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Holes (ePub+PDF)

Holes (ePub+PDF)

Excluding Sales Tax

Length: 20K words


The entirety of this story is available on the site in a series of three free episodes. If you would like to own the Holes collection, this one is for you.


In the history of unfortunate names, Holes Ferbonin has one of the most unfortunate. Born to a pair of incestuous perverts, Holes' life becomes that of a free use sex doll on her eighteenth birthday.


This is an awful story, filled with awful people. You should not read it. If you do read it, you should not like it. If you like it, well, I'm sorry. There isn't really anything else to say.


Kinks Served: Incest, Humiliation, Degradation, NC, Spanking, Humor, Anal, Blowjob, Rough, Gangbang, Free Use

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