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Guidance Counseling

Jemma from Guidance Counseling by Tori Hamlin

Jemma's back slammed against her locker as the oversized brute of a young man squeezed her tits and laughed.

"What you got in your bag today, trailer trash?" Tommy demanded and tore the bag from her shoulder.

Jemma knew better than to answer. Any answer she gave would just result in Tommy yelling some obscenity at her. He'd go through the bag anyway, find nothing of value, and then dump her school things all over the floor as his bully friends laughed. This was every day of Jemma's life in her senior year in high school. Being bullied by Tommy and his friends was nothing new.

At lunch, they spilled milk or bottles of water on her tits. In the hallways, they groped her or pushed her. After school, they caught her before she boarded the bus and pantsed her while the other students laughed. Having her things dumped from her worn old backpack was just another act of bullying that happened daily.

The teachers saw it happen and they did nothing. They were apathetic to Tommy's bullying, no matter who his target was. The big kid was the most valuable player on the football team and was also the son of the mayor. His mother was the chief of police. This practically assured him free reign to do as he pleased to any of his fellow students, as no one wanted to get on the bad side of his powerful parents. In their eyes, Tommy could do no wrong.

"Nothing but junk," Tommy declared as Jemma's things fell on the floor.

Shaking his head in disgust, Tommy yanked down Jemma's shorts, exposing her panties to the other laughing students, and then walked away with his friends. Blushing, Jemma pulled her shorts back up, collected her things, and made the decision that she was going to do something about this. She needed advice.

The school had hired in a new guidance counselor, and he was from out of town. As such, Jemma figured that he might not be as concerned as everyone else about Tommy's well-connected parents. Surely, if there was anyone that could help, it would be him. She made her way to the office, knocked and the door opened.

"Hello, young lady," the man in the brown blazer said. "What can I do for you?"

"You're the new guidance counselor?" Jemma asked, her eyes darting about.

"I am."

"Can you help me?"

"Come inside. What's the trouble?"

Jemma stepped inside. The man shut the door. He put out his hand.

"I'm Mr. Ericson," he said.

"Jemma," she replied and shook his hand.

"Have a seat, Jemma. What is it that you think I can help with?"

Jemma took a seat.

"I'm being bullied by a boy named Tommy."

"Tommy Gray?"

Jemma nodded.

"I've heard of him. It's hard not to. Police chief mother, mayor father, plays on the football team?"

Jemma nodded again.

"Seems that he spreads the bullying around to almost everyone," Mr. Ericson said.

"I can't take it anymore!" Jemma said. "No one will do anything!"

Ericson leaned back in his chair and thought.

"What kinds of things does Tommy do to you?" he asked.

"He pours drinks on my shirt. He pushes me in the hallway and dumps my backpack on the floor. He calls me trailer trash and he… he touches my… touches me. And he pulls down my pants!"

Ericson thought some more.

Finally, he said, "I'm going to tell you how to deal with bullies, Jemma."

Jemma leaned forward.

"Bullies get their power from seeing your fear and when you give in. My advice is to deny him that. When he pours drinks on your shirt, you thank him and say that your tits were very thirsty. If he pushes you in the hallway, ask him to slap you, too. When he dumps your things on the ground, tell him you didn't need them anyway. When he touches you and calls you trailer trash, invite him to see just how trashy you are. If he pulls down your pants, pull down your panties. It might take some time, but once he sees that you won't give him the satisfaction of being afraid and you agree with his assessment of your character, he'll lose interest in bullying you."

"You really think that could work?" Jemma asked.

She'd never considered that approach. It seemed antithetical to her line of reasoning. No one else was trying such a thing, though, so she had no basis to disprove the confounding logic Mr. Ericson put forth.

"I'm certain of it," Mr. Ericson said.

"I guess I can try," Jemma said. "Nothing else works, so why not?"

"We can rehearse it a bit, so it'll become easy," Ericson said. "I'll play the role of Tommy. How does that sound?"

"Um, okay," Jemma agreed.

Mr. Ericson stood up, took a glass of water from his desk, and flung it on her shirt. Jemma gasped, sputtered, and then said, "Thank… thank you. My tits were… so thirsty."

Ericson nodded in approval and said, "Perfect! Now, stand up."

Jemma stood and tugged at her wet shirt. Ericson shoved her and she fell back into the chair. Jemma was shocked, but she remembered her lines.

