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Playing with Toys, Part Nine

Chapter Thirteen: The Bastard and the Bitch

Katie hunkered down in the back seat of her own car as Trent drove her home. Within seconds, she was asleep. She only awoke when he cranked up the radio to full volume and jolted her from her much-needed nap. She shot up, disoriented and confused but then he switched the radio off.

Katie immediately hunkered in the back seat and tried to hide. This was because Katie was still naked. her only consolation was that they’d removed the awful chastity belt before Trent drove her home. Just behind them, Kevin drove his father’s car.

“We’ll have you home any minute, sweetie,” Trent said, as though their relationship were still a normal one.

“May I get dressed, Sir?” Katie asked.

“Oh, absolutely not,” Trent said.

Katie shook as she thought of the humiliation of having to walk, nude, from her car into the house on a Sunday afternoon. Her shithead of a father would be home. When she walked in nude, smelling of sweat, piss, and cunt, with a reddened ass and a general state of dishevelment, there would be questions to answer. Katie did not want to answer them. Trent did not care. His family owned her and disobedience would have worse consequences.

He pulled her car into her driveway and shut it off, then got out and got into his own car without another word. Katie watched through the window as they drove away. She glanced at the house. There was no sign that her father was aware that she’d come home. The fucker was probably drunk already, likely lying in front of the TV. Katie had nothing but her phone. They’d left her bag and all of her clothes at the cabin.

She searched the back seat in vain for a discarded garment, which she already knew wouldn’t be there. The house seemed like it was miles away as she looked back at it. How was she going to get in without alerting her father to her presence? If she sprinted for the front door, she could unlock it and her father would hear it open. If she used the garage door opener, he would hear the rumble of it. The back door, she couldn’t reach without climbing naked over the fence, and that would also draw his attention.

That left two options. She could hide in the car until he was asleep, which was unlikely. He’d eventually spot the car and come out. She could leave the house, but that would mean driving around naked. Briefly, she thought of calling Rebecca and asking if she’d meet her somewhere with some clothes. She quickly dismissed that thought. She wasn’t going to call the girl whose life she’d ruined for help. In fact, she never wanted to see Rebecca again.

Decided, she quickly reached over the back seat and snatched the garage door opener and her keys. She scanned the general area and saw that it was clear. Faster than she’d ever moved in her life, she clicked the remote, then threw open the car door, bolted out, slammed it, and ducked in under the still-opening door. She stopped the door with another click of the remote, clicked again to start it shutting, and threw open the inside door. The last leg of her escape was a quick run down the hallway from the kitchen and into her bedroom. If she were fast enough, her father wouldn’t be able to stumble from the couch quickly enough to see her.

Katie ran through the small kitchen and through the doorway, into the hall, and plowed face-first into her father’s chest. He reeled back in surprise, dropping a beer can from his hand with a curse as he backed up and hit the wall. His fists came up ready to fight off the sudden attack, but then he fixed her with a look of confusion, which only deepened as she flushed crimson under his wilting glare.

“Just what in the goddamn fuck is going on?” he asked as he took in the sight of her. “Look at the state of you, girl! Jesus fuck!”

“Dad!” Katie yelped.

“Yes, Dad,” he said. “What the fuck are you… Explain yourself!”

Katie’s mouth worked but she had no explanation. Her father’s eyes narrowed.

“Is that piss? You smell like piss! You come in here looking like you went on a two-day bender, obviously fucked, and covered in piss, and you have no explanation?”

“I didn’t… I wasn’t…”

“You’re lucky your mother isn’t alive to see you, you… you slut! Turn the fuck around!”

Katie turned around.

“Jesus! Your ass, girl! What kind of kinky shit have you been out doing? Letting boys piss on you? Letting them beat your ass? I always knew you were going to be a whore.”

Katie screeched as he whipped her around and shoved her tits against the wall. His hand swatted her ass and she began to cry.

“Don’t give me that,” he said. “By the look of these cheeks, you’ve had worse this weekend! Did that shithead boyfriend of yours do that?”

