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Doppelgänger, Part 5

Chapter 19: Naked and Nerdy

Angie watched the first two finished episodes on Brian’s laptop, while her head lay in his lap and she suckled his cockhead with her moist lips. Brian was in heaven. This was the third time his crush had let him stick his hardon into her mouth, and he was already lasting longer. This was more a result of Angie’s cockteasing technique than anything else. Eventually, this boy was going to be nerdy Angela’s first fuck, and she wanted to make sure he didn’t pop off in under a minute when they filmed it. She needed to work on his stamina.

Angie cradled his balls in her warm hand and sank his shaft into her mouth, playing her tongue over the veins and ridges, then drawing back to massage his crown with her lips. On the laptop, she watched the familiar sight of herself masturbating, but found it oddly arousing to see a geeky version of herself shoving a sex toy into her spread pussy. And, if she was getting turned on by it, then all the perverts she planned to entice to her channel were going to eat it up.

The second episode ended, and Angie’s blowjob became more aggressive. Brian finally let his load loose into her mouth as he gripped her hair firmly in that way that she loved. Maybe there was hope for the boy, yet. Time to get to work. Angie swallowed and licked her lips as she fondled Brian’s empty nuts.

“Ready for part 3?” She asked, and Brian nodded with adoration in his eyes.

Brian put his pants back on and collected himself, picking up the camera.

“Pants off, panties on, and don’t lose the shirt, yet.” Brian instructed, “Keep the toys and the clothespins in front of you by the laptop.”

Not-eNerd was going to get just a little more kinky today.

“You’ve never watched porno before, but you know it’s all over the internet. You aren’t sure what you like, just yet, so you’re going to explore what’s out there. Bring up the playlist.”

Angie clicked a playlist that Brian had set up for the episode, and he switched on the camera.

“Start with the little guy,” Brian said, “and work yourself up. Get your pussy excited as you watch the first video.”

Angie started the video and took up the small vibrator, placing it against her covered pussy and letting the hum of the toy tease up her arousal. That wasn’t difficult. She was already turned on from sucking cock and swallowing Brian’s semen, and there was a small wet patch in the crotch of the panties that was visible to the camera. Angie let her eyes devour the video of another girl masturbating her wet pussy, as she rubbed herself with the vibrator.

“Good! You’re getting hotter, and you want to take off your shirt.”

Angie stripped off her shirt and continued to play with herself, as the girl on the screen rubbed her cunt. Wet smacking sounds played from the laptop speakers. Brian let this go on for a few moments.

“Now, slide your panties off and keep going.”

Angie removed her panties, then placed the vibrator against her wet slit and toyed it, while the girl on the screen moaned and came.

“Now, take off your bra and play with your breasts, too.”

The bra came off, tossed aside, and Angie groped her tits as the next video started. The new girl on the screen was face down on her bed shoving a toy into her ass and playing with her clit. Angie tugged at her nipples and slid the vibrator into her pussy, holding it inside and letting the hum push her toward an orgasm.

“Pick up one of the clothespins. Look at it curiously. You’re so hot now that you want to try something new. This is a big step. You’re going to do something kinky.”

Angie examined the clothespin, opening and closing it as she continued vibrating her cunt. She put the open clothespin on her nipple, and slowly let it close. The sharp intake of breath and sudden pinch of pain was real enough, but this was something she was used to. The sudden spike of pain made her orgasm. The girl on the screen moaned and came with her. Fuck, it was so hot!

“That’s so good!” Brian said, getting a close up shot of her clamped nipple and look of pleasure on her face. “Now, let’s start with the next one. When you feel like you’re going to cum, put the other one on your nipple.”

Angie took up the rabbit as the next video played, a sexy closeup shot of a cute girl in glasses, like her, accepting a fat penis into her open mouth. Angie played the rabbit over her soaking cunt, letting the vibrating toy build her excitement back up, while she watched the big penis enter the girl’s mouth. Brian had picked well. The girl in the video was obviously inexperienced, and didn’t so much as suck the dick being pushed between her trembling lips.

As the rabbit parted her pussy lips and sank into her creamy channel, Angie watched the up and coming slut choke as the big-dicked man buried his length in her throat. Specks of spittle erupted from around his penis, but he didn’t pull back. The girl choked again, and Angie could hear her gag as small tears formed in the corners of her eyes. A haze formed over the lenses of her glasses as the man held his stiff cock in her mouth and she sputtered again.

Angie humped her pussy against the rabbit and toyed with the clothespin on her nipple, releasing it and then letting it close again, adding the little pain to her approaching orgasm. Her body shuddered. The cute girl spat more phlegm around the man’s cock, but he was determined to make her take it. He slapped her face, setting her glasses askew and finally pulled back. The girl retched and spat up a wad of thick spit that dripped from her plump little lips, but that was her only respite. The man smacked his wet cock against her glasses, knocking them even more off kilter, then pushed his penis back down her throat until she choked again and began to cry.

Angie fucked herself harder with the rabbit at the sight of the crying slut, who was obviously way in over her head, and then clamped the other clothespin on her nipple. The man continued to fuck his slimy cock into the girl’s mouth as she struggled to keep up. She pushed at his chest in a feeble attempt to get away, which only earned her another slap, and then he grabbed her wrists in one beefy hand and redoubled his assault. The repeated “Glurk… Blech! Glurk… glurk… blech!” from the girl’s mouth had Angie so entranced that she forgot all about the camera and she lost herself in the sexy imagery.

The big cock gave one mighty jerk in the girl’s mouth, and then she made a strangled cry of protest before she gagged again and a river of white, gooey foam poured from the corners of her stuffed mouth, dripping down her chin. The man yanked his cock from her mouth and she coughed, inhaled sharply, and then was struck in the face by the next blast of cum, which spattered across her glasses and nose in a sexy explosion that pushed Angie over the edge.

