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Bad Influence(r) (ePub+PDF)

Bad Influence(r) (ePub+PDF)

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Vivianne is an online bully, who only cares about her follower count. She puts down others, insults their hard work, and belittles those who are less trendy and beautiful than her. Her online life, under the handle VixyVix, is a sham, though. Vivianne is living on the edge of poverty, engaged in a lie that consumes her with shame and self-hate. When Vivianne receives an offer for a real sponsorship opportunity from Internet Famous Entertainment Management, she's quick to accept. iFem offers her everything she knows she deserves; a life of ease. Free products. Excursions to interesting destinations, where powerful and influential people lead lives of excess.

Vivianne's online ills have gotten her on the bad side of someone with far more sway and resources. Melissa, Vivianne's new campaign manager, has plans to turn the savage influencer into the best little money maker in iFem's deep pockets. iFem believes in keeping sponsors happy, no matter what. And they don't believe in limits.

Kinks Served: personality modification, humiliation, degradation, forced lesbianism, brainwashing, bimbofication, reluctance, nonconsent

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