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Correcting Kelly (ePub+PDF)

Correcting Kelly (ePub+PDF)

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Tood, a brilliant and highly paid chemist, is fed up with his family's disrespect. His daughter, Kelly, is a brat, concerned with her social status, rather than her future. His wife, Katie, is a spoiled socialite, frigid and distant. Todd works hard to provide everything for them, but he's had enough of being a piggy bank, getting nothing in return but whining and expectations of a free ride.
Today, something in Todd has snapped. Now, Todd has a vile plan to remake his family, to get what he's owed from the two women in his life, and to give himself the kind of family that a hard-working man, such as himself, deserves. He's going to correct his family. He has the means, the will, and now he has the plan.

Kinks served: Incest, D/D, M/D, Girl/Girl, Chastity, Denial, Psychological Manipulation, Mild Bondage, Reluctance, Humiliation, Degradation

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