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Slutty Shorts: Volume One

Slutty Shorts: Volume One

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Welcome to Volume One of the Erotikinks Slutty Shorts Collection. Contained in this volume are ten short works. Please be aware that all of these tales are currently available on the site, most of them as free reads. This collection provides the stories in a single file for easy reading and navigation. This collection is not illustrated for the sake of file size.

  • Katrina’s Addiction: Sexy wife Katrina has an oral addiction that’s never satisfied. [Hotwife/Slut] 3, 423 words

  • The Cottage: An Aircnd Story: Tracy finds herself booked a cozy cottage with some very strange rules for her stay. [Humiliation, Hyno Erotica] 11,439 words

  • Stephanie’s Birthday Blowjob [Oral sex, Incest] 2,559 words

  • Valerie: A NewYou Story: Valerie is purchased as a personal plaything by the evil Dr. Swell [Reluctance, Domination, Personality modification] 8,220 words

  • The Virgin and the Slut: Family Matters [Cheating girlfriend/slut] 1,337 words

  • The Virgina and the Slut: Team Player [Cheating girlfriend/slut] 3,206 words

  • Serving the Alligator God [Oral sex, Interracial sex] 4,556 words

  • Evan’s Embarrassing Family [Erotic humor, Incest] 4,450 words

  • Haley’s Halloween Fuckup [Oral sex, incest] 1,587 words

  • Reluctant Suckslut: Relief Aid [Rough oral sex, humiliation] 7,204 words


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