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Chasing the Train

This story contains heavy themes of nonconsent. It is an utterly fanciful work of fiction. As always, it should be treated as such. At no time does this author or site condone nonconsensual acts. Always participate in everything you do with positive, enthusiastic consent.
Oh, Happy New Year 😈
Chasing the Train

Leah's friends were not actually friends. In fact, they considered eighteen-year-old Leah to be kind of a cunt. What her friends liked about Leah was that she drove a nice car and was often generous with spending her daddy's money on matching outfits, makeup, and other useless baubles.

Leah was the kind of girl that liked to chase the latest trends. She wore the newest styles, had her hair done in the latest celebrity fashion, and participated in all the viral social media nonsense. These things were like validation for Leah, who was actually quite an airhead and otherwise performed little in the way of any helpful service to the rest of humanity.

Things came to a head when, during the TikTok trend "Go Big or Go Home," Leah made an appointment for Maximizer injections and increased her tit size to that of a cock-crazed bimbo. Leah's friends could not afford a procedure like this and were also jealous of Leah's new, large, fake tits. Leah's new udders took most of the attention away from them when they went out, and her new bimbo jugs had boys slobbering on themselves to ask her out or lavish her with unnecessary gifts. It was at this point that they informed Leah of the latest trend, one that they were already participating in and far outpacing Leah in.

Candice and Melanie sat around the lunch table the three of them shared, Candice's phone muted and a video playing, when Leah took her seat. The two of them cooed and giggled.

"What are you watching?" Leah asked.

"Oh, Candice got raped yesterday," Melanie said.

"Twice," Candice added. "The second one was too busy raping me to take a video. I'm just lucky the first time there were two of them."

"Oh my God!" Leah exclaimed. "Are you alright?"

"Uh, yeah," Candice said. "It was, like, the hottest thing ever!"

"Yeah," Melanie chimed in. "Everyone's doing it. I mean, it's, like, the highest compliment a guy can pay you. If you're so hot that he can't even be bothered to ask if you want it, that's like… super-hot!"

Leah looked at the two of them in utter shock, unaware that the video had actually been made by Candice's boyfriend and his friend.

"That's horrible," Leah said. "Are you serious?"

Melanie nodded and added, "I hope I can get raped tonight."

"Try the back alleys down on 7th Street. That's where I got raped the second time. The first was by two of Chet's friends," Candice explained.

"Your boyfriend's friends raped you?" Leah exclaimed.

"Yeah. Chet said they could," Candice said.

"That's sick! Why would he do that?" Leah asked.

Candice just shrugged and said, "I guess they think I'm hot."

Leah was quiet through the rest of lunch, listening to her friends talk about getting raped, and how much they couldn't wait to have it happen again.


The following day, Candice and Melanie were again watching videos of themselves being held down and fucked against their will. These were further fabrications, but they continued to make Leah wonder if this was, in fact, a trend she needed to be in on.

"Look at him go," Candice said. "Isn't a good raping just the best?"

On Melanie's screen, a masked man had her shoved against the wall as she struggled and cried, forcing his cock into her and mashing her tits against the brick wall.

"Really scary," Melanie said, "but I'm up to two now. You?"

"Four," Candice said.

"Did you get raped?" Melanie asked Leah.

"No!" Leah spat.

The two of them shrugged and continued to watch the video.


The following day, Candice proclaimed that she'd been raped six times now, while Leah boasted that she was up to four. When Leah admitted that she, still, had not made any effort to get raped, the two of them laughed at her and she blushed.

"I figured you would have put those melons to work by now and outdone us both," Candice said.

"Hey, do you want to go over to Karen's tonight?" Melanie asked Candice. "I hear she's up to twelve rapings. Maybe she has some tips."

"Hell yeah," Candice agreed. "Sorry Leah, she probably won't let you come, since you're not on the Rape Train."

"The Rape Train?" Leah asked.

"Yeah. We're all riding it. Except you, I guess," Melanie said.

Leah picked at her food for the rest of lunch, sitting alone, as her two friends joined Karen and another group of girls. She listened to them jabber on excitedly about their rapings, feeling like a loser.


