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July Roadmap: Anniversary, Shorts, DomCo

This month's roadmap is a couple days late. Due to some rather violent storms around here, we've had significant issues with internet and power the last few days. Anyway, thanks for tuning in for the latest update!

The first thing I want to address is the site's one-year anniversary! Erotikinks launched on July 2nd of 2022. Since then, the catalog of work has grown significantly and everyone who visits has my heartfelt thanks for making this weird little corner of the net what it is today.

The site launched with only a handful of stories, and since then has grown to encompass numerous short works, novellas, and novels. One of the greatest things, however, is the awesome guest posters. I'm still working on finding other great writers to showcase, but for the two regulars here, I really appreciate you.

I want to extend personal thanks to All These Roadworks, in particular, for the huge amount of support all around the net that he's shown for this site and my writing. We have some more things planned over the coming year, and I'm looking forward to where it will go in the future.

Second, a big thank you to Lisa X Lopez for giving me the opportunity to work on expanding my voice catalog with one of her books. Not only that, but also for the other sexy content she's been working on and including as cross-promotion with her own material. While Lisa initially struggled to find her niche, she's become firmly entrenched in the slutty wife world of stories. If that's your thing, you can find her growing body of work on Kindle Unlimited.

I also launched the merch store, which will have a line of DomCo products coming in the near future. Early sales from what's out at the moment seem positive. On a personal note, I think it's amazing that there are actually women running around the world wearing Edge crop tops and sports bras right now. So, if that's you, thank you. You make the world a better place.


After finishing Feminine Fundamentals, I've been getting down to work on the upcoming collection of shorts, Slutty Shorts: Volume Three. This week and throughout the month, you'll start seeing those stories rolling out. You'll also be treated to a few more All These Roadworks guest posts throughout July.

In June's roadmap, I ran a poll on what stories everyone wanted to see most. Therefore, I decided to knock out some of the serials that have been lingering for too long. The first of those was Holes, which is now complete. The next one will be the conclusion of Sophie's tale in Reluctant Suckslut.


Work has begun on Korrupting Kayla: The Traitor's Council. I'm expecting this to be a very large book, likely the length of the first two combined. That will put it on a par with stories like The Second Place Sister and Cheerloathing. The tone of this book will be something of a mix between the first and second Korrupting Kayla books. You can look forward to more deep characterization, similar to book one, but with the darker style and filth of book two.

Poor, brain-damaged Kayla is really starting to go off the deep end with her newfound power, with a little push from Vicky. There are, essentially, thirteen stories to tell in this book. Each of the remaining daughters has their own motivation, which we'll see Kayla and Vicky twist in order to gain their support. Then there are Kayla, Tiffany, and Carly.

My goal is to have this book out in August. Given my track record for meeting self-imposed deadlines, that feels iffy. It's a book that deserves a proper and thorough telling, and will have a lot of bearing on the end of the series. Also, I tend to get an idea for something new along the way, which usually results in an unexpected release.

The end of the series will be a detailed illustration of the altering of society on a global level, with Edge playing a large part in that. You can look forward to the return of several characters from the series, including the Hamlins, Angela, and Erin. Villains, such as Dr. Swell and Dr. Welcome, will also make appearances.

Once the series has wrapped up, I'm considering doing some origin story novellas or novels. If that's something you think would be fun, you can vote on who you'd like to see in the poll below. For now, that's where things stand as of July. I don't expect a big title release this month, as I'll be putting in a lot of work on Kayla Three, but I certainly discount nothing.

Which origin story would you most like to read?

  • 0%Bratty Britt

  • 0%Arthur Helms

  • 0%Suckpet

  • 0%Dr. Swell

You can vote for more than one answer.


Haven't read the latest? Pick up Feminine Fundamentals in the shop, and learn all you need to know about the female animal.

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