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The Generosity of Neighbors (ePub+PDF)

The Generosity of Neighbors (ePub+PDF)

Excluding Sales Tax

Kinks Served: Incest, Seduction, Group Sex, Anal, Swapping, Voyeurism

Length: 42K words


Every marriage needs goals. For Ted and Autumn, that goal is the lake house. It's a fixer-upper, but it's theirs, and one day it will be a place they can leave to their kids. The family's life takes an interesting turn their first summer on the lake when they meet the family next door. Phil and Carla, along with their adult son and daughter, live a bit of an alternative lifestyle. The sexy couple is a pair of open swingers who aren't just having fun with those outside the family unit.

The new neighbors extend their generosity, leading Ted's family down a seductive road of sexual exploration. Under Phil and Carla's tutelage, and with the help of the lake's most prominent family, the Hamlins, Ted and Autumn's summer vacation is about to get a whole lot hotter.


This story features the return of the entire Hamlin family. While they aren't the primary characters, they do feature heavily in this book. If you enjoyed The Second Place Sister or A Hamlin Family Interlude, don't miss out on this sexy summer adventure!

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