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December Roadmap: Shorts, Guests, New Titles, User Polls

Hello and welcome to December! The end of the year is upon us and the site has a whole lot in the pipeline. As with the last month, for those that care, this post will provide an update on what's happening this month and what I'm expecting for January. As always, I'll continue to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who visits, reads, and supports my work. You guys are amazing! Please provide some feedback by giving your opinion on the polls. Voting on the polls below is anonymous.

A Note on Content

Anyone who has read one of my stories knows that I focus heavily on reluctance, nonconsent, and familial relations. I enjoy darker themes and will likely not do much in the way of fun and friendly erotica. I do try to stay away from depicting out and out abuse and torture, which I don't find sexy, but exploring reluctant arousal is a fun subject. Yes, I also post some pure nonconsent content that includes forced scenarios. Those, I try to put a bit of a humorous or over-the-top spin on to illustrate the fantasy aspect. Take The Opinions or Tits or Holes. Those stories are kind of rapey, but told in such a way that they're a bit ridiculous. Given the number of likes they receive on this and other platforms, are these types of stories and the method in which they are told fun to read? Regardless, I will write what I write, but I don't enjoy outright offending readers, because I do write things so that we can all enjoy them.

Nonconsent Content?

  • 0%Keep it a bit silly and it's fine.

  • 0%Get dark. Don't be afraid. We know it's just fantasy.

  • 0%Reluctance is all good, but pure noncon is not enjoyable.

  • 0%Rape = bad all the time, even in fantasy scenarios.