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Edge: Chapters 1-7

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Author's notes on Edge

Firstly, allow me to thank everyone who has taken time out of their busy lives to visit this site, to read my work, and for all the support you've provided. Writing these stories is something that I love. Incidentally, having other folks read and enjoy them is immensely gratifying. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to share in the strange and dirty worlds I create, and I fervently hope that I can continue to produce more and more of this content as the years roll on. I cannot express to you how much it means to have you all as part of this.

Edge is the 8th installment of the DomCo series of stories, which started with the massive tome of filth that is The Second Place Sister. Writing that book, I had only a vague idea of how much this series would grow, and how many different forms it would take. The DomCo series, as of this writing, encompasses three novels (including this one), three novellas, and the ongoing serial Reluctant Suckslut.

Edge is a bridge novel in the DomCo series of stories. As with the other DomCo stories, this work can be read as a stand-alone story. However, this book connects the first part of the series with the upcoming conclusion, and there are certain portions that will be more satisfying to read if you enter into it with some prior knowledge of events that have taken place in the lives of the cameo characters. Several of the characters from previous stories make appearances in this book. By way of recommendation, reading the following works will provide a basis for understanding of some of the events that take place in Edge.

  • The Second Place Sister: Edge appearance by John Hamlin. An introduction to Recoder technology.

  • Korrupting Kayla, Book One: A wider understanding of the DomCo company

  • Love, Lust, and Erin: Edge appearance by Dave Marrin, Erin, an introduction to Halo technology, and the first mention of the Male Rights Bill (Biological Imperative Grant for Instinctively Necessary Copulation or Coitus, BIGFINCOC.)

  • Doppelgänger: Edge appearance by Angela Eller, references to The Other Side, and an introduction to Anti-Recoder Serum.

  • Curious about the fate of Harmony, the lusty redhead from NewYou, and a victim of the Recoder gone wrong? This book reveals her unfortunate future.

That said, I hope that you'll enjoy the story of Edge. As with all my stories, I endeavor not to write the same thing more than once. I really enjoy trying new angles on erotica, attempting to keep things dirty, exciting, fun, and a touch dark. This book is no exception. Thank you again. Enjoy this and the stories still to come.

Hush, Hush

Edge by Tori Hamlin

Jenna read the whacky spam message in her inbox and rolled her eyes.

“Hush, hush…” read the title, and below this a picture of a set of full, pouty lips, one finger over them in the universal sign for quiet. Below the picture, a hyperlink stated, “Click here to see the future!”

Jenna deleted the email and went on with her life. Fucking spammers.

The Package

Jenna from Edge by Tori Hamlin

At the end of the school day, Jenna slid behind the wheel of her car and buckled herself in. Her phone pinged, muted by the thick leather of her purse. She pulled it out, swiped down the notifications, and opened the text message. The warning from her carrier at the top of the screen read, “This message may be spam.”

“Hush, hush…” read the title, and below this, a picture of a set of full, pouty lips, with a gag ball pressed between them, showing even, white teeth. Below the picture, a hyperlink stated, “Click here to see the future!”

Jenna sighed and deleted the message, put the phone away, and went on with her life. Fucking spammers. She started the car and drove home. Less than thirty minutes later, she arrived home, parked the car, and went inside. The sounds of gunfire greeted her, loud in the living room. Her brothers, she knew. She looked in, saw the two of them seated on the couch, playing out an intense sci-fi battle on their PlayStation.

“Hey,” Jenna called.

The two boys called back, “Hey, Jen,” in unison, but didn’t look up.

Jenna went to the kitchen, pulled some water from the fridge, and then crossed to the table to look at the small pile of mail. She found a little package addressed to her, along with a few pieces of college junk mail. She tossed the junk mail in the recycling and looked at the little package curiously. A variety of stickers were plastered across the brown-paper-covered box, giving the indication that the package had passed through a number of different countries before arriving at her home. The address label looked like it was written in Chinese, or something. She took the package up to her room with her.

Tossing her purse on the bed, Jenna sat at her computer desk, cut the tape on the package with a box knife, and opened it. Inside lay an object wrapped in black paper and sealed with a sticker showing a picture of full, pouty lips, a finger over them in the universal sign for quiet. Jenna swallowed. Okay, this is a little creepy, she thought, as she removed the object from the box. She unwrapped the paper and uncovered a red gag ball with a black strap. Her heart froze. What the fuck?

Her phone pinged, making her jump. Jenna set the package on the desk, went to her purse, and fished out her phone. She swiped down the notifications, clicked the email message, and read the title.

“Hush, hush…” read the title, and below this, a picture of a set of full, pouty lips, and between them a thick strip of black cloth. Below the picture, a hyperlink stated, “Click here to see the future!”

She clicked the button for, “Report Spam,” felt a little better, and went on with her life. The small package, she tossed into the trash can.

It Cums in the Night

Jenna tossed back a Zaleplon pill and chased it with a glass of water, then crawled into bed and turned off the light. The weird message and the package, she knew, would only aggravate her insomnia if she kept thinking about them. She hadn’t needed the pills as frequently these days, but they were still a good crutch for the nights when the insomnia was bad. When she felt nervous, or agitated, it made the insomnia worse, and the package definitely made her feel agitated. The pill did the trick, though, and soon she was able to fall asleep.

The first thing that made Jenna’s heart nearly stop was the loss of mobility. She pulled her mind from its medicated slumber and tugged her arm, but it wouldn’t budge. There was something around her wrist, keeping it fastened tightly to the bed. The same feeling from her other wrist brought her to full wakefulness and an immediate sense of panic gripped her chest. The room was even darker than it should have been, and the realization that she was blindfolded added a new layer of terror. She tried to yank her leg, and found it similarly bound. A scream rose up from her throat, and she heard it muffled by something in her mouth. Her tongue probed and felt a thick strip of cloth between her teeth.

Jenna restrained: Edge by Tori Hamlin

Jenna froze, her body going taut and rigid as the creepiest sound she’d ever heard said, “Hush, hush…”

The voice came out like some kind of robotic text-to-speech converter, mockingly human. Jenna tried to scream again, but the gag muffled her plea for help.

“Hush, hush…” the voice said again, and Jenna began to cry.

Something tickled the skin of her trembling tummy, warm but rubbery, like a finger encased in a rubber glove, sliding delicately down her stomach, over her belly button, and stopping just short of her pubic mound. Oh, fuck. She was naked! She screamed again, and the horrible voice just repeated the words, “Hush, hush…”

Jenna cried and fought against the restraints, but it was useless. She was trapped and about to be raped by a fucking robot! The rubbery finger returned, sliding from her mound, up her stomach, and then between her breasts, stopping at her throat. The feeling of that digit at her throat made her go quiet, stop thrashing, and then lay still, quivering with fright and sobbing pitifully.

“Shtop! Peas!” she said, as meekly as she could, but the finger traced back down between her breasts, then veered off, slowly climbing the hill of her right breast, circling the nipple, and then reversing course and doing the same to her left. Something warm and wet dripped onto her right nipple, and she felt the finger rubbing it into her nub, pinching it lightly. The oil, she guessed, soon warmed the sensitive flesh, and then she felt the process repeated with her other nipple.

Her tormentor added a second hand to her other breast, and then there were two sets of rubber fingers gently circling and lightly tugging at her nipples. Jenna sobbed at the unwanted touch. She bucked suddenly as yet another rubber finger, coated with the oil worked its way from the base of her pussy slit to the top, stopping to slowly rub her clitoral hood with the warm mess. Jenna screamed again into the gag, but her useless cries were met only with those two robotic words, “Hush, hush…”

The rubber fingers on her breasts turned into full hands, cupping her tits gently, squeezing, the gloved fingers brushing her sensitive nubs and then tugging carefully. Between her legs, the rubber finger continued to slide up and down her slit, coating it with the warm oil, as though it were in no rush. Jenna continued to sob beneath the blindfold, and she felt the tears running hot down her cheeks, soaking into her pillow, while the rubber hands squeezed her tits playfully, and the finger between her oil-coated lips continued its erotic tracery.

Despite her terror, Jenna felt her body begin to respond to the gentle teasing, and with a sickness in her stomach that nearly made her vomit, she felt the inside of her pussy grow warm and damp. She choked back the bile in her throat, afraid that she’d choke herself to death, gagged as she was. The finger between her legs now focused on teasing her clit out to play, making small circles on her hood with its tip. Jenna jumped again as another hand began lightly stroking her hair, and then brushed her earlobe, then her neck, just behind the ear. Oh, fuck! How many of them were there? Not just rape. She was going to be gang raped!

She screamed again, futilely, into the gag and redoubled her efforts against the restraints, but to no avail. She realized that she was accomplishing nothing by fighting against immovable bonds. It was only going to tire her out.

“Hush, hush…”

Jenna lay still, sniffling, allowing the strangers to continue touching her body in concert, every part of her exposed flesh seeming to get some kind of unwanted attention. The hands on her breasts continued to knead them, tug at her nipples, rub the warm oil into them, making them hard. The other hands touched and caressed her ears, neck, hair, playfully, sensually. Jenna had never had sex, but she imagined that this was the kind of soft touch a man she wanted might give her when they made love. Only, this was not a man she loved. But this was a group of total strangers that had invaded her room and tied her down, forcing the teasing on her prone, naked body.

Between her legs, the invading digit had managed to get her clit excited and now rubbed it with more vigor, making Jenna pant and her stomach tighten with reluctant arousal. A sound broke the quiet dark, like an electric hum, and then something vibrated against one of her nipples. Jenna let out a moan at the feeling that teased her hard nub, and then another touched her other nipple. The finger at her pussy continued its work on her increasingly excited clit, flicking it back and forth now, in a familiar, masturbatory fashion that she’d often used on herself.

Jenna’s breathing became more ragged as the strangers continued their teasing of her body, hands all over her, touching softly, the vibrators on her nipples, the probing finger forcing her to become excited by their ministrations. Her arms pulled against the restraints again, but not in an attempt to get away this time. Now, they were tight because her body was shaking with the feeling of an approaching orgasm. Her hips began to press against the finger on her clit, following some biological reaction to the feeling of pleasure they were forcing on her. The vibrators made small circles on her nipples. Fingers traced the edges of her ears, brushed her neck, up her cheeks, and then repeated the motion.

Against her will, she felt the climax building from deep inside of her stimulated clit, working its way through her nerve fibers and making her head light. She groaned with pleasure as it approached, but then it was snatched away as the finger on her clit moved and slid back down her slit, which was now quite wet with her own secretions, as well as the oil. Jenna groaned again, this time in frustration as her orgasm was denied.

The finger pushed deeper between her wet pussy lips, smearing her own traitorous juices between them, then the fingers pressed her pussy lips together and massaged her folds, making her squirm. This continued for several moments, and then the finger withdrew, but the other teasing continued. Another hum from a vibrator added its song to the other two, and then she felt something small, rounded, and vibrating touch her needy quim, playing along her wet slit, providing only the barest vibration against her skin, as though the stranger was touching only the edge of it to her flesh.

Jenna wiggled her hips and began to cry again, feeling disgusted with her own body as it tried, in vain, to get that vibrating toy to push itself against her. It would not. It continued to trace the folds of her pussy up and down, smearing the oil and her fuck honey between her legs, until she felt like she could burst. Then, the thing did press harder, resting against her engorged clit and making her hump her pussy upward to meet it as her head filled with pleasurable warmth. The vibrations strummed through her clit, creeping up her tummy, mingling with the teasing touches and vibrations on her breasts, crawling up her tight and panting throat, where they met the gentle caresses about her head and combined into the feeling of a building orgasm that she knew would make her see stars.

Jenna’s body shook, her hips wriggling, arms and legs straining against her restraints, her back arching off the bed as the incredible feeling neared its end. She moaned and whimpered into the gag, her body desperate for the orgasm. Again, though, the vibrator slid back down into her slit, and she nearly wailed at having the orgasm denied again.

Restrained, blind and gagged, Jenna had no sense of time. The pleasurable agony seemed to go on for hours. The strangers toyed with her, over and over, touching and vibrating her most sensitive spots and then continually denying her the chance to cum. When the hands on her face finally withdrew, Jenna was huffing heavily into the gag. Her arms and legs were numb and tired from her continued struggling as they teased her, denied her, teased her, and then denied her again.

The hands on her breasts withdrew. Now, there was only the vibrator between her legs, touching her clit for a second, withdrawing completely, humming in the dark until her impending orgasm receded, and then touching her again, ramping her up to the edge, only to repeat the process. Jenna was a sweating, drooling mess, her tired body and mind focused only on the release that her body demanded but couldn’t achieve. She felt so tired, exhausted from the entire ordeal, hardly able to move, but her entire body kept quivering with need.

Finally, the hum of the vibrator stopped, and she felt a sense of panic that her cloudy head registered as regret at not being able to orgasm. The other sense was that this was it. Now, they would rape her. Only, they did not. She felt the hands go to work again, this time releasing the restraints from the bedframe. Her legs and arms were free, but her limbs were so numb and tired that she could hardly move them. She heard the sound of her door clicking shut quietly as she panted in the darkness.