“Oh fuck! Do it! Fuck!” She moaned, and her body shook with the rabbit deep in her twat. She flicked the clothespins on her nipples, adding another layer of indecent pleasure to her orgasm as the motion sent spikes of pain through her tits. The dumb cocktoy on the screen looked up at the man through her cum-smeared glasses, her mouth open in total disbelief, creamy streaks of semen leaking from her lips and dripping in long, sticky ropes from her chin.

The man removed her glasses and used the girl’s tongue to wipe them clean, giving the camera a nice shot of her puffy, red, tear-streaked eyes, before putting them back onto her face. The sight of her tears and those sad, defeated eyes made Angie cum again. She could just imagine the girl telling herself she’d never do it again. The man spit on a $100 bill and stuck it to the girl’s forehead, in a final fuck you gesture. The move was so viciously degrading that Angie managed another orgasm. She just couldn’t wait until the girl in the video was Angela.

Chapter 20: How to Suck Your Way Home

While not fully recovered from the previous day’s intense foursome, Angela awoke determined to push her shifts to something at least approaching useful. Fortunately, there were a great many men who were very happy to shove their dicks into Angie’s mouth, giving her today to let her abused ass rest before she got busy again. After studying Angie’s sheet she accepted bookings – as though she were some kind of masseuse– from a couple of simple blowjob clients, before working up to a pair of roommates, and a late afternoon “blowbang/bukkake”.

This was another term she wasn’t familiar with, and when she used Angie’s porn license to look it up, she was not surprised at all that it was something that Angie was into. Her morning blowjobs were easy work, as she’d expected, but each one had taught her something very valuable regarding her shifts, as well as pushing them to nearly 4 seconds.

Previously, she’d made the assumption that the shifts occurred at the completion of the act which she’d performed. Once completed, the act registered as “being Angie” and thus a shift occurred. The assumption was proven false, however, when she’d finished sucking off a man named Burk, and nothing had happened. Filled with panic, Angela had quickly left the place, worried that something was wrong with the pendant, or with the path she’d chosen.

As she walked toward the car, though, she felt a trickle of cum on the corner of her mouth that she’d missed when Burk had ejaculated into her. Rather than wipe it away, she’d pushed the glob into her mouth and hummed happily to herself, wishing (truthfully) that there had been more of it. Then, the shift happened. The walkway became an empty lot, and she was so startled that she nearly forgot to measure the time. She counted out 3 seconds before she shifted back, sure that it had been a little bit longer in reality. She hurried to the car.

For the next few minutes she worked back through the previous shifts, looking for the difference or the connection between them all. As she considered each one, there were two common threads between them. First, the act itself was in keeping with who she was supposed to become. The second, and this seemed to be important, was her acceptance of the act as part of her character. In each one she had done the thing, but that wasn’t when the actual shift occurred. If that were the case, she could have shifted at any point during the act, as the act itself was like Angie, but it was not actually Angie. The shift occurred when she, actually, became Angie, when she accepted what she’d done as part of her character and wanted to continue being that person.

On some grand, existential level, she supposed it made sense. If the pendant’s goal was to make her become Angie, then she actually had to think, feel, and want the things that Angie did. That was why she’d shifted outside the motel room with Brad, she realized. There had been no act committed, she had simply been Angie, completely, in that moment. She had thought and done exactly as Angie would, and the shift occurred. It was the same for the coffee shop. The acts themselves had been trivial, but she’d gotten a perverse rush of joy from doing them, and hadn’t felt bad about it in the least. That had triggered a shift.

After the gangbang, when the three brothers had left her naked, cum spilling from every hole, she might have orgasmed again at the way she actually enjoyed being used, degraded, and then discarded like a broken toy they no longer had use for, but she’d been too tired to cum again. It was exactly what Angie would feel like, and it had triggered a shift.

Keen to put the theory to the test, she drove to her next client. It was her client, she thought, as she drove. This wasn’t Angie’s client. Angela was a hot teenage whore driving over to a strange man’s house to sell him her slutty mouth, so he could empty his bloated balls into her sucking throat. She let her imagination wander. Would he lay back and let her take her time, worshiping his cock at her own pace, until she’d extracted her reward? Would he want to aggressively dominate her young throat, fucking his angry penis into it like he owned it during the time he’d paid for, telling her what a sexy whore she was for him? As she got out of the car, she rubbed her crotch and genuinely hoped that it was the latter.

The shift came, and she counted it out, stopping just short of 4 seconds. She grinned, understanding now. She hoped that Angie could hear her as she gripped the pendant and raised it to her eyes. It was dark, but she didn’t care.

“I’ve got it now, bitch. You’re going the fuck home, whether you like it or not.”

Even curses from the old country could fall with proper implementation of the scientific method, she thought, and rang the doorbell. The man who answered was the oldest client so far. Angela guessed him somewhere in his 60s, though like all of the clients, her clients, he was reasonably attractive for his age. Her records called him Lars, and Lars wanted his dick sucked by a hot piece of teenage ass.

“Heya, Angie baby. Come on in.” Lars greeted her, his hands trembling as he ushered her forward.

The old man led her to his living room, where he paid his whore and dropped his pants with no ceremony or conversation whatsoever. He sat back on the couch, his semi-hard penis waiting for Angela’s mouth to please it. She made it good for the old guy, but felt that it was rather boring just getting to her knees and sucking him off as he moaned quietly, before shooting his wad onto her tongue. Angela held the watery sperm in her mouth as he showed her back out, not even 10 minutes after she’d come in, muttering a thank you as he closed the door.

