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Dixie Trix

Just gonna leave this here. Image unrelated.

When AI art goes horribly wrong

Dixie Trix loved her cocks,

She loved her cocks Inside her box,

She rode them here,

And sucked them there,

She pumped and humped them everywhere.

When it came to pricks,

There was one lass,

Who took them quick,

Right up the ass,

That was Dixie,

Last name Trix,

Who never got enough of dicks.

A silly slut with hair of red,

Everyone took her cunt to bed,

They fucked her hard,

And left her wet,

They spanked and leashed her like a pet.

Her mouth and holes,

Were free to use,

To plow and pound and leave abused.

She never denied a prick its joy,

Even if that prick was not on a boy,

She licked at snatch,

And sucked at slit,

She humped on gash,

And tongued the split,

Filled with cream,

Or plugged with bone,

Between some legs, she was right at home.


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