For long moments, Jenna lay quivering as blood began to flow back into her extremities, until, finally, she could move them. She reached up and slid the blindfold off of her eyes, squinting against the moonlight that fell across the room from her window. Her weak fingers worked the gag out of her mouth, and she worked her sore jaw. Then, she froze. At the foot of the bed, between her legs, the glaring light of a tablet screen showed a video. It took her bleary eyes some time to focus enough to see the image on the screen.

The video showed her spread legs, her naked body, three pairs of hands encased in white rubber gloves, all of them teasing and touching, rubbing, and caressing. The timer on the video showed that it was four hours long. She watched her body quiver and buck against the treatment. Even now, her need to cum was so powerful that it seemed to override any other concern. Next to the tablet lay a small white vibrator with a rounded head and, somehow, she knew that this was the instrument of her torture. Next to it, lay a black card with the image of a pair of full, pouty lips, a finger over them in the universal sign for quiet.

Jenna snatched up the vibrator in a shaking hand, and as she watched the girl on the screen go from unwilling victim to desperate slut, controlled by her need to cum, she pressed the vibrating toy against her clit and finally got her release.

The Ride

Jenna could hardly pull herself out of bed when her alarm went off two hours later. She cracked a bleary eye, and if it weren’t for the small pile of padded cuffs, discarded gag and blindfold, the tablet and a vibrator in a small heap on her floor, she could have imagined that the nighttime invasion had been a dream. It had been real, though. At least three strangers had broken into her home and assaulted her. Raped her? Had it been rape? Yes. Rape was unwanted or unlawful sexual activity, so she supposed that forcing someone to the brink of orgasm for four hours qualified as rape.

If it was, it was the weirdest rape that she’d ever heard of. Whoever these people were, they’d made no attempt at all to get her to do anything with them. They seemed to only want to continually tease the fuck out of her and make her desperate to cum. What the fuck had happened last night? Should she report this? Probably. Someone had broken into the house, after all. They could have done other things to her family or robbed them. Suddenly afraid, Jenna stumbled from bed and threw on her robe. She snatched her phone from the nightstand, yanking the charging cord free from the port in her haste and flicked it open, her fingers hitting the phone icon and preparing to punch in the three digits she needed.

She froze as she approached her door, staring at the screen. With trembling fingers, she punched the text message notification from “unknown number” and her heart sank. The title read, “Hush, hush…” and below that a picture of her lips, a thick length of black fabric between them, but her face was not shown. Just the lips. Below this, a hyperlink stated, “Click here to see the past!”

Jenna clicked on the link, and it took her to her browser, where a web address that was nothing, but a string of random characters showed her a black page with a single video. The video was four hours long, and the still image below the video showed her face, clearly in the throes of pleasure. It looked every bit as though she were enjoying what was being done to her. Below this were the words, “Hush, hush…” followed by her address, phone number, email address, and links to her Facebook page and school’s student profile.

The most terrifying thing, though, was the four images beneath this information. Four photos. Her mother. Her father. Her two brothers. All of them were sleeping soundly, completely unaware that they were now being used to blackmail her into silence. Jenna felt like she might throw up. She dry heaved into her trash can until her eyes watered, and then panted, her body quivering, spitting. What the fuck was she going to do?

Jenna followed her normal routine but ghosted through the school day with a sick stomach knotted with dread and anxiety. There were moments when she pulled out her phone and prepared to call the police, to report everything, to show them the message and the website. Each time, she paused, and then put the phone away, the four pictures of her family floating in her mind’s eye. Nothing in her life had given her even the barest inkling of what course to take in this kind of situation. Never had she imagined that something like this could happen to her. This was the kind of thing that happened to people in horror movies, not to an 18-year-old girl in suburbia.

When the school day ended, she drifted toward her car on wobbly legs, her eyes darting nervously about. Were they watching her, even now? She fumbled her keys, dropped them, bent and retrieved them, and managed to get her car door open. Sliding behind the wheel, she prepared to toss her purse in the passenger seat but froze when she looked in that direction. In the seat lay a small black card, reading, “Hush, hush…” below which was a picture of a set of full, pouty lips, a finger over them in the universal sign for quiet. Next to the card lay a black, velvet blindfold. Fingers trembling, she picked up the card and looked at the front, then the back. In small white letters, an address was printed, and a time. Thirty minutes from now.

Her phone pinged, making her leap in her seat, nearly cracking her head against the roof of the car. She dropped the card on the console, and picked up the phone, swiped, and then tapped the new message.

“Hush, hush…” it read, and below this a picture of a set of full, pouty lips. Her lips, with a strip of thick, black fabric between them. Below the picture a hyperlink that stated, “Click here to see the present!”

Jenna clicked the link, and another web page opened in her browser, the address a long string of random numbers and letters. On the page, she saw a video feed from outside her house, focused on her front door. She began to cry, staring at the video. Why? She hit the steering wheel with her palm in frustration. Wiping at the tears with the back of her hand, Jenna took up the card again and punched the address into her GPS, started the car, and drove.

She wheeled the car into an empty lot, five minutes before the appointed time. The place was in the middle of nowhere, outside of the city limits. Dry, brown grass and strangled weeds broke through the cracked pavement of the abandoned lot. She looked about but seemed to be alone. Her phone pinged again, and she checked the message.

“Hush, hush…” and below this, a picture of a blindfolded girl. It was her. There was no link. The instructions were clear.

Jenna got out of the car, the blindfold in her hand. Sobbing, she placed the blindfold over her eyes and tied it behind her head. She stood next to the car, waiting, her body shaking in fright. Four minutes later, she heard the sound of another vehicle stopping in the lot. It took every ounce of will she had not to rip the blindfold away. She choked on her tears, and then flinched back when a rubber-gloved hand clutched her arm firmly.

“Hush, hush…” came that same robotic voice.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked between sobs.

“Hush, hush…”

“Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

She felt the hands press a thick strip of fabric between her lips and tie it behind her head as she continued to cry.

“Hush, hush…”

The person turned her around, and she felt those rubber fingers trace the path of her spine, until they found the hem of her top. The hands tugged, and then peeled the top off of her. When the top met her armpits, and she pressed them tightly against her sides, resisting the stripping, the hands gently brushed the length of her arms, and then pulled them away from her body. Though the actions were clearly malicious, the way these people touched her was in direct contradiction to their actions. Every touch was light, gentle, slow, as though there were no rush to what they were doing, no desire to actually harm her.

She surrendered, and let the stranger pull her top off of her. The catch on her bra was next, and the hands pulled it away from her body. The stranger took both of her arms and moved them behind her back, where he wound a soft cord around her wrists, binding them together as she cried into the blindfold, her head light as her mind tried to cope with the fact that it was happening. The person turned her around again, and then the rubber fingers trailed up her naked tummy, passed between the valley of her breasts, and then veered off to trace their way around one of her nipples, then across to the other. She shivered at the horrid memory of the previous night.

The hands drew back, and the stranger took her by the arm, guiding her forward. She felt the chill of air conditioning from an open vehicle door. The stranger took one of her legs, placed it on the floor of the vehicle. She guessed that it was some kind of van. Two more pairs of hands gripped each of her shoulders. The stranger standing next to her placed his hands on her bottom, and gently lifted her. She stepped forward, letting the other strangers pull her into the van. A moment later the sound of a side door sliding shut and latching loudly shook the vehicle. The van rumbled away from the lot.

Jenna felt one of the strangers working at her shoes, untying them. He raised one foot, pulled her shoe off, and then repeated the action with the other. Next, it was her jean shorts, which they unsnapped, unzipped, and slid down her legs. Her panties followed, leaving her naked, trembling and terrified. One of them put a pair of, what she guessed, were earbuds into her ears, while another adjusted her legs and strapped restraints to her ankles. She felt them pull taut, and her legs spread apart. They undid the wrap on her wrists, stretched her arms out, and fastened them, likewise, with padded cuffs on her wrists, then secured them somewhere above her and pulled them tight. The image of herself in her mind showed her spread out like an X.

Rubber fingers lightly brushed her nipples, making her jerk against her bonds. The fingers traced her areolae, causing her nubs to stiffen involuntarily, then they were gently pinched and tugged. The stranger continued to flick her nipples with a thumb, as its hands cupped her breasts and gave them a soft squeeze. Behind her, another pair of hands traced their way down her spine, making her shiver, until they reached her ass, where they palmed each of her cheeks and groped them, as though massaging her glutes. A third went to work between her legs, where she felt the warm oil being rubbed between her labia, just as they’d done the previous night.

Jenna shook with fright, even as her body started to respond to the gentle teasing. More of the oil, again, coated her nipples and the stranger worked it into them, rubbing, tugging, pinching her nubs and keeping them hard. The one behind her kept one hand busy on her butt cheeks, but moved the other up her spine, and then brushed her hair aside and began to tease the back of her neck lovingly, making a circuit along her flesh that took it up behind her ear and forward, across her throat, under her chin, and then back to her neck. In the earbuds, the sound of a woman having an intense, body-wracking orgasm filled her ears, making her buck against the bonds.

Jenna’s thoughts were a mess. She couldn’t understand what these people were after. What was this ridiculous business all about? She whimpered into the gag as the one between her legs began to work on her clit with the oil, pressing a thumb against her button and rubbing back and forth. A new sound echoed through the interior of the van as it drove. The hum of a vibrator. Jenna pulled at the restraints as the thing went to work on her breasts, teasing one of her nipples as the stranger continued using his fingers on the other. This went on for minutes, and then the hands switched sides and the vibrator touched the other nipple as his hand palmed her tingling breast.

The hand assaulting her ass slid between the crease of her cheeks and slipped across her asshole, then further, until it wormed its way into her moist slit, as the stranger between her legs continued the slow, methodical clit teasing with a thumb. Jenna’s body felt electrified by all the touching, and she couldn’t understand how she could possibly be aroused, as terrified and helpless as she felt. The woman in her ears moaned loudly and came again. The finger in her slit withdrew, but a moment later it returned to the crack of her ass, coated in the warm oil, where it worked the sticky mess around her asshole. Jenna screamed into the gag, certain that the wet digit was going to push inside of her backdoor.

“Hush, hush…” said the voice from behind her, but she screamed again, even though she knew it was futile. Who was going to hear her in a moving van? It seemed her only way to resist, though, so she did it again, and this time the scream choked off as she felt another vibrator touch her clit, making her buck her hips at the unwanted pleasure. Another hot, drawn-out moan of intense, orgasmic pleasure erupted in the earbuds.

The scream turned into a frustrated groan as the vibrator withdrew and a warm finger traced the slick folds of her pussy lips, before pressing the thing back against her clit for another teasing few moments that made her legs shake. The vibrations on her breasts continued, as did the alternating rubbing and tugging of her nipples, the hand behind her tracing her neck, behind her ear, her throat, her chin, back to her neck, and the finger between her butt probed her asshole but never attempted entry.

The horrid torture continued as the goddamn van seemed to drive aimlessly about. Jenna had given up screaming at some point. She sweated, blinded and gagged as the three strangers, again, took her to the brink of orgasm over and over, but never allowed her to climb the peak and get her release. They touched and vibrated every part of her, from her legs to her ass, her breasts, nipples, tummy, neck, and between her pussy. She could feel trickles of her own arousal sliding down the inside of her thighs, cooling on her legs as they worked her up, again and again, making her buck and tremble in her bonds. The woman in her earbuds came again, and again, taunting her with the feeling that these people were denying her.

She felt hoarse from her repeated moaning and screams that, at some point, turned into cries of desperation at her need to cum. The terror she felt became a secondary concern as her heightened arousal overrode her fight or flight response.

“Peas,” she stammered through the thick gag, “peas et me cm!”

They did not. Her arms were numb from being stretched wide for so long, and her legs burned from having to stand in the awkward position. Tears of frustrated need soaked into the blindfold, and then something new happened. She felt something small and round slowly push its way inside of her well lubricated butthole, and she groaned, too tired to manage a scream, and too weak to resist. The thing spread her open and wormed a few inches into her backdoor, before it too began to vibrate. Jenna lurched at the new sensation, but she felt so tired.

The van stopped. Jenna felt the click of the transmission as it slid into park. The restraints on her arms and legs were unfastened, and then she felt the strangers lift her exhausted body in their arms. The vibrating thing in her ass continued to hum away. She had no strength to fight them. The rock of the door sliding open was only a distant tremor as the woman in her earbuds orgasmed, yet again. The strangers carried her, naked outside, and Jenna felt the kiss of the air on her body as the woman continued to pant and cream in her ears. She felt them maneuver her body, remove the thing from her butt, lay her down on the hot leather of her car’s back seat, and then she felt their presence withdraw.

Her limbs were tingling with spikes of pain as the blood flowed back into them, but it was still some time before she could manage to move them enough to lift her heavy hands toward her ears, where she plucked the buds from them, then pulled the gag from her mouth. She shut her eyes tightly, then pulled the blindfold away. She cracked one eye experimentally, wincing against the fading light of the setting sun, then waited for the blinding pain to recede before blinking away tears and repeating the process with the other eye.

