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Fiona Makes it Fit

Fiona Makes it Fit

Daddy rubbed the large head of his cock between Fiona's wet little pussy, brushing her clit with the spongy crown and smearing girl juice over it. His daughter breathed raggedly, looking down between her legs, where Daddy's fat knob moved to make its next attempt at opening up her smooth little cockbox. He placed the tip at her entrance and rubbed her fuck button with his thumb, then made a gentle push. Fiona trembled and shook, her eyes fluttering.

"I can't take it, Daddy," she said softly.

"We just need to keep practicing," Daddy assured her, and gave another slow push that parted the entrance to that tight hole over the tip of his engorged cock, "You want that car, right?"

"Yes," Fiona said, trembling.

"And what does Daddy want, princess?"

"A cockhole," Fiona whispered, blushing.

"That's right. Daddy wants a cockhole. You wanted to be Daddy's cockhole, didn't you?"

Fiona nodded and touched one of her breasts, spreading her legs wider. Daddy pushed a bit harder, while Fiona bit her lip and moaned again, the large mushroom head parting her folds and expanding her little tunnel. Fiona thrashed a bit, wiggling her hips, an intense look of focus on her face and sweat on her brow.

"You're doing so good, princess," Daddy said, "You're such a good, wet cockhole for daddy, aren't you?"

Fiona nodded, her body taut as Daddy's big, round cockhead pushed past her ring and slipped inside, making her grunt.

"See?" Daddy said, "I knew you could do it. Just another nine inches to go, baby."

"That's so much, Daddy!" Fiona whined, "Can't I just suck on it for you again?"

Daddy shook his head, breathing deeply. God, the little slut's cunt was a tight one.

"That wasn't the deal, was it? Daddy told you that you could have the car, only if you sucked it, and you got good grades in your senior classes. But you didn't get good grades, did you?" Daddy asked and gave another push, his hand squeezing Fiona's breast.

"Oh! No!" she answered, then shook, her pussy gripping tightly about Daddy's cocktip.

"How come, princess?" Daddy asked.

"I'm… Because I'm stupid," Fiona said, blushing.

Daddy nodded and nudged his cockhead in, back out, making Fiona squeak, and then back in drawing a gasp and a small moan.

"That's right, baby. You're very stupid," Daddy agreed, "But that's alright. Daddy likes that you're stupid, doesn't he?"

Fiona nodded, biting her lip as Daddy buried a further inch of his thick penis in her gripping cunt, making Fiona squeal.

"Tell Daddy why it's okay that you're stupid, baby," Daddy urged her, palming her tit, his big dick jerking. Jesus she was like a vice!

"Because… Daddy likes… stupid… Oh, Daddy!" Fiona squealed.

"Go on, princess."

"Daddy likes… stupid cockholes…" she finished.

Daddy nodded and put his hand on her tummy, just above her lewdly splayed and aroused cunt. He held her hip with the other hand and gave her another inch. Fiona's body bucked and she grimaced at the pain.

"Just seven more, baby. You can do it, can't you?"

"It's too big!" Fiona complained, her tight fuckhole stretched painfully around those few inches of Daddy's cock, "It hurts."

"Hush, baby," Daddy said, "You know daddy likes it when it hurts you. You want to be good for Daddy, right? A good, stupid, little cockhole for Daddy?"

Fiona nodded, tears welling in her eyes.

"What does daddy do for you when you're good?" Daddy asked.

"I get presents," she said, wiping at her eyes.

"That's right, baby. Daddy loves to get you presents and make you feel good. Presents, like your necklace. It's pretty, isn't it?"

Fiona blushed, because the necklace wasn't actually a necklace. It was a collar, and it had a little heart-shaped charm that read "FiFi," but she nodded, because it was cute. Daddy took her hands and moved them down to his cockshaft, where she wrapped her fingers about its girth.

"Feel how far you have to go, princess. See?" Daddy said and gripped her hip, giving her another inch.

Fiona's body convulsed as the third inch of Daddy's prick opened her up, his knob jerking and flaring at the overwhelming tightness.

"You have the wettest little pussy, baby," Daddy said and began to thumb her clit as her trembling fingers explored the six remaining inches of cockmeat.

Six inches became five and Fiona's breath quickened, then at four inches she jerked and orgasmed on his cock, thrashing and groaning, her fingers tight around his cock as she shook. Daddy held her hips and bounced her silly cunt on his tightly embedded inches, forcing anothe