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Doppelgänger, Part 5

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Chapter 19: Naked and Nerdy

Angie watched the first two finished episodes on Brian’s laptop, while her head lay in his lap and she suckled his cockhead with her moist lips. Brian was in heaven. This was the third time his crush had let him stick his hardon into her mouth, and he was already lasting longer. This was more a result of Angie’s cockteasing technique than anything else. Eventually, this boy was going to be nerdy Angela’s first fuck, and she wanted to make sure he didn’t pop off in under a minute when they filmed it. She needed to work on his stamina.

Angie cradled his balls in her warm hand and sank his shaft into her mouth, playing her tongue over the veins and ridges, then drawing back to massage his crown with her lips. On the laptop, she watched the familiar sight of herself masturbating, but found it oddly arousing to see a geeky version of herself shoving a sex toy into her spread pussy. And, if she was getting turned on by it, then all the perverts she planned to entice to her channel were going to eat it up.

The second episode ended, and Angie’s blowjob became more aggressive. Brian finally let his load loose into her mouth as he gripped her hair firmly in that way that she loved. Maybe there was hope for the boy, yet. Time to get to work. Angie swallowed and licked her lips as she fondled Brian’s empty nuts.

“Ready for part 3?” She asked, and Brian nodded with adoration in his eyes.

Brian put his pants back on and collected himself, picking up the camera.

“Pants off, panties on, and don’t lose the shirt, yet.” Brian instructed, “Keep the toys and the clothespins in front of you by the laptop.”

Not-eNerd was going to get just a little more kinky today.

“You’ve never watched porno before, but you know it’s all over the internet. You aren’t sure what you like, just yet, so you’re going to explore what’s out there. Bring up the playlist.”

Angie clicked a playlist that Brian had set up for the episode, and he switched on the camera.

“Start with the little guy,” Brian said, “and work yourself up. Get your pussy excited as you watch the first video.”

Angie started the video and took up the small vibrator, placing it against her covered pussy and letting the hum of the toy tease up her arousal. That wasn’t difficult. She was already turned on from sucking cock and swallowing Brian’s semen, and there was a small wet patch in the crotch of the panties that was visible to the camera. Angie let her eyes devour the video of another girl masturbating her wet pussy, as she rubbed herself with the vibrator.

“Good! You’re getting hotter, and you want to take off your shirt.”

Angie stripped off her shirt and continued to play with herself, as the girl on the screen rubbed her cunt. Wet smacking sounds played from the laptop speakers. Brian let this go on for a few moments.

“Now, slide your panties off and keep going.”

Angie removed her panties, then placed the vibrator against her wet slit and toyed it, while the girl on the screen moaned and came.

“Now, take off your bra and play with your breasts, too.”

The bra came off, tossed aside, and Angie groped her tits as the next video started. The new girl on the screen was face down on her bed shoving a toy into her ass and playing with her clit. Angie tugged at her nipples and slid the vibrator into her pussy, holding it inside and letting the hum push her toward an orgasm.

“Pick up one of the clothespins. Look at it curiously. You’re so hot now that you want to try something new. This is a big step. You’re going to do something kinky.”

Angie examined the c