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The Good Daughter (ePub+PDF)

The Good Daughter (ePub+PDF)

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Kinks served: Blackmail, incest, anal, fem-chastity, degradation, humiliation, hypno-kink, noncon, masturbation, slut transformation


Alicia is less concerned with her education than she should be. She prefers to be out with her friends, partying, looking pretty, and being popular. It's the way she's always been.

Her younger sister, Camilla, is the opposite. Camilla is something of a nerd, more interested in science and education. Only a couple of years her junior, Camilla has always been on the receiving end of Alicia's scorn.

Rather than use her popularity to help make Camilla's life as a nerd easier, Alicia chose to participate in her sister's ridicule and embarrassment. But high school is over, and college is another matter.

Here, intellect is what gets people places. When Alicia's partying puts her academic future in peril, she's a hair away from getting kicked out of the house.

If she doesn't want to end up on the streets, she needs to improve, and do it before her father finds out how miserably she's performing. Thankfully, Camilla has exactly what Alicia needs to turn her education around.

The question is, will Alicia still be the same person at the end of the semester? Or will being blackmailed by her sister, her boyfriend's father, her teachers, and her neighbor change Alicia's life altogether?


Set in the Playing with Toys universe, this dark novel of family betrayal features cameo appearances by Dr. Carol Keller and Rebecca from Playing with Toys. 

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