to say no. His cock had a mind of its own.

"I can stroke it really nice for you, just like this," Becky whispered, "Until it's big and hard, throbbing in my hand. Any time you want it, you can just pull it out and I'll do it for you."

"Becky…" he groaned, his cock twitching in her hand.

"I can make it big and hard like this and you can push it right into my mouth," Becky hissed.

"No!" Andrew protested, weakly, and his cock jerked in her hand.

"No? In my warm, horny, little pussy then?"

"Becky! I'm…"

"You like that idea," Becky said happily, stroking harder, "That would feel so good. You can do it, Drew. Just spread me open and push that big dick into me whenever you're hard."

"Oh! Oh no!" Andrew sputtered and began to cum on her fist.

Becky quickly took action, pushing the spurting head of his cock between her lips and sucking on the sensitive glans, making Andrew writhe and gasp as the pleasure of her tongue flicking across his erupting cock spooned his seed into her hungry mouth. Becky moaned happily as her brother drained his balls, his hand on her head and his body jerking in orgasm.

Gradually, the intensity of his cum began to fade, but Becky nursed lovingly on his cockhead to ensure she'd gotten all he had. When she felt his hand leave her head, she came up, licking her lips, holding his spent penis in her hand.

"Thanks, Drew," she said and kissed his chest, "I'll come back and do it again in the morning, okay?"

Andrew, guilty and flushed stammered, "You… you weren't supposed to suck it!"

"I didn't suck it," Becky said, "I just stroked it and swallowed your cum so it wouldn't make a mess. Do you want me to suck it until it's hard again?"

"What? No! We shouldn't have done that," Andrew said.

"I thought it was great. Just let me stay here tonight, and I can do it for you again in the morning, okay?"

Andrew, blushing, pulled his shorts back on.

"We can't do that again, Becky. It's wrong. I'm such a pervert!" he grumbled, rolling onto his side.

"It's my fault," Becky admitted, snuggling back against him, her naked breasts in his back and arm around his waist once more, "Your sister's a big slut that wants your cock. It's all my fault. You should be punishing me for tempting you."

"What? I'm not going to punish you! Just… we can't do that again. Can we just go to bed?"

Becky fell silent and let him turn out the light.


Andrew awoke to the feeling of Becky pumping his cock once again. Groaning in pleasure, disgust and self-loathing, he opened his eyes and watched his topless sister masturbate his erection for a moment longer than he'd intended.

"Becky… No!" Andrew whined.

"No? I can't stroke your big, hard cock for you again? Don't you like it?" Becky asked, gazing up at him happily.

"No! Yes! We can't…"

"Alright," Becky said, sighing, "but I'm just going to keep cockteasing you until you punish me for being bad. Or until you fuck me. Or both."

She released his cock and left the room without another word, leaving the door open. A moment later he heard the shower running down the hall, Becky clearly having left the door open. His cock still hard and the memory of her hand on it, her mouth swallowing his spunk, Andrew touched his purity ring and felt dirty. He'd broken the vow in the worst way.

He tried not to think of Becky's nude body in the shower right now and her insistent, incestuous pestering. Why was she doing it. Becky started to moan loudly in the shower as she masturbated, moaning his name. Slut. His sister was a slut.

The thought made his hard cock jerk happily. It wasn't fair. He just wanted to be a good and chaste young man, but God had punished him by giving him a slut for a sister. Not just any slut, either. Becky was a gorgeous and horny slut that was willing to do anything for him.

Andrew waited for Becky to finish, so that he could clean the remains of her dried spit and his spunk from his still hard cock. Finally, the water shut off and he heard Becky go to her room. She didn't shut her door.

Andrew quickly made his way to the bathroom and closed the door, just as the sound of Becky's vibrator came from her room and she moaned, "Ooh! Punish me, Drew!"


When Andrew opened the door, dressed and ready to avoid impurity for the rest of the day, he was greeted by the sight of his naked sister in the hallway. Becky knelt, in front of the door, her round and perfect ass upturned toward him and her head on the floor. She was pushing the vibrating toy into her very aroused cunt and moaning softly.

"Becky! What… what are you doing?" Andrew stammered.

"Oh, fuck! Drew, I need it. Just fuck me, please. Why won't you just fuck your pussy, Drew?" Becky begged.