“No! Stop!”

He swatted her again, and she struggled against his hold. He let her go.

“Get yourself cleaned up and stay in your room,” he commanded. “Jesus Christ!”

Katie gathered her phone and keys and ran to her room with her ass on fire. She slammed the door shut, sobbing, and ripped a bathrobe from a hook on the door. She threw it around herself and opened the door again. The hallway was empty. She ran for the bathroom and locked the door.


Everything was a mess. Katie’s head was a mess. Her body felt like a mess. Her ass, her tits, and her cunt felt like a mess. Everything was a goddamn mess. The only thing that gave her any comfort at the moment was that her body was clean.

As exhausted as she felt, huddling under the covers, she couldn’t fall asleep. Her hollow eyes stared at the bedroom door, waiting for her father to burst in, despite the lock, and berate her for being a slut. She was a slut. He was right. The fact only made her feel like more of a mess.

The phone clutched in her hand pinged. She nearly screamed and threw it against the wall. Instead, she caught herself and read the message from Carol.

“You have an appointment at 9:00 am. Don’t be late.”

The message contained an address for a salon. Katie typed back the only reply she could.

“Yes, Miss.”

She set her alarm for 6:00. After a few minutes of trying to puzzle out why she was going to a hair salon, sleep overtook her.


Katie dressed in the frumpiest clothes that she had and snuck out of the house just after 6:00 in the morning. She napped fitfully in her car as she sat in the parking lot of the salon. She’d expected to get an angry call from her father at some point before he went to work, but none came. The silence made her stomach twist.

The hours went by as she waited for the shop to open, and when it did, she followed the stylist inside. The woman had her wait as she set about opening the place up and then finally called her up to the desk.

“You must be Katie,” she said.

“Yes,” she said and stopped herself from adding the honorific she’d been so careful to utter recently.

“Come on back. It’s already paid for. Thank Carol for the tip, too. That was really nice.”


Katie didn’t want to ask what she was doing here and sound stupid, so she let the woman go to work on her and kept her curiosity hidden. As she did, it became apparent that she was going to have her hair dyed. Instead of wondering why, she accepted that Carol wanted it to happen, so there was no point in making any fuss.

At the end of the lengthy process, Katie had to choke back tears. Her shiny, gorgeous brown hair was now platinum blonde. While the stylist thought it looked adorable on her, it just made Katie feel like more of a slut. When she left the salon, she had a message from Carol ordering her to call. Katie called.

“Hello, cunt,” Carol answered.

“Yes, Miss.”

“How do you like your new color?”

“I don’t like it, Miss,” Katie said.

“I’m sure it will grow on you,” Carol said. “Here is your next task. I want you to meet Kevin at the house so that he can take you shopping for your new wardrobe. I have expectations about how my cunt should be dressed. Kevin will know what I like. He’ll have further instructions for you.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Carol hung up. Katie, for the first time, called her boyfriend with nothing in her heart but dread.


Chapter Fourteen: Tit Shopping

Katie marveled at how, only a few days ago, she would have walked up to Kevin’s door and been bursting with desire and love. As her hand hovered in the air, about to knock on it, now she just wanted to turn around and run away. She knocked. Kevin answered it only a second later.

“Hey, babe,” he greeted her and welcomed her in.

He planted a kiss on her lips, just as he’d done so many times, but that kiss wasn’t so much filled with an equal desire as it was a mockery of the former desire. He brushed back some of her newly-dyed hair.

“I like it,” he said. “It’s going to suit you well.”

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked.

“I’m not going to do anything to you,” he said. “This is my mom’s deal. We’re both wrapped up in it. However, I will admit that I never realized how right you were about them. My parents.”

Katie couldn’t keep the question from her face.

Kevin continued, “Turns out that they did want to start inviting me to their parties. They just weren’t so sure about you. Now, we both get to go. Only, I think things are going to be different from what you expected.”

“Are you going to hurt me?”

