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Erotikinks Presents: Comfort Zone by Lisa X Lopez

This title is a partnership release by author Lisa X Lopez

Title length: 13K words

Kinks served: Lesbian seduction, Lesbian romance, Coming out, First time, Sexual discovery


Cami isn't exactly happy in her sheltered little bit of existence, but staying in her comfort zone is much less scary than stepping out of it. Ever since her first embarrassing sexual experience, Cami's retreated into a life of solitude. She knows that she's disgusting and if she ever tries to think otherwise, she'll just get hurt again. So, she lives her life online and finds her sexual release in stories and porn.

When Jenny starts work in Cami's office, the bubbly, cheerful blonde seems to embody everything that Cami is not. She's outgoing, fun, friendly, and flirtatious. It's dreadfully annoying and upsets the little bubble of solitude that Cami's so carefully built around herself.

When Jenny runs into some car trouble in the parking lot at work, Cami finds herself giving the woman a ride home. When the car trouble isn't resolved, they're suddenly carpooling. Jenny's flirtations and the innocent, cute little kisses she gives Cami have started awakening a whirlwind of confusion in Cami's already-confused mind.

​ As the days go by, Cami finds herself contending more and more with those strange feelings. They're feelings that Cami knows she shouldn't have, because Cami isn't a lesbian. They're feelings that are drawing her out into a frightening world, one in which other people live, and they even have friends. Those things don't seem like they're for Cami, because Cami knows that she's disgusting. Furthermore, she's absolutely certain that she is not a lesbian.

Chapter One: Jenny

Being the only woman in her section, Cami had been fortunate enough to be assigned her own working space. However, her situation changed on the day that the company hired Jenny. Jenny was, in nearly every way, Cami's opposite. Where Cami was nervous, quiet, and wore only clothes that hid her shapely figure, Jenny was the opposite. Jenny wore sexy, but workplace-appropriate blouses, with the neckline just low enough to hint at her enticing cleavage. She donned skirts that were arguably short enough to warrant a reprimand, but none of the male staff seemed to care. They liked the sight of her stocking-clad legs.

Jenny was fun, a touch flirty without crossing the line, and friendly. She immediately became friendly with all of the men in the section, and quickly had them smitten. Her clothes purposely accentuated her trim figure and her eyes always seemed to glint with a touch of concealed mischief. When men stopped by to chat with her, she had a way of casually biting her lip or sucking on the end of her pen.

Cami and Jenny each had their own desks, which sat across from one another in their cubicle-walled space. Cami had once used the previously empty desk to make her space homier. She'd added a small plant, a couple of framed photos of landscapes that she liked, along with a couple of Funko bobbleheads of her favorite anime characters. Those, she thought, were fun to look at and gave the place a little personality.

When Jenny moved in, however, Cami had to move all of her decorations to her already-crowded desk. Having no space for her plant, she had to place it on the floor next to the desk, where she couldn't see it, and that made her uncomfortable. The photos, she had to hang on the cubicle wall at her back, where she couldn't see them, and that made her anxious. Though she'd never have the courage to see those places, she did like to look at them. The bobbleheads, though, she could keep on her desk, which was something.

Jenny kept a very neat and tidy desk, where everything was organized with small desk organizers. Cami, however, had stacks of papers and folders piled atop her desk, which made her feel like her life was a study in chaos compared to Jenny's. Before Jenny's arrival, Cami had also been keen on wearing her earbuds as she worked. She liked to listen to podcasts about her favorite anime shows, listen to video game soundtracks, or maybe some light rock on Fridays, when she was anxious for the weekend to start. However, Jenny's presence made her feel like it was rude to wear the earbuds because Jenny liked to chatter.

Jenny's chatter consisted, mostly, of things that Cami didn't really care about, or things that Cami was frightened of. Jenny liked to go out. She went on dates or she went to clubs with friends. Jenny enjoyed traveling and seeing things. Cami, though, liked to stay inside and play games online. Her only friends were those people she played online with. She did not go to clubs, because crowds of people made her nervous. Likewise, she did not date because she was frightened of having face-to-face interactions with other people. Although she liked places, she was also afraid to travel to see them. When people traveled, they had to make decisions. They got lost. Sometimes, they got kidnapped. Those things were not for Cami and so Cami visited places on the internet, in games, or in her VR headset. Nobody would kidnap her in VR, so that was much safer and cost much less.