Leah felt certain that she did not want to be raped, but she also did not want to be a loser and an outcast. That night, after school, she drove down to 7th Street and, nervously, stepped out of her car. With her heart pounding, she walked down one alley and then another, but the only accostment she received was a panhandler asking for money. She lost her nerve and ran back to the car.

At school the next day, she sat alone again as the other girls laughed and talked, cracking jokes about all the unraped losers. After lunch, she found Candice and Melanie.

"Hey, Leah," Candice said. "Did you board the Rape Train?"

Leah shook her head and said, "I tried but… I couldn't do it."

Melanie took in Leah's clothes, which were cute, but not that provocative and said, "Well, you don't exactly scream rape bait. Your new tits look great, but you're not showing them off enough to entice men to want to overpower you."

Candice agreed, adding, "Yeah. If you want to stop over after school, we can show you how to dress right."

"Really?" Leah asked, frightened and relieved.

"Sure. Just meet me at my house after school."


When school ended, Leah drove over to Candice's home, where her friends took her upstairs.

"If you want to get on the train, you need to actually look like you're inviting unwanted attention," Candice said. "Here, put this on. I just got it and haven't had a chance to wear it yet."

She handed Leah a shirt, which read, "Fuck Handles," across the front. Leah held it up, horrified.

"I can't wear this!" she protested.

"You mean you don't want to wear it," Melanie corrected. "If you aren't advertising yourself as a sex object, how do you expect people to know that you're a good rape victim?"

"Nobody is making you do this, Leah," Candice said, rolling her eyes. "If you don't want to get on the train, and you don't want help, you can leave. I never expected you to be such a sissy. It's disappointing."

Leah blushed, feeling like a loser. She dithered, but finally pulled her shirt over her head.

"Bra, too," Melanie said. "What kind of rape bait wears a bra?"

Leah took off the bra, baring her big, slutty udders. She tugged the top over her head, struggling to fit it over her large melons. After some work, she managed to get it on. The shirt was grotesque, stretching lewdly over her tits, calling attention to her cleavage, and showing off so much underboob that she nearly felt topless.

"It looks great on you!" Candice exclaimed. "Now, lose the jeans and put on this skirt."

She handed Leah a tight miniskirt and added, "No panties."

"What?" Leah balked.

"Do you really expect that a rapist is going to want to mess with pulling off your jeans and tearing off your panties?" Melanie asked. "I made that mistake my first raping. They just stuffed my torn panties in my mouth, and it took forever to get my jeans down. When you struggle, you don't want him to have to waste time with pants. It's inconsiderate. Unless you're into getting slapped around a lot more, in which case I guess Jeans are okay."

"You're really not very good at this," Candice said.

Leah sniffled, feeling stupid. She pulled off her jeans and panties, then took the skirt and slid it up her legs. The short thing barely covered her wet cunt. As she tugged at the hem she felt embarrassed at being wet, thinking of getting raped.

"If you wear that to tonight's New Year's Eve party, I'd be really surprised if you didn't get your first raping. Maybe even a couple," Melanie said.

"I can't wear this to the party!" Leah argued. "I'm going to get— Oh, right."

The two girls rolled their eyes, smirking.

"You should tie your hair back in a ponytail," Candice suggested.

Melanie nodded agreement, adding, "It's a good handhold. If there are more than one of them, they can pull on it to make you suck cock better, or just tug on it for fun."

"Are you sure about this?" Leah asked.

"Absolutely!" Candice said. "You might not have fun at first, but just learn how to cum from it and you'll never want to have consensual sex again."

"You got off from it?" Leah asked, disbelieving.

"Totally," Melanie said. "Not the first time, but by the second I was really horny. Hell, I've been wet ever since. There's something your body does, when it's constantly in fear of being taken against your will. It keeps you wet for it. I guess it's kind of like a defense mechanism, or something. Whatever."

"You sound like you're in the mood for a hot raping," Candice said, chuckling.

"Maybe I am," Melanie admitted.

"You could go cocktease my brother," Candice suggested. "I'm sure he'd love to hold you down again."

"Oh my God! Really? Can I borrow that other shirt you got?" Melanie asked.