She propped herself up and saw, between her legs, another of the fucking white vibrators. Her pussy was a sopping mess as she took the thing in her shaky hand, switched it on, and pressed it against her clit, bucking and moaning in the empty lot, beneath the dying light of the day, until she was finally able to cum. She wept as she climaxed, her gut wrenching with shame at her own desperate need to get that greedy pleasure and stop the animal desire that had taken over her mind and body. Cum. The need for release was the first thing she’d thought of, rather than her own safety, or even where she was. She just had to cum, and that was more important than anything else in that moment.

With her creamy cunt satisfied, she dressed herself in the fading daylight, her head in a confused fog. They’d kept her in that damn van, teasing her body for hours, she judged by the position of the sun. Once she was clothed, she finally checked her phone and found that another four hours had passed since they’d taken her. She nearly dropped the thing when it pinged in her hand. She already knew what was coming. She tapped the message.

“Hush, hush…” and below this, a picture of a naked woman, her body contorted in pleasure as she pressed a vibrator against her slit and orgasmed. It was her, the previous night, in her room after they’d molested her body. Her legs spread, she pressed the vibrator to her young pussy and orgasmed as she watched the strangers torture her body with pleasure. The thought of that orgasm in the still image filled her thoughts as she drove home.


Jenna remained silent about the whole affair, her will flagging now and again as she considered telling her parents about it. The thought of the strangers getting into her home, though, doing something to her family, stopped her each time. The still image of her shameful orgasm from the previous evening, as she was alone and tired in the dark, was a clear indication that they were watching her. Even now, as she lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling, there was a camera somewhere nearby that allowed them perverted access to her privacy. How long had it been there? How long had they been watching? What was the purpose of this whole, sick and twisted torture?

Her phone pinged again, and she reached for it, her hands shaking. Every email, every message that came in filled her with trepidation. Even when it ended up being a friend’s message or some advertisement, she never felt relief. There was always the concern that the next one was going to be from her tormentors. This time, it was.

“Hush, hush…” read the message, followed by a photo of herself this afternoon, her arms and legs spread out into an X, restrained in the van, gagged and blindfolded. Her head was thrown back in an obvious near orgasm, her mouth open as widely as it would go, as sweat beaded on her forehead. The photo was cropped, showing only herself and a rubber-gloved hand pressing a vibrator to her very aroused cunt.

Below the photo, the hyperlink read, “Click here to claim your prize!”

Jenna felt a rush of anger. Prize? As if kidnapping her, or breaking into her home, then forcing her to the brink of orgasm over and over were some sort of game? Only, it was a game to these people. Fuming, she clicked the link, knowing that they were watching.

The link opened in her browser, showing the familiar black page, and the terrible words, “Hush, hush…” and below them a colored prize wheel, each slice of the thing printed with a question mark. Below this, a button read, “Spin to Win!” Jenna glanced about the room for the hundredth time, seeking the camera. Again, she found nothing, and she was too frightened to do a thorough search.

She tapped the button. The wheel spun and spun for several tortuous seconds, and then finally slowed, then stopped on a red piece. The question mark spun away. The red piece slid from the wheel, and a new message appeared below, reading, “Strip!”

Jenna swallowed hard at the single word. Strip? She glanced around again, as though this time her eyes would find the camera. She knew the angle from which it had captured the image they’d sent, but nothing in that part of the room seemed to indicate a camera. Strip. Jenna trembled, went to her door, locked it, and then removed her clothes and returned to the bed, taking up the phone. As soon as she sat down, the page reloaded, but this time the red slice was gone from the wheel. The button reappeared, instructing her to, “Spin to Win!”

She clicked the button. The wheel spun. The wheel stopped on a purple slice, and the animation played, revealing the words, “Play!” and below them, a picture of a little white vibrator. Play? With herself? The white words flashed excitedly. Play! Jenna set down the phone and retrieved the white vibrator from her purse. She’d kept it for evidence, so that she could use it when she finally worked up the courage to tell someone about this. It was not because she wanted to use it on herself again.

Vibrator in her hand, she picked up the phone. The white letters flashed again. Play! Jenna switched the thing on, and reluctantly pressed it against her pussy as the screen reloaded, this time with a video. The video was from the previous evening, this time edited from multiple angles. Jenna felt another stab of fear as she pressed the vibrator against her cunt. How many of them were there? Three of them playing with her body, and at least two more filming it from different angles. The video played, forcing her to masturbate herself as she watched the strangers toying with her naked flesh.

A few minutes into the video, as the first stranger dripped warm oil onto her tits, in a closeup shot, the rubber fingers playing with her nipples, Jenna’s pussy became damp. She flushed at her body’s reaction to the sensations from the toy. The video played on, and now she could see, from various angles, all of the horrid things they’d done to her. She watched her body spasm and buck as the black-robed figures pleasured her most intimate parts, pushing her arousal to the edge before they backed off and watched her squirm with need.

The pleasant feelings growing in her cunt caused her to reluctantly press the toy to her clit and stimulate herself, her hips pushing against the vibrator as she approached her peak. The screen flashed with the words, “Stop!” and Jenna pulled the vibrator away from her pussy, breathing hard as the orgasm faded away. A timer appeared, counting down from ten, and once it reached the end, the word, “Play!” reappeared. She groaned and repeated the exercise, pressing the toy back to her wet pussy as the strangers in the video continued to molest and tease her.

Once more, just as her flesh grew hot and she climbed the peak to her orgasm, the words flashed, “Stop!” and the timer began. Jenna huffed, her cheeks flushed and body taut as she complied. The timer counted down, and then the word, “Play!” flashed. She complied, pushing the vibrator against her clit and holding it there, intent on cumming. “Stop!” and again the timer, then, “Play!” and she reluctantly teased herself again as she was forced to watch herself on the screen, now pleading with the strangers to allow her to orgasm.

After the 16th time this cycle repeated itself, Jenna lost count of how many more times it happened. Her eyes burned from watching the screen, and her body quaked, while sweat glistened on her naked flesh. Her entire body quaked with the need to cum, but still the video played, and the cycle continued. Jenna whined in frustration each time the words, “Stop!” flashed, and she had to pull the toy away and allow her orgasm to fade. Just when she thought that anything was better than this torture, the word flashed again, only this time it said, “Cum!” and Jenna felt a rush of relief so palpable that she began to cry as she kept the vibrator humming against her clit.

She dropped the phone from her numb hand and squeezed her breast, rolling her nipple hard between her fingers, then bit her lip to hold in a wild scream of pleasure as she finally pushed herself over the edge and came. Her back arched and her body went rigid, then she squirmed in her throes as the wave of pleasure shot through her brain, even as her tears streamed down her cheeks. For long minutes, she pressed the toy against herself, and groaned with delight as she came twice more, before finally dropping the vibrator to the bed and allowing herself to come down. She couldn’t recall ever having cum so hard in her life. It wasn’t as though she was some sort of chronic masturbator. She’d done it before, and a couple times she’d even watched porno while she did it, but it had never been anything like this.

She felt on the bed for the phone, found it, and raised it to her eyes with a shaky, exhausted hand. The words on the screen flashed, “Good girl!” and the video disappeared. A new message flashed, stating, “Rest,” and the page turned black. Jenna felt so tired as she set the phone down and stared at the ceiling, trying to catch her breath. Four hours in the van, and then another two hours of watching the video as she was made to deny herself orgasms had taken its toll. There was no need for pills tonight. She shut her eyes, not even turning off her light, and felt a flutter of fear as she wondered if they’d come for her again tonight. Her eyes refused to stay open, though, even as she fought against the darkness.

It was Saturday, and Jenna awoke, unmolested, but still naked from her previous masturbation. Her sheets stank of sweat and pussy. The little vibrator lay, discarded, on the bed next to her phone. As she came awake, her body sore and aching, she fumbled for the phone. No messages. The wave of relief that hit her was tangible, cloaking her tired body in a warm cocoon as she fell asleep again.

Another hour later, she managed to drag herself from her bed and into the shower. As she closed the bathroom door, she could hear the sounds of the TV downstairs and her family going about their weekend business. When she was dressed, she went back to her room, found no more messages on the phone, and she tried to focus on doing homework. It was not easy. Her mind was constantly distracted, thinking over the horrible situation she was in. She could not, for the life of her, puzzle it out. Whoever these people were, they made no demands. They did not hurt her or try to have sex with her. They just wanted to toy with her, and she couldn’t understand why.

No answers were forthcoming. The entire day passed, and then the night with no more messages and no more visits. Sunday was the same. No messages. No emails. On Sunday night, Jenna lay in bed, playing the video over in her mind. The feeling of the strange hands roaming over her body, the pleasure that they’d forced on her, made her pussy wet. She used the vibrator on herself, pushing her arousal to the edge for over an hour, before she finally allowed herself to cum. Afterward, she felt so confused about why she’d done it.

On Monday, Jenna went to school, and her anxiety eased up. Maybe, she allowed herself to hope, it was over. They’d had their fun, no one had been hurt, and it was over. As Monday became Tuesday, still, no messages or emails. On Wednesday, Jenna left school with only two days left in her Senior year. She stopped at the store to buy some shampoo and makeup, and then made her way back to her car.

Four days had passed now, with no word from her tormentors. Her guard was down. The white van parked next to her car didn’t raise any red flags as she took out her keys and unlocked her door, humming to herself. The van door slid open quickly behind her, and as her mind connected that horrible sound to her most recent trip in a van, she spun around. A black bag went over her head, and she screamed, but the sound was muffled by the thick cloth. The door clicked shut again, and the van started.

Jenna continued to scream into the darkness, but then came the terrible voice, “Hush, hush…” and she fell silent, sobbing as the van rumbled away. She felt her hands being pulled gently behind her back, and then tied with a soft strip of cloth. She lay on her front on the plush floor of the van, the road vibrations coursing through her body, as one of the strangers pulled off her terry cloth shorts, followed by her panties. Two sets of hands spread her legs apart as she lay face-down, and then a third began to caress her slit with that goddamn oil.

Jenna moaned into the bag as the stranger’s hands toyed with her slit, rubbing between her folds and smearing the oil inside of her. This time, though, the fingers wormed their way just inside of her opening, spreading the oil into her pussy and gently coating her entrance. The fingers massaged her channel carefully, playfully, then withdrew and returned to slipping through her crease, then rubbing her clit until she mewled. As the fingers continued their teasing of her pussy, another gloved hand rubbed the oil around her anus, and she kicked her legs, but they were held firmly in the other stranger’s hands.

The fingers continued to stimulate her increasingly excited clit, then the lubed finger at her asshole slowly worked itself into her butt, withdrew, added another small drop of oil, and then slid inside of her again. Jenna moaned and warm tears filled her eyes as she struggled for breath in the thick bag. The van came to a stop, and the fingers probing her withdrew. The strangers hoisted her body and carried her from the van. A moment later, the cool of air conditioning kissed her naked lower body. Somewhere, behind them, a door clicked shut and they set Jenna on her feet. The bag was removed from her head, and she found herself in complete darkness.

One of them placed the thick gag at her lips, and she opened her mouth compliantly, knowing what they wanted. As the fabric slipped between her teeth, she tried to ask again, “Why are you doing this?” but the question was only met with the familiar, robotic reply, “Hush, hush…”

The darkness and terror in her body quickly overrode the arousal they’d forced on her during the van ride. The cord binding her arms was removed, and one of the strangers stripped off her top, then her bra, leaving her naked but for her socks. They guided her through the darkness, seeming to know exactly where they were going. They stopped, turned her around, and then lifted her up and sat her in a chair of some kind, with a cold, leather seat. She could feel that the seat had a large, empty hole in the center of it, and then they placed her feet into a set of stirrups and strapped them in. Her arms, similarly, were strapped to the arms of the chair.

In utter darkness, she breathed deeply, terrified. Then, the teasing began again, gloved hands cupping her breasts, rolling her nipples, applying the oil to them, working it in, toying with her tits. The stirrups elevated slightly, then spread apart, pushing her legs wide and exposing her naked pussy even further. The chair angled back as the stranger continued to play with her breasts. They slipped something over her head, and she felt weight on the front of her face, then a strap tightening on the back of her head. Not a blindfold. Sudden light made her wince, and then a video began to play in front of her eyes. Some sort of headset?

The video filled her entire field of view, showing a naked woman, her body glistening with moisture. The woman quivered with pleasure as she pressed a vibrator against her pussy and teased it until she was at the brink of orgasm, then backed off, her hand caressing her breasts. Her stomach tightened and her hips jerked, and then she pressed the toy to her cunt again.

Jenna jumped as something was placed against her own pussy and then began to vibrate along her slit. The thing, some sort of toy, she guessed, moved back and forth along her gash. One of the rubber fingers touched her clitoral hood and began to rub it gently with the warm oil as the vibrating thing slid back and forth between her lips and the hands on her breasts continued their teasing. The woman in the video repeatedly brought herself to the brink and then denied her own pleasure, just as Jenna had done to herself only days ago.

