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Edge, Chapter Eight: Switch Hitter

Kara pulled her car into the school lot, saying, “I’ll follow you to your house.”

A short time later, the two of them pulled into Jenna’s driveway and parked. Kara followed her inside, where the sounds of her brothers playing video games came from the living room. Jenna called a greeting, they responded in their usual, disinterested way, and the two girls took the stairs up to Jenna’s room.

“My parents will be home in about an hour,” Jenna said, her pussy itching despite having an explosive orgasm only recently.

Kara nodded and said, “Let’s go shower.”

Jenna flushed at that. She was going to, somewhat willingly, get naked and shower with another girl. And she was excited about it. Kara gave her a knowing smile and Jenna led them to the bathroom, where she started the shower. Kara unlocked her belt for her, and they watched one another strip their clothes off. Kara did not look at all uncomfortable about it, and Jenna wondered if the other girl was a lesbian. It didn’t seem polite to ask.

With the water now hot, Kara led her into the shower. Kara worked a thick lather of body wash into her hands and placed them to either side of Jenna’s neck, working at the knot of tendons that betrayed her anxiety. Jenna sighed at the touch and the gentle kneading, and then Kara worked her hands over Jenna’s shoulders, pressing into her taut muscles with her fingers until Jenna groaned and relaxed. Kara gathered more of the wash, and when she touched Jenna’s breasts, running her soft hands over them and cupping them, flicking her hard nipples lightly with the tips of her fingers, Jenna shuddered at the feeling.

Kara’s hands slid down her sides, and then the girl put her arms around Jenna’s waist and drew her in, pressing her nude body against her sensually. Their breasts mashed together, and when Kara pressed her lips gently to Jenna’s, she melted into her kiss and allowed Kara to devour her mouth in that slow, sexy way she’d done to her before. Kara’s lips molded to her own, making Jenna purr as the pleasant fog in her head and the warm feelings in her body dissolved any hesitation, she might have otherwise had at making out with another girl. Right now, it was just another pleasurable sensation and someone to be close to when there were so many frightening things happening to her.

Kara slipped her tongue playfully into Jenna’s mouth, one of her hands sliding over her rump to cup a firm cheek, while the other came around and slid between her legs, lathering her excited pussy, cleaning away the day’s arousal and drawing forth even more. As Kara’s tongue played with her own, the girl’s wet fingers slid into Jenna’s sexy gash, coating themselves in her young honey, then slowly parting her folds and slipping inside of her.

Jenna squeaked into Kara’s mouth, pressing her pussy against the girl’s fingers and rocking her hips slowly back and forth, the feeling of those invading digits so welcome after the day’s torment. Kara’s other hand explored her body and their tongues continued to play as their wet lips smacked hotly under the spray of the shower. Kara’s manipulations of her warm sex sent sparks up Jenna’s body and made her legs quake as she felt the build-up of an imminent orgasm working through her. Fuck, but she needed this! She moaned into Kara’s mouth, knowing that her keyholder would not deny her the release she was so desperate for. Kara would take care of her. She would let her climb the peak and jump off.

The girl’s fingers worked in and out of her in a gentle rhythm as they kissed, until Jenna’s breath came in quick, sharp gasps and her knees buckled. She squealed into Kara’s mouth, sucking at the girl’s tongue as she came. Kara held her tightly through it, never letting her mouth go. Jenna sobbed as she orgasmed on the girl’s fingers, not from fear or from pain, but from the relief at having someone to share the uncertainty of her life with, someone who knew and understood what that uncertainty was like. Kara kissed away her tears with those soft lips and made her cum again.

Cleaned, but still in a sex fog, the two girls stood naked in Jenna’s bedroom, the door locked. Kara helped herself to two bottles of Obsequium from Jenna’s little fridge, uncapping both and handing one to her charge. Jenna tipped the bottle back and felt the strange, tingling warmth flow through her body. As Kara laid her back on the bed, the warm feeling made her hair stand on end, the effects of the stuff causing pin pricks of desire to spring up all over her skin. Despite being free of the belt for the time being, her arousal level hadn’t diminished in the least. Kara had, only minutes ago, washed away the sexy cream that always seemed to pour out of her but her pussy was already soaking again, creating a small wet patch on her comforter as her keyholder guided her onto her back.

Though Kara had been touching and kissing her only moments ago, this felt so different from the shower play. She was slightly less desperate to cum, now, after two very satisfying orgasms, but her body still craved more. The recent release gave her a mild clarity that she’d been lacking for the last several hours, though, and as Kara crawled, naked but for her belt, onto the bed with her, Jenna found herself shaking, knowing that this girl was about to make love to her, and that she was willingly surrendering herself. Jenna had imagined that when she did, truly, become intimate with another person, that it would be with some boy in college. They would be awkward and fumble around, learning what it meant to enjoy their bodies. He’d take her on dates, buy her flowers, and they’d bond over some shared interest until she felt comfortable to take one step, and then another.

As Kara slid onto the bed and lay with her, the girl’s warm hands caressing her belly teasingly, Jenna suddenly felt that the girly fantasy of that distant courtship was stupid, in light of what her life had become. There would be no sweet boy, no dates, dinners, chocolates or flowers. There would be no gifts or long nights of pillow talks and sweet nothings said, as her imaginary young man and herself peeled back the layers of each other’s pasts, or communicated their dreams, ambitions, and insecurities. Instead, there was Kara, sexy and soft, her dark hair smelling of soap and her skin glowing with forced arousal, the light touch of her nails raking the flesh of Jenna’s trembling tummy. Only Kara, a near-stranger who had been thrust into an uncaring and dangerous new life that was something out of a Hollywood horror. Kara and her, not friends, but at the same time something more. Lifelines. Anchors to sanity in an insane game.