"Would you, um, slap me, too?"

Ericson slapped her across the face and her eyes teared up. It didn't feel good. He reached out and squeezed her tits.

"Nice tits, trailer trash!" he said.

Jemma, sniffling, said, "Do you… want to see how trashy I really am?"

"I already know," he said.

He tugged her up by the arm and Jemma shrieked in surprise. Ericson bent her over and pushed her face into his waste bin, then yanked down her shorts.

"How's that for trailer trash?" he said, laughing.

He pulled her back up and Jemma began to cry. Ericson handed her a tissue from his desk.

"Now, now, Jemma. It's just play-acting. You'll get some bullying out of it while your relationship with Tommy changes. The important thing is that you stick with it and you don't give in to intimidation. Once he learns that his bullying isn't going to break you and that you're living up to his expectations of who you are, his power over you will be gone and he'll give up."

"You really think so?" Jemma asked as she wiped at her tears.

"I know it!" Ericson said. "Now, if you need to keep practicing, just come back and see me again, alright? I'm here to help."

"Okay," Jemma said, tossing the tissue in the bin. "Thank you, Mr. Ericson."

She pulled up her shorts and left.

The following day, Tommy and his friends dumped a bottle of water on Jemma's shirt and face. While wiping water from her eyes she delivered her line, as instructed.

"Thank… thank you, Tommy. My tits were… really thirsty."

The bully's laughter died away and they all looked at her strangely. Puzzled, they backed away and left, grumbling. Jemma watched them go in shock. It had worked! She was still wet and her shirt clung to her breasts, but the laughing had stopped and they'd walked away.

Toward the end of the day, Tommy once more took her backpack and dumped it on the ground.

"I didn't really need those, anyway," Jemma said and kicked one of her books.

Once again, Tommy looked at her, befuddled, and walked away.

After school, he didn't pants her and she got on the bus unmolested. She couldn't believe her luck!

The next day, Tommy did not pour water on her shirt. He did, however, find her as she was entering the restroom. He followed her in. Frightened, Jemma looked around, sure that he was going to beat her up.

"What's your fucking game, trailer trash?" he demanded, sticking his finger into her chest.

Jemma's heart pounded and her mouth went dry.

"I'm… Do you want to… see how trashy… I am?" she asked.

Tommy laughed and groped one of her tits.

"Yeah," he said. "How trashy are you, trailer trash?"

"Thank you," Jemma said. "Would you… slap me, too?"

Tommy looked on suspiciously, but then he slapped her. His eyes lit up with desire. He slapped her again.

"Fuck yeah, trailer trash. I never knew you were this kind of slut," he said.

Jemma began to sniffle and wiped at her tears and stinging cheek. Tommy yanked down her pants. Jemma yelped, but she followed her instructions and pulled her panties down, too.

"Ha! Would you look at that?" Tommy said. "Trailer trash wants to give me some trashy cunt!"

Jemma, now confused, didn't know what to say. This hadn't been part of the script. Tommy was supposed to be confused and powerless. He was supposed to go away. Instead, he shoved Jemma over the trash can and unzipped his pants. He pushed her head into the bin and her face into a wet lump of paper towels to muffle her protests.

"Get that door," Tommy said to one of his friends.

Jemma flailed her arms and put her hands on the side of the trash can, trying to lever herself back up, but Tommy was twice her size and easily overpowered her. She felt him smear something into her cunt, like soap, and then he shoved his cock into her. Jemma bucked and thrashed but Tommy's hold was unbreakable. He pounded his cock into her, holding her face down in the bin. Jemma squealed and jerked but it was like trying to fight a god. She didn't stand a chance.

Instead, she grunted and gasped as Tommy railed her pussy in long, hard strokes, his fat length parting her channel and shamefully bringing out her arousal to mingle with the soap he'd lubed her up with. The mixture made her cunt foam and bubble, easing his passage into her guts. The hard fucking lasted only minutes, and then Tommy pulled his cock out of her and sprayed semen across her ass. He cleaned his soapy cock with a paper towel, then added it to the bin and left with his friends. The last thing Jemma heard as they went out the door was Tommy's chuckling and parting comment.

"That's how you treat trailer trash sluts."

