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Tuning Chloe (ATR Partnership- ePub+PDF)

Tuning Chloe (ATR Partnership- ePub+PDF)

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This title is a partnership release, brought to you by All These Roadworks. Visit the author at for more great stories! If you enjoyed stories such as Altering Annika, Sasha's Obsession, or Correcting Kelly, you'll absolutely love this fantastic novella from the master of fetish fiction.


Length: 21 Chapters, 139 pages

Kinks served: Incest, Pseudo-incest, Hypnokink, Humiliation, Noncon, Reluctance, Slut Transformation.



Michael is happily engaged to the curvy and sexy Sarah, but there's a wrinkle in what could otherwise be a happy family unit. Chloe, Sarah's eighteen-year-old daughter, is bratty, bitchy, and out of control.


Michael has a solution, though. The new hypnotic "Daughter Tuning" app, along with some quick hypnotherapy, and Chloe's descent into sexual submission begins. Chloe's new step-daddy doesn't plan to just make Chloe a little less bratty. Instead, he's out to turn his stepdaughter and her mother into a pair of broken, obedient sex dolls, enslaved to his every perverted desire.


Through a series of terrible choices, Sara will aid in the downfall of both herself and her daughter. The question is, how far will Chloe and her mother sink into slutty servitude? What sort of perversion will be deep enough, and humiliating enough to satisfy Michael?


Pick up a copy of Tuning Chloe, and you're guaranteed to find the answers, along with your own satisfaction. Featuring some of the finest mind-fuckery in the dark erotica genre, Tuning Chloe is a rare gem of depravity that's sure to be one of the hallmarks of the All These Roadworks library. 

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