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Slutty Shorts: Volume Two

Slutty Shorts: Volume Two

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This collection contains eleven short works by Tori Hamlin, all of which are available on the site:

  • Tanya’s Shrinking Tits: Tanya’s helpful brother devises a solution to the (fabricated) problem of his sister’s shrinking tits. [Humor, Incest, Titjob]

  • Chasing the Trend: Leah, always chasing the latest viral friends, is convinced by her friends that being raped is the latest fad. [Noncon]

  • Kimmy and Cupid’s Arrow: Kimmy falls for the worst guy in school, thanks to Cupid. [Holiday, Humor, Reluctance, MC/NC]

  • Julia’s Dreams: Julia becomes the family slut to follow her dreams. [Reluctance, Incest, Group sex, Double/Triple Penetration]

  • An Unnecessary Cunt: Kim loses her husband to her daughter, Erica. [Incest, Cuckquean]

  • Think About It: Jade receives a series of strange communications that have thinking sluttier thoughts with each passing day. [Hypno, Humiliation, Brainwashing, Workplace degradation]

  • Suck Pet: A DomCo Story: An origin story for the Korrupting Kayla character, Suck Pet [NC, Humiliation, Personality Modification]

  • A Night at Holes on Poles: A Toys Story: A side story from the noncon novel, Playing with Toys. Rebecca is forced to work as a stripper [NC, Humiliation]

  • Guidance Counseling: Jemma receives terrible advice about bullying from her perverted guidance counselor. [NC, Humiliation, Degradation]

  • The Genesis Crossing: An interstellar journey to save humanity lands Kiren in the position of a nonconsensual breeder. [NC, Sci-fi, Rogue AI]

  • Kimmy’s Lousy Luck: Kimmy has a string of humiliating bad luck on St. Patrick’s Day: [Reluctance, NC, Humiliation, Holiday, Humor]

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