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Reluctant Suckslut, Part Two: Wedding Party

Sophie the reluctant suckslut

Shameless Masturbator

Sophie lay on her bed, her long legs spread, vigorously frigging her engorged clit. The sound of her, sexy, wet pussy beneath the noise of her labored breathing was merely an undertone to the cruel hillbilly twang of the man’s voice coming from the speakers on her phone. This was the third time today, the third website she’d watched the filthy video on, and the third one that she’d send a takedown request to. After she’d shamefully cum to it once more, of course.

On her screen she watched a complete stranger force his thick cock into her own face, while tears streamed down her cheeks. Whether the man’s actual name was Buck, she didn’t know. It was just what had been on his shirt. That stupid fucking shirt, from the stupid fucking Relief Aid event. The big-dicked stranger assaulted her mouth, cramming every inch into her throat with determination, intent only on his own selfish pleasure, with her beautiful face as his masturbatory aid.

Sophie felt the familiar sense of shame and self-loathing twist her gut as she humped against her fingers, watching her own degradation. Hot tears leaked from her eyes as a war of intense feelings raged inside of her. She wanted to be a powerful, confident woman, someone that other girls could look up to as a source of strength, as they fought against the patriarchal shackles of society for their feminine independence. Instead, she watched herself cave in for fear of a large, dominant man who had roughly used her unwilling mouth like it belonged to him, simply because of his gender and size.

In the weeks since she’d been face-raped by the brute, and then allowed her cock of an ex-boyfriend to force-feed her his own load for a ride home, Sophie had been masturbating far more often than normal. Even the same night that it had happened, she’d orgasmed at the memory of the way that two gruff men had coerced her reluctant mouth around their angry penises, until they’d relieved themselves between the pleasurable sheath of her plump, wet lips. Now, here she was, cumming again, as her own shame made her traitorous cunt wet and needy.

Once she’d cum to the dirty video again, the fear hit her. She picked up the phone with her dry hand and contacted the site, filling in the form that would request the video be taken down, smearing her screen with a film of girl cum from her sticky fingers. The thought that her sister, her mother, or her friends would see the video was horrifying. Strangely, that same feeling caused an intense heat in her gut that nearly made her masturbate herself again.

Chapter One: Destination Wedding

Sophie arrived at the palatial resort via taxi from the airport. The driver had eye-fucked her during the entire drive. This was something Sophie was used to. In their heads, every man she encountered pushed her reluctantly onto her back, spread her long, tanned legs and feasted in some way on her trim, supple body. This wasn’t just the assumption of some stuck-up, “I know I’m hot shit” princess, though. That wasn’t Sophie. This was just the truth. The poor girl was cursed with a body built for sex, and it wasn’t even something she worked at.

Her Latin heritage loaned her a permanent golden tan, and her full, round chest stood so proudly on her that it was impossible to hide. A cascade of dark, exotic hair spilled down her back, framing a face with high cheekbones and full, succulent lips. Sophie’s overly-expressive eyes were one of her most beguiling traits, though, clearly broadcasting her feelings in a way that would have made any wordsmith jealous.

She exited the taxi at the resort, the site of Megan’s destination wedding, and paid the driver. The sweltering heat of the place made her instantly regret her choice of dress as sweat immediately beaded on her forehead and neck. As she settled her bill, the man looked as though he’d like to pull her through the window and lick the sweat from her skin. She could practically see his fantasy version of her, on her knees like a submissive plaything, her sexy mouth open and eager to receive his primed penis. Another day, another brute that only saw a set of firm tits and warm holes to batter with his angry cock until he’d blasted his ejaculate into one or more of her soft, pliable orifices.

Sophie never blamed men for looking at her that way. She understood that it was just their nature. It was a natural instinct for procreation, the chemistry of their brains and bodies, forcing them to view her as a prime receptacle for their DNA. When men looked at her, they didn’t even consider that those gorgeous, squeezable tits and silky holes of pleasure were attached to a person that had ambitions, dreams, and independent thoughts.

The driver watched her walk away, her little bag slung over her shoulder, and her toned ass swaying, succulent and full, despite the loose, wide-leg, linen pants she wore. Her low-heeled boots clicked across the pavement as she strutted through the lobby doors, and across the air-conditioned interior to the reception desk. The chubby blonde girl at the desk eyed her over, taking in her full chest, which was impossible to hide, even under the baggy linen blouse that came up to Sophie’s neck.

“Hello,” the girl said, “How can I help you?”

