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Familial Fuckery: Guest Post by Lisa X Lopez

Since Lisa and I are doing a taboo collab this month around a mom-turned-slut story, I asked Lisa if she'd be interested in bringing some of the taboo content she's been putting together over here to show you guys what she's up to.

Since all of us are right at home with a bit of family fuckery, I figured you all wouldn't mind. Have fun with Lisa's work, and if this is content that you'd enjoy seeing from her regularly, vote YES in the anonymous poll! Have fun, taboo fans. Go check Lisa out if you're not already following. This girl is on fire!

You'll even note the presence of a few Erotikinks easter eggs sprinkled through these. Lisa really is the kind of friend everyone needs.

Helping Mom with Chores

Dad Steals your Girlfriend

Your Dad is your Girlfriend's Personal Trainer

Your Parents Turned your Girlfriend into a Slut

Your Dad Knocks up your Wife

A Modern Mother's Guide to Becoming the Family Fucktoy

Giving your son a Ride is your Responsibility

Mom's Encouragement to Succeed

Your Devout Mother has a Solution to your Masturbation Problem

Your Son is Taking Everything you Love

Michael's Mom, the Secret Slut

You can Always Count on Mom when Things get Hard

Caged and Cucked by your Daughter and Brother

Dommy Mommy Lisa

Hot Mom Lisa

Daddy's Little Slut

And this is the teaser for Lisa's first big video story, Model Parent. If you want to snag a copy of this hot 18-minute watch, you can pick it up from Lisa's Shop! If you do, she's got an exclusive discount for Erotikinks. Use the coupon code EROTIK25 for 25% anything in her shop!

Lisa's a super creative hottie, who is on a whirlwind of content creation. If you're into themes of cuckolding, bad mothering, femdom, and taboo, check out what Lisa's doing across her erotic empire. She's a huge supporter of this site, and I'm doing what I can to return the favor. Hope you enjoy!

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