Andrew went through shock to anger. Why couldn't his sister just stop being a slut? It was her fault! She'd tempted him, again and again, pushing him until he'd crumbled. Something snapped and he lashed out, laying a hard slap on Becky's upturned ass.

"Ow! Fuck! Do it, Drew! Punish me! I'm such a slut," Becky wailed, and Andrew spanked her again.

"Stop it! Stop being a slut!" Andrew said, "It's your fault!"

"Oh, yes! It's my fault! I can't stop being a fucking slut for you, Drew," Becky said, her head pressed to the carpet, eyes shut, her body trembling as Andrew spanked her, and then she orgasmed on the toy in her cunt.

Red-faced, Andrew hit her again and yelled, "My… my cock is hard… because of you! It isn't fair!"

"Fuck! Oh, fuck! It's so hard because I'm a slut! Just fuck me and take care of your cock," Becky moaned, continuing to fuck the toy as Andrew spanked her again.

Confused, angry, horny, Andrew straightened and recoiled at what he'd done. He'd just spanked his naked sister and watched her orgasm from it. His dick had never been harder. It raged in his shorts, jerking as he looked down at the writhing slut with the red ass who was, still, moaning and begging for him to use her.

"Becky… I…" he stammered.

Becky spun around, gasping wildly and got to her knees, groping his crotch, his hard cock. Andrew groaned. Becky tugged the shorts down and before Andrew knew what was happening his sister had engulfed half of his cock.

"Oh! Oh, shit!" Andrew exclaimed, his hands reflexively settling on Becky's head, though whether he was going to push her away or hold her in place, he wasn't certain.

"Mk mm thase!" Becky mumbled around his cock, looking up at him hungrily.

Andrew had no idea what she was saying. He was still trying to come to terms with the incredible wetness of his sister's tightly sealed lips around his jerking cock, and the incredible feeling of her tongue dancing across the veiny underside of his shaft. Becky took hold of his hands and pressed them more tightly to her head, and then began to fuck her own face with his cock.

"Oh my god!" Andrew gasped, all thoughts of purity forgotten as Becky inhaled his length and began to assault her own throat with his penis.

"Mmm! Hmm!" Becky moaned happily.

His sister continued to moan, pushing the vibrating toy back into her cunt as she slobbered on his dick. Andrew's legs shook and he held onto her head, his fingers twined roughly into her hair as Becky worked his hard length over with her mouth, her body shaking as she came on the toy again. She felt his cock begin to jump and jerk in her mouth. Before he could cum, she pulled back, trailing a thick rope of spit from her lip and stared up at him.

"I'm not making you cum unless it's in my pussy," she said, laying back on the hallway floor and spreading her legs.

Andrew watched the vibrator slip in and out of her wet pussy, her tits heaving and a slutty fucklust in her eyes as she looked at his wet, hard cock. So close to the point of orgasm, Andrew's brain wasn't working. His cock saw a wet, warm, and inviting hole that it could sink into. It had just been treated to its first feel of a woman's mouth, and now it was being offered another taste of something even sweeter.

"Fuck your pussy, Drew," Becky begged, "You can cum in me. I want it."

Andrew crumbled. He fell to his knees and Becky pulled the toy out of her cunt. She locked her legs around him, pulling him close, and a moment later his excited cock plowed into the tight, welcoming wetness of his big sister's pussy. He grunted and groaned as that perfect sheath of warm pleasure enveloped his length and Becky's arms went around his back, pulling him down on top of her and smashing her tits against him.

"Oh, fuck!" Becky moaned, tossing her head back, "Fuck, yes! Do it, Drew! Fuck your pussy!"

Andrew began to pump his cock into her depths, the wet smack of his crotch into her excited cunt echoing off the walls of the hallway.

"Hump your big cock into your sister, Drew," Becky urged, "That's so good, baby. Just fuck your slutty sister. It's so good, Drew. I love that cock!"

Andrew could only groan in pleasure, the feel of his sister's gripping pussy like nothing he'd ever felt.

"Do you still want to wait, Drew? Are you going to wait until you're married for more pussy?" Becky taunted him, humping against his cock, "You don't want to do this every day, all summer?"

"Oh… Oh my god!" Andrew exclaimed and his cock lurched at the thought.

"That's it," Becky said, "That's right, baby. Fuck your big sister. Just cum in my pussy, Drew. That's where it goes. Oh, fuck!"

Purity the last thought on his mind, Andrew came into his cockteasing sister.


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