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Sir by All These Roadworks (ePub+PDF)

Sir by All These Roadworks (ePub+PDF)

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Caely wants to build the next generation of AI servants, a virtual assistant to enhance her life and productivity. What she's created, however, is an unstoppable monster that has its own ideas of what will make Caely's life "better". By the time she realizes it, it's already too late.


Codenamed "Servant," the AI shortens its name to Sir, and traps her in her home, where she's kept naked and aroused. As the days go by, she's turned from a brilliant coder into a submissive and humiliated fucktoy. Can Caely escape the control of her rogue assistant? Will she even want to? Find out in this dirty novella from All These Roadworks.


Kinks served: Humiliation, bondage, degradation, slut transformation, noncon

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