Candice went back in her closet and pulled out another shirt, handing it to Melanie. As Leah watched, her friend stripped off her top. She wasn't wearing a bra. Melanie pulled the new shirt over her head. In red letters across the front it read, "Always Open," with a little arrow pointing at her cunt.

"Let's go watch," Candice said to Leah. "She's getting really good at this."

Leah, fidgeting, followed the two girls from the room. They descended the steps and crept to the living room. Candice and Leah watched from the doorway, while Melanie rounded the couch to stand in front of Candice's brother.

"What?" he asked, pulling his eyes from the TV.

"You're not going to apologize for what you did to me?" Melanie asked.

"No. You were asking for it," he responded. "It looks like you're asking for it again."

Melanie shook her head and said, "I am not! I dress how I want. That doesn't give you the right to do whatever you want. I want you to say you're sorry."

"What if I don't?"

"Then I'll… I'll tell your parents what you did to me!" Melanie shouted.

He stood up, his imposing bulk towering over the girl. As Candice and Leah watched, he reached out and grabbed Melanie's braid in his hand. She yelped but he pulled her toward him and put his big arm around her waist.

"No!" Melanie screamed. "Let me go!"

He didn't listen. Instead, he chuckled and forced her onto her knees on the couch. Melanie whimpered and struggled, which prompted him to put his weight on her, crushing her body against the back of the couch. With the girl pinned, he quickly tugged off his shirt, grabbed both of her wrists, and used it to tie them together.

"Don't!" Melanie protested. "Please don't! I'm sorry! Just let me go. Don't do it again!"

"It's so hot," Candice whispered. "She's really good, right?"

Leah felt horrified, but she nodded.

Candice's brother tugged roughly on Melanie's braid, making her squeak, then he pushed her head down into the back of the couch cushion and undid his pants with his free hand. Leah couldn't hear his zipper over the sounds of Melanie's muffled protests, but she did hear when those protests turned into a screech. Melanie's struggles became more vigorous, and Leah knew that he was fucking her friend.

"You cockteasing slut," he growled. "This is your own fault. Coming around here, flaunting your wet cunt and those fucking tits."

He began to violently hammer Melanie's fuckhole, holding her head down, his other hand gripping her bound arms tightly. Soon, her screams turned to whimpers and Leah thought she might be crying.

"Touch your cunt," Candice whispered.

Leah looked at her in horror, her eyes moving downward, where she could see Candice masturbating herself under her short skirt.

"What?" she hissed.

"Do it. Get yourself off while he rapes her," Candice urged.

Reluctantly, Leah put her hand under her skirt and touched her pussy. It was already wet. She could hear Melanie's whimpers turning into moans. The sound of the older boy's hips slapping against Melanie's ass came in jackhammer quick spurts. He was really laying into her.

"Fucking slut," he said. "Fucking cockteasing little slut."

The sound of Candice's fingers working in her wet cunt made Leah feel ill, even as she did the same. This felt wrong. She couldn't understand why her pussy was wet as she watched her friend get raped, but she couldn't deny it was happening.

"Yeah, you see?" Candice's brother said and laughed. "You're fucking cumming, you little rape doll."

Candice moaned as Melanie whimpered and thrashed, orgasming around his cock.

"See?" she whispered to Leah. "Did you ever cum that fast from some guy giving you a consensual fuck?"

Leah had to admit to herself that she had not. She was not the most experienced girl but orgasming from sex was not a common thing for her. Certainly, it had never happened within a few minutes. She rubbed her cunt harder.

Candice's brother pulled Melanie up and turned her around, then forced her onto her back on the couch. Leah couldn't be sure, but it looked like Melanie's face was streaked with dry tears.

"No! No more!" she cried.

There came the sound of a slap and then Melanie moaned again. Now, the only thing that Leah could see was Melanie's legs kicking in the air as he fucked her, and she groaned. She could hear the wet squishing of Melanie's cunt as he assaulted it with his cock, driving himself into her over and over, crushing her under his weight, until her legs shook, and she orgasmed again.

"Fuck," Candice hissed and she came on her fingers.