Her friendly chirp was in total contrast to the daggers of jealous disgust that stabbed at her from the attendant’s eyes. Sophie knew that the girl had pegged her for some kind of prissy bitch, who thought she was hot shit because of her big tits and sexy hair. Inwardly, Sophie rolled her eyes, but forgave the girl her impression. It wasn’t her fault. The image that society pushed on girls was that their worth was in their bodies, and their ability to be vessels of erotic pleasure. The girl behind the desk, with her pudgy face, thick glasses, and acne blemishes was not up to the standards of magazines and Hollywood. Sophie was, by contrast, everything the girl could never be, and she’d been blessed with it through a fluke of genetics. It was unfair, and the universe was unkind, and the girl hated her because of it.

“Hello,” Sophie said politely, “I’m here for the Wilson wedding,”

The girl tapped at her keyboard and without looking away from her screen asked, “Name?”

“Sophie Vargas.”

The girl scrolled for a second with her mouse, clicked, typed, clicked, and then got up from her chair, which groaned with relief as her bulk departed. She waddled over to a machine that dispensed a white, plastic keycard, and then returned. The chair moaned as she sat back down. The girl clicked again, then wrapped the keycard in a small paper envelope and handed it across the desk.

Sophie reached for the card, and the girl “accidentally” fumbled it, and it fell to the floor.

“Oh, I am so sorry!” she said, unapologetically.

Sophie bent to retrieve the card, heard a small groan from the man behind her, picked up the card, and told the girl, “No problem. Thank you.”

“You’re in room 269,” The girl said, the hint of a smirk on her lips betraying the intentional bitch-slap.

“Thank you.”

Sophie walked away from the desk and clicked across the lobby to the elevator, then waited for the lift. Two men soon joined her, and then another woman. They stood in the required silence, avoiding eye contact, until the doors pinged open. The four of them crowded into the elevator, where she hit the button for her floor, and the other passengers looked at her expectantly, as though she were the operator. They called out their respective floors, and Sophie dutifully punched the buttons, fulfilling her elected role.

The four of them waited in silence as the elevator rose, the two men crowding much closer to her than was necessary, given the size of the elevator. Sophie knew what was coming and was not in the least surprised when the fingertips of both men casually brushed against her backside, as though by accident. Naturally, she did not make a fuss. This was always how she went through life. Casual, accidental gropes or unwanted touches from strangers were an all-too-common occurrence. Thankfully, the girl had assigned her to 269, rather than 2269, so the passengers had only enough time for some slight finger-brushing, rather than the full-on groping or petting that was, undoubtedly, next on the list of unwelcome advances.

Once in her room, Sophie dropped her bag to the bed and called Megan.

“Hey, girl!” Megan squealed excitedly, “So glad you made it! How’s the room?”

Sophie glanced over the comfortable room, with its big king bed and spacious view of the beach and answered, “It’s gorgeous! What are you up to?”

“Chip and I are about to go down to the beach. We should hook up!” Megan said.

“Yeah! Sure. Let me change, and I’ll meet you downstairs.”

“Twenty minutes?” Megan asked.


Megan hung up. Sophie opened her bag and removed her swimsuit, a one-piece that covered her ample assets well, but still couldn’t hide them. She drew the curtains, and changed into the suit, then tied her hair back into a ponytail, donned a sheer cover-up, then slipped her phone and keycard into a small, waterproof crossbody and slung the bag over her shoulder. A pair of sunglasses, she perched on her forehead, then made her way back to the elevator. This time, she was alone as she descended. She waited for Megan in a lobby chair, idly tapping one sandaled foot and staring across the parking lot through the glass front.

A short time later, Megan and her fiancé, Chip, emerged from the elevator, with another man in tow. Sophie guessed that this was the best man, Chip’s ridiculously named best friend, Dale. Sophie could only imagine the torment these two must have gone through in life, which was a testament to the friendship. Megan spotted her and broke into a friendly grin.

“Oh, my God!” Megan squealed, wrapping Sophie in a hug, “You look so gorgeous!”

“Thanks,” Sophie said, pleased that at least one woman didn’t look at her with scorn, “You do, too!”

Sophie held her at arms-length and scanned her friend’s bikini-clad body with an appreciative eye. She hadn’t seen her friend since the previous year, but they’d been close since middle school. Even though they were attending schools in different parts of the country, they’d still managed to stay in regular contact. Sophie’s eyes flicked to Chip, who she had never met in person. The guy was cute!

“This is Chip,” Megan said, pulling him forward by the arm, “and this is my friend, Sophie,” she said to him.

“Hey, Sophie,” he said, “Good to finally meet you.”

He went in for a side hug, which included reaching across her back to squeeze her arm, the knuckles of his fingers pressing against her breast. Sophie gave an inward sigh. Did guys think that boobs had no nerves in them, and that a girl couldn’t feel their obvious touches? The hug lasted only slightly longer than Sophie felt was appropriate, but she didn’t want to make a thing of it. Megan didn’t seem to notice, bouncing happily on the balls of her feet and grinning at Sophie, as though seeking approval in her choice of mate.

“Good to meet you, too,” Sophie said, and then Chip stepped aside.