“Hurt you? No. I love you, remember?”

His smile was wicked as he said the words that she’d once loved so much to hear. It was a lie.

“What do I have to do?” she asked.

“Well, my mom has some expectations about how you should dress from now on, so we’re going to do some shopping for new clothes,” he said and looked over her baggy sweatshirt and lounge pants, then added, “I can’t take you out in that, though. Come with me.”

Katie followed him to his bedroom. She had clothes here, spares for when she stayed the night with him. Kevin had given her two drawers in one of his dressers. She’d thought it cute when he’d labeled them with her name. Now, the labels on the drawers did not have her name. The labels said, “Traitorous Cunt,” in black marker. Katie shuddered at the memory of the dog bowl and the slimy meat chunks she’d swallowed.

Kevin opened the drawers and pulled out a cropped sleep shirt, which she knew barely covered her tits. He threw it on the bed. Next, he held up a tiny set of shorts that left half of her ass hanging out. They were slutty, which had been the point, and meant to turn him on. She’d never imagined wearing them outside the bedroom.

“Change into those,” he ordered.

For the first time since they’d started fucking, Katie reluctantly pulled off her clothes. Kevin watched her as she discarded them and picked up the sexy sleepwear.

“Bra and panties, too,” he said.

Katie took them off and then put on the top and shorts. She didn’t need a mirror to know how revealing they were.

“Much better.”

He moved around her, much like his father had done, examining her. She didn’t feel the terror that Trent had instilled in her with that action. With his father, it had been like a professional appraising an animal for purchase. Kevin didn’t have the presence to pull it off, but Katie had the sense that he would. One day.

Kevin grabbed a handful of her ass and squeezed, making her jump. He pushed his hand into one of the legs of the shorts and stroked it between her pussy lips with a growl. When he pulled them out, he held them in front of her face so that she could see that they were wet. Her cheeks flushed.

“I’ve always loved what a slut you were,” he said. “I guess I never really knew just what a whore you actually are. Let’s go.”

“Do I have to wear this?”

“I’m sure there’s probably a chastity belt around here if you’d prefer.”



Katie was used to dressing sexy, but she thought of her outfits as cute. Some of them were a little provocative, but that was just the style. Being out in public, wearing skimpy sleepwear, was a whole other matter. Everyone she walked by agreed. Their penetrating looks were withering.

Her cheeks burned and she felt cold, despite the warmth of a summer that had held only promise a few days ago. Kevin paraded her through the shops with a firm hand on her ass. He found her only the sluttiest clothes, as well. The skirts were far too short and the tops much too small.

Something about the entire trip, however, seemed off from the time that she shamefully gave in to the first of his choices. The top was a sheer white one, which was meant to be worn with something underneath, like a tank top. Of course, there was no tank top purchased. What was odd, though, was when she picked out her size, Kevin put it back and selected the next size up.

“That’s not going to fit,” Katie said.

“Maybe not, but that’s today’s order.”

Katie wanted to ask more, but she knew better. This same practice repeated itself in the next shop, and by the third Katie was picking out tops that were a size larger than what she normally wore. The question lingered, but she had the feeling that she might not like the answer. When they returned to Kevin’s house, the answer did come. It was just as awful as she’d imagined.

Kevin set the bags of clothes down in the hallway and instructed Katie to follow. Once they were in his room, she stripped.

“Kneel,” he instructed, and Katie did.

The position was familiar, of course. She’d gotten on her knees for him more times than she could remember. Kevin pulled out his cock and pushed it into her mouth, roughly tugging on her hair as he proceeded to fuck her face. This was new.

Kevin jammed his full length into her so roughly that she choked and sputtered, but he held her down and made her gag on his jerking cockhead. Out of reflex, she pushed at his legs to try to extricate his dick from her windpipe, but that only earned her a harsh clap on the ear that made her ears ring. She resorted to glurking in displeasure as he fucked her throat with no regard for her comfort.