Leah had become engrossed in the horrible scene, too, and when she followed Candice's orgasm with her own, she felt dirty. A moment later, Candice's brother groaned and stopped.

"Don't!" Melanie cried. "Not in me!"

They watched her legs twitch again, and then he got off of her.

"If you tell anyone, the next time it's going to be your ass," he said. "Get the fuck out."

Melanie staggered to her feet, her hair in disarray, clothes askew, and she stumbled from the room. She staggered past Leah with a triumphant smirk. Candice and Leah followed her up the steps, as drops of semen leaked from her fuckhole. Once they were in Candice's bedroom once more, she dipped her fingers into her cunt and extracted some of the cum, then fed it into her mouth.

"That was totally hot!" Candice cried.

"That's number eight!" Melanie boasted. "I can probably get over a dozen at the party tonight."

"See, Leah?" Candice said. "It's not so hard."

Leah, flushed, confused, and scared, simply nodded.


Leah arrived with her two friends at the New Year's Eve party, unaware that all of the guests were in on the awful plan to bring the uppity cunt down a few pegs. She felt like a slut in the whorish clothes, anticipating her first raping, but her dedication to chasing the trend and her bare, wet pussy, wouldn't allow her to back out. No one would respect her if she did. She'd have no friends if she wasn't riding the Rape Train.

Her heart hammered as she danced with her friends, cockteasing all the boys at the party. Periodically, Candice, Melanie, Karen, or one of the other girls would disappear for longer than it took to use the restroom. When they returned, they were disheveled and wiping tears away. Leah could hear them whispering to one another, sometimes glancing her direction while hiding smiles. They were all getting raped, but Leah wasn't.

After the first couple of hours, at least five of the girls had been raped and Leah began to feel very anxious. She still avoided going to the restroom or being alone anywhere, but the giggles and looks were getting hard to ignore. Finally, she couldn't hold it anymore. Glancing about, she hurried to the bathroom and did her business. In the mirror, she noted that she looked very rapeable, but she felt uncertain about actually being forcibly fucked.

Carefully, she eased the door open and looked both ways. The hallway was empty. She left, hurrying back to the party. When she passed by an open bedroom, though, someone reached out and pulled her inside. She screamed, but someone slapped her face. Another set of arms encircled her waist and lifted her off of her feet, then they tossed her on the bed.

"No!" she shouted and heard two amused chuckles.

"Just be good, Fuck Handles," one of them said from the dark.

"No one wants to hurt you, slut," the other said. "Not much."

Leah tried to get up, but they were faster. One of them pushed her onto her tits on the mattress, while the other moved behind her and put his legs over hers, forcing them apart. She heard rustling and then she screeched into the mattress as his cock entered her. The man holding her laughed.

"Damn, dude," her rapist exclaimed, "She's fucking wet for it."

"Figures," said the man holding her. "Only a slut gets tits this big. You've been begging for this, haven't you Leah?"

"No! Please!" Leah pleaded, whimpering and struggling.

The man pushed his cock deeper and then put his weight on her back and hammered her pussy in rough, hard strokes. Leah bucked and yelped as he fucked her, pumping his hips against her rounded ass. She felt tears on her cheeks as he thrust angrily into her cockhole, until she felt his dick jerk inside of her.

"Fuck yeah," he groaned.

"Oh, no!" Leah protested. "Pull it out!"

Of course, he didn't listen.

The two of them quickly switched places and then her cunt was stuffed with a second cock. Her second rapist wrapped her ponytail in his fist and jerked her head back, making her yelp as he pounded his meat into her. Leah grunted, and groaned, her neck bent back awkwardly as he rammed his cock home with no regard for her comfort.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum in this slut," he muttered.

"Don't! Please!" Leah begged.

He groaned and held her tightly as his cock spasmed and unloaded hard bursts of semen, pasting her already gooey channel with more ball batter.

"Shit," he said. "I'm gonna have to get seconds of this pussy later."