Angela swallowed his cum, rolled her eyes, and thought that it was the worst client she’d serviced, yet. What a boring old stooge, she thought, no fucking spine at all. He couldn’t fuck a bitch’s mouth if she’d paid him to do it. The next shift lasted just over 4 seconds. Angela barely contained the urge to whoop, hopped back in the car and quickly drove to her next client.

At the time that Angela had booked the roommates she was about to service, she’d consciously been thinking of two things: an easier day, without having to get her asshole plugged again, and that doing two men was sluttier than sucking off one, hence the act would be more in keeping with being Angie, thus adding more time to the next shift. Subconsciously, she now realized, there was a third reason, which only occurred as her mental image of the sheet floated in her mind, and that only in light of her latest revelation about her own sexual desires.

The first two clients she’d booked with simply had the service labeled “blowjob”. This pair was not, “double blowjob” or some such. It was labeled, “facefuck”. What she now realized was that there were other clients on the sheet that included pairs of men, but these had been labeled, “blowjob”. She had chosen this one because she understood the difference between “blowjob” and “facefuck”. Having two men facefuck her was ultimately more degrading and slutty than giving blowjobs to two men at once. She’d picked it because she wanted to get that feeling of being used like a whore again, while still allowing her asshole a break, and the thought of that personal revelation was no longer revolting. It made her fucking wet. She was becoming Angie.

This time there was no fear as she knocked on the door of the place. The only thing she felt was an eager anticipation as her imagination filled in the blanks. They’d be rough and dominant with her, likely calling her filthy names while they either took turns in her mouth, or went one after the other. She didn’t really mind which it was, as long as they made her feel like she was a bought and paid for hole to fuck their dicks into.

“Good to see you, Ang!” The man in the door said. She was not sure if this was John or Blake, but decided it didn’t matter. He became dick number 1.

Angela followed him inside, then up the stairs. He stopped and pounded on a closed door, calling, “Blake! Ang’s here. You wanna get your fuckin’ dick wet or not?”

Ok, so he was John. Whatever. He was still dick number 1.

The door opened, and a bare-chested guy with long black hair, wearing only pajama pants appeared in the doorway. A cloud of thick pot smoke struck Angela in the face, rocking her back on her heels.

“Hey, baby.” Blake said, taking a long puff off of a joint and handing it to her, then added, “That’s a moe, so take it easy, bitch.”

Angela had no idea what that meant, and had never smoked anything, but he did call her a bitch so she accepted the thing and took an experimental toke. She coughed immediately, making Blake smile.

“Shit, girl! I said take it easy. Give it a minute. You’ll feel that one.”

He stubbed the rest of the thing out in a nearby ashtray, and followed John into another bedroom. Angela giggled as the two men eyed her up and down. John handed her money, which she stuffed into her purse. A small wave of dizziness washed over her as she pulled off her top and threw it to the floor.

“Man, those are some fine fucking titties.” Blake said in his slow stoner drawl.

John got behind her and groped her breasts, tugging her nipples. Whatever had been in the thing she smoked was making her feel great! Her nipples felt ultra-sensitive as John worked them in his fingers.

“You ready to get some dick in that mouth, slut?” He growled into her ear.

“Fuck yeah… “ Angela said, honestly.

John led her to the bed and Angela laid down, her head cloudy, like she was floating. He arranged his whore the way he wanted to use her, and Angela could feel her pussy gushing at the way he positioned her like a toy. He’d paid her, and now he could use her as he wished. John brought her head just off the edge of the bed, and the whole world turned upside down. Angela giggled at the fact that she was seeing an upside down world while she was upside down. It really did seem funny.

John pulled out his stiff cock and it slapped against her cheek. Angela had seen this particular position in Angie’s videos. Angie’s? No, Her. Angela was a whore. Angela allowed men to pay her and use her body for their pleasure, which also gave her pleasure. Angela was pay-to-play pussy for sexually aggressive guys who needed a teenage slut. John’s cock touched her lips and she orgasmed without even touching herself.

She heard Blake chuckle and say, “Told you that shit was good, Ang! You see that shit? Little slut fucking creamed just from getting dick on her lips!”

“That ain’t your fuckin’ weed, dude. That’s just how much Angie loves cock.” John said.

“Angela… “ Angela mumbled, her head light and foggy.

“Whatever.” John said, and pushed his dick between her lips.

Angela felt proud of the way she took John’s penis all the way on the first try, opening her throat and letting him fill her without even gagging. The feeling of his stiff tube plugging her airway, and his balls coming to rest against her nose sent a thrill of subservient pleasure straight to her cunt. He smelled of soap and fresh skin, and his big hands latched onto her breasts as he sighed with relief at putting his cock where it belonged.

“One of these days, Ang,” he said, “I might pony up for that cunt, but damn you have a sexy feelin’ mouthpussy on you.”


John pulled back and roughly shoved his cock back into her. This time she let herself gag as his dick twitched against the back of her throat. She was sure, somehow, that he wanted it like that. He wanted to feel her submit to his cock, as though the only useful parts of her were her mouth and tits. He fell into a rhythm that gradually became faster, pulling on her nipples as he drove his length in and out of her mouth. She kept her lips tightly sealed around his penis, to give him that sexy mouthpussy feeling that he wanted to cum into.

Between her spread legs, she felt Blake’s tongue tickling her slick slit, and when she moaned her pleasure around John’s cock he groaned happily and slapped one of her tits.

“Fuck yeah, you sexy bitch. Moan around my dick.”

Angela continued to do so, only slightly playing up her moans of joy at what Blake was doing to her. The position she was in precluded the ability to swallow any of the excess spit gathering in her mouth, and so she simply let it pool around John’s invading prick, allowing his outward thrusts to remove it from her mouth, where it began to slide down her face in a hot wave of slippery goo. She placed her hands on John’s ass and urged him on, helping him to fuck her slimy face, to take as much pleasure from his whore as he needed, to get his money’s worth from the teenage mouthpussy he’d ordered to satisfy his urge to ejaculate.

