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Edge: Chapters 1-7

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Author's notes on Edge

Firstly, allow me to thank everyone who has taken time out of their busy lives to visit this site, to read my work, and for all the support you've provided. Writing these stories is something that I love. Incidentally, having other folks read and enjoy them is immensely gratifying. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to share in the strange and dirty worlds I create, and I fervently hope that I can continue to produce more and more of this content as the years roll on. I cannot express to you how much it means to have you all as part of this.

Edge is the 8th installment of the DomCo series of stories, which started with the massive tome of filth that is The Second Place Sister. Writing that book, I had only a vague idea of how much this series would grow, and how many different forms it would take. The DomCo series, as of this writing, encompasses three novels (including this one), three novellas, and the ongoing serial Reluctant Suckslut.

Edge is a bridge novel in the DomCo series of stories. As with the other DomCo stories, this work can be read as a stand-alone story. However, this book connects the first part of the series with the upcoming conclusion, and there are certain portions that will be more satisfying to read if you enter into it with some prior knowledge of events that have taken place in the lives of the cameo characters. Several of the characters from previous stories make appearances in this book. By way of recommendation, reading the following works will provide a basis for understanding of some of the events that take place in Edge.

  • The Second Place Sister: Edge appearance by John Hamlin. An introduction to Recoder technology.

  • Korrupting Kayla, Book One: A wider understanding of the DomCo company

  • Love, Lust, and Erin: Edge appearance by Dave Marrin, Erin, an introduction to Halo technology, and the first mention of the Male Rights Bill (Biological Imperative Grant for Instinctively Necessary Copulation or Coitus, BIGFINCOC.)

  • Doppelgänger: Edge appearance by Angela Eller, references to The Other Side, and an introduction to Anti-Recoder Serum.

  • Curious about the fate of Harmony, the lusty redhead from NewYou, and a victim of the Recoder gone wrong? This book reveals her unfortunate future.

That said, I hope that you'll enjoy the story of Edge. As with all my stories, I endeavor not to write the same thing more than once. I really enjoy trying new angles on erotica, attempting to keep things dirty, exciting, fun, and a touch dark. This book is no exception. Thank you again. Enjoy this and the stories still to come.

Hush, Hush

Edge by Tori Hamlin

Jenna read the whacky spam message in her inbox and rolled her eyes.

“Hush, hush…” read the title, and below this a picture of a set of full, pouty lips, one finger over them in the universal sign for quiet. Below the picture, a hyperlink stated, “Click here to see the future!”

Jenna deleted the email and went on with her life. Fucking spammers.

The Package

Jenna from Edge by Tori Hamlin