The finger at her clit had coaxed out her engorged button and worked it softly in a repetitive motion that made Jenna’s body respond, reluctantly, to the pleasure being forced on her. The woman in the video lost the battle with her self-denial and orgasmed loudly in Jenna’s ears, her body thrashing as she pushed the vibrating toy into her pussy and rubbed her fingers wildly on her clit. Her pussy gushed cream around the toy as she screeched in pleasure, and Jenna found herself pushing her bottom down against the vibrating thing tracing the length of her slit, as she watched the woman attain the state of orgasmic bliss she was being denied.

The video faded to black, and another faded in showing a woman lying face down, her arms and legs tightly bound to the base of a bench. Her naked ass and pussy were exposed, and some kind of machine slowly worked a long, vibrating sex toy in and out of her very wet pussy. Another woman, wearing a black cat mask, fingered lubricant into the bound woman’s asshole as she moaned and shook. Jenna felt motion from the chair, and heard some kind of electric whir, muted by the noise of the woman’s excited moans in her ears. Something firm and rubbery pressed against her own ass, and she felt some kind of sticky mess shoot from it, coating her anus.

Jenna jerked in the chair at the new sensation and made pitiful cries into her gag. The strangers only continued to tease her clit, her breasts, and answered with, “Hush, hush…”

The thing between her slit pressed more firmly, angled itself upward, and slid into the entrance to her pussy, making her squeal as it parted her opening and slid just an inch inside of her. The stranger manipulating her clit pressed harder and began to rub more vigorously, working her up toward an unwanted orgasm, as the thing slid out of her pussy, pushed back in, out, then in, just as the toy in the video. The woman controlling the bound girl placed a rubbery cock at the exposed, lubed asshole of her victim and pushed, opening the girl’s ass up.

The thing at Jenna’s ass followed the motion, and Jenna cried out as the weird toy burrowed its way into her bottom a few inches and then stopped. The feeling of the two toys, the hands on her breasts, and the repetitive motion on her clit nearly made her cum, but the hand on her clit backed off, as though it had known, and the orgasm receded, leaving her legs shaking in the stirrups.

The woman holding the toy in the bound girl’s ass began to slowly fuck it in and out of her, bringing a squeal of joy from the girl as the machine began to thrust into her pussy faster and deeper. The girl’s body shook as she climbed her peak, and Jenna could feel the same sensation in her own body, the growing warmth of orgasm coursing through her. Just as the girl was about to cum, though, the machine withdrew from her pussy. The girl groaned in frustration. The woman continued to fuck her asshole with the toy but used her other hand to angle the machine slightly downward. She made some small adjustments, and the machine extended a mere inch, touched the girl’s clit, and began to vibrate. The girl groaned as the thing teased her clit, and the woman fucked her bottom with the toy.

Jenna received the same treatment, the toy in her pussy withdrawing, angling forward, sliding once more back and forth along her slit. The toy in her ass squirted more lube into her bottom and then began to gently push in and out, in and out, burrowing a little deeper each time. Jenna whined and her body shook as the bound girl in the video had a tremendous orgasm with the toy in her bottom and the machine vibrating her clit. She watched the girl’s body thrash, her hips jerking from side to side as the woman spanked her naked bottom and she came.

The video faded, and yet another began. The teasing continued, just as it had the previous sessions. More videos played. More girls were forced to the edge of cumming, denied, worked up, and then made to orgasm with something pushed into their ass. The strangers continued to give Jenna the same treatment, playing with her breasts and nipples, the toy sliding back and forth along her slick slit, the finger rubbing her clit to the point that she pleaded uselessly for them to allow her to cum. The toy in her ass continued its anal assault. She counted eight of the videos before she became too distracted by the overbearing need to orgasm, and still there were more.

At last, though, they did allow her to cum this time. Just as the women in the videos she watched, Jenna came as the strangers worked on her over-excited clit, with the toy in and out of her bottom. Jenna cried as she thrashed in the chair, the strange, new feeling of an anal orgasm crashing over her, making her buck and hump the chair as she screamed with the hot bursts of pleasure from having been teased for so long.

Even as her body still shook and quivered, the strangers released her from the chair and stood her up on wobbly legs. They removed the headset, replaced it with the blindfold, left her gagged, and then she felt them putting her shirt back on. No bra. No panties. No shorts. They bound her wrists behind her back, then hefted her tired body once more and carried her back out, where she felt the late spring heat on her naked skin, then the cool of the van’s air conditioning.

Still too tired to fight, she allowed them to spread her legs again, and hold them apart. The van rumbled away. Jenna moaned into her gag again when they pressed the vibrator against her wet pussy once more, and then wriggled weakly when she felt the invasive press of something long and rubbery working its way back into her ass. As they drove, the strangers continued the terrible teasing, fucking the toy in and out of her bottom as the vibrations on her clit pushed her to a second, and then a third explosive orgasm that left her drooling and quaking.

Finally, the van stopped. They turned her over onto her back, her bound arms making the position uncomfortable. She felt them sliding something hard and metallic over her legs, fitting it about her pelvis, and then turning her onto her stomach once more. She heard the click of a lock and felt tough but flexible leather on her butt cheeks, and something snug and cold against her cunt. They stood her up, slipped her shorts over her legs and fastened them, then replaced her shoes. Her wrists were unbound, but someone still held her arms firmly behind her back. She trembled, weak and scared in complete silence for another few heartbeats, until the sound of the van door opening broke the quiet.

Jenna restrained with chastity belt: Edge by Tori Hamlin

They lifted her, and then set her down just outside. The door slammed shut, and she heard the van drive away. With tired hands she ripped away the blindfold and the gag, squinting against the pain as her eyes adjusted to the sudden, bright sunlight. She blinked away tears of relief and pain as she regained her vision and found herself back in the nearly empty parking lot, standing next to her car. Her purse lay on the ground next to her.

Jenna picked it up, opened the car door and slipped inside, breathing heavily, wiping at her eyes. Her heart hammered in her chest as she dropped her purse to the passenger seat, and then unsnapped her shorts, wiggling her hips to see what the hell they’d put on her. She ran her fingers over a very slim, shiny metal band that encircled her waist, hugging her body tightly. The metal was padded on the inside, so as not to dig at her skin, and when she put her hands into her shorts and felt between her legs, the smooth metal continued all the way down, and between her legs, covering her mound. Panicking, she quickly started the car and drove home.

As she entered the house, she bumped into her mother, who took one look at her sweaty face and her general sense of alarm and stopped her.

“Jenna,” she said, “Are you okay? What’s going on?”

Jenna stammered, thinking quickly and replied, “Nothing. I… I forgot tampons and had an… an accident!”

Her mother stepped aside quickly, accepting the explanation and let her hurry up the stairs. Jenna locked her door and hurriedly wriggled out of her shorts, kicking them aside and rushing to her mirror, where she saw the latest horror inflicted on her.

“What the fuck?” she whispered to herself.

The thing around her waist gleamed menacingly under the glow of her makeup light, encircling her waist. The shiny metal was thin but tough, running down between her legs, where the metal shield covered her pussy, and then turned into leather straps that lifted each of her butt cheeks apart enticingly. She felt between her legs and found a thin slit that was not quite wide enough to fit her fingers into. Feeling along the back of the thing, her fingers found a small lock embedded in the metal. Jenna began to cry, tugging at the thing desperately, but it wouldn’t budge. She was locked in.

Sobbing and exhausted, she collapsed on the bed, her head spinning with anxiety. What the fuck was happening? Why were they doing it? Why her? The questions spun through her tired mind, over and over, with no answers. Her phone pinged and she jumped, then reached for it, already knowing what she’d find. She clicked the message.

“Hush, hush…” read the title, and below this a photo of her spread legs, locked in a chastity belt, her plump bottom on display. The hyperlink below the photo read, “Click here to see the future!”

She clicked, and the browser opened to the black page, the same goddamn words across the top, “Hush, hush…” and below this, a photo of a key, sparkling gold and topped with a little image of a set of full, pouty lips, a finger over them in the universal sign for quiet. Below the photo, another short message read, “Soon.”

The page went black.


Jenna spent the night jerking awake in terror, expecting to find herself tied to the bed surrounded by strangers. She was alone each time. The awful belt hugged her body, making it difficult to find a comfortable position, but the day’s ordeal had worn her out mentally and physically, and eventually she would fall asleep again, only to awaken later to the same feeling of terror. Still, she was alone and unmolested.

In the morning, she learned that life wearing a chastity belt was an exercise in frustration. The simple act of using the bathroom or washing herself in the shower made her grit her teeth and cry angry tears at the unfairness of it. What had she ever done to deserve something like this? She was kind to people. She stayed out of everyone’s way, and never so much as said a bad word about anyone. In her room, she checked her phone, found no messages, and then dressed in a pair of loose, linen pants that hid the stupid belt. She nearly asked her mother to call her in sick but decided to get through it. There were only two days left in school. She would graduate, and then… then? Then, what?

This entirely fucked situation had thrown her life into total chaos. Nothing was certain. As they’d shown her, days could pass with nothing happening, and then they’d randomly pluck her from anywhere and subject her to the relentless teasing torture again, before finally thrusting some new horror on her that would set the terrible cycle starting all over again. How was she supposed to do or plan anything like this? The situation just made her more confused when she played the memories in her head.

The pump of the adrenaline, the paralyzing fright, the helplessness, but also the strange mix of all-consuming arousal that accompanied those feelings as she remembered the things they’d done to her body, and all of it together actually made her wet between the legs when she thought about it. That was the most confusing part of her own feelings. In fact, since the long teasing session the day before, she realized that her head was in a pleasant, nearly orgasmic fog, as though she was tingling and still expecting another orgasm to hit her.

Even as she slung her purse over her shoulder, she played back the feeling of the toy being fucked into her bottom, the pulsing vibrator against her clit, the total surrender of her body to a group of apparitions that came and went without a clue, and she got hot. The desire to masturbate made her sick to her stomach, and then the sick feeling only grew as she felt the rim of the belt. Then, she felt even worse at how desperate she was to have the belt off and the vibrator between her legs. Fuck! How could she actually get turned on by this? With a mental effort, she forced the thought away and proceeded through her routine, worried that any change to it might bring down the wrath of her blackmailers on her family.

During her third period class, Jenna learned that the belt was not simply a means of further denial to her sex, but yet another instrument of teasing torture. Sitting in her class, completely disengaged from what was happening around her, Jenna suddenly felt a quick pulse of electric shock through her cunt. She jumped in her seat, drawing strange looks from her classmates and flushed in embarrassment. The charge hadn’t been painful, just surprising and unexpected. It was like the kind of charge one would get from static build-up, as though she’d rubbed a wool sweater across herself.

Just when she thought she’d imagined it, it came again, sending a two-second jolt straight into her clit and making her bite her lip not to moan out loud. As her class went on, Jenna truly became detached as the little pulses continued, until she was squeezing her legs together from the very pleasant sensations they were creating in her pussy. By the end of class, she was soaking wet between her legs. She hurried into a bathroom stall and breathed heavily, dropping her pants and feeling between her legs. Her fingers came away sticky with her own juices that had seeped through the little slit in her belt. She cursed in her head, and experimentally rubbed between her legs again, but even if she’d had the courage to get herself off in a school bathroom, the belt made that impossible.

She pulled her pants back on and shook her head, trying to dispel the foggy feeling. It did not work. Jenna washed the smell of her pussy from her hands, and drifted back into the hall, navigating the press of student bodies toward her next class. Her eyes darted about anxiously, wondering if anyone else could tell what was hidden in her pants, or if they could smell her aroused pussy. She was terrified that her leaking cunt would leave a wet stain in the crotch of her pants, and that other people would know that she was aroused and not wearing panties. Thankfully, she didn’t have to dress out for gym class anymore.

As she passed by a bank of lockers, a hand suddenly gripped her arm, making her scream. Everyone stopped and looked at her with curious expressions, and she turned crimson all over. The other students gave her odd glances, but went back about their own ways, ready for the school year to end. Jenna turned to face the person still gripping her arm and allowed herself to be tugged into the cleft of the lockers, where she was met by the grinning face of Kara Layton.

Kara from Edge by Tori Hamlin

“Um, hi, Kara,” she said.

Jenna knew Kara only by the fact that she was one more girl in her grade, who she’d shared a few classes with over the years. They’d rarely spoken, and then only to exchange the usual pleasantries. Otherwise, the girl was a stranger.

“Hello, Jenna,” the girl said, a lopsided grin on her face, “how are you this morning?”

“I’m… I’m fine. Thanks?”

The girl reached into her shirt, tugging a thin chain out, and dropped it to let it rest between her breasts. On the end of the chain hung a golden key, the head of which was a set of full, pouty lips, on a black background, a finger over them in the universal sign for quiet. Jenna’s eyes went wide, and then slid from the key up to Kara’s face. The girl put her finger to her lips, smiled, and said, “Hush, hush…”

Jenna’s legs nearly turned to jelly, and the very real fear that she might piss herself right here in the hallway slammed her gut like a suckerpunch. The other girl gripped her arm again, firmly but not enough to hurt. She stroked the back of her hand against Jenna’s cheek, wiping away a tear that Jenna hadn’t even noticed she’d produced. Despite all of the questions and the anger at what had been happening to her, Jenna couldn’t find the strength to utter a single word. She simply stared at the girl, at the key, then back to the girl’s pink lips.