The next man stepped up, and Megan said, “And this is Dale.”

Dale did nothing at all to hide his predatory leer, nearly having to wipe away the bead of drool at the corner of his lips, which (grossly) dislodged itself onto her neck as the man embraced her clumsily in a full-frontal hug that mashed her breasts against his chest. His arms slid around her trim waist, resting at the small of her back, but she could practically feel them itching to shoot lower and grope her butt.

Sophie wriggled away from the guy, and then Megan took her hand and pulled her toward the doors, prattling away as they walked toward the beach. Once they arrived, Chip spread two towels onto shaded lounge chairs for the girls. He took up another to Megan’s right, while Dale occupied the one to Sophie’s left. Megan and Chip became distracted about something to do with the wedding, and Sophie took out her phone, opened her book, and tried to read.

Dale, though, insisted on talking to her. Sophie listened as Dale talked about himself, his dick visibly hard in his swim trunks. Sophie couldn’t be sure that it was, entirely, a result of looking at her tits, or whether Dale’s own ego just inflamed his desire. Sophie, out of politeness, managed to get in a few courteous questions whenever the man had to stop talking to breathe.

“What do you do, Dale?” she asked, figuring that the question would probably get him jabbering for another hour, and she could tune him out behind her shades.

“I work in game design,” Dale replied, “for a company called DomCo.”

Fortunately, Sophie’s tanned skinned hid the fact that she went pale at the mention of the name.

“Ever heard of it?” Dale asked, “It’s a huge company.”

“I… I think I’ve heard the name on the news,” she said, her stomach knotting as the ever-present memory of Buck’s rough fucking of her face came back to her.

“They do a little bit of everything,” Dale said, “Right now I’m working on this new mobile game called Candy Tarts. It’s pretty cute. I’m sure you’d like it. You get to make these cute little avatars, and win clothes and things for them, by matching crystals and teaching the avatar to do little tricks.”

Sophie only nodded, slightly offended by his supposition that she would be entertained by something as mindless as matching crystals and playing dress-up with a virtual doll. Did the guy think she was twelve?

“I’ll send you a link to the beta app,” he went on, oblivious to his slight, “What’s your number?”

That was in no way smooth, Sophie thought, not at all wanting to give this guy her number. He was the best man, though, and she didn’t want to make a fuss over it and embarrass Megan. She could just block the guy later. She gave him the number. Dale tapped at his phone for a moment, and then Sophie’s device pinged with a message that contained a download link, then again with a friend request from Dale. She clicked the download link and ignored the friend request.

“Thanks,” she said, “I’ll check it out later, in my room.”

Dale nodded, and thankfully Chip got up and pulled the guy away from her for a trip to the bar. Sophie fell into conversation with Megan as the two men drifted away. Candy Tarts downloaded onto her phone.

Chapter Two: The Things You Find Online

Sophie rode up the elevator to her floor, during which Dale and Chip stood much closer to her than was necessary, their fingertips brushing her hips. Sophie kept quiet about it, though. The elevator stopped at her floor, and she quickly got out, breathing a sigh of relief as the doors closed behind her. Once she was in her room, she showered off and lay down for a quick nap before the coming pre-wedding dinner.

Rested, Sophie donned a cute mermaid dress in hunter green, sleeveless, with an open back and little straps over the shoulders. With just a hint of cleavage, it was enough to be sexy without being slutty. The way it hugged her body, though, showed off her thin waist and jutting breasts delightfully. It wasn’t her intention to call attention to her body. It just happened, no matter what she seemed to wear. Unfortunately, the occasion was formal, so there wasn’t much choice. She couldn’t exactly wear a flour sack.

After adding some small hoop earrings and a little tennis bracelet, Sophie made her way down to one of the resort ballrooms, where guests were already gathering. Sophie cased the room, spotted Megan and Chip with a small crowd of well-wishers gathered around them, and drifted over to join them, waiting her turn. She was, as always, very conscious of the leering men and scornful glares of the women around her. All of the well-dressed ladies clung tighter to the arms of their companions as they fixed Sophie with looks of disgust, as though she was intentionally teasing and flirting, though all she did was stand quietly, patiently waiting to give her best wishes to her friend.

Finally, her turn came, and she embraced her pretty friend, kissing her lightly on the cheek.

“I’m so happy for you,” Sophie said.

“Thanks, Sophie,” Megan replied, and then held her at arm's length and added, “That dress is to die for!” then to Chip, “Honey, will you take our picture?”

Chip nodded, and Sophie put her arm around the shorter girl’s waist. Chip snapped a photo of the two girls together, and then another of Sophie’s big tits for himself. He sent the first one to his fiancé. Dale ambled up to the couple, making Sophie cringe, inwardly. She tried to drift away, but Megan held her arm.

“Take one more with Dale!” she said to Chip.