Watching Angela’s body convulse as Blake ate her was a sexy enough sight that it triggered his orgasm, and he made one final, hard, wet thrust into Angela’s throat, forcing her to blow out a big wave of frothy spit with a “gluk”. He squeezed hard on her tits and gritted his teeth, issuing one sharp growl of bliss as he emptied his sperm into her gulping throat, where it would join her previous successful suckoffs from the day.

John slid his slimy pole from her mouth, and Angela sputtered, unable to see for all the goop in her eyes. She smeared some of it away with the back of her hand, sucking in air and coughing, but that only lasted a moment before Blake shoved his hard penis into her mouth. Then, she was back to fulfilling her role as mouthpussy for John’s stoned roommate.

The effects of whatever she’d smoked were giving her mental tunnel vision. She’d rarely felt so focused, and yet so dreamy at the same time. It was like every nerve in her body had become ultra-sensitive, and Blake’s fat penis pounding in and out of her sloppy mouth became the singular focus of her world. John slipped his sticky fingers into her snatch and began to finger fuck her roughly. The sounds of wet squishing from between her legs mingled with the wet squishing from her mouth in a sexy cocktail of sluttiness that set her body to quivering. Angela could see herself in her mind’s eye, as though she were floating above the bed, watching these two men spit roast her from both ends like the paid sexdoll she’d become.

“Shit, man,” Blake said, “I need to sell enough dope to rent this fuckin’ mouth for a week. You gotta be the sexiest little whore around, Ang.”

Those words made Angela cum again as John fingered her and Blake twisted her nipples roughly between his fingers. Sexy little whore. Angela was a sexy little whore with the best mouthpussy around.

“Fuckin’ A, bitch!” Blake exclaimed, “I love how much that shit gets you off. You should get your fuckin’ license and make something of yourself, Ang. I ain’t never met another bitch loves sluttin’ like you do.”

Angela struggled to keep up now. Blake’s intense thrusting pushed big globs of sticky spit out of her mouth on each inward push, and her entire face felt like it was coated in the mess. The thick glop dripped into her hair, now, and spilled freely onto the carpet. John replaced his fingers with his tongue, sucking at her clit until she came once more with Blake’s quivering cock in her throat. Her thrashing and moaning set the guy off, and then she was swallowing desperately against the overflow of fluids in her mouth, but there was simply too much. She coughed and sputtered, blowing out the excess of cum and spit in a hot spray that coated her face in another disgusting wave of slime, splashing Blake’s pelvis.

“Shit yeah! Blow that shit out you sexy bitch!” Blake said, laughing, “Damn that’s so hot!”

Angela choked and coughed, spitting up more of the goop, rolling onto her stomach and heaving up thick wads of phlegm from her abused throat. Blake grabbed her sticky hair in one hand and plunged his dick back into her mouth for another round.

“That’s the sexiest fuckin’ thing I’ve ever seen, Ang! Got me damn hard all over again. Take this dick, slut. Take it.”

Blake held her hair in his fist and kept her in place as his hips pumped her mouthpussy. He placed one leg up on the bed for leverage, and then began to masturbate himself with her face, using her hair to pull her up, and then push her back down onto his bloated penis. John spread her legs, and for a moment she thought that he was just going to fuck her, despite not having paid for it. Angela wished, at that moment, that he would. Instead, he spread her ass apart and began to tongue fuck it. Her poor butthole was still sore from the previous day’s reaming, but his soft, warm tongue lapping at it felt wonderful.

For long minutes, the only sound in the room was Angela’s repeated, “Gluk, gluk, gluk, gluk!” as Blake took his money’s worth from her mouth, until at last he’d worked up another big load of semen for her. He whipped his dick from her mouth in a wet spray of sexy slime and blasted her open mouth with a hard shot of creamy jizz, coating her tongue and lips with just one more layer of goo, indistinguishable from the utter mess that already lathered her.

He let go of her hair, letting her head drop to the bed, where the ruin of her face smeared the comforter in more sticky filth. Angela heaved, her lungs burning and head spinning from the joint and the lack of air. She alternated coughing, spitting, and sucking in air, but then John pulled her head back by the hair and shoved his new hardon into her mouth for another go.

Angela quickly learned that the term “facefuck” was totally accurate. John plowed into her throat, cramming his cock into her esophagus in hard, short thrusts, making Angela sputter and retch as she steadied herself with her hands against his chest, until his vigorous assault on her mouth culminated in another hot, sticky facial.

With her head still reeling, John ushered her out the door, and she stumbled, naked onto the porch. He dropped her clothes and purse onto the porch and shut the door, the sound of his laughter cut off as the hinges creaked shut and he threw the bolt. Angela spit up more slime onto the concrete as she bent over to retrieve her things. She pulled on her clothes, and the mess coating her body soaked through the skirt and top, turning them dark in spots as they absorbed the fluids that caked her entire body.

She picked up her purse with a shaky hand, blinked away the tears in her eyes, and then sat down on the porch to catch her breath. As her lungs heaved, and her brain began to operate again, she reached beneath her skirt and played with her twat right there on the front porch.

I’m a fucking slut, she thought, I’m such a fucking slut! She shifted, coming face-to-face with a very shocked mailman, who dropped his bag of letters at the sight of a masturbating slut, coated in spit and drying cum suddenly appearing before him. Angela orgasmed at the look on his face, then shifted back.

Back in her car, Angela used a generous amount of wet wipes to clean the drying slop from her face, glad that she’d thought ahead this time. She stripped off her sodden clothes, changed, wiped her body down as well as she was able, and then slipped on a fresh shirt and another slutty skirt. Her hair, unfortunately, was another story. She checked the time, and decided she’d be able to make a trip home to shower before her penultimate degradation of the day. With one hand on the wheel, and the other idly fingering her cunt, imagining the 7 men that were shortly going to be blasting her body with semen, she drove to Angie’s home.

