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Doppelgänger, Part 4

Chapter 15: An Evil in Two Places

Angela had never enjoyed a shower more in her life, she thought, as she collapsed onto Angie’s bed, finally clean. She’d desperately needed it, too. After a brief rest, Brad had taken full advantage of her offer to fuck her for the rest of the day. He’d taken her twice more over two hours, and she’d absolutely loved it! She’d been more careful, though, aware of when each act was completed, and waiting for the shifts. The second one came just after riding Brad’s cock to a very satisfying orgasm. She’d quickly rolled off of him and measured the time. She’d spent just over a second staring into the face of the Brunette woman as she appeared on her bed next to her, long enough to hear her scream.

The next shift was measurably longer. Brad had taken her from behind, and when he unloaded into her for the third time, she made a show of accidentally falling off the bed. This time, the woman in the other room was gone. Presumably, she’d fled the haunted hotel room in terror, fearing for her sanity.

Laying back on the big princess bed, Angela thought about what she’d learned. First, sex was fucking wonderful! No wonder Angie liked to fuck so much. Second, Brad was not quite the asshole she’d made him out to be. He’d been genuinely into making sure she was enjoying everything he did to her. He probably hoped that she’d want to do it again. He was right. Third, her actions were moving in the right direction. It was very much like Angie to enjoy being fucked, and to want to do it multiple times in a day