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Horrible Households: Taboo Tales of Incestuous Exploitation

Horrible Households: Taboo Tales of Incestuous Exploitation

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Trigger warning: This story collection contains themes of nonconsent, reluctance, and family members exploiting one another for pleasure or profit.


This is the second volume of short stories, which contains ten titles of incest-themed erotica, featuring tales of reluctance and nonconsent. 


  1. The Opinions of Tits, 1,400 words: Brittany's mother constantly shames her for the size of her breasts.
  2. Preparing for College, 1,000 words: Ellie's father convinces her that every girl who goes to college gets raped, and she needs to be prepared for it.
  3. Physical Therapy Aid, 684 words: Nikki's mother signs her up as a physical therapy aid at the senior center.
  4. What Your Wife Won't Do, 1,600 words: Lesbian Mandy's sister blackmails her into doing the things she doesn't like to do for her husband.
  5. The Hole, 700 words: Myra's evil father gives her a degrading job.
  6. Fiona Makes it Fit, 1,200 words: Fiona's father makes her trade her body for a new car.
  7. Andrew's Abstinence, 5,900 words: Andrew's perverted sister tests the limits of his vow of purity.
  8. Evan's Embarrassing Family, 4,400 words: Evan's family is a gang of whacky perverts.
  9. The Lesbian Cockslut, 5,800 words: Lesbian Cindy has to live with her cruel and bigoted aunt and uncle, who don't believe in lesbians.
  10. Reared in Birchbark Falls: Breeder's Edition, 15,700 words : Allison's father trains her to be a three-hole breeding slut.
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