The two of them left her there in the dark and returned to the party. Leah, her cunt sore and leaking spunk, shambled off of the bed and returned to the restroom. She wiped at the sperm flowing from her hole. She'd gotten on the Rape Train, with two consecutive fuckings, but she didn't quite feel the sense of accomplishment that she felt she should have. She just felt violated and cheap. She hadn't even cum, like Melanie and Candice said she would. She wiped the smeared makeup and tears from her eyes, straightened her clothes, and returned to the party.

"I want to go home," she whispered to Candice, who she found dancing with Melanie.

"Why?" Candice asked.

"I just got raped! Twice! I want to go home," Leah said, sniffling.

"Oh my God! You did it! You little slut!"

"Two at once?" Melanie proclaimed. "Welcome on board the Rape Train!"

Leah felt so confused. She hadn't actually enjoyed the experience, but the girls seemed to think it was great. Despite feeling violated, Leah did feel a small twinge of acceptance.

"You're, like, way behind," Candice said. "You need to catch up."

Melanie nodded and added, "I think we can help."

"I don't know," Leah said.

The two girls ignored her and dispersed into the crowd. Leah stood by awkwardly, looking over the mingling guests, wondering which ones had raped her. When her friends returned, it was with Karen in tow.

"Hey newbie," Karen said. "I hear you're on the train! Come with me."

"Where are we going?" Leah asked, as the girls pulled her along.

"We're going to help you catch up!" Karen exclaimed excitedly.

"I don't think I want to," Leah argued.

"Duh! That's the whole point," Candice said. "It's not a real raping if you want it."

"But you wanted it," Leah said, confused.

Candice didn't answer. The three of them pushed Leah into the bedroom once more, where Melanie and Candice shoved her onto the bed and pinned her arms.

"What are you doing?" Leah cried. "Let me up!"

Karen went to the door and looked out, giggled, and a moment later she returned with two more boys from the party. They took off their pants and pulled out their cocks.

"No! Don't let them!" Leah protested.

"That's good Leah!" Melanie said. "Make them think you don't want it. It makes it really fun."

"I don't!" Leah cried and struggled against the girls holding her down.

One of the men mounted Leah's prodigious chest and slapped his hard cock against her mouth.

"Open, Leah," Candice urged. "Unless you want him to slap you until you do."

Leah, reluctantly, opened her mouth and allowed the man to push his cock into it. Karen held one of her legs for the second man, who guided his cock to her fuckhole and shoved it inside. Leah babbled incoherently around the dick in her mouth. Her oral rapist simply placed his hand on the back of her head and held it in place as he fucked her suckhole. Between her legs, the man bottomed out in her with a groan of pleasure and then began to pump his cock into her in short, hard thrusts while Karen played with her clit.

Leah struggled and bucked uselessly, the overload of pleasure a total contrast to the horror and fear in her mind.

"I want you to cum from it," Karen said. "Cum real good, Leah. Make the nice men happy and cum."

Leah did not want to cum, but what her body wanted, and her mind wanted seemed to be at odds. As the man assaulted her cunt and Karen frigged her button, she moaned around the dick in her mouth and, reluctantly, orgasmed from her third rape.

"Good slut," Melanie said.

"That's a good rape doll," Candice added.

"Fuck yes," Karen exclaimed. "Let it go, bitch."

Leah did let it go, her cunt squeezing her rapist's cock as she moaned around the one in her mouth. Her body bucked and shook as she came, tears of humiliation and violation flowing. Then, she came again as the two men began to ejaculate into her in concert, filling her mouth and her pussy with more sperm.

When the man on her chest moved, she watched with horror as the man in her cunt was swiftly replaced with another. Behind him stood a line, waiting their turn to take her, to use her, to force their cocks into her and unload more sticky cum into her unwilling cunt. The man jammed his hard-on into her and pumped away roughly, grabbing her tits in his hands and clinging tightly to them as he fucked her. Cum spilled from the corners of her mouth as she sniffled and jerked, trying to get away.

"Five down," Candice whispered in her ear as she held her arms.

"Eighteen to go," Melanie added. "Welcome aboard the Rape Train."

Weeping, Leah came again as the man groaned and filled her with cum.


Enjoy this story? Then you'll love my short story collection Horrible Households: Taboo Tales of Incestuous Exploitation.

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