Fed, showered, and ready for more cock, Angela drove to the location of her blowbang/bukakke. The place was a seedy bar with a half-lit neon sign that read, “The Lusty Wench,” which Angela found very fitting. She parked in the lot and made her way into the rough-looking place, where a line of motorcycles and muscle cars waited outside. Through the blacked out windows, she could hear the sound of some sad country tune playing on a jukebox. The kind of men that must frequent a place like this in the middle of the day were bound to be unkind.

Angela imagined burly men in leather jackets with black boots and ripped up jeans, bearded, with tattooed arms and permanent scowls. Angie had been to this place numerous times, and it was one of the most profitable gigs she had. The videos were, also, some of the most extreme Angela had seen. The agenda today wasn’t one of the numerous gangbangs Angie pulled at this place, for which Angela was mostly thankful. She realized, as her body trembled with a deliciously whorish feeling, that she was only thankful because her ass still stung from yesterday.

The idea of being the star of one of those videos, allowing these rough men to contort her body into all manner of lewd positions, while they pleasured themselves with one or all of her supple teenage holes sent a wave of guilty pleasure through her. She wanted that feeling for herself, and as she moaned quietly at the desire to try it, she shifted again, counted, reached 5 seconds, and then returned.

During her previous experiments, she’d determined that 5 seconds was an adequate time to remove the pendant and (hopefully) smash it to the ground, but 8 seconds left enough time for a margin of error to retrieve it if it did not break. Still, the last shift she could have actually made an attempt at it if she were fast enough. Even now, she could be home, reclaiming her life from her evil twin. She hadn’t attempted it, though. She’d held off. Because she wanted this. She wanted to know what it would be like to have a group of rough, strange men abuse her mouth and coat her with semen.

Angela pulled open the dark glass door, and stepped inside. The interior of the place was what she expected, dimly lit by billiard lights over a pair of worn pool tables. A few wooden tables that had seen better days dotted the open floor, while two flat screen TVs on the walls showed sports news, muted, with captions on the screens. A long, polished bar took up one entire wall, behind which were long shelves with liquor bottles. Angela counted 7 men of just the sort she’d imagined, a few of which she’d seen in the videos. Despite her newfound slutdom, she felt her knees shaking as anxiety knotted her stomach.

The eyes of every man in the bar swung toward her. Any one of these guys could easily have picked her up and carried her off to do whatever they wanted to her, and there was no chance she was going to stop them. She was barely over a hundred pounds, and dressed like the 18-year-old sextoy she’d become, in a tiny top that showed her excited nipples off, and a slut skirt that barely covered her small panties. With all of them combined, these guys could easily decide to keep their money and spend the entire rest of the day drinking and pounding her pliant little body into submission.

Fuck! What had happened to her in only a few days as Angie? The idea of sexual contact with another person had been some vague, distant idea that might one day happen to her. It would be with a goofy, geeky sort of guy that was just like her, and afterwards they’d talk about fantasy novels, Star Trek, or geology. Instead, her pussy was absolutely soaked at the thought of a group of burly strangers more than twice her weight slamming her onto her back, spreading her legs, and pushing their needy pricks into any part of her they pleased, until they’d fed her a dozen big loads of cum. She was Angie. She was a whore and a slut. Only the idea of her father being stuck with that crazy bitch kept her focused on getting home. She had to do it for him.

“Now that’s what I’ve been waiting all day to see,” came a voice from behind the bar.

All other conversation in the place ceased on her entry. The man behind the bar set down a filthy rag and ran a hand through his close-cropped sandy hair.

“How ya’ doing, Ang?” he asked.

“Ready for some fun!” She shot back.

Every face in the bar broke out into a wolfish grin.

“Rick,” the barman called to one of the men, “lock that door and turn the sign. Bill, go open the back.”

He tossed a set of keys to Bill, who caught them with ease and disappeared through a swinging door.

“The rest of you lot,” he continued, “bills on the counter if you want to play. Those that have met Angie before, you know the fuckin’ rules. You shitheads that ain’t, I’ll spell it out. You break a rule, we break your fuckin’ arms,” he motioned for Angela to come to him.

She walked behind the bar and joined the man, who stood behind her and fondled her tits as he spoke.

“We like having Angie come around. Angie’s a sexy little freak, and if you can’t see for your goddamn self, she’s about the hottest fuckin’ sexdoll any of you will ever have a chance at. We want Angie to keep coming around, dig? That means you treat Angie right, or every son-of-a-bitch here is gonna treat you right, like you deserve. Angie ain’t against some rough housin’, are you Ang?”

Angela shook her head as the man slid his hand under her top and tugged her nipple, making her moan.

“That don’t mean Angie is some rapebait gook like the kind you pounded when you were in Country. No sir! Angie’s a fuckin’ professional. You don’t leave a mark. You don’t choke the little slut. You don’t put your fuckin’ willy anywhere Angie don’t say to put it. You don’t touch Angie’s shit, and when you leave you thank Angie for being your little fuckdoll. I say again, we like Angie a lot more than we like you. That about cover it, baby?”

Angela nodded, and the bartender slipped his hand between her legs and frigged her cunt as the men watched, nipping at her neck and groping her breast, until she arched her back against his chest and came on his fingers. The other men muttered, some applauding, others knocking back a shot.

“Now, bills on the fucking bar. Let’s get this girl paid so she can start doing what she does.”