Jemma wiped at her soapy fuckhole with tears of violation in her eyes, cleaned Tommy's cum from her ass, and then pulled up her panties and pants. She'd surely missed her class, but that was irrelevant. She'd just been raped in the bathroom!

Jemma hurried to Mr. Ericson's office and knocked on the door.

"Jemma?" he said when he opened it to the sight of her tears. "Come in."

Jemma hurried inside.

"What's happened?" he asked.

"I… I did what you said," Jemma said. "It worked yesterday but… today he… Tommy did… he raped me!"

"Of course he did," Ericson said. "You took his power away. That's bound to make him confused and angry. You just need to hang in a little longer. Now that he's learned that he doesn't scare you anymore, he'll just take out his frustrations and move on to his next target."

Jemma wiped tears on her shirt and said, "Really?"

"Really," Ericson assured her. "Besides, if you go ranting about this rape nonsense to anyone, who will believe you? His mother is the chief of police."

Jemma knew that he was right. There was no chance anyone would take her seriously.

"My advice is to just let it happen. You can't stop him and you can't get him in trouble. You may as well just learn to enjoy it," Ericson suggested.

"But I don't enjoy it!" Jemma wailed.

"Just encourage him to rape you harder, maybe play with yourself when he does it, and you'll eventually learn to orgasm from it. Once he sees that he can't even terrorize you with a little thing like raping you, he'll get tired of you more quickly."

Jemma didn't feel like being raped by her bully was a "little thing," but Mr. Ericson's advice had been sound so far.

"I don't know how to do that," she admitted.

"I suspect not," Ericson said. "We'll practice."

He pushed Jemma onto the couch in his office and yanked down her shorts. Jemma yelped into the cushion in surprise and began to struggle. Ericson pressed his hand into the small of her back and unzipped his pants, quickly fishing out his erect penis. He tugged her panties down enough to expose her recently-violated pussy, and pushed his own cock into it.

"No!" Jemma cried, but her cries were muffled by the cushion.

"Not like that, Jemma," Ericson snapped. "You need to encourage him to rape you harder and you need to masturbate while he does it."

Jemma sniffled but she stopped her flailing arms and, instead, pushed one under herself and between her legs. Her trembling fingers rubbed her clit as Mr. Ericson fucked her.

"Please… rape me harder," she said through her tears.

"Good, Jemma. That's good! Keep rubbing your cunt. You need to cum while your bully rapes you."

It was very difficult to get herself mentally aroused by her guidance counselor's practice rape, but Jemma tried to think sexy and slutty thoughts as he thrust his cock into her prone body. While her mind told her that she didn't like it, her body did start to respond. Mr. Ericson released his hold on her back and gripped her hips so that he could pull her ass back against his cock thrusts. Jemma grunted and moaned into the cushion until, at last, she did manage to cum.

"That's good, Jemma. That's so good. Cum for your rapist. That's going to make it so much easier."

He pulled his dick from her and jerked off onto her ass, spraying some of his cum across the back of her shirt. Jemma lay on the couch, sweaty, flushed, and confused. Ericson dismounted her, put his cock away, and then returned with a tissue to wipe his semen from her ass.

"Now, if you need to practice some more, just come back, alright?" he said.

Jemma wobbled to her feet and pulled her pants back up once more. She was still very confused as he showed her out of his office.

After school, Jemma missed the bus because Tommy and two of his friends caught her and "escorted" her behind the building.

"Alright, trailer trash," Tommy said, "I'm done bullying you."

"You… you are?" Jemma asked, incredulous.

"Yeah. It's more fun to fuck you."

His two friends grabbed Jemma's arms and whipped her around, pushing her up against one of the school dumpsters. Jemma didn't scream. That wouldn't do anything. She'd just practiced what she had to do. Tommy yanked her shorts and panties down once more and then shoved his cock into her.

It still wasn't ideal, being fucked against a dumpster by her bully, and being his personal cockhole was not any better than being constantly shoved and humiliated. But, as she'd practiced, she delivered her lines.

"Please… rape me harder," she said.

Tommy and his friends laughed. Unfortunately, they were still holding her arms, which made it impossible to masturbate and try to orgasm. Tommy did, however, rape her harder. He gripped her slim hips and rammed his cock into her twice-fucked cunt with vicious, angry strokes that banged her body against the smelly dumpster. When Tommy finished with her, he dispensed his foul goo across her ass once more, and then one of his friends stepped behind her.