Sophie allowed the best man to put his arm around her waist, and he casually rested his hand on her ass and groped it. Chip took their picture. His hand lingered just a little too long before he removed it, and then took Sophie by the arm.

“You can sit at the table with me,” he said, pulling her away as though she’d suddenly become his date.

Not having any real reason to disagree, though, Sophie allowed herself to be pulled away from Megan, who turned to talk with another guest. Dale guided her to one of the cloth-covered tables, where he graciously pulled out her chair and made sure she was seated. He took the seat next to her.

“I guess someone decided to turn heads, instead of dressing for a wedding!” he said, leaning into her ear, “You look gorgeous.”

“Thanks,” Sophie said politely.

Thankfully, the man to Dale’s other side caught his attention and distracted him, while the woman to Sophie’s left struck up a conversation about the expensive decor. The woman did not seem to hate Sophie for being beautiful, which was a welcome change. She even asked her about herself and seemed genuinely interested in her as a person. The moment was ruined by Dale’s hand sliding along her leg, which Sophie gently removed beneath the table. The hand only stayed away for a short time, though, before it was back.

Sophie pushed it away again and gave him an icy glare, but the man only grinned back at her and winked. Sophie didn’t want to make a scene in front of the other guests. She wouldn’t be the girl who got groped at the party, ruining Megan’s wedding and embarrassing both her friend and herself, so the next time Dale molested her leg she let it slide.

Dale continued to chat with the man next to him, and a moment later his hand left her leg. The two men were looking at something on the stranger’s phone, and then they both looked at Sophie. She felt her stomach tighten, and her heart stopped. Somehow, she knew. She saw it in the look they both gave her, their eyes misting over with the familiar film of lusty desire that she saw in the face of every man she encountered. They were imagining their hard penises spurting sticky semen into her sexy mouth, her warm, soft lips wrapped pleasantly around their veiny shafts as she served their carnal desires.

The world moved in slow motion as she watched Dale take the phone from the other man’s hand, stare at it closely, then again at her. He leaned close to her.

“Well, now,” he said softly, “this is surprising!”

He showed Sophie the image frozen on the screen, showing her plump lips stretched obscenely around the fat cock of a mouth-raping hillbilly asshole. Sophie turned a shade of crimson so deep that it showed through her flawless, tanned skin. Her mouth worked but no words came out.

“I think I know this girl,” Dale whispered, “Do you?”

“I…” she choked.

“Hey, I have an idea,” Dale continued, and Sophie turned her horrified gaze from the phone to his predatory eyes. He continued, “I think that my buddy, Chuck,” he nodded toward the other grinning man, “and I should spend a little time getting to know you better after the shindig. What do you say?”

Sophie panicked and tried to stand, but Dale quickly put his arm around her shoulder and pressed his weight into her, forcing her back down into the chair. His breath was hot in her ear as he said, “Now, don’t go running off, slut. Do you know what Chuck is here for?”

Sophie swallowed, her body trembling with fear, and she shook her head.

“Chuck is the audio/video guy,” Dale explained, his hand gripping her shoulder tightly, “and I just think it would be a real hoot if this video was accidentally put into the montage, they’re going to show during the ceremony tomorrow. I mean, can you just imagine what all those guests, not to mention Megan, would think when your sexy, dick sucking mouth interrupted their special day? On a twenty-foot screen, no less?”

Sophie felt bile rise in her throat and thought she might vomit right there on the table. Hot tears formed in her eyes as she looked back at Dale and begged, “Please. Please don’t!”

“Don’t worry, baby,” he whispered, “I’m sure we can be convinced somehow. Can you think of some way to convince us not to show all these folks what a pretty cock sucker you are?”

Sophie nodded her head, knowing exactly what they wanted from her. She wiped at her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Good girl,” Dale said, smiling wickedly, “Now don’t make a scene. Let’s just get through this little party, and then you can do what you’re good at, and we’ll keep your secret. That’s not so bad, is it?”

Sophie didn’t respond, and Dale’s hand tightened on her shoulder.

“Is it?” he asked again.

“No,” she replied.

Dale gave her shoulder one more gentle squeeze, and then withdrew his arm, turning back to Chuck. She heard the two men laugh as Dale handed him back the phone, and then his hand returned to stroking her leg, more aggressively this time, taking all the liberties he wished, including pressing his fingers between her legs to rub her hidden pussy. Sophie trembled with fright and disgust as the party carried on around her, but she barely took notice. How had she managed to get into this situation again?

Chapter Three: The Reluctant Suckslut

The party carried on until after midnight. Sophie made it through in a daze, robotically interacting with other guests, all the while filled with an overwhelming trepidation that made her stomach heave. She prayed that the two men would get drunk and forget about their little plan to blackmail her, but they did not. Of course, they did not. This was an opportunity they wouldn’t miss for anything. They had a full-chested goddess at their mercy, and they were going to get their fat, angry dicks into her unwilling holes and fill her up like a condom.