Seven mean men slapped bills on the bartop, amounting to $1,400. Angela knew that if this were more than just some nasty oral, she could take home much more than that. The bartender released her. She put the money into her purse and followed the group of men into the back room of the place, then to a side room that was familiar from Angie’s videos. The little room, designed to be a fuck shack, held a bed covered in fresh sheets with what was, no doubt, a very sturdy frame and firm mattress. She’d watched Angie get taken on this bed by 3 or 4 men at a time, so it was obviously made to support the weight of that many heavy bodies fucking and sucking.

Clearly accustomed to this sort of thing, the men began stripping off their gear, and piling it up against the walls. Angela watched their hard, muscled and scarred bodies come into view. She felt the now-familiar mixture of excitement and fear as she watched them bare themselves, all of them solid walls of hard muscle. These were men that had been to war, killed, raped and maimed. They were tough, hard drinkers and vicious fuckers. And they were all about to have their way with her tight young body.

The bartender was first to step up, peeling Angela’s top over her head and tossing it onto the little table, where she’d set her purse. He added her skirt to the pile, and then roughly tore her panties off of her and tossed them aside. Angela gasped, and then the man picked her up like a feather and laid her on her back on the bed. He mounted her chest and squeezed her tits together, rubbing his stiff penis between them. During all of her slutty episodes the last few days, no one had yet fucked her boobs.

Angela looked up at the man, her lips parted invitingly. The man pinched her nipples as he fucked his cock between her tits. Someone else began lapping at her pussy, and Angela inhaled sharply. The bartender let her tits go, and pushed forward, shoving his aching penis into her mouth, grasping the back of her head, his deep, throaty groan like the sound of gravel as she wrapped her wet lips around his cockhead and swirled her tongue.

“That’s it, you sexy bitch,” he said, “You’ve been waiting for this nasty shit all day, aint’ ya’?”

“Mmm hmm!”

Two more hard cocks appeared to either side of her, and Angela wrapped her hands around them as the guy between her legs snaked his tongue into her and began to wriggle it. His cock sufficiently coated in her saliva, the bartender pulled it back out and slid it between her tits again. A calloused hand turned her face toward one of the cocks in her hand, and she released it as he pushed inside of her vacated mouth. Angela worked at keeping her stroke up on the other one as this guy fucked his horny prick into her cheek, making it bulge obscenly on each inward thrust.

Someone else lifted her foot, and she felt him rubbing his dick against her toes. She hadn’t even considered that it was possible to have your feet fucked, but then she was learning a lot of new things lately. The hot pleasure of a building orgasm from the man eating her pussy began to crawl up her prone body. The man in her mouth pulled out, and she turned her attention to the other dick in her hand, allowing him access to her mouth while she stroked the spit-coated penis in her hand. The bartender slapped her cheek with his tool, and Angela turned back to him, opened her mouth, and he pushed back into her, stroking between her lips in short, hard thrusts until she felt his shaft jerk. He pulled it out and a heavy blast of jizz plastered her lips.

Angela moaned and came from the twisted facial and the incessant tongue-fucking between her legs. A rough hand yanked her face back toward the waiting dick she’d been stroking, and as he put it back into her mouth, another shot of the bartender’s semen splashed across her cheek.

“Fuckin’ beautiful!” He exclaimed, “That’s number one, slut.”

She felt his weight lift off of her body, and the man that she was stroking took his place. Another waiting man moved into the empty spot, and then Angela was back to stroking two stiff pricks, and the man on her chest pounded his meat into her sucking mouth.

“Suck on that dick you nasty girl. Oh, shit! The fucking mouth on you, you little slut!” He growled as he used her hole to lube up his tool, then pulled it free and squeezed her tits together. The man between her legs was replaced by another, and as he sucked on her clit Angela felt a wash of warm sperm cover her foot as someone groaned in release. The guy between her tits spit into the valley of her breasts while she stroked one cock and sucked another. The hot friction of that stalk between her breasts, and the guy’s rough hands pinching her nipples had Angela rocking her hips up against the lips tightly sealed around her clit.

She moaned around the dick in her mouth, and another shot of semen splattered across her left breast, caking her nipple, and then another hit her throat, coating the red pendant. The man breathed a sigh of contentment and got off of her, only to be replaced by another. The sick bastard smeared the leftover cum from her tit into the slop between her breasts and went to work, fucking her boobs with the disgusting mess.

The jerking penis in her mouth pulled out and fired off another shot across her cheek, then a second onto her lips, and a final volley into her hair. He rotated out with another, and Angela grasped and stroked his dick to life, turned to the man between her tits, opened her mouth, and he shoved his slimy prick into it. Angela tasted spit and semen as he rutted into her face, her hands working on two thick cock shafts, and then she bucked against the face between her legs and came again.

“Yeah! There you go, you hot little bitch! Cum for us.” Said the guy using her mouth.

He pulled his cock from her and Angela sucked in breath, then her face was turned toward one of the dicks in her hand and she was stuffed full again as another warm wash of seed coated the side of her face, then another stuck to her hair. The man who had just sprayed her, slapped his spent penis against her cheek, then rubbed the gooey mess into her skin and laughed. He got off of her, and the man on her right took his place, repeating the filthy exercise, spitting onto his throbbing dick, mashing her tits together, and fucking his primed penis into her valley. Two men pulled her legs back, exposing her asshole, and the guy between her legs gripped her cheeks and stuck his tongue into her anus.

Angela squealed happily at the feeling, reached for the new dick that had presented itself by her face, wrapped her lips around it, and another hot splash of cum coated her other cheek. She couldn’t remember if that was 4 or 5 loads now. The rotation of cock continued and Angela completely lost count. Each time someone sprayed her face with hot jizz, someone else pounded their dick into her mouth, another one was in her hand, somebody masturbated their meat with her breasts, or someone shoved a tongue into her ass or pussy and ate her to another orgasm.

