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Physical Therapy Aid

Nikki did not want to do an after-school community service project, but it was part of her graduation requirements. To this end, her mother had signed Nikki up as a physical therapy aid at the senior's center down the street from her home.

"Just think about all the good you'll be doing for those folks," her mother said, "Having a pretty girl to take walks with or do a little dancing will be the highlight of their day. One day, you'll be old, too. When that time comes, you'll be glad of some company and a little exercise."

"I guess so," Nikki said, picking at her dinner, sulking.

She walked down the street to the senior center, where she was met by one of the nursing aids.

"It was really nice of you to volunteer for physical therapy," the aid said, "you have no idea how important it is for our residents to get a good workout."

"Sure," Nikki said, "So, like, what do I need to do?"

"It's very easy," the aid said, "You can do as much as you like, but you really just have to lay there."

"Lay where?" Nikki asked, unsure how laying around constituted physical activity.

The aid brought Nikki into a room, and before Nikki knew what was happening, the aid pushed a needle into her neck and the world fell away. When Nikki awoke, her head fuzzy, she was nude and strapped to a bed, face down with her ass propped up under a round cushion. She tried to yell, but there was a gag in her mouth. The door opened and the aid showed an old man in.

"Enjoy your physical therapy, Hank," the aid said and shut the door.

The old man approached the bed and picked up a bottle of lubricant, which he began to rub into Nikki's cunt as she moaned, struggled and mumbled. The old man, then, stroked some of the lube into his cock, mounted Nikki, and began to fuck her. Nikki bucked and bounced her ass against the cushion, but there was nowhere to go. The old man slapped his pelvis against her rounded ass until he groaned and ejaculated inside her teenage pussy.

Nikki sniffled into the pillow as he left the room. The aid came in, cleaned Nikki's cunt and then left the room. She returned a short time later with another man, who reapplied lube to her pussy, his cock and then mounted her like a bitch and began to pound his cock into her roughly. The old man grabbed Nikki's hair and held it tightly as he pumped her fuckhole until he orgasmed.

When he left the room, the aid returned, cleaned the semen from her cunt with a wet cloth, and returned with the next man.

"Nikki," the aid said, "This is Colonel Danforth, a decorated veteran. Make sure you thank him for his service."

"Hmp!" Nikki yelled into the gag.

The old man took a few minutes to work some of the lube into Nikki's anus with his fingers, while Nikki wiggled and struggled. Despite the lube, Nikki did not enjoy the feeling of the man's cock entering her asshole and liked less the fact that his cock was large, and he fucked her very hard. The Colonel spanked her butt as he fucked it, until it was red, but to her horror, Nikki orgasmed.

Laying in puddle of drool and tears, Nikki allowed the aid to clean her anus, before she brought back another man, and then another, and another. Nikki came from providing physical therapy five times, and by the sixth man she didn't need the lube anymore. After ten of the residents had pumped their loads into her helpful cunt, the aid untied Nikki from the bed and gave her back her clothes.

"Remember, now," she said, "You don't graduate unless I send over a good report about you. You want a good report, don't you?"

Nikki, sobbing, nodded her head.

"Good girl. I'll see you tomorrow."

Nikki dressed and staggered back home, but the next day she came back.


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