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Cheerloathing (ePub+PDF)

Cheerloathing (ePub+PDF)

Excluding Sales Tax

Length: 61 Chapters, 137,000 words

Includes 16 inline illustrations!

Get set for the biggest story yet!


The burgeoning town of Shoreside Shoals is a place filled with secrets. A confused girl behind the walls of the Shoreside Mental Health Hospital. A tight-knit kink group called The Circle. An unethical doctor running heinous experiments. And a disturbed cheerleader at the top of her game, willing to do anything to keep her place in the limelight.

When Diana's family moves into town, they quickly find themselves befriended by Sara. To all outward appearances, the gorgeous cheerleader is welcoming, friendly, and inviting. Beneath the bubbly, sexy exterior, however, lies a devious and twisted mind. It's a mind filled with paranoia, rage, jealousy, and secrets.

The secrets surrounding Sara's past are linked to many of the others in the town. Diana doesn't realize that by simply pursuing her passion for cheer, she's drawn her entire family into Sara's twisted delusions and become a threat.

Now, Sara's determined to obliterate her rival and everyone she loves. Through manipulation, seduction, deceit, and betrayal, Diana will learn exactly how Sara stays on top. And as Shoreside Shoals' secrets begin to come to light, Diana's entire family will see just what it means to be loathed by a force as relentless as Sara.

Kinks Served: Incest, Betrayal, Seduction, Humiliation,

Personality Modification, Degradation, Bondage, Exhibitionism, Slut Transformation, Teasing, F/F, Group Sex, Gangbang, Consensual NonCon, NonCon, Reluctance, Orientation Kink

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