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The Hole

This story contains themes of nonconsent

Myra's father had his own ideas about what sort of jobs a girl was suited for. In her father's opinion, girls were good for being maids, strippers, porn stars, or prostitutes. Myra did not agree with this opinion but arguing about it only earned her a slap across the face.

"Now that you're of age," her father told her, "You're going to get an appropriate job, or I'm going to get one for you."

Myra worked all week at finding a job. She submitted applications for all the retail stores, restaurants, and even fast-food places in town. None of them would hire her. It was not that none of them could use an extra worker, but rather it was due to the fact that her father only allowed Myra to dress like a stripper, and thus each interview would begin and end, awkwardly, within a few minutes.

By the end of the week, Myra was still without a job. Her father, though, had a solution. When Myra went to bed that night, she awoke with her wrists tied to her ankles, baring her nude fuckhole. Her mouth was gagged and there was a little table over her face. On the top of the table sat a laptop. Myra's bedroom door opened, and she could hear two people enter the room, but she couldn't see them with the table covering her face.

"Just put on whatever you like to watch," she heard her father say, "and you can use the fuckhole until you cum. Don't bother cleaning up."

"Thanks," said a voice she didn't know, "You said $100?"


A moment of silence, then her father said, "Thanks. Enjoy the hole."

Myra felt the stranger crawl onto the bed, and she began to struggle and make whimpering noises into the gag, but she was bound tightly. She could hear the stranger pushing keys and clicking a mouse on the little table over her head. A moment later the sounds of porno began to blare, loudly, from the laptop speakers. Myra babbled into the gag some more.

The stranger began to smear something gooey into her cunt and Myra screamed into her gag, but the stranger paid her no mind. With a groan, the stranger pushed his hard cock into her pussy and began to stroke it into her as he watched the porno movie. Myra yelled and moaned as the man gripped her bound legs and slowly fucked his cock in and out of her. This went on for, perhaps, twenty minutes and then the stranger groaned and began to cum into her cunt.

He left the room, leaving the porno playing. Myra huffed into the gag as the porno played above her, but no help came. Instead, the door opened again and another man climbed onto the bed. The porno stopped, Myra babbled into the gag, and then more porno began to play. Once again, a stranger's cock filled her cum-coated hole and the man began to fuck her as he watched the porn.

One of his hands roughly squeezed her tit as he gripped her leg with the other, pumping his erection into her until he added his cum load to the first. He left the room. Again, the door opened, a man climbed onto the bed and the porno stopped. A moment later, a different one began. Myra whimpered again but the man ignored her, pushing his cock into her used hole and fucking it hard and rough as he groped her tits.

With Myra's pussy as his masturbation aid, the man added a third load to her cummy snatch and left the room. Four more men came, in rapid succession, each of them sliding their hard cocks into Myra and fucking her while they watched porno. Myra managed, shamefully, to orgasm twice. Myra's father came in next and grunted out a seventh load of cum into her, before wiping down her abused cunt.

"Tell daddy that you like your new job," he said, "and I'll let you use the shower and potty. If you don't you can wait until the next twelve customers have had their turn."

Myra mumbled into the gag.

"Good girl," her father said.


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