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All the Filthy Details Interview with Tori Hamlin

I had the pleasure, recently, of talking with All the Filthy Details for their launch of the new Erotica x Filth website. We got to talk about the work going on at ErotiKInks. For those that care to read it, the interview can be found here. I will also be appearing on the podcast at some near-future date to do some erotica reviews. I'll drop a note when they get that going.

While the site is new, they've got some other great interviews with folks like All These Roadworks, Logan Black, and others. It's a great way for writers to talk about who they are personally, why they write what they do, and get across some of the human side.

Some of the things we discuss are what got me into writing the kinds of things I do, as well as where I ultimately want to take the site. At the end of it, I give a few details on the upcoming novel Cheerloathing, which I was hoping to have out this month.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that's going to happen. This book has turned into an absolute monstrosity, but I feel confident it will be in the right place to release in early May. If you're looking for another book the size of The Second Place Sister, with similar themes, you won't want to miss this one.

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