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Chasing the Train

This story contains heavy themes of nonconsent. It is an utterly fanciful work of fiction. As always, it should be treated as such. At no time does this author or site condone nonconsensual acts. Always participate in everything you do with positive, enthusiastic consent.
Oh, Happy New Year 😈
Chasing the Train

Leah's friends were not actually friends. In fact, they considered eighteen-year-old Leah to be kind of a cunt. What her friends liked about Leah was that she drove a nice car and was often generous with spending her daddy's money on matching outfits, makeup, and other useless baubles.

Leah was the kind of girl that liked to chase the latest trends. She wore the newest styles, had her hair done in the latest celebrity fashion, and participated in all the viral social media nonsense. These things were like validation for Leah, who was actually quite an airhead and otherwise performed little in the way of any helpful service to the rest of humanity.

Things came to a head when, during the TikTok trend "Go Big or Go Home," Leah made an appointment for Maximizer injections and increased her tit size to that of a cock-crazed bimbo. Leah's friends could not afford a procedure like this and were also jealous of Leah's new, large, fake tits. Leah's new udders took most of the attention away from them when they went out, and her new bimbo jugs had boys slobbering on themselves to ask her out or lavish her with unnecessary gifts. It was at this point that they informed Leah of the latest trend, one that they were already participating in and far outpacing Leah in.

Candice and Melanie sat around the lunch table the three of them shared, Candice's phone muted and a video playing, when Leah took her seat. The two of them cooed and giggled.

"What are you watching?" Leah asked.

"Oh, Candice got raped yesterday," Melanie said.

"Twice," Candice added. "The second one was too busy raping me to take a video. I'm just lucky the first time there were two of them."

"Oh my God!" Leah exclaimed. "Are you alright?"

"Uh, yeah," Candice said. "It was, like, the hottest thing ever!"

"Yeah," Melanie chimed in. "Everyone's doing it. I mean, it's, like, the highest compliment a guy can pay you. If you're so hot that he can't even be bothered to ask if you want it, that's like… super-hot!"

Leah looked at the two of them in utter shock, unaware that the video had actually been made by Candice's boyfriend and his friend.

"That's horrible," Leah said. "Are you serious?"

Melanie nodded and added, "I hope I can get raped tonight."

"Try the back alleys down on 7th Street. That's where I got raped the second time. The first was by two of Chet's friends," Candice explained.

"Your boyfriend's friends raped you?" Leah exclaimed.

"Yeah. Chet said they could," Candice said.

"That's sick! Why would he do that?" Leah asked.

Candice just shrugged and said, "I guess they think I'm hot."

Leah was quiet through the rest of lunch, listening to her friends talk about getting raped, and how much they couldn't wait to have it happen again.


The following day, Candice and Melanie were again watching videos of themselves being held down and fucked against their will. These were further fabrications, but they continued to make Leah wonder if this was, in fact, a trend she needed to be in on.

"Look at him go," Candice said. "Isn't a good raping just the best?"

On Melanie's screen, a masked man had her shoved against the wall as she struggled and cried, forcing his cock into her and mashing her tits against the brick wall.

"Really scary," Melanie said, "but I'm up to two now. You?"

"Four," Candice said.

"Did you get raped?" Melanie asked Leah.

"No!" Leah spat.

The two of them shrugged and continued to watch the video.


The following day, Candice proclaimed that she'd been raped six times now, while Leah boasted that she was up to four. When Leah admitted that she, still, had not made any effort to get raped, the two of them laughed at her and she blushed.

"I figured you would have put those melons to work by now and outdone us both," Candice said.

"Hey, do you want to go over to Karen's tonight?" Melanie asked Candice. "I hear she's up to twelve rapings. Maybe she has some tips."

"Hell yeah," Candice agreed. "Sorry Leah, she probably won't let you come, since you're not on the Rape Train."

"The Rape Train?" Leah asked.

"Yeah. We're all riding it. Except you, I guess," Melanie said.

Leah picked at he