They knew that whatever they wanted from her, she was going to give them. What choice did she have? Throughout the entire evening, they’d, no doubt, imagined just how wonderful her pouty lips would feel sliding up and down their hard shafts, her lipstick coating their meaty poles as they shared her charms. They’d pictured her bountiful cleavage jiggling as they pumped their rigid stalks between her lips, sinking each quivering inch of engorged prick deep into her warm, wet mouth as they pulled her hair and made her gorgeous eyes water with the shame of servicing their needs. In their minds, they were already slapping her face, grinning at the tears of humiliation that would flow down her cheeks as she was, again, forced to her knees to become nothing more than a receptacle for hot semen.

Sophie choked back a sick sob of self-loathing, because she was imagining it, too, and her pussy was wet. All she’d wanted to do was be a normal girl, and come to her friend’s wedding, to spend just one weekend with another person who didn’t look at her with lust, spite, or envy. Now, she was going to end up on her knees, reluctantly allowing two complete strangers to shove their cocks into her unwilling throat, until they’d pasted her tongue with sperm. All the while, her stupid, traitorous cunt would be warm and excited as they treated her like a sex object, then discarded her.

After saying goodbye to Megan, Sophie rode the elevator up to Dale’s room with the two men to either side of her, openly molesting her ass as they grimaced at one another. She was actually surprised that they didn’t fist bump victoriously at what they were forcing her to do for them. An old, gray-haired woman pointedly ignored the three of them and stood with her eyes fixed on the corner of the lift, flicking them only briefly to flash Sophie a knowing look of derision that made her flush with shame. Without even knowing her, the stranger had already condemned her as just another indecent slut, all-too-willing to part her sexy thighs and silky lips for a couple of liquored-up, uncouth wastrels.

Her misandry at an all-time high, Sophie allowed Dale to prod her out of the elevator with his rough hand in the small of her back, Chuck on their heels. Sophie followed Dale, while Chuck trailed behind, his eyes tracking the sway of her ass down the hall. They reached Dale’s room, where he scanned his card and let them in. The room was much like her own, just a touch more opulent, with a large desk in one corner near the picture window.

Sophie stood in the middle of the room, her head down, as the two men discarded their jackets, kicked off their shoes, and made themselves more comfortable. Dale opened the small refrigerator and extracted two beers, handing one to Chuck, then a bottle of some red drink that she’d never heard of. He handed this to Sophie. The label read, “Obsequium”.

“You’ll love it,” Dale said with a smirk, “It’ll be flooding the market soon.”

Sophie uncapped the bottle, intent on getting herself inebriated. She’d downed several drinks this evening in preparation for her coming abuse, in an attempt to at least alleviate some of the soul-sucking guilt she knew was going to hit her when she, inevitably, orgasmed from the rough treatment she was going to receive. The fruity drink worked its way down her throat, settling into her belly, and spreading a pleasant, tingling warmth through her whole body. She didn’t taste any alcohol in it, but whatever it was certainly had a noticeable effect. And it tasted amazing! Before she knew it, the bottle was empty, and Dale was pressing another one into her hand with an excited grin.

“Let’s get this show started,” Chuck blathered impatiently, “My dick is aching just looking at this slut.”

Dale chuckled and said, “You know what your problem is, Chuck? You’re too focused on the here and now. You don’t plan long-term. You don’t realize what’s coming down the pipe. Don’t worry. Pretty Sophie here is gonna take good care of you.”

Dale propped his phone up on its stand and started it recording. Of course, he was, Sophie thought. He needed his trophy. He needed evidence to prove to his friends that he’d added another notch to his belt, that he’d coerced this exotic beauty into accepting his raging hard-on into her. It would end up online, and she’d spend her days going from one dirty website to another, submitting takedown requests. These guys didn’t care that she had to exist in a wider world, with people who would judge her and look down on her, because it was her cock-stuffed face being broadcast around the globe for horny men to jerk off to. All they cared about was satisfying their needy penises with her glorious body.

Dale stepped closer to her, and snatched a fistful of her long hair firmly, but not as roughly as she’d anticipated. Though the motion was firm, controlling, it was almost sensual as his hand released her hair and glided down the back of her neck to rest just above her shoulders. This had the desired effect of making her look into his gleaming eyes. Wordlessly, he stared back at her, until she flinched and looked away, making his cruel grin spread wider as he won the unspoken struggle.

Dale stepped behind her, and ran his hands from her hips, up her sides, until he reached the straps of her dress. He buried his face in her neck and inhaled the scent of her, making her tremble as his fingers toyed with the straps. Then, he pushed one of them down her shoulder and kissed the bare flesh lightly, playfully. That same hand moved across her throat and gripped it dominantly, tilting her chin back so that he could return his lips to her neck and nip at it.