Jemma quickly moved her freed hand between her legs and started to masturbate, as she'd been instructed. The three of them laughed.

"Would you look at that?" Tommy said. "Trailer trash wants to get her cunt off. You really are a trashy little slut, aren't you?"

"No," Jemma whined, but she continued to masturbate as Tommy's friend banged his cock into her and bounced her body roughly against the dumpster.

To take their power away, Jemma repeated her line, "Rape me… harder!"

Jemma hadn't managed to cum by the time he added his load to her ass, but she kept up her fingerwork as the third boy grabbed her hair and fucked her. After a couple of minutes of his cock punching her cervix, she groaned and came. The boy pulled his cock out and added a third load to her spunked behind. Having nothing to clean it with, Jemma simply pulled up her pants and swayed unsteadily from the harsh fucking.

"Hey, you missed the bus," Tommy said. "Why don't I give you a ride back to the trailer park?"

Jemma didn't want to get a ride home with Tommy, but she had missed the bus. It was either take the ride or walk for hours down a country road to her mobile home community.

"I... I guess so," Jemma said, staring at the ground.

Tommy took her to his pickup truck, an expensive black beast of a vehicle that probably cost half as much as the prefab home Jemma lived in. She climbed up the sideboard and into the cab.

"You're gonna have to pay me for a ride," Tommy said, as he settled behind the wheel.

"I… I don't have any money," Jemma said.

"You got a mouth, right?"

Jemma paled. He wanted her to suck his dick after he'd just raped her? She thought about the long walk under the hot sun.

"Okay," she acquiesced.

Tommy pulled his spent cock out and guided Jemma's head to it. She reluctantly parted her lips and began to suck on it as Tommy drove. It wasn't an easy thing to give her bully and rapist a blowjob, and it was made all the harder to please him as he'd just cum. Rather than driving her straight home, he simply drove the country roads as Jemma worked on his cock, until she'd managed to get it hard again. After that, it took a long time to get him to cum. When she managed it, Tommy held her head down and made her swallow his spunk.

"Shit, that burnt a lot of gas," Tommy said after he let her up. "You're gonna need to give me another when I pick you up for school in the morning."

"But I don't need a ride to school," Jemma protested.

"You do if you don't want me to tell everyone about you fucking three dudes behind the school."

"But… I didn't want to do that!" Jemma cried.

Tommy showed her his phone. He had a video of her, which did not show his two friends' faces. It showed only her face, her body, her shorts, and her panties around her ankles.

"Rape me… harder!" she said on the video.

"Don't! Please, Tommy!" she begged.

The next morning, Jemma sucked Tommy's cock on the way to school and swallowed his cum. With the taste of his spunk in her mouth, she hurried to Mr. Ericson's office before her first class.

"Jemma, come in," Ericson said as he opened the door. "How is your bullying situation?"

"It's… it's awful!"

"Oh, dear. What's he done now?"

"He raped me after school, and so did his friends. I… I did like you said and made it feel good. But Tommy recorded it on his phone and he says he'll show it to everyone if I don't give him blowjobs every day, before and after school!"

Ericson thought for a moment and then said, "Alright, Jemma. I'm going to teach you how to deal with blackmailing rapists."

"Really?" Jemma said, hope gleaming in her eyes.

"Absolutely. The solution is simple, really," Ericson said. "Tommy can only blackmail you with the video if he thinks you're afraid that he'll show it to people."

"But I am! Everyone will think I'm a slut!"

"You're only afraid right now," Ericson corrected. "However, if you follow my instructions, that's not something you'll have to ever worry about again."

"I… I guess so," Jemma said, distraught.

"Look on the bright side," Ericson said. "At least he isn't bullying you at lunch or in the hallway anymore, right?"

Jemma had to admit that it was something, but her current circumstances didn't seem to be any improvement.

"What do I need to do?" she asked.

"The next time Tommy rapes you, ask him to film it again. Then, ask him to send you copies of the videos. He'll want to know why. Tell him that you want to masturbate to them at night."

"How is that going to help?" Jemma asked.

"First, you'll masturbate to them in bed tonight, until you orgasm. Then, you come back to me after you have them, and I'll have everything ready, alright?"