“Don’t worry,” Kara said softly, as though speaking to a bawling baby, “answers are coming."

She pressed something into Jenna’s clammy, trembling hand, tucked the little key into her shirt, and brushed past her to disappear into the sea of students.

Jenna forced her heart to slow and look at the thing in her hand. It was a small package, wrapped in brown paper. She tore the paper open, wiped her hand across her eyes, felt tears, but continued until she’d unwrapped the thing. Inside, she found a small, black box with a blue neon letter “H” on the front. It seemed about the size for a pair of earbuds. Along with the box was a black card, with the familiar full, pouty lips, a finger over them in the universal sign for quiet. The words, “Hush, hush…” were printed in white letters. She turned the card over and saw four small photos, each one a member of her family. Below these, a single word was printed in the same white lettering.


Throughout the rest of the day, Jenna sat through her classes, thankful that they were basically a formality at this point. Her thoughts drifted to the little black box in her purse, between tortuous moments when the belt would send jolts through her cunt that had her legs shaking with the urge to plunge her hand between them and frig her tightly controlled pussy. Fuck, it was horrible! By the end of the day, she was a sweaty mess, and she felt certain that the occasional odd glance she got from other students was due to the fact they could tell she was in a lust-addled haze.

She made her way through the parking lot to her car, where Kara stood waiting for her. Jenna stopped short at the sight of the girl, casually twirling the key on its little chain as she waited. When she saw Jenna, she slipped the key around her neck and tucked it away. The belt began to tease her cunt again, and she pressed her legs together tightly. Kara smirked knowingly and crooked her finger. Jenna wiped at her brow and walked up to the girl.

“Hey, Jenna,” Kara said happily, “how are you feeling?”

“Why are you doing this?” Jenna asked in a rush, “What did I do to you?”

Kara’s eyes widened, and she answered, “Me? No, no. This isn’t me, honey.”

The girl pulled the front of her skirt up, just an inch, and Jenna saw a gleaming, metal band around her waist. They’re eyes locked and nothing was said.

“Come on,” Kara said, beckoning Jenna to follow, “Let’s take a drive.”

Jenna gave her car a quick glance, but then followed Kara across the lot, until they reached the other girl’s car. The vehicle chirped, lights flashed, and the click of the electronic locks allowed them access. Jenna slid into the passenger seat and waited for Kara to start the car.

“Who are they?” Jenna blurted, “What do they want?”

Kara ignored her questions, and simply placed her finger to her lips infuriatingly. She slowly navigated out of the parking lot along with the line of other vehicles, until they’d reached the main road, wheeled out onto the street, and sped away. Kara took them away from the city, and when they’d gone a few miles, she flipped open the console of the car, fished inside, and then came out with a black, velvet blindfold, which she handed to Jenna. She took it, wordlessly tying the thing around her eyes, and then sat trembling in the silence of the vehicle. The belt began to send tingling pleasure through her cunt once more, the pulses ramping up her already excited body until she squirmed in the seat, panting with need. Each time that she felt like the pleasure might make her cum, it stopped suddenly, leaving her body wanting more.

“It doesn’t get better,” Kara said, noticing Jenna’s distress, then added, “Have you tried getting your ass off, yet?”

Jenna cringed, remembering the way they’d forced her to those anal orgasms yesterday.

“Not them,” Kara said, “I mean, have you tried to do it to yourself?”

“N… no!” Jenna said, shaking in her seat as her wet pussy soaked her pants through the slit in the belt.

“You will,” Kara said with certainty.

Once the belt had stopped teasing her, and her heart rate began to slow, Jenna asked, “Where are we going?”

“There’s a time and place for answers. This isn’t it. Trust me, I know what’s going through your mind. It’s maddening. For now, though, just know that you’ve been let in, and now you’ll have to work your way up, unless you want to be a toy forever.”

“I don’t know what that means!” Jenna cried in frustration and slammed her fist against the door.

“Hush, hush…”

Jenna fumed as Kara continued to drive, until, finally, the car stopped.

“Stay,” Kara ordered, and Jenna heard her door open, shut, then a moment later her own door opened.

Kara took her by the arm and Jenna planted her feet on the ground, felt dirt slip beneath her shoes. The other girl peeled up Jenna’s top, unsnapped her bra, then said, “Open your mouth.”

Jenna complied, trembling at her near-nudity, and felt something thick and rubbery pressed between her teeth, then strapped around her head. She couldn’t bite down, and assumed it was a gag ball, like the one that had been in the package. Kara took her arm and led her forward, until Jenna heard the hiss of a door opening, and then cool air on her skin. They moved inside, the door shutting behind them, and then she was guided forward again. They walked for what seemed like minutes, Jenna stumbling blindly as Kara held her arm.

They stopped, and Kara’s hand left her arm. A moment later, she heard water running, then the hiss of a shower spray. Kara tied her arms behind her back, turned her around, and Jenna felt her push the little key into her belt and unlock it. The thing slid down her legs, and she stepped out of it, her heart soaring at the feeling of freedom. Kara guided her toward the sound of the spray.

Hot water pelted across her naked skin, and then she felt Kara’s own naked body pressed against her back and the other girl’s hands slid across her firm tummy, crept up her skin and cupped her breasts. Jenna bucked as Kara’s fingers caressed her hard nipples. Her entire body seemed on a hair trigger from the constant teasing the belt had inflicted on it, and when Kara slid one hand from her breast, down her body, and between her legs, Jenna did not try to stop her.

Jenna had never imagined that she would be touched so intimately by another girl, but at this moment it didn’t matter. Her pussy was so keyed up that when Kara’s fingers danced between her slit, she humped against them with desperate need, silently praying that the girl would just get her off and relieve the overwhelming pain of the day-long tease she’d endured.

Kara didn’t make her cum, though. She removed her hand, lathered it in soap, and then returned it to Jenna’s pussy, scrubbing it clean of the fuck honey that dripped from it for hours, while her other hand continued to grope her breasts and tug at her hard nipples. Once Kara was satisfied with her washing, she undid the bindings on Jenna’s wrists, turned her around, then took one of her arms and wrapped her wrist in a padded cuff. She repeated the process with the other, and then Jenna felt her arms pull outward as the restraints went taut.

Jenna whined pitifully, but Kara didn’t acknowledge her. Instead, she restrained her legs as well, and then Jenna stood in the X position again, her legs spread, as the hot spray of the shower pelted her back. A moment later, she felt the girl between her legs, lapping at her wet and excited slit with her tongue.

“Ugh!” Jenna cried into the gag, the new sensation wholly unfamiliar but so damn pleasurable.

Kara flattened her tongue and ran it back and forth along the folds of Jenna’s pussy, then teased her clit with the tip of it, squirming her tongue back and forth, flicking Jenna’s engorged fuck button until she was pulling against the restraints and a breath away from cumming. Kara denied her, though, and Jenna groaned when the girl left her hanging. The water stopped. Kara dried her body with a soft towel, spending extra time running the cloth between her legs as Jenna quivered and panted, her face flushed with her desire to cum. Her jaw ached as the gag pried her lips apart and she tried to bite down to keep from screaming.

Kara undid the straps on her ankles, then slid the horrid belt back up Jenna’s legs.

“Ng!” Jenna pleaded, “Ng! Dt!”

Kara ignored her, clicking the lock on the belt home once more.

Kara slipped Jenna’s pants back onto her, then undid the restraints on her arms and put her shirt back on. No bra. Her hands were bound behind her back again. Lastly, Kara dried her feet and replaced her socks and shoes, lacing them for her. Finally, she removed the gag ball and Jenna licked at her lips, working her sore jaw. She flinched back as Kara pressed her lips to her mouth, and the other girl began to kiss her sensually, her hands wrapping around Jenna’s waist and holding her. Jenna responded, the fog in her brain, the lack of sleep, the uncertainty and confusion that had become her life, all of it a mind-numbing blur of emotions that somehow made this gentle and tender feeling of intimacy seem so comforting.

Kara’s lips were soft and warm against her own, and when the girl snaked her tongue into Jenna’s mouth and played with hers, she didn’t try to fight. She felt so hot, her body on the edge, her mind chasing a feeling of ultimate pleasure that just wouldn’t come. The belt began to tease her cunt once more, sending ripples of teasing pleasure through her as Kara continued to probe her mouth sensually and slowly, like they were lovers in some sapphic romance novel. The kiss ended. Jenna exhaled hotly through parted lips, unsure of why she wanted Kara to kiss her again.

The realization that she had enjoyed this entire erotic shower hit her mind like a tidal wave, and Kara watched her face as Jenna struggled with the fact. She hadn’t been terrified, not like when the strangers had taken her. Kara had a face. Kara wasn’t someone scary and nameless. Kara was a person, and even though she’d done nearly the same thing as the strangers, Jenna had truly enjoyed it and wanted more. She began to cry as her confused feelings played through her mind, and then Kara held her in her arms.

“I know,” Kara said softly, “I know.”

Those two simple words rocked Jenna to the core, and all the anger, the frustration, the terror poured out of her in a heart-wracking sob that left her body trembling, even as the belt ramped up her arousal, which only made her more confused. Kara continued to hold her and stroke her back, for a few moments, and then let her go. She wiped at the tears and then took her by the arm and led her from the room. The girl led her back outside, and the warm air and humidity was like a thick film, instantly raising sweat beads on her skin. Kara untied her wrists, led her back to the car, and helped her in. She did not remove the blindfold. Jenna knew that she could take it off, since her hands were free, but she didn’t. Somehow, she knew that it was against whatever set of unspoken rules there were to this game, and she wasn’t going to take any chances.

Kara got in and started the car, the cool of the A/C washing over Jenna’s skin. She drove in silence for a few minutes, and then said, “I’m your keyholder. From now on, we’ll do this once a day. It may not always be here. You’re going to invite me over, or I’ll do the same. We’ll be doing a lot together, and I’m going to become a regular part of your life. Don’t fuck this up. If you think about doing something stupid, well, don’t. You’ll know things only when they tell me that you can know them. Clear?”

Jenna nodded, biting back all the questions she had.

“Do you have the box?” Kara asked.


“When you get home, put them in. They’re called Haloes. Smart lenses. They aren’t on the market yet, but we get them. In fact, you’ll find that there are a lot of perks if you obey. There are, also, consequences if you don’t. Play the game the way they want you to, and you’ll never have to worry about anything. Break the rules…”

She didn’t have to elaborate. Jenna’s imagination filled in the blanks, as she thought about the little pictures of her family. They drove in silence again for several minutes before Kara said, “You can take off the blindfold, now.”

Jenna did, squinting against the invasive sunlight until her eyes readjusted. They were near the school. A moment later, Kara wheeled back into the lot and parked the car.

“Give me your phone,” Kara ordered. Jenna did. Kara punched her number into it and handed it back, then said, “Your welcome packet,” and handed her a padded envelope, then added, “Lastly. No more bras. No underwear of any kind. We’ll be going shopping soon.”

Jenna took the envelope, and when it seemed like Kara had nothing else to say, she let herself out and shut the door. Kara drove away, leaving Jenna alone by her car in the empty lot. She glanced about, nervously, half expecting a van to pull in and kidnap her, but no one came.


Jenna from Edge by Tori hamlin

By the time Jenna dropped her purse on her bed, she was perspiring again. The repeated pulses from the belt during the drive home, followed by an entire day of tortuous teasing from both the device and Kara’s filthy shower had Jenna in a total fog that made rational thought practically impossible. It was as though her entire being were on one long, drawn out orgasm, only the release and rush of pleasure never came. She’d never imagined that her body could feel this way, or that she would ever be so hyper-focused on the soaking wet hole between her legs.

“Have you tried getting your ass off?” Kara’s words came back to her.

Jenna had not tried. Jesus, she was actually thinking about it! In fact, she wasn’t just thinking about it, she realized, her fingers were already rubbing at her asshole through her pants! Oh, God! What had they done to her? Her shaky hands slid her pants off of her legs and kicked them aside, then stripped off her shirt and groped her breasts roughly, tugging her hard nipples. Fuck, she had to cum, or she’d go crazy! How? How could she do it? She didn’t own a sex toy, other than the white vibrators her tormentors had left her, but those were next to useless with her confined cunt.

Jenna forced herself to try to calm and think, but the belt’s pulses had become even more intense, pushing her to the verge of climax, then shutting off, only to restart a moment later. Think. Think. Yes! Jenna threw a bathrobe around her shoulders and cinched it shut, then opened her door and poked her head outside. The sound of the TV and rattling dishes from downstairs told her that her family wasn’t up here on the second floor.

She made a dash down the hallway to her parents' room, knocked softly to be sure but, when no answer came, she turned the handle and slipped inside. The early evening sun through the windows cast long shadows from the trees outside, across the room as she padded quietly along the carpet like a thief, which is exactly what she was. Only, she wasn’t after jewels or money. Opening her mother’s bedside table, she found what she needed, and silently thanked her younger self for being a curious teenager, then hoped that her mother didn’t feel the need to masturbate tonight.