Sophie’s trembling hand held the second, half-empty bottle of Obsequium. Dale removed his hand from her throat, but she kept her head back obediently. He took her hand and brought the bottle up to her lips, tilted it, and Sophie quickly drank the rest. Dale grunted, took the bottle from her hand, and tossed it aside on the carpet. His arm encircled her waist, and his other hand slid the second strap of her dress off of her shoulder, letting it dangle against her arm.

“You’re going to have a bright future, baby,” he growled into her ear, his tone excited and dripping with menace, “You’re perfect.”

Sophie moaned despite herself, completely unused to having a man touch her as softly as this stranger. Whatever had been in the stuff she’d drank was, also, filling her entire body with a lusty heat, and creating a sexy buzz in her head that she’d never felt before. Her mind felt, not quite drunk, but distant, like she was observing herself from on high. Dale caressed her tummy, kissed at her neck, and pressed himself into her back. His other hand was busy tracing a finger between her breasts, tugging the front of the dress down and revealing the swell of her cleavage.

Then, both of his hands slid their way down the front of her body, starting at the sides of her breasts, then gliding down her sides, her hips, then tracing their way back up as his mouth continued to suck and nip her neck. The feeling was completely alien. In her experience, every man simply took what they wanted from her, with no regard for her pleasure or consent. This, though, was wholly different. Dale encircled her waist again with one hand, and his other came up and toyed with the zipper of her dress.

“Tell me to pull it down,” he hissed hotly in her ear, “ask me to take it off.”

Sophie hesitated. This was it. This was where the gentleness would end. Dale had a hard cock. His friend had a hard cock. They were going to strip her, expose her curvy body, and then manhandle her into submission until their balls were empty. Still, the heat that seemed to coat the inside of her, and the pleasant buzz in her brain from the drink, combined with that sick desire for the treatment from her traitorous womanhood made her say it.

“Pull it down,” she whispered, “Take it off.”

Though she couldn’t see his face, she could feel the exultant sense of victory in his energy as the rasp of the zipper descending filled the quiet room. Through half-lidded eyes, Sophie watched Chuck as he waited impatiently for his friend to expose her body to him. Dale took his time, drawing out the torture, pulling the zipper down with agonizing slowness, from the low back, down to the base of her ass, until it stopped. The dress slumped, held up only by Dale’s arm pressed around her breasts.

Chuck salivated visibly, his eyes wide, watching Dale manipulate her. He wrung his hands eagerly, on the verge of springing forward to tear her dress away. Dale released his arm around her, and the dress fell limply to the floor, pooling about Sophie’s feet. Chuck gave a strangled, sharp intake of breath as her body came into view, naked, but for a small pair of panties.

“No fucking bra,” he remarked crudely, “Should have known a slut like you wouldn’t wear a bra.”

Sophie cringed, inwardly rolling her eyes. She wanted to make a snarky remark that this wasn’t the kind of dress you wore a bra with, but Dale beat her to it.

“You can’t wear a bra with that fucking dress, you moron. How stupid would that look?”

Chuck snapped his mouth shut and reddened. Dale’s hand pressed flatly on her naked tummy, and then slid upwards to palm one of her breasts, tweaking one hard nipple softly between his fingers.

“It’s not like these really need a bra, anyway, do they?” he hissed in her ear, and Sophie let out a slow moan.

Dale pulled his hand away and brought it to her shoulder.

“Throw me one of those pillows,” he ordered Chuck. The man did and tossed it to the floor in front of Sophie, clearly signaling what was coming next.

Dale’s other hand grasped her other shoulder and he pressed firmly, wordlessly instructing her to her knees. Sophie complied, angry with herself because she felt wet and excited. Chuck undid his pants and let them drop, then stepped out of them. He freed his hard penis from his boxers and fondled it, stepping closer to Sophie’s unwilling mouth. Dale gathered her hair into his fist.

“Open,” Dale growled.

Sophie opened her mouth and Chuck pushed his cock into it, stuffing his spongy head into her throat and making her choke.

“Shit, yeah,” he said with a contented sigh as Sophie gagged around his invading phallus.

Dale held her hair firmly, sinking to his knees behind her. Chuck withdrew his penis a few inches. Sophie mentally compared his length and girth to that of her previous mouth-fucker, Buck. This guy was nowhere near that size, but he was still big, and his cockhead was very fat, spreading her lips wide whenever he pulled it back to force her into massaging it with her plump lips. Her mouth created a tight O as she looked up at him sadly, and he looked back down on her with contempt, clearly conveying his opinion that the only useful parts of her were those that he could fit his penis into.