Suddenly, there was the feeling of a presence with her, in her head. Angela nearly spat the dick in her mouth out as Angie’s voice invaded her mind.

“Oh my fucking god! Are you seriously getting gangbanged right now?”

Angela could not reply. Even if she had, she’d just look like she’d lost her shit if she started having a conversation with someone else who wasn’t there.

“Feels great, huh? Oh, you can’t talk with a mouthful of dick, can you. Doesn’t matter. I just dropped in to say thanks again for the new setup. Your buddy Brian has been really helpful, turning you into a naughty little slut.”

Angela felt a rush of rage at the unfairness of it as the nameless stranger plowed her mouth and Angie laughed at her. She did her best to ignore the taunting, but her resolve hardened. She couldn’t wait any longer. That bitch had to go.

"Kinda looks like you're doing pretty well on that front yourself!" Angie taunted her.

Angela was sure she’d taken at least 10 loads to the face now. Sperm hardened and caked on her eyelids, and she couldn’t open them. Each time a cock bulged in her cheek, she felt dried semen crack and peel on her skin. The sexy mess between her tits had flowed and pooled into the dip of her throat, and still the hard cocks kept coming. These guys were like machines. She worked cock after cock with her tired hands and sore jaws. Her tits felt like they were soaked in spit from the nasty bastards sucking on them or hocking spit for lube onto them to ease their masturbation.

“Look at you go, slut!” Angie said in her head, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you had it in you.”

“Fuck you!” Angela spat, and then someone slapped her face and pushed a dick into her mouth, assuming she was just egging him on.

Her own girl cum flowed from between her legs, lapped up by one after another of the filthy men. They laughed at her, pawed her body, called her a cocksucker, whore, slut, bitch, cum dumpster, and any number of dirty names. How long this went on, she wasn’t certain, but at some point, she was down to only two men alternating use of her mouth. Nobody was fucking her tits anymore. Another blast of cock cream hit her chin, and then there was only one. She couldn’t see a thing, and had no idea which of them it was.

This guy had staying power now, though. For long minutes she cradled his nuts as he fucked his penis into her sore mouth, gripping her cum-sticky hair in his fist as he grunted and groaned. At last, his cock gave one big jerk and he unloaded his final shot into her sucking mouth. She swallowed it down, moaning happily around his rod until he was finished with her.

“Wow! You must have drained that one at least once already.” Angie said, “How many did they get together today?”

Angela ignored her.

The remaining men had become spectators, snapping pictures of her cum-coated body for later use as they chatted idly or made crude jokes. The final man withdrew, and Angela licked her lips, swallowing any leftover cum that her tongue could reach while she fingered herself in front of the crowd of men to one final, back-arching slutgasm.

“Oh, fuck! That’s hot. Get yours, bitch!” Angie laughed, “That shit felt great, didn’t it?”

Even as the pleasure shot up her body, she held the image of herself, her real self, in the front of her mind. She was Angela, the nerdy girl with glasses and a book in her hand. Angela. She was Angela. Someone threw a towel at her and she wiped the crust of sperm from her eyes, and blinked against the sudden light of the dim room. The men filed out of the door, leaving her alone on the dirty bed with nothing but a towel in her hand.

“Done already?” Angie asked, but Angela ignored her again.

Angela ripped the pendant from her neck and held it in her fist. She snatched up her purse in her hand. Quick. She had to be quick. There was no telling how long she’d have to acknowledge and accept her feelings. Not even time to dress. She slung the purse onto her shoulder, picked up a heavy metal tankard one of the men had left behind, and then knelt on the cold, concrete floor. Only then did she let Angela slip from her mind.

The impact of what she’d done hit her. Seven strange men had pounded dicks into her mouth, between her tits, eaten out her ass and pussy, and coated her in no less than 14 heavy loads of sperm. She wished, truthfully, that it had been more and promised herself that one day soon it would be. Fuck! It was amazing!

She shifted, the dirty room fading away to be replaced by a storeroom piled with crates of bottled beers and liquors. She slammed the pendant to the concrete floor.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Angie screamed.

1… With everything she had, Angela brought the metal tankard down on the stone.

“Stop it!”

2… She screamed as the tankard struck the pendant, but also her finger. A thin crack appeared in the stone.

“Stop!” Angie screeched, panic filling her voice.

3… She bit her lip and raised it again, tears of pain in her eyes as she whined.

4… Sweat beaded on her cum-coated forehead and she brought the tankard back down.

5… The stone shattered, sending shards of red rocketing across the concrete in all directions.

The feel of Angie in her head vanished as though it had never been. A blinding flash of light filled the room, forcing Angela to shut her eyes against it, tears flowing down her face to mix with the dried semen.

6… The light began to fade.

7… Angela opened her eyes, already prepared for despair. She was stuck. She would be Angie forever.

The same crate-crammed stockroom greeted her. For a moment time stood still. Then, the tears that broke suddenly were not of defeat or pain. From somewhere deep inside of her came a throat-filling, heartsick sob of pure relief that nearly made her vomit. She put her head in her hands and choked on her tears, sniffling pitifully. For several minutes she merely sat on her knees on the hard floor, relief washing over her with an intensity that rivaled every mind-blowing orgasm she’d experienced over the last few days.

Wiping her eyes and nose on her arms, seemingly the only part of her not caked in spit and cum, her vision cleared. Angela looked down at the millions of tiny red flecks dusted across the floor, and the dented metal tankard from another world laying beside her. Her finger throbbed with pain where she’d hit it, and she could see it turning purple. The absurd thought that it would be really painful to jerk anyone off or finger fuck herself with that hand passed through her mind, and even though she was home, she knew she was not the same Angela. She was some hybrid Angela/Angie imposter in her own life, now.