Borrowed dildo in hand, Jenna quickly left the room and shut the door carefully before dashing back down the hall and closing her own, locking it. She shucked the robe and let it pool on the floor, her foggy head intent only on relieving the orgasmic pressure. Having never masturbated her butthole before, she wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it. Did one typically lay on their back? On their front? She started on her back, coating the head of the toy in the slick honey that ran liberally from her twat through the little slit. Fuck, she was soaking! The thought that she didn’t own any pants thick enough to hide the ever-present wet spot in her crotch flitted through her mind, but the primary concern was an orgasm.

As she lay on her back, legs spread, gravity pulled her slick secretions into her crack, just where she needed them to go. She fumbled the toy a few times, her hands shaking with her own need and the humiliation of what she’d been reduced to, a quivering mess of nerves that would do almost anything just to cum. The head of the toy found her back door and she gave it an exploratory push, feeling her asshole spread and accept the rounded head.

Oh, fuck, yes, she thought, and sighed as she pushed more of it into her anus. Her anal passage resisted the intrusion, but she forced herself to relax and was rewarded with another couple inches of lubricated silicon in her rectum. Jenna pulled her knees up, bracing them on the bed, spreading wider, and arching her back to allow for better access. The belt kicked up a notch, making her shake as she crammed another inch of the toy inside, then slid it back out, back in deeper. She groaned at the penetration, and felt the blissful sense of a growing orgasm coming on.

Goddammit, she was so close! She could feel the heat and the sparks in her head, the feeling of release practically tangible as she squeezed her tits and continued to fuck the toy in and out of her butt. She had it deep now, her ass nearly swallowing the thing to its base on the in-thrust, and she held it longer inside of her, pulled it back only a bit to ensure that her anus was completely filled with the thing. The corners of her vision darkened as all the blood seemed to flow from her brain into her spasming pelvic region. Or maybe it was the other way around. She wasn’t sure. The peak was right… fucking… there! One final, hard thrust and it came. She came. Her entire body seemed to light with fire as a hot wave of pure heaven swept over her from her ass, to her poor, locked up pussy, and rushing across her skin in every direction.

“Uh! Uh! Oooh! Fuuuuuck!” Jenna screamed out loud, unable to keep it in. The release of that pent-up pleasure was like nothing she’d ever felt. Even after those long, frustrating sessions with her tormentors, it hadn’t been like this. Oh, fuck! She pushed the toy into her ass again and set off a second explosion, screaming out her joy to the world, oblivious of all else but the orgasm that she’d finally, after an entire day of horrid torture, been able to achieve. Her head seemed foggy, the world distant around her as she humped the bed and the toy, seeking one more good cum, and then it came and she cried hot, frustrated tears at her own sick shame.

Jenna’s hips slammed back to the bed, which plunged the toy all the way up her ass in a sudden hard push, and she snatched a pillow, squealing into it as the belt sent her body into a final, life-altering orgasmic explosion that she felt in her guts. This one took some time to come down from, her mind drifting in a fuck-fog as the pins and needles in her body began to recede, leaving her a heaving, sweating mess with a sex toy shoved up her ass. She gave serious thought, at that moment, to pressing the pillow harder to her own face to end this all right here. Jesus Christ! How was she supposed to live this way?

Finally, she dropped the pillow to the side, and worked the toy out of her clenching asshole, grimacing as she dropped it to the floor, as well. She’d have to clean that, before putting it back. The belt had stopped its pulsing, for which she was thankful, as some semblance of reality began to stitch itself back together around her. Finally free of the immediate need to orgasm, she was getting her wits back and felt somewhat rational again. The feeling did not fade completely, though. It hung with her, cloying to her mind like a dark film that she couldn’t wipe away.

On wobbly legs, she stumbled to her robe and threw it on, hiding the sex toy inside it as she took a cold shower to clean the stink of sweat and arousal from her body. That done, she considered sneaking the toy back, but decided to keep it. What if she needed it again while her parents were asleep? Sickened by her own greedy need to ensure she could fuck her butthole to orgasm when necessary, she secreted the toy away under her mattress. If confronted, well, it was less embarrassing to admit to her mother that she’d taken it because she was just a horny teenage girl, rather than explain that she was involved in some kind of twisted sex game, locked in chastity, and her only means of orgasm was fucking her asshole with a dildo. She’d need to buy one of her own, she decided.

Now that she was able to think clearly, she knew that there were things that she needed to do. The box in her purse with the Haloes were part of her instructions. Then, there was the welcome packet. She wanted to scream at that, as though she’d just taken a job or something. Fucking welcome packet. First, though, there was a more pressing concern. Being on a forced near-orgasmic high seemed to burn a lot of energy, and she was absolutely starving.

A short time later, a plate of food piled high, and an excessively tall glass of water on her desk, Jenna turned her attention to the packet and the Haloes. The little box with the neon “H” she opened first, discarding the plastic wrapping and working the black, plastic case open. Inside lay an unimpressive looking set of contact lenses, which shimmered with a rainbow hue under the light of her desk lamp. Included were two small earbuds and a bottle of some sort of contact solution. Jenna had never needed glasses or contacts, and she was unsure of how to use them. A quick search online showed her the technique and she managed to get them in, the sensation of putting something in her eye an uncomfortable one.

She took up one of the earbuds and put it in her ear as the instructions dictated, then felt the bud expand until it fit tightly into her ear canal. In her vision, a glowing, neon “H” hovered before her. The letter collapsed after a second, turning into a string of animated lines, which reconfigured themselves into a glowing button that said, “Begin.”

Jenna tapped the button, and the lines swirled again, turning into a setup menu. The first step on the screen stated, “Select a wake up option,” and offered a variety of choices. Jenna tapped wake-word, and when prompted for a word with a chime in the earbud, she said, “Halo.”

The menu moved to the next item, stating, “Name your Halo.”

Jenna cocked her head and thought. Erin sounded like a cute, non-threatening name for an AI companion. “Erin,” she said, and the feminine voice in her ear replied, “Hello. I’m Erin. What’s your name?”


“Hello, Jenna. In the future, you can wake me with your wake word, or my name. Would you like to proceed with setting up my functions?”

“Yes,” Jenna answered, visions of evil AI dancing in her head.

“Great! I’ll walk you through it. It will be super easy!”

Over the next few minutes, Erin guided her through the set up steps, until she had her phone paired, social media accounts connected, and then the device asked her to choose a photo of herself to create an avatar. Jenna scrolled through her photos, streamed in from her phone and accounts, until she found one she liked. The words, “Building residual self-image,” appeared in her view, overlaying her room. Jenna had to admit that the lenses were pretty amazing. This was way different from the silly augmented reality apps she’d played with on her phone.

The words faded away, and Jenna saw a ghostly image of herself standing in her room a few feet away. She stood up and approached the ghost, walking all around it. Jesus, it was creepy seeing some specter of herself shifting from side to side impatiently. The thing even moved like her, and she guessed that the Haloes had used all of her photos to compile data from her years of poses and expressions to make the avatar as real as possible. It even cocked its head slightly and fidgeted with its thumb, just like her.

“This is how you will appear to other Halo users,” Erin said in her ear, “Is this an acceptable representation? Don’t worry, you can always change your looks later!”

“Yes,” Jenna replied, and the ghost faded away. Her vision was normal, as though there were no strange, cyborg-like lenses in her eyes.

“Halo,” Jenna said, experimentally.

The little glowing “H” appeared, floating in the corner of her vision to indicate the things were listening.


The letter faded out. She decided she could explore the tech later. Right now, she still had the welcome packet waiting for her. Taking up the padded envelope from the desk, she shook it experimentally and heard paper swishing together. Feeling silly, she tore the top open and dumped the contents onto her desk, then sat to sort through them. The first thing she picked up was a black bank card, with the name, “National Central Bank and Trust,” imprinted on the front. On the back was, what she assumed, a pin number printed on a sticker. A white paper with instructions on setting up an online account accompanied the card.

She set the card aside and picked up a stapled sheaf of papers. Her heart froze and a chill ran down her spine as she looked down the list of photos and names. Missing persons. She did not count how many there were, but it was quite a list, and they were all girls around her age. The implication was clear. Follow the rules. She shoved the horrible sheaf of paper back into the envelope, never wanting to see it again. The last thing in the envelope was another card, this one the same size and plastic material as the bank card, only this one had that damn picture on it. A set of full, pouty lips, a finger over them in the universal sign for quiet. On the back, printed in white letters was, “Player 67892,” and a magnetic strip across the top.

Jenna took the bank card and the instructions, woke up her Haloes, and looked at the printed link to the website for National Central Bank and Trust. Erin asked if she’d like to visit the link. She did. The site did not seem out of the ordinary in any way. Just a typical bank website. She followed the link to create an account, gave the site her email address, punched in the card numbers, and the last four digits of her Social Security Number. The site allowed her access, and she felt a shiver of fear. They really did know everything about her.

At the same moment that she logged into the account, and saw that it contained a balance of $10,000, her phone pinged and a message icon appeared in the corner of her vision. After the initial surprise at the sight of the icon floating before her eyes, she tapped at it and a message appeared.

“Hush, hush…” it read, then, “Welcome to Edge, Player 67892. Your introductory credit has been deposited into your account. At this stage, you may feel uncertainty, perhaps even anger. This is understandable. This is desirable. This will never end,” Jenna sniffled as she read the words. This will never end. But there was more, “During the course of the game, you will be offered challenges to participate in. Participation in challenges will bring rewards. Successful completion of challenges will bring greater rewards. Refusal to participate in challenges is your choice. Refusal to participate in challenges will result in punishment. Your life is what you make it.”

The message ended. With a shaky finger she swiped the message away. Another one appeared only a second later. This time, the message contained only a hyperlink. When tapped, a browser window filled her vision, overlaid onto her room. The address was, again, a string of random characters which opened a black page. On the page a scrollable list with the heading, “Currently available challenges,” filled the screen. Each challenge was labeled with a heading, as well as a countdown to completion. She noted that the page was already bookmarked in the browser.

With a sick feeling in her gut, Jenna looked down the list of challenges, which were pre-filtered by her location. There were dozens of them. How many people had been press-ganged into this game, she wondered. Some challenges were grayed out and had a rank number next to them. She saw, in the corner of the page, her player number and next to it a rank. Zero. Curiosity won her over and she tapped the first challenge in the list.

Self Denial:

Requirements: Complete one week of self-imposed chastity. During this challenge, any form of orgasm is forbidden.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $2,000

-48 hours freedom

-Rank up

Result of failure: Additional week of enforced chastity and denial.

Consolation prize: $50

She clicked the next.

Orgasm restraint test:

Requirements: Contain the need for release in front of an audience of other players. This challenge is held at a location that will be disclosed on acceptance.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $500

-24 hours freedom

Result of failure: Cash loss of $500. 72 hours of enforced chastity and denial.

Consolation prize: $20

She clicked the third.

Service provider:

Requirements: Submit a Halo recording of yourself providing oral satisfaction until your target achieves orgasm. Your target must be previously unknown to you. This challenge is not gender-specific.

Reward choices:

-Cash prize of $2,000

-48 hours freedom

-Rank up

Bonus chance: Provide a livestream for other players to follow.

Bonus reward: $250

Result of failure: 24 hours with Cum Bucket designation. Geolocation active. Available to all players.

Consolation prize: $200

On and on the challenges went, but Jenna’s head spun just looking at them. She had to choose. Not tonight. It was too much. She swiped the awful page away and breathed deeply, struggling with the implications of what her life had suddenly become. Participation was not mandatory, however, not participating did not sound like something she’d want to do. The thoughts of what punishments lay in store for non-performers ranged, in her imagination, from grotesque to ghastly.

An incoming call in her earbud made her leap from her chair and a phone icon hovered in her vision, a picture of Kara next to it. She tapped the call, and a ghostly avatar of her keyholder appeared, standing in her room wearing a cropped belly shirt and denim shorts.

“Hello?” Jenna said to the ghost.

“Hey, honey,” Kara answered, “I saw you’re on the network now. Good girl. Oh, and great job with your first self-imposed analgasm. It was really hot to watch.”

Jenna’s heart sank and she flushed red. She’d been so intent on cumming that she’d completely disregarded the camera, which was still somewhere in her room.

“Believe me,” Kara went on, “It ain’t gonna be the last one. And don’t worry. Not just anyone can see it. I’m your keyholder, so I get access to your cameras,” cameras, plural, Jenna noted as Kara continued, “and of course, whoever runs this whole crazy business. I’m just touching base about tomorrow. You’re going to invite me over after school, so I can unlock you and help you wash your messy cunt.”

Jenna flushed again. Never would she have imagined hearing that combination of words. She replied, “O… okay.”

“And, Jenna,” Kara said, “I’m doing a switch hitter challenge so, tomorrow, I’m going to make you cum. A lot. Sleep tight.”

The ghostly Kara faded away, and Jenna’s vision returned to normal. A knock on her door made her jump again. Fuck, but she was edgy!

“Just a second!” she called through the door, glancing about the room to ensure that nothing would give away her terrible secret.

Restraints and sex toys all hidden. Belt covered by her robe. Nothing else seemed incriminating, so she opened the door to find her father standing outside with a large package.

“Hey honey,” he said, “I don’t know what you ordered, but it’s heavy. Can I set this down?”