Chuck surged forward, cramming his fat head back into her gullet, and then picking up steam. The awkward angle made Sophie choke each time he battered her throat, focused on getting his thick head into it, desperate to feel the entire length of his penis in her mouth, and her constricting, reluctant throat milking his sensitive glans until he could deposit his DNA inside of her.

Sophie pressed her hands against his naked legs, attempting to signal her discomfort at his insistent thrusting, the fact that he was depriving her of oxygen in his haste to unload himself, but this only seemed to spur Chuck on. He gripped the sides of her head and hammered his cock in deep, forcing spit out around her tightly stretched lips on each thrust.

“You’re doing so well, baby,” Dale growled in her ear, stroking her dark hair like she was a pet.

Chuck continued his assault, the sounds of his groaning and Sophie’s repeated glurking filling the hotel room as saliva poured from her abused mouth and dripped onto her breasts. The feel of the warm goo sliding across her nipples caused her body to shake, and when she felt Dale’s hand snake between her legs and caress her wet slit, Sophie squealed around the dick in her mouth and orgasmed. The familiar shame made her cry, and soon her tears and smeared makeup ran down her cheeks, leaving dark rivulets from her eyes, down her face, while Dale frigged her cunt relentlessly in a concerted effort to make her cum again at her own degradation.

To her horror, it worked, and she had a violent, back-arching orgasm when Dale plunged his thick fingers into her pussy and Chuck unleashed a heavy torrent of cum into her mouth, splashing her tonsils with his spermy charge. He continued to fuck his cock between her spread lips, firing off shots of cream onto her tongue, smearing the mess across it and pushing it down her throat with his penis, while Dale laughed at her and she continued to cry. She came again as Dale pressed his thumb against her clit, his fingers buried deeply inside of her, and Chuck extracted his softening cock from her mouth and slapped it wetly against her trembling lips.

“Fucking damn,” Chuck said, his breath rattling in his throat as he looked down on Sophie’s messy face, her eyes glazed over, panting with reluctant arousal as she licked traces of warm cum from her lips and swallowed them.

Dale continued to manipulate her hot pussy from beneath her, his other hand across her chest, groping her breast. The effect of that damn red drink had her entire body burning, her head in a pleasant fuck-fog that made this terrible stranger’s touch a welcome, needy feeling. Some distant part of her awareness, still attached to her surroundings, registered a soft knock at the door, but she couldn’t stop humping her crotch against Dale’s fat digits.

“Get that, Chuck,” Dale said.

Chuck pulled on his pants and disappeared from her view.

“Just one more special treat for my good friend,” Dale growled softly into her ear, “and then the rest of the night is all about you. You don’t know just how special you are, Sophie. But I do. You’re a goddess. You’re powerful, and the whole world is about to become yours. Now, cum for me again.”

Dale rubbed his big fingers against her insides, stroking part of her cunt that she’d never known existed, and Sophie heard herself gasping, then shaking as Dale squeezed her breast roughly and she came. Her tear-clouded vision suddenly filled with another fat, naked penis, and when she raised her eyes to see who this one was attached to, she saw the grinning face of Chip.

“You weren’t kidding,” her friend’s fiancé said, chuckling, “Should have guessed she was a cock whore.”

Dale sighed. Chip and Chuck were both idiots. The winning lottery ticket was creaming her cunt onto his fingers at this very moment, and all either of these guys could see was a quick nut into a hot broad. Their fucking loss, he thought. He silently thanked the DomCo trainers. Sophie was a directionless slut, filled with self-hatred, only because she didn’t have purpose. She was so filled with her own loathing. It was written across her face, a deep distrust of other people, because they saw only a sexy shell that they could use for one moment of quick gratification. She needed guidance.

“Tell my good friend, here,” Dale said softly into her ear, “to please push his cock into your mouth, so you can make him feel good before he gets married.”

Sophie felt sick at the thought. She was going to betray her friend, one of the few people in her life that actually treated her like a real person. Tomorrow, this man would stand at the front of a crowd of people and make a vow to love and cherish Megan, and he’d do it with the knowledge that only hours before, he’d plunged his dick into his wife’s friend’s mouth and filled it up with cheating sperm.

The words seemed to come from another room as she said, “Please push your cock into my mouth, so I can make you feel good before you get married.”

Chip obliged, stuffing his bloated meat between her used lips and relentlessly hammering her poor face. He fucked his stalk into her with the pent-up aggression of a man who has been denied sex from his girlfriend for days as their wedding approached. Dale’s fingers sloshed in her creamy sex as his friend choked Sophie with his tool, making her sputter and gag.

“Fuck yeah, you sexy dick sucker,” he said, taking out his frustration on her, “I’m gonna fill you up good!”