It didn't seem like a real answer, but Jemma decided to trust that Mr. Ericson knew best how to handle a blackmailing rapist. He showed her out of the office. Tommy gave her sly smirks in the hallway during school, but he didn't bully her. It wasn't until after school that Jemma found herself behind the building, with Tommy's cock buried in her once more.

"Please…" she said, "rape me harder! Record it for me!"

Tommy laughed but he obliged. When he'd finished violating her, he filmed his two friends having their turn as Jemma masturbated, orgasmed, and asked them to rape her harder. Tommy had her suck his cock again on the way home.

"Tommy," she asked as she wiped a glob of sperm from her face, "could I have copies of the videos, too?"

"Why?" he asked.

"I… I want to masturbate to them at night," she said.

Tommy laughed again and said, "Man, you really are a sick little slut. Yeah. You can have them. Not like you can do anything with them anyway."

That night, Jemma played with her cunt as she watched the boys rape her until she was able to orgasm. On the following day, she returned to Mr. Ericson with the videos.

"Very good," he said as he sat her down. "Now, I want you to go ahead and masturbate to them again until you orgasm."

"I don't understand," Jemma said. "That's not helpful! Now he just has more videos to show people! And I don't want to masturbate to them!"

"Just stick with the plan, Jemma. If you follow my advice, Tommy won't have any leverage over you with these videos, or any that he makes of you in the future."

Jemma didn't like the idea of more videos being made in the future.

"I don't want him to make more videos of me!" she protested.

"Listen, Jemma," Ericson said. "You can't stop him from raping you. You can't stop him from recording you. No one will believe you if you accuse him. The only power he has over you, now, is that he can show the videos to everyone and they'll call you a slut. Right?"

"Yeah," Jemma agreed.

"So, you need to take that power away from him, too. Now, just do as I say and play with yourself while you watch those boys rape you."

Reluctantly, Jemma masturbated once more to the videos. Mr. Ericson filmed her masturbating to her own rape until she orgasmed. Then, he copied the videos, wrote her a pass to her next class, and instructed her to return before she left school. Once again, Tommy did not bully her in school.

Jemma begged to leave her last class early, complaining of period problems to her teacher. That let her slip into Mr. Ericson's office, where she intended to hide until after school to avoid another rape and blowjob. Even if she had to walk home, it was better than sucking Tommy's cock again.

"Jemma," Ericson greeted her. "Have a seat. I've got something to show you that will take Tommy's power away."

"Really?" Jemma asked, excitement and relief swelling in her chest.


Jemma sat on the couch. Mr. Ericson placed a laptop on the coffee table and brought up a browser window. On the screen was a website and on the website was Jemma's face. Her hair was sweaty and disheveled, but her expression was one of orgasming pleasure. Her mouth was open and her eyes half-closed as she came for her rapist.

"What… what is that?" she asked, aghast.

"This is how you'll take Tommy's power over you away. This is a public website, to which I've uploaded the videos. There's also a shopping cart here, see? People can now place orders to purchase the videos from you. In one fell swoop, we've taken away Tommy's power and created an income stream for you. Isn't it great?"

Jemma didn't think it was great.

"That doesn't help!" she cried. "Now everyone can see the videos! Oh my God!"

Ericson shook his head and argued, "It does help. Tommy's power came from his ability to show people the videos and make them believe you're a slut. By simply showing the videos yourself, now everyone will already know that you're a slut. He has no hold over you now, does he?"

"But I'm not a slut!" Jemma protested.

"These videos show otherwise," Ericson said. "You orgasmed from your rape on video, and you did it more than once."

"I just did what you told me!" Jemma said, tears welling up in her eyes.

"And that was sound advice. Look at what's happened. You're no longer being bullied. You're not really being raped if you're orgasming from it. You no longer have to ride the bus to and from school. And, you've created a way to earn your own money. I'd say that's a marked improvement over your previous circumstances."

Jemma began to cry and wailed, "Now everyone's going to think I'm a slut! They're going to call me names and they'll all bully me!"

"Now, don't cry, Jemma. I've already thought of that," Ericson assured her.

"You did?"

"Of course! If you just follow my advice, you'll take away that power from everyone."

"I will?"

"Absolutely," Ericson said with confidence. "You're afraid that everyone will think you're a slut, right?"

Jemma nodded.

"You'll just do exactly what you did with Tommy. You're going to be a porn slut!"

Jemma began to cry harder.


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