Jenna stepped aside and allowed him to come in. He set the package down on her bed.

“Thanks, dad.” she said, and then he was gone.

Jenna had not ordered anything. She retrieved her box knife from the desk and cut open the tape on the package, noting that it had no return address. Opening the box, she found two cases of some kind of red drink. She hefted one of the cases out and set it on the bed, cut away the plastic encasing the bottles, and pulled one out. The label read, “Obsequium.” She’d never heard of it. Was this part of the game? Uncertainty. Uncertainty was desirable. She shuddered, wondering if this meant that she was supposed to drink it, or resist drinking it?

Confused, she said, “Erin, send a message to Kara,” into her Haloes. The glowing icon showed that the AI was listening, so Jenna spoke, asking about the drink, then sent the message. A moment later, a simple reply from her keyholder said, “It’s better cold. Drink some tomorrow, unless you want to torture yourself. Tell me if you do. I’d like to watch.”

Jenna did not feel better. She took one case of the drink to her small fridge and unloaded a few bottles to chill them. Worry knotting her stomach, Jenna lay on the bed and began to play with the Haloes, learning the interface. The things were much like a smartphone, if a smartphone were in three dimensions and always available in your vision. It was something like an always-on augmented reality headset. She’d never seen anything like it outside of a sci-fi movie.

Perks. Kara said that the game had perks. She thought about the weird tech, the bank account with $10,000 in her name, and the rewards for the challenges. Then, she thought about the punishments for failing, and those made her afraid. The belt sent pleasurable, teasing pulses through her body, making her shudder as her arousal heightened, and she realized that this had actually been going on for some time. It was just becoming normal. Kara would make her cum tomorrow. That thought was incredibly exciting, which scared her even more. Her pussy burning, Jenna eventually fell asleep, but did not sleep well. They didn’t want her to.


Kara from Edge by Tori Hamlin

Jenna’s final day of school was a fuck-fog filled half day, in which she was constantly kept on edge by the belt and humiliated by the fact that she was not allowed to wear a bra. Her excited nipples made hard, little tents in her top, despite the baggy shirt she’d chosen to wear. She saw Kara once, briefly, in the hallway during a passing period, but her keyholder only nodded to her and kept on walking. During her last period of the day, a message appeared in her Haloes, which she tapped at, drawing a curious look from some of the nearby students, but she hardly noticed.

“Meet you at your car after class,” read Kara’s text. Jenna did not reply.

As her Senior year ended, Jenna wondered what it would be like to go through the graduation ceremony with a highly aroused cunt, locked in a chastity belt that constantly edged her. The idea was both horrifying and uncomfortably arousing, which made her very confused. Kara waited for her, standing next to her car. When she saw the girl, the memory of her tongue lapping between her legs the day before played in her mind, and she realized that she was very much looking forward to Kara’s promise that she would be allowed to cum today. The realization only added to the confusion and knot of sickness in her gut.

“Hey, Jenna,” Kara said, smirking, “We have some things to do before I can get your sexy cunt off for you.”

Jenna flushed at the filthy words, another layer of uncertainty lathering onto the already growing mess in her head when the dirty talk sent a warm wave of further arousal through her body.

“O… okay. What are we doing?” she asked.

Kara beckoned for her to follow, and started toward her car, refusing to answer. Jenna slid into the passenger seat and Kara started the car.

“Did you drink your Obsequium?” her keyholder asked.

Jenna shook her head, and Kara frowned.

“I’m going to let that slide this one time, but they sent it for a reason. It’s going to keep on coming.”

She reached around onto the floor of the back seat, popped open the lid of a small cooler, and withdrew two bottles of the red drink, handing one to Jenna and uncapping one for herself. Jenna gulped and took a drink, the fruity taste igniting pleasurable tingles along her tongue as she swallowed it down. Within seconds, she’d put away half the bottle.

“Good, huh?” Kara asked, drinking her own.

Jenna nodded, honestly, and asked, “What is it?”

“I honestly don’t know, but it’s going to hit you pretty soon.”

That made Jenna shudder as Kara drove out of the lot. As she navigated the streets, a fuzzy warmth began to envelope Jenna’s mind, followed by hot sparks of pleasure that flowed outward from her belly, creeping throughout her entire body until she felt like every nerve of her being was tingling pleasantly. She noted that the belt had not teased her for some time, but her pussy was so hot that she could feel her honey running from it, soaking her pants.

“Oh my God…” she whispered, running her hands over her breasts and touching the diamond points of her nipples.

“Yeah,” Kara agreed, and Jenna could see the girl squirming in her seat, her skin flushed.

“How do you stand it?” Jenna asked. She could not imagine how she was going to make it another fifteen minutes without an orgasm, let alone… who knew how long.

Kara chuckled and said, “Sometimes I don’t think I can. After a few months, it sort of becomes normal, being on the cusp of an orgasm all day. I won’t lie. It fucks with your head, but that’s what they want. Before all of this, did you ever rub your cunt to porn, and look at shit that you wouldn’t normally be into?”

Jenna blushed. She had. She’d once masturbated to an incest-themed porno, even though she had no interest in fucking her family members. There had just been some weird urge in her head that made her curious, and before she knew it, she was beating her clit to the sight of two young men pounding their “sister” from both ends.

“It’s like that,” Kara said, “When you’re in a fuck-fog, it’s like your decision making and rationality get tossed into a blender, and then you become pliable. That’s what they want. You’re easy to control when you’re horny, because you can’t think straight and you’ll do shit that you wouldn’t normally. I remember, after the first couple of times they took me, that I edged myself when I jilled off one night, even though no one was making me do it.”

Jenna nodded, and flushed, remembering how she’d done the same. In fact, ever since this whole thing had begun, she couldn’t recall having really been able to think straight at all. There was always that feeling in her cunt, the warm pleasure in her gut, and the haze in her head as the pre-orgasmic feeling never seemed to fade.

“How… how long have you been, um, playing?” she asked, feeling somewhat silly, as though she were asking about a fucking board game.

“Three months,” Kara said.

Jenna shuddered at the number. She was barely two weeks into this thing. The thought that it could go on for months, or even years still felt unreal. This will never end, she remembered.

“It gets better,” Kara continued, “when you rank up. It also gets worse at the same time.”


“I can’t really say more than that. Just don’t avoid ranking up.”

Jenna fell silent, her mind conjuring up horrors of how it could possibly get any worse. Or any better. She stared out the window, sipping the red drink, her head growing even warmer and cloudier as whatever it was in the bottle filled her with that hot and pleasant feeling. Kara eventually pulled into the mall parking lot, where she found a space and shut off the car.

“You’re going to need new clothes,” Kara explained, “There’s a certain expectation for how you dress which is going to become clear. That’s your image for the outside world, and they want you to look like a slut. For the game, well, that’s a little different. That is limited only by your imagination.”

The girl snapped her fingers in front of her eyes, and Jenna watched her tapping, flicking, and poking at the air in front of her, then she reached out and grabbed something that only she could see and made a twirling gesture. Jenna watched in astonishment as a wave of neon blue slid down Kara’s body from head to toe, transforming her clothes. The red belly shirt transformed into a white, off-the-shoulder top with a deep neckline that exposed her cleavage blatantly, while her denim shorts became a hip-hugging skirt that barely covered her exposed pussy. Her exposed pussy. No belt!

Kara followed Jenna’s gaze between her legs, and she grinned, explaining, “It’s all an illusion. To everyone not wearing Haloes, and on the network, I’m wearing a skirt and a red top. The fucking belt is still there. To the other players, this is what they see. Give the wardrobe a try later. Come on.”

Kara exited the car and waited for Jenna to join her. The two of them walked into the mall, and Jenna’s nervousness went through the roof. Everywhere she looked she was certain that the people around them could smell her arousal, or that they somehow knew she was locked in chastity and on the verge of an orgasmic meltdown. Her entire body tingled with warmth from the Obsequium, and she felt like she could lay right here in the middle of the floor and finger bang herself to a release, had she been able. When she looked at Kara, she could see the visible strain in the girl’s body, too, but she seemed to be handling it much better.

Kara led her through a couple of stores, making Jenna pick out the sluttiest clothes they could find. Barely-there tops, tiny skirts that would just cover the belt, a few pairs of heels. No bras. No panties. Jenna paid for the items with the black bank card, and with each purchase, a little tracker in her Haloes added the total to some kind of budgeting system, keeping track of her spending for her.

It was as they exited the third store, now carrying three white bags, that Jenna jumped in fright as the sound of a hunting horn blew in her ear from the Halo earbud. The edges of her vision tinted red, and a message faded in across the top of her field of view.

“A hunt has been initiated in your area. You have become prey. Hunt begins in two minutes.”

A timer appeared next to it, locked at fifteen minutes. Kara froze for a split second, and then said, “Keep walking. Don’t do anything out of the ordinary. You’re just a fucking teenager out shopping.”

Jenna felt her heart begin to pound and she shook her head quickly, trying to clear the fog out of it, but it didn’t work. Two glowing blue buttons winked into existence, floating before her eyes. One read, “Comply,” and the other, “Deny.”

Below the “Comply” button, a line of text read, “Reward for successful evasion: $1,000. Level 2 item selection. Consolation prize: $100. Level 1 item selection.”

Below the “Deny” button, the text read, “Refusal deficit: Rank down.”

“What’s going on?” she asked, her voice a hushed, trembling whisper.

“There’s a hunter somewhere nearby. See the timer? If we accept, we have to evade capture for fifteen minutes. If we refuse… fuck that. I’m not going down a rank. You’re a zero, so you wanna guess what happens if you lose rank? Feel like being a fucking edge toy again, freely available to kidnap and play with at any moment?”

Jenna did not want to think about that. She asked, “What happens if we get caught?”

“That depends,” Kara said, walking on as though everything were normal, “Are you a virgin?”

Jenna flushed, but she nodded.

“Well, that’s something. They can’t break your V-card without special permission. Aside from that, well, it’s kind of at the hunter’s discretion and their rank. Anyone of higher rank can do whatever they like with you, within the rules. If they’re guys, they’ll probably want you to suck them off, or maybe fuck you. At least, that’s what happened the last couple times I got caught.”

The timer to comply or deny ticked down toward the start of the hunt, and Jenna had to make a decision. She saw Kara tap one of the buttons, and somehow she felt sure that she’d complied. Not losing rank seemed to be very important for her. Jenna reached forward and tapped, “Comply.”

The buttons swirled away, and the countdown continued. At zero, the horn blew in her ear again, a surge of adrenaline rushed through her, dissipating the fog in her head to some degree, and the words, “The hunt has commenced,” flashed on the screen, and the timer began to count down. She followed Kara’s lead, attempting to act as nonchalant as possible, but she had the feeling that the excited flush of her skin and perspiration would give away the fact that she was a horned-up, locked-up game piece ready to be caught and used for some stranger’s pleasure.

Kara dodged skillfully through other people, her pace brisk, as she headed toward a large department store. Jenna followed her in. Kara swiveled her gaze side-to-side casually, as though taking in the merchandise, but Jenna could see her darting eyes, wary and watchful. They stopped to check some racks of clothes, patiently flipping through them as though they were a pair of casual shoppers. The timer passed thirteen minutes, and Kara kept moving, stopped again behind another tall rack and began to shop.

“Can’t we just hide in a dressing room, or something?” Jenna whispered.

“If you stop moving for too long, it’s like painting a target on your back. They’ve thought about that.”

Another minute passed, and Kara moved them on to another department, stopped again, pulled a pair of jeans from the rack and slung them over one arm. The timer passed eleven minutes. Jenna followed her lead, taking a sparkly pair of shorts from the rack. They moved on, slid behind a tall jewelry display and began poking at pairs of fashion earrings. The timer passed ten minutes, and Jenna began to breathe a little easier.

Kara’s head snapped up as the red tint in their vision closed in, growing in intensity. Jenna knew, somehow, that this meant that the hunter was closing in. Kara’s eyes moved back and forth, surreptitiously scanning over the other shoppers as they passed by. She walked on, Jenna following, but the red tint intensified again as the timer passed eight minutes. Kara picked up her pace just a bit and cut through a large open display of various patio furniture, pausing for a few seconds behind whichever ones offered the most concealment, her eyes continually scanning. At just past six minutes, Kara cursed, “Shit.”

Jenna’s blood rushed in her ears as she carefully followed Kara’s gaze, where they spotted a man who looked completely out of place in modern society. Her Halo vision showed her a tall and lanky guy, dressed in leather armor, a long bow slung over his back. His face was covered by a black mask, leaving only his intense, glowing red eyes exposed. Despite the fact that she knew it was an illusion created by the Haloes, it was terrifying.

The hunter spotted them, stopped, and then started in their direction, his gate casual, as though he, too, were nothing but a shopper. To the outside world, he had to be. Even as Kara started away, her pace brisk and Jenna following, she realized that the real world still had laws. The hunter couldn’t come running after them. He’d be some creep chasing down two teenage girls at the mall. He’d still have to catch them, and she realized that there was some kind of balance in that. They had their own advantage. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, dispelling some of the lusty fog from her thoughts as she followed her keyholder, dodging through store displays as the timer passed five minutes.