Chip’s forced celibacy, having gone several days without necessary sexual release brought on a quick orgasm. The fact that Sophie was nothing to him but a wet repository for his ejaculate, the single chance in his life for a meaningless, quick nut into some useless slut that he’d never have to have any sort of emotional attachment to, had him spewing his saved-up load into the poor girl’s mouth within moments. Sophie squealed as Chip roughly grabbed the back of her head and shoved the length of his cock into her throat, groaning loudly with relief as his sticky shots of seed rocketed into her belly. Her sore throat massaged his jerking penis as Dale continued to play with her sopping cunt, and Sophie had another gut-wrenching, shameful orgasm while her friend’s fiancé emptied himself inside of her.

Chip held his softening member in her mouth for several moments, breathing raggedly as Sophie’s tired tongue licked its underside. Then, he pulled it out and wordlessly pulled up his pants, slapped Dale on the shoulder, and left the room.

“I think it’s time for you to go, Chuck,” Dale said to the other man, who stood by watching Sophie’s embarrassment.

“Uh, yeah. Okay. See you tomorrow.”

Dale nodded, and as Sophie humped against his fingers seeking another orgasm, she heard the door close, leaving her alone with Dale. The cruel man pulled his fingers from her, leaving her quivering and her body wanting him to push her toward one more good cum. She felt disgusted by herself as the heat from her pussy enveloped her consciousness in filthy desire.

Dale stood and towered over her. This was it. Now, he’d take his turn, satisfying himself with her charms as he degraded her further. Instead, he made his way into the bathroom and returned with a wet towel. He used it to clean the remains of ejaculate and spit from her face, then cleaned between her breasts. Once she was cleaned, he handed her another bottle of the red drink and waited, silently, until she began to drink.

“Now, Sophie, it’s your turn.”

Sophie shriveled under those hungry eyes, her body hot and tingling as she continued to drink. Dale helped her to stand and ushered her onto the bed. She set her empty bottle on the side table and lay back on the pillow, preparing herself for the vigorous cunt hammering that was, certainly, coming any moment. Dale stripped off his shirt and tossed it aside. He hovered over her, his lusty eyes drinking in her perfection.

Sophie shut her eyes and tried not to look, even as her hand drifted to her sex of its own accord and felt the heat and wetness that her sick desires had produced. An unfamiliar but very pleasant sensation shocked her eyes open and, when she looked, she saw Dale’s mouth latched onto her breast, gently tonguing her nipple. His hand slid along her flat belly, gently caressing it with the flat of his palm. She couldn’t understand why he was making her feel good. Every other man simply pushed his engorged member into her and had his way. That was how this worked, wasn’t it?

Dale gave the same attention to her other breast, his hands gliding over her skin and sending sparks of pleasurable electricity along her nerves. The red drink and her own arousal created a pleasant fog in her head as she continued to touch herself, but then Dale moved down her body, maneuvered himself onto the bed and gently pushed her hand away. He replaced it with his mouth and Sophie yelped as his tongue slithered out and touched her sensitive clit, making little back and forth motions with the tip. She gripped the sheets in her hand as the alien feeling made her buck her hips against his tongue.

Dale slid the back of his tongue down her slit, then back up, gathering her girl cum into his mouth and humming to himself, sending vibrations of pleasure into her wet center. He pushed his tongue into her, while his upper lip wriggled delightfully against her clit, causing her to squirm and moan out loud. Dale’s hands crept up her bare legs, and then across her belly, finally reaching her breasts, where he toyed with her hard nipples until Sophie trembled and came on his tongue.

She shook, her body taut and trembling as the orgasm swept through her. Dale backed off, gently lapping at her creaming pussy, while his hands continued to explore her. His tongue dipped lower, teased her backdoor, then slid back up and worked her insides again. Whatever was in the Obsequium had her entire body glowing and hot. Within a minute she was pushing her hips against Dale’s face, her hand in his hair, and cumming again as he hummed excitedly into her pussy.

Sophie didn’t understand this at all. Men did not concern themselves with her pleasure. No one ever had. Why was he doing it? Well into the night, Dale continued to touch, tease and pleasure her, until Sophie was a soaking mess and, finally, too sensitive to have him touch her anymore. She fell asleep on his bed, tired and confused, only to awaken to the same treatment, Dale sucking eagerly at her cunt with no indication that he wanted reciprocation.

After he’d coaxed another few orgasms out of her, he handed her back her dress and said, “After the wedding, we’ll talk again.”

He showed her his phone, played the first few seconds of the video, and added, “I’ll come to you. Don’t worry, Sophie. I meant what I said. There are big things coming, and you’re going to have a place in them.”

Sophie was too tired and confused to respond. He had the video. She didn’t have much choice, now. She took the elevator down to her room and prepared for the wedding, anxious.


Stay tuned for further episodes. Many of the DomCo stories are beginning to come together, with the conclusion coming in the second installment of The Second Place Sister.

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Can’t wait for the third instalment, I’d love it to be longer, Sophie’s story is so hot!

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