“Don’t worry, babe,” he said soothingly. “We’ll do this a lot and you’ll get it eventually.”


Katie continued to grunt and wriggle as he held the back of her head to his crotch, while her spasming throat muscles massaged the cruelly lodged head of Kevin’s penis. Her tortured throat proved an excellent masturbatory aid, and after only a few hellish minutes of struggling for breath, he pumped thick semen into her belly. Finally, Katie could breathe again, though it was ragged and her eyes were filled with tears. Her eyeshadow ran, making her look like a slutty raccoon.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered.

Katie wiped the spit from her chin with the back of her hand and pleaded with her eyes, but there was no mercy coming from the man who’d said he loved her. She crawled onto the bed. Kevin opened his nightstand drawer and pulled out one of her vibrators, switched it on, and handed it to her. He took up a tablet from the nightstand and tapped at it, while Katie held the vibrator in her hand.

Kevin joined her on the bed, scooting behind her and pulling her naked body back against him, just like they’d cuddled lovingly so many times before. With one hand, he guided the vibrator to her pussy and touched it against her traitorously wet cunt. Katie took the hint and let the vibrations pleasure her. Then, Kevin held the tablet so that she could see it. He watched over her shoulder. On the screen were tits. A lot of tits in various sizes and shapes.

“Today, we’re going to shop for your new tits,” he whispered in her ear.

Katie dropped the vibrator.

“Pick it up,” he instructed. “Play with your cunt. You’re going to help pick them out.”

“Please,” Katie begged and pressed the toy against her cunt.

Ignoring the plea, Kevin said, “They need to be just a bit too big for you, and kind of cartoonish. Something nice to go with the bimbo blonde look you got today.”

“Kevin, please. You can’t let her do it,” Katie begged again.

“Hush, slut,” he said and kissed her neck. “I like these. What do you think?”

He indicated a pair of ridiculously large, balloon-like melons. Katie imagined herself with breasts that large and she began to cry as she masturbated.

“Too big? Yeah. I mean, it might be fun, but the shape isn’t quite right. Let’s move on. Oh, and you need to cum really soon or I’m just going to choose for you, alright?”

Katie pushed the vibrating toy into her cunt and tried to focus on the pleasure, rather than the fact that she was picking out which fake tits she was going to have to get. Carol couldn’t mean it, could she? This was just something to mess with her head. She couldn’t actually want Katie to have breast surgery.

“What about these? Too disgusting? I kind of like them,” Kevin said.

“No! Please! Please don’t!” Katie begged, her masturbation nearly forgotten.

“It says here that they’re a Z cup. I’ve never even heard of that.”

The breasts on the screen weren’t even real. They were prosthetics, but the sight of them made Katie’s tears fall all the harder. They hung from the model on the screen like gigantic, sagging sacks on her chest.

“You don’t look like you’re going to cum, babe,” Kevin said and Katie pushed the vibrator back into herself.

Many of the tits on the screen looked normal, average-sized, like her own.

“Those,” she blurted. “I like those!”

Kevin stopped. On the screen were a set of firm breasts that were well-rounded but large. They were too big for her petite frame, and she felt disgusted as she imagined how she’d look with them. However, they weren’t as ridiculously large or cartoonish as many of the others. These wouldn’t make her look like some kind of perverted anime girl.

“I think I like those, too,” Kevin said. “Of course, we don’t get the final say, but those will look awful on you, so they’ll probably meet with approval.”

He saved the image and then said, “Let’s move on to the next item. Also, you really should be trying to orgasm. If it helps, just think about how it’s going to feel having a nice, big set of fake tits for people to squeeze and fuck.”

That did not make it any easier for Katie to orgasm. Kevin tapped another browser tab. This one was populated with images of lips.

“Personally, I like your thin little lips,” Kevin said. “They make your mouth look smaller when you suck my cock. I could get used to seeing you with some nice, thick DSLs, though. What do you think?”

Katie choked and tried to think her sluttiest thoughts in order to cum, before Kevin could decide for her.



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