Legs shaking, Angela stood and gripped her purse, allowing herself a degree of satisfaction at having made it home with Dale’s documents from the other side. She looked about the room, cursed at having dropped the towel, and then squared her shoulders. Naked and covered in dried cum and spit, she reached for the door, eased it open, and looked out on the hallway.

The sounds of a kitchen drifted from somewhere off to her right. A blank wall stood to her left. Hanging from hooks in front of her, though, were several navy aprons with a logo that read, “The Virtuous Maiden.” Angela broke down into a fit of hysterical, traumatized giggles at the impossibly opposite name of this place as she took one of the aprons from the hook. It was better than nothing.

She put the apron on, covering her front, while her butt was left completely exposed. The front of the apron, though it covered her breasts, still exposed an absurd amount of cleavage. Angela crept to the end of the hallway, where a swinging door opened on the public area of the establishment. She took a deep breath, swung the door open and poked her head out. Rather than a filthy dive bar, the place looked like a medieval-themed craft beer bar, doing good business for late afternoon.

A woman behind the bar turned to the sound of the opening door. Her face went from confusion, into disbelief, and then registered shock at the sight of Angela nude, but for the apron, and crusted with bodily fluids, her hair in wild disarray. She looked in no way like a virtuous maiden.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” Angela said, “But may I please use your phone?”

It had never felt so good to be polite.

Chapter 21: Naughty Nerd

Angela slumped against the passenger door of Kat’s mother’s borrowed car, eyes closed, and her arms wrapped tightly around herself.

“Will you please tell me what the hell is going on?” Kat asked again, visibly shaken at the sight of her friend wearing nothing but a stolen apron and covered in some kind of goo.

“Not now, Kat. Please. I just want to go home.”

Kat huffed, but relented. Whatever had happened to Angela had clearly been traumatic, but with the way she’d been acting and dressing lately, Kat didn’t feel surprised. She guessed that Angela was just going through the same kind of identity crisis that everyone in school was, as graduation approached. She tamped down her curiosity and drove Angela home, dropping her at the curb and then waiting until she’d let herself into the house.

Angela pressed her back against the door as it shut and breathed in the familiar smell of home. The scent of old books, dust and aged wood had never been so comforting. The house was quiet as she went up the creaking steps to her room and flung open the door. Other than the addition of a couple of pole lights and some discarded clothes on the floor, everything seemed just as she’d left it.

Angela. I’m Angela. She remembered, taking a step inside. Aimlessly, she poked about the room, opening the closet, where she found other remnants of Angie in the new additions to her wardrobe. She shivered at the sight of the slutty clothes hanging next to her own drab faire. She turned to the desk, where an iphone lay next to a small stack of bills, the remaining graduation money from her mother, she figured. On the bed were two sex toys, whose use she was now quite familiar with, as well as a couple of clothespin, which she guessed had been on Angie’s nipples. She swept the things into the trash can in a quick burst of anger.

Picking up the phone, she pressed her thumb to the screen and allowed herself a half smile as it unlocked. Same fucking fingerprints, even. She shuddered. Not so different after all. Her finger hovered over the album, filled with videos and pictures of Angie, no doubt doing utterly slutty things. She moved it toward the phone settings, poked around the menu, so similar to the useless WozPad in her purse, until she found the storage menu.

Erase all. Confirm.

The small act of erasing Angie from the phone was only slightly gratifying. Erasing Angie from the rest of her… well, she knew it would never happen. She’d just lived through something few people had. Only two that she knew of, and they’d never made it back. Thanks to a blowbang and a metal tankard from another reality, she’d be the last one, too. The enormity of what had happened to her wasn’t lost on Angela’s scientifically geared mind. It was just the enormity was too enormous to reasonably contemplate in this moment.

Right now, her concerns were with more trivial matters, such as washing the filth from her body and removing as much Angie from her room as possible. Angela emptied the contents of her purse onto the desk, contemplating whether to empty them into the garbage instead. No. Whatever memories they might hold for her, they were still invaluable artifacts from a parallel world. The scientist in her wouldn’t allow her to simply discard them. Instead, she sorted them out.

The WozPad, showing no signal because its network did not exist. A large pile of completely useless money that her hard, teenage body had put in a lot of work for. Even now, the memories of what she’d done were making her wet. A set of keys to Angie’s home and car. She allowed a self-satisfied smirk at how pissed DupliDale was going to be when he found out that Angie had misplaced her car, keys, and phone for the second time in a week. Whatever. That bitch deser— She caught herself mid-thought and immediately terminated it.

The next item was DupliDale’s equally useless credit card, followed by a nearly empty package of wet wipes, and a small (recently cleaned) butt plug. Ok. That one is a keeper, she thought, and tossed it onto the bed. Finally, she unfolded the thick stack of papers and spread them on the desk. These were the key to Dale’s wealth and success. Her own Dale was not likely to understand them, but somewhere out there was someone that could. Someone that was connected to the company that had the same name on the other side.

Angela picked up the phone, her phone now, launched the browser, closed the open porn window, and did a search for DomCo.

Epilogue: An Unbroken Cycle

Lexy shook her head at the memory of the weird naked girl from earlier in the day. Never, in all the months that she’d worked at this place, had some vagrant hooker snuck into the back. She just could not believe that something like that could happen, and at The Virtuous Maiden of all places! She swung the door of the stockroom open and started for a crate. Her foot kicked against something, sending it skidding across the concrete floor. Lexy bent down and picked the thing up, cocking her head curiously.

The little heart-shaped pendant was very pretty. Had one of the waitresses dropped it? It looked damaged. Even as she watched, though, the hairline crack in the stone seemed to seal itself shut. Lexy gasped in astonishment. The red stone swung back and forth on its thin silver chain hypnotically. Gosh. It really is pretty, she thought.

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