Cami's dating anxiety stemmed, not only from her social awkwardness but also from her own sexual confusion. Cami did not think that she was gay, and wasn't even certain that she was bisexual. She masturbated, frequently, to erotic stories, videos, or photos, and also enjoyed HFO hypno videos. Rarely her choices included men and women, while most others were of two women. Her one and only sexual interaction with another person had been with a young man from a LARP group she'd participated in when she was eighteen.

The small group of fantasy fans, she'd gotten together with to play-act some scenes from a series of books she liked, called The Bewitching of Brougham. The series contained not a few spicy scenes, in which crafty witches and wizards seduced their reluctant victims through magical means, or sheer beauty and wiles. Their little group, though, enacted some of the fun magical battle scenes and sword and sorcery fights, which were a staple of the series.

Cami and her beau had gotten stoned after one of these mystical adventures, and they'd done so in his parent's basement. Playing the part of a powerful wizard, Cami had allowed the young man to cast a spell of seduction on her, and before she knew it, the lights were off and they were fumbling with one another's clothes. However, Cami hadn't found the sex to be all that exciting a five-minute experience. When the boy had trouble keeping his dick hard, he'd gotten angry. He'd told Cami that it was her fault, and then he'd called her disgusting. She'd left afterward feeling gross, used, and stupid. So, she found her release in her sexy stories and porno.

Jenny, however, had no such hangups and was fond of regaling Cami with stories of her previous dates and frequent flings. All of them seemed to feature other women. Cami thought that Jenny was a slut, but never voiced her opinion. After all, if one has nothing nice to say, one should say nothing. That was what her mother always said, and Cami felt it was good advice. Since Cami rarely had anything nice to say about Jenny, she usually just kept quiet, nodded along, and let Jenny talk.

Though Jenny was not her friend, each day after work, Jenny walked with Cami out to their vehicles at the end of the work day. Jenny would, of course, continue to jabber while Cami said little or nothing. Cami's lack of response, opinion, or interaction, never seemed to put Jenny off from talking to her. As luck would have it, two weeks after Jenny started, there came a day when Jenny walked out with her and then went her separate way to her car. As Cami got into her own, however, and prepared to pull away, Jenny ran (unsteadily) in her high heels up to Cami's window, waving her arms. Cami was tempted to pretend that she didn't see Jenny's obvious distress, but that would be unkind, and Cami was not an unkind person. She stopped and rolled down the window.

"I'm sorry," Jenny said. "Do you have jumper cables? My car won't start!"

"Um, no. I'm sorry," Cami replied.

"Well, shit!" Jenny exclaimed and looked about the near-empty parking lot.

Cami looked up at Jenny for some sort of cue that she was going to seek an alternative solution, however, Jenny's solution was to ask Cami another question.

"Hey, if I throw you a little gas money, would you mind dropping me by my place? I can call a friend who has cables to come back and help me with the car. I just don't want to sit alone in the office and wait. I really need to get home and feed my cat."

Since Cami liked cats, in general, it was difficult for her to say no. She, also, didn't want Jenny to have the impression that she was a bitch.

"I guess so," Cami reluctantly agreed. "Where do you live?"

Jenny gave her the cross streets, which were on Cami's own way home. Cami felt better, as this would not inconvenience her, and she would be home in time to masturbate a little bit before joining her guild for Raid Night. Jenny got into the car.

Once again, Jenny jabbered about a new show she'd watched, remarking on her favorite male actors, wondering about their endowment and sexual prowess as she giggled, and then adding that she thought the female characters were stuck-up cunts. She actually used the word "cunts," which made Cami blush. When Cami stopped the car in front of Jenny's apartment building, Jenny thanked her profusely, handed her some money from her purse, and then she lightly kissed Cami on the lips.

Cami was so stunned by this that she failed to react. Jenny, though, squeezed her leg playfully and gave her a saucy wink. She smiled as though the two of them had a little secret, and then she got out of the car. Cami drove away, perplexed, blushing, and a little bit warm between the legs. When she got home, she fixed microwave noodles and ate them at her computer. Before she logged into her game, though, she masturbated with her vibrator as she watched a video of two cute girls with pink hair making out and touching one another.


Enjoying this story? If you're a fan of heartfelt tales of seduction, romance, and happy endings, you'll love this one.

You can also purchase this book on Lisa's site here!

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