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Works in Progress

These are current works still in progress. If you're wondering if part of a series you like will be continued, you can find out here!

Coming Works

Teaching Trevor (2023)

The next entry in the Stacy's Stable Series sees the sexy siblings continuing their taboo relationship. Mary becomes more consumed by her submission.

The Second Place Sister, Book 2 (2023)

The conclusion of Stephanie and Tori's tale sees the culmination of several other stories coming together for an epic conclusion. Characters from all previous stories will be making appearances, bringing their unique skills and brand of perversion.

Korrupting Kayla (Early 2023)

The conclusion of the Korrupting Kayla series in the works, where we'll see Kayla coming to accept her role as a company girl. DomCo continues to press its agenda on the rest of the world. Will Kayla fight back, or truly become a corporate whore?

Sasha's Degredation (2023)

The continuing slide into ruin of slutty sister Sasha. Mark's true purpose and motivation is revealed. Will Sasha be rescued from her evil brother?

Reluctant Suckslut (2023)

The conclusion of Sophie's tale in the DomCo timeline sees Sophie entangled with the corporation, via a relationship with Dale.

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