As Kara’s hands roamed over her skin, lightly touching, petting, cupping, slow and pleasant like the flush of desire that was spreading across every part of her, Jenna wondered how she would have managed this thing without the girl. She, almost, felt like she might not have been able to make it much longer. Kara’s lips traced the curve of her neck, and her small nose nuzzled behind Jenna’s ear playfully. Unbidden, a slow moan escaped Jenna’s throat, and she could feel Kara’s smile as the girl’s hand slid up her belly to gently squeeze her naked breast.

Kara was right, she decided. If she had to live this life, to play this game, there were certainly crueler people in the world that she could have been saddled with. She wondered about Kara’s keyholder, and the other girl’s determination to be rid of her.

In the end, Jenna knew, everyone was alone. Everyone had their self-interest and preservation at the top of their hierarchy of needs. No one would ever care for you and your wellbeing like yourself. It was how people were made. She felt guilty for the way she’d been angry at Kara leaving her, and as Kara’s fingers cupped her cheek, turned her face to the side and her lips pressed hotly against her own, she understood why she’d done it.

Give a caged animal a chance to flee its torment, and it was going to take the opportunity. Jenna couldn’t say, with any certainty, that she wouldn’t have done the same. She turned on her side, and reciprocated, slipping her tongue into Kara’s mouth and sliding her hands down the other girl’s side, tracing her belt with her fingers and wondering what it would be like to feel her between the legs, the way Kara had done to her.

How would Kara react to her touch? Would she want it, the way Jenna wanted it now? Would Jenna herself be able to bring her the kind of pleasure that she’d known at her keyholder’s touch? One day, she resolved, after Kara’s chastity challenge, she would try it. Kara could have been mean. She could have been cruel and sadistic. Kara was a higher rank.

She could do anything to Jenna that she pleased. But she’d been tender and kind, even now spending long minutes making this new and frightening experience something that Jenna would look back on with fondness, rather than disdain and hate. Even though the feelings this intimacy must be creating for her, the further torture it was inflicting on her already highly aroused body, were making her challenge all the more difficult, Kara still went slow. For her. So that she wouldn’t be afraid.

Jenna ran her hands up Kara’s spine, fingers tracing the back of her neck and then holding it, cradling it as their lips and tongues toyed with one another, the sexy sounds of their shared moans a beautiful sort of music that tugged at Jenna’s heartstrings like the sound of a tear-jerking violin. She felt her heart swell in her chest, just under Kara’s hand as the other girl touched her so kindly, and then a tear as her throat constricted. Flushed and trembling, Jenna managed, somehow, to pull her head out of the hot, lusty fog that had invaded her mind and look into Kara’s smoldering eyes.

The other girl had a deep sadness in them, and her shining eyes were misty with caged desire and unspoken pain that even now she barely kept in check. Jenna could see it, and it made her heart hurt as she whispered, “Kara. Thank you. We are friends.”

Kara smiled weakly and Jenna could see misty tears form at the edges of those beautiful eyes, and then the girl kissed her again, once, deeply, before rolling her onto her back and kissing her way down Jenna’s neck, her tongue flicking the cleft of her throat. Her hands followed the same path stopping to cup her breasts as Kara’s tongue played over her hard nipples. Lower still, the girl paused and kissed her belly, and then continued her descent. Jenna hissed out a hot breath, somewhere between a moan and squeak as Kara’s lips brushed over the soft mound above her needy pussy and her little tongue snaked outward to give her clit the smallest flick, sending a shock of guilty pleasure in a line up her tummy and into her brain.

Kara ran the flat of her tongue between Jenna’s slit, from the base to the top, licking up the trickles of honey and then giving her clit a back and forth, back and forth with the tip, that made Jenna curl her fists into the comforter. Kara’s lips closed over her excited button, gripping it and sucking softly as her tongue kept up the rhythm, until Jenna’s body quaked, and her hips arched off of the bed, breath coming in short, rapid gasps that turned into a fit of giggles as the wave of pleasure overtook her and she came. Kara kept the rhythm through her orgasm, and then released her clit, returning to her lapping of Jenna’s slit, then curling her tongue and thrusting it hotly into her pussy and her hands slid up her legs, her belly, caressed the swell of her breasts, and then traced their way back down her body.

The wave built again under Kara’s ministrations, and a second long, hot burst of orgasmic pleasure made Jenna curse as her breath exploded outward and her back arched. Her hands released the comforter and found their way to the back of Kara’s head, where they toyed with the girl’s hair as she continued to pleasure her with her lips, tongue and hands. Kara pulled her tongue from Jenna’s wet pussy and replaced it with two fingers, then moved up to lay beside her.

Her mouth sought Jenna’s own, and their dance of tongues played out once more, Jenna tasting herself on her keyholder’s lips as the girl worked those fingers inside of her, rubbing that special spot just inside of her that Jenna knew would bring her another intense release. Then it did and she moaned loudly into Kara’s mouth as the girl cupped her cheek and continued to kiss her.

Jenna’s body was on a ceaseless tingling high of pleasure, fueled by the effects of the Obsequium, the day’s long teasing from the belt, and the ever-present arousal that she was forced to endure. Kara pushed her to another, and then another quaking, star-inducing orgasm that plunged her mind into a happy place that she didn’t ever want to leave.


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