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An Unnecessary Cunt

An Unnecessary Cunt by Tori Hamlin

Kim's pussy was hot and wet, locked inside her chastity belt, as she watched her husband and daughter making out like teenagers under a blanket. Kim wanted to touch her pussy and burned with humiliation because she couldn't, but these days that just wasn't allowed.

It hadn't always been this way. There had been a time, not long ago, when it had been her under a blanket, necking with her husband, giggling as he touched her pussy. Now, that was Erica's place. Erica was the one that Jackson loved and kissed, played with, and then brought up to their bed to make love to.

Kim? Kim was there to be fucked in the ass or wet his cock with her mouth. Kim's pussy wasn't necessary. That old hole wasn't useful anymore. It had served its purpose, giving birth to Erica, and so, it had been locked away.

"Daddy needs fresh, young, tight pussy to make love to," Erica had explained, while Jackson held his wife's hair and roughly plunged his cock into her mouth. "You don't need this anymore, so we have to keep it all locked up."

Kim remembered the way that she'd sniffled and cried, but Jackson had agreed. He'd married her to bear children, and now he had the only one that he needed. Erica was younger, prettier, and more fun than her. But Kim still had a use, a purpose. They both loved her like a pet. It was just that her cunt was no longer useful.

Now, she sat across from them in an armchair, while Jackson and Erica kissed passionately. She watched her husband pick their daughter up, her arms around his neck as the wet smack of their lips continued. Erica's breathy sighs of pleasure at his touch faded away as Jackson carried her up the steps. Kim followed behind, as was her duty.

In the bedroom, on the bed that she'd once shared with him, Jackson pushed his girl's short skirt up over her shaven sex and knelt in front of her. He licked along her excited slit, the entrance to that warm little sheath of pleasure that he happily pushed his cock into night after night, day after day. Erica giggled and purred, running her hands through his hair.

"Oh, daddy," she whispered. "You're so good to my pussy! I love you so much."

Kim stood by like a decoration, her face flushed with the humiliation and arousal of watching her daughter give the man that had been hers so much more pleasure than she herself could. Jackson growled into his daughter's cunt and devoured it. Kim remembered the way that felt.

Erica looked at her through half-lidded eyes and beckoned her over. Kim obeyed, knowing her duty. She got to her knees beside her husband, who stood and gripped her hair. Roughly, he shoved his cock into her mouth and choked her with it, slamming his thick meat into her face, angrily battering her throat with its length.

"Get it wet, slut," he growled.

Kim gagged and sputtered, though not as much as she'd once done. She heaved in air once he withdrew his rigid stalk from her mouth, while drool leaked from her trembling lips to run hot down her bare tits. Jackson slapped one of those sagging udders, making Kim yelp and Erica laugh. Her humiliation burned all the hotter as she glanced up and saw Erica's firm, teenage melons. They were nothing like the sad, flopping udders that had once sustained the girl.

With his cock wet and shiny, hard and ready, Jackson crawled on the bed and lay his daughter back gently, carefully pushing her legs apart. She welcomed him into her, moaning softly as her daddy pushed the head of his cock between her wet lips, and then deeper into that gripping channel of erotic warmth. Erica trembled and put her arms around his neck, pulling him down, and mashing her lips against his.

Kim peeked over the edge of the bed, watching her husband's ass as it moved in a gentle rhythm and their wet, slow kissing filled the room. Erica's whimpers of pleasure were tortuous, bringing to Kim's mind all the memories she had of when that had been her place. Now, Erica received the love and pleasure. Kim, though, was like a useful hole.

When Erica wasn't available, Jackson would bend her over or shove her down, jamming his cock into her ass or masturbating with her face. Most times, he wouldn't even cum. That was Kim's fault. Erica had told her so. If Kim had been youthful and hot, her ass tighter, or her blowjob skills more adequate, then maybe they could have shared him. But Kim's ass had a bit too much sag and her blowjob skills were unequal to Erica's. And so, Kim was only useful as a masturbation aid.

"You feel so good, princess," Jackson whispered as he made slow, passionate love to Erica.

"I love your cock, daddy," Erica hissed back. "Oh, I love you so much!"

Kim watched their bodies grind together, so erotic, so sexy, so perfect as they moved. Her husband's cock fit the girl so nicely, as if her pussy had been designed just to accept it, to milk it, to please it. Erica's soft moans and whimpers as Jackson cradled her and loved her were a reminder to Kim that it wasn't just the girl's pussy he loved, though. It was Erica herself. She was the wife, in truth, while Kim was little more than the maid.

She rubbed at her locked-up cunt as she watched them, wishing she could touch it, make it cum. But orgasms were only for good girls, sexy girls, girls with pussies that could still provide pleasure. Kim's could not, and so she lived with only the memory of what that feeling had been like.

Jackson groaned as Erica shook and came for him. He pushed his length deep into her and filled her, kissed her and held her as they shared that pleasure together. When they were done, they stayed that way, touching, petting, and whispering about their love for one another. Soon, Jackson pulled the blanket over their naked bodies and turned out the light. Kim knew, then, that they had no further use for her tonight. She crawled away, into the closet, and curled up in her cage. In the morning, she'd lick the dry spunk from Erica's cunt, gratefully, and wake her with the orgasm that such a gorgeous and useful woman such as her deserved.


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