When they emerged from behind a tall rack of shoes, Kara cursed. The hunter had gotten ahead of them, and stood a few feet away, waiting. He unslung the bow from his back, and Jenna nearly screamed. Kara gently tugged at her arm, and they went back the way they’d come. Kara moved at a very fast walk, and Jenna saw her swiping and tapping at the air in front of her, drawing the odd look from some of the shoppers they passed. The other girl grabbed Jenna’s hand, and then grabbed something out of the air in front of her as the timer passed four minutes. She tossed whatever it was over her shoulder, and the entire world in Jenna’s vision took on a muted, gray cast. The words, “Cloak of Concealment Active,” appeared in the corner of her vision.

“Don’t let go of my hand, Kara said, pausing behind a lawn tractor and breathing deeply. It won’t work for you if we’re not touching. This only buys us a minute, but hopefully he’ll miss us and give up.”

Jenna nodded, her head in a whirl, her heart thumping, body charged with adrenaline. She let out a nervous giggle, and Kara gave her a knowing grin of agreement. Jesus, the rush of it was crazy, like an adult version of hide and seek.

“Jenna,” Kara said, “I’m on a week-long self-imposed chastity challenge. I can’t fucking cum or I’m going to downrank. If that fucker catches us, and he wants to put a fucking dick anywhere near me, I’m going to fail. I am not losing rank. Do you hear me? I’m begging you. Fucking begging you. If we get caught, please take it for me. I’ll owe you one.”

“What?” Jenna asked, her mouth agape.


“But I’ve never… never done that. I’ve never done anything!” Jenna argued.

“You have to start somewhere. Trust me, you’re going to get a lot of fucking experience in fucking real quick if you want to rank.”

“But I–”

Jenna’s words were cut short as the gray film over the world shattered into glass shards that rained down all around them, causing Jenna to cover her head in reflex. Of course, it was an illusion, and nothing touched her. The words, “Concealment has been dispelled!” flashed across her vision as the timer passed two minutes. They looked up, and the hunter stood just a few feet away, tucking some kind of glowing orb into a pack on his waist. He quickly whipped out his bow, nocked an arrow, and in one smooth motion, pulled back.

“I’m sorry,” Kara said to her, and added, “Don’t trust anyone. Not even me.”

She ducked down, pulling Jenna over her like a shield, and a second later her entire field of view turned red, shook with a sudden vibration, and the words, “You have been captured!” flashed across her view and the belt did something to her that made her muscles seize up, paralyzing her. Kara rolled Jenna off of her, and the other girl bolted, leaving Jenna and the bags behind.

Jenna rolled onto her back, the hunter hovering over her, his hand extended toward her, offering to help her up. Trembling, Jenna took it, and allowed the masked man to help her to her feet as she quaked in fright at his glowing red eyes. The eyes dimmed, and became a normal set of baby blues as his gaze wandered up and down over her body.

“Good try, newbie,” he said gruffly, “looks like your friend left you behind,” he chuckled, “I know you sluts have it rough, and you’re new, so I’m gonna take it easy on you. Just be glad I’m not one of those sadistic fucks from WAT. My tastes run a little differently.”

“Please…” Jenna begged, though she had no idea what she was actually pleading for.

A new countdown began in her Haloes, counting back from thirty minutes.

The hunter took her hand, as though they were a couple and pulled her along, saying, “Don’t worry. You might even enjoy this. You’re gonna get to cum.”

Jenna felt sick at the wave of relief those words brought her, and then an equal sense of fear at what they portended. Was he going to rape her? Would she have to suck his dick? Here in the middle of the mall?

The man led her along by the hand, until they were out of the store, and then through the crowd of shoppers, who paid no mind to the cute teenager and her boyfriend holding hands as they shopped. The adrenaline surge continued to pump through her veins, this time fueled by uncertainty at what this stranger was intending to do to her. They entered the food court, where the man sat her down at one of the tables, right in the center of the place.

Jenna felt slightly safer, surrounded by all the people. He couldn’t rape her or make her suck him off in front of all these people. Could he? The timer passed twenty two minutes. The black-masked figure tapped and flicked at the air in front of him, oblivious to the occasional odd glance this drew, and Jenna watched as the strange, neon blue glow passed down her body. Her clothes vanished, leaving her stark naked.

A strangled cry caught in her throat as she remembered that it was an illusion. Only the hunter could see her nakedness, and anyone else that happened to be on the Edge network. The stranger’s eyes locked on her breasts, and she knew that he was grinning behind the mask. Then, he made another swipe, like he was adjusting a dial. The timer passed nineteen minutes, and the belt around her waist kicked into high gear, shooting hard, pleasurable pulses through her cunt. Jenna’s hands gripped the sides of the little table as her legs squeezed together and she gasped.

She’d been teased constantly since her self-induced analgasm the previous evening, and the effects of the Obsequium were still fresh. The adrenaline surge had lifted some of the fog from her brain, and the hunt had distracted her from her constantly tingling cunt, but now those feelings came back in force. The stranger sat and watched her, smirking behind his mask as her legs began to shake and her body trembled. The pleasurable sensations continued, ramping up her arousal to a nearly intolerable level, then backing off before she hit her peak.

The man watched her dilated pupils, observed her tightly gritted teeth, enjoying her torment as he controlled his prize. She heard him chuckle at the look of disappointment as the orgasm was snatched away, delighting in the slump of her shoulders as the peak never came, and then again as he dialed up the intensity once more, making her shake in her chair. Jenna quaked, her need to cum growing desperate. She was oblivious to the few pairs of eyes from other shoppers, who had noted her excited shivers, and heard the pitiful little moans of desire she was making. The sensations coursing through her soaking pussy became her sole focus, her hands clenching the little table in a white knuckled grip as the stranger toyed with her.

This went on and on, as the timer counted down past two minutes. The man dialed the belt up again, and she could see a sheen of sweaty arousal on his forehead as he watched her. Their eyes locked. Jenna shook uncontrollably. She bit her lip. Some of the nearby diners left, especially those with children, and a few women dragging men away with them, anxious to get away from the kinky couple playing some weird sex game in public. Jenna bucked in her chair, once, sharply, and then came letting out a long, stifled moan of pleasure at the much-needed release. She heard a couple of gasps from people nearby, and she flushed in shame and embarrassment, but she couldn’t hold it back.

The man watched her cum in the chair, overcome by the violent orgasm, amused at the way she fought to hold it in, despite being so desperate for it. The pulsing from the belt stopped suddenly, and it was like everything joyful in life had been snatched away from her. Jenna let out a long, lusty exhalation, breathing hard, her vision swimming. The timer hit zero, and the message, “Prey released,” flashed across her Haloes.

The hunter got up from his seat and said, “You did well, slut,” then he vanished into the crowd, leaving Jenna trembling in her chair, flushed with arousal and shame as nearby shoppers gave her rueful grins or looks of disgust. She managed to pull herself up on her shaky legs and quickly found the nearest restroom, where she ducked into a stall and tried to clean as much of her girl cream from between her legs as she was able. She looked at the crotch of her pants, horrified at the large wet spot. It looked as though she’d peed herself.

She sat on the toilet and tried to collect herself, her mind wheeling. Jesus Christ! Holy fucking shit! The entire episode didn’t seem real. Nothing in the last week and a half seemed real. She’d just been hunted down by a fucking fantasy ranger at the mall, taken an arrow in the back, been betrayed by a girl she’d started to feel some kind of kinship with, and then forcefully made to orgasm in the middle of the food court as strangers watched her humiliation. And the entire time, she’d been filled with a mix of every emotion a person could feel, all at the same time. The adrenaline high and orgasmic fog wouldn’t go away, though.

An alert in her Haloes faded in stating, “Kara has requested access to your location. Is this okay?”

Jenna reached for the “Yes” button, hesitated, anger making her pause. Her keyholder had left her behind. She’d cut and run, leaving Jenna at the mercy of some sick stranger, knowing that he could do anything he liked with her. She’d made the mistake of thinking that Kara was her friend in this. She had no friends. Don’t trust anyone. Her whacked out hormones, fueled by the Obsequium, the lack of sleep, the never-ending uncertainty, and the constant arousal brought tears to her eyes. Kara had her key, though. She wiped away the tears and tapped the button.

Jenna sat in the bathroom stall, sulking as she waited for Kara. She could see the other girl’s approach in her Haloes as a distance counter, and then the bathroom door opened, shut. There was a pause, and then Kara’s voice whispered, “Jenna?”

Jenna turned the latch on the stall, and Kara’s ashen face poked inside. Jenna wiped her hands over her eyes again and looked back, trying to project anger at the betrayal. Kara flushed, looked regretful, and said softly, “Come on,” and held her hand out. Jenna stood up and pushed past the other girl, went to the sink and washed her hands and face, blew her nose, and then walked out. A moment later, Kara followed her out, carrying Jenna’s shopping bags.

Kara nodded down the hallway, and Jenna followed her. After a moment of tense silence, Kara said, “I’m sorry. Did he… hurt you?”

Jenna shook her head.


“You left me!” Jenna spat.

Kara looked ashamed, and then she reddened with anger and snapped, “Look! I’m not your friend, Jenna. Before yesterday, the most time we ever spent together was that 9th grade science project we had to do. They assigned me to you.”

Jenna shrank back from Kara’s finger in her chest, her back coming up against the wall of the deserted hallway. Kara lowered her voice and continued, “It’s a shit deal. I get it. You didn’t ask for this shit. Well, I didn’t ask for it either! You’re not the only one who got the shit stick,” her anger seemed to flag, and then she sighed deeply and went on, “You don’t know… My keyholder… She isn’t like me. Consider yourself lucky in that department. I’m not some fucked up sadist that enjoys your Goddamn suffering, alright? If I rank up, I don’t need that fucking bitch anymore, and if you do the same, you don’t need me either. I’m not losing rank for anyone. Come on.”

She walked off down the hall, and Jenna followed, feeling guilty. It was difficult to think with her head so cloudy and her emotions such a tangle. Kara wasn’t wrong, though, she knew. Kara was just like her. The other girl had, so far, been like a lifeline, and that part of herself that wanted to be saved from this nightmare had latched onto Kara in some desperate longing for someone to share this torment with, someone who understood, and someone that could help. She’d barely stopped to let the fact that Kara was as scared and uncertain as she was sink in. Kara had a belt. Kara had a keyholder. She was just another game piece, giving some sick fucker a good laugh as the rest of them ran around in a fuck-craze, trying to follow a twisted ruleset, in a game they’d never asked to play.

“I’m sorry,” Jenna said, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

Kara shook her head as they exited the mall and made their way back to the car. Once they were driving away, Kara looked at her and asked, “You’re okay?”

Jenna nodded and answered, “Yeah. He didn’t really make me do anything. He just wanted to humiliate me and make me cum in the food court with people watching.”

Kara snorted and said, “Believe it or not, I’ve found that they’re not all evil fucks. From what I’ve been able to gather, the men have different rules, and they’re not forced into this. They’re invited. Some of us–the girls–are in it willingly, too. It’s not all bad, though, really. Everything has a reward, even when you lose. Rewards just get better as you rank, but the challenges get tougher.”

Jenna thought about that, and then realized that there was a small icon floating in the corner of her vision. It had been there for some time, but she’d been distracted. The icon looked like a treasure chest. She tapped it, and it swirled apart, the neon blue lines reconstructing themselves into a window. At the top of the screen it read, “Consolation prize deposited into account. Item shop unlocked. One free purchase available.”

“What is the item shop?” Jenna asked.

Kara brightened, saying, “Things you can use to make life easier on yourself, or harder for other players.”

“Like the cloak you used?”

Kara nodded, adding, “There are even items at the higher levels that have real world effects. Whoever put this fucking thing together has a lot of influence, and a lot of money. Just the cash rewards alone are insane. Multiply that amount by, who knows how many players, and that it’s going on all day, every day. This thing has the fortunes of entire countries revolving through it on a daily basis.”

Jenna nodded and looked at the item shop. All of the higher-level tiers were locked to her, but she could see that they went all the way to level 99, and then a final tier, just above this, labeled, “Epic.”

“What are you going to pick?” Kara asked.

“I have no idea,” Jenna admitted, and began to scroll through the available items.

She saw Kara’s Cloak of Concealment and considered that it could be useful. Then again, the hunter had been able to dispel it easily with that glowing orb. Jesus Christ! It was like her brothers’ fucking video games. Worry knotted her stomach, mixing with the growing arousal between her legs as the belt occasionally shot pulses of pleasure through her, wondering what she should pick.

Universal key: Unlocks any player’s belt for one hour. One time use. Forcible reattachment and chastity penalty applied if time limit is exceeded.

Hall pass: Opt out of any rank 1 challenge prior to completion. One time use. Cash penalty of $250.

Arrow shield: Shields the wearer from one physical projectile. One time use.

Sorcerous barrier: Shields the wearer from one magical projectile: One time use.

Jenna selected the Hall Pass, knowing that she couldn’t avoid taking challenges. If one got too tough, well, a loss of some cash was better than going through with something that was too hard, she figured. The item glowed and a new icon appeared, floating at the edge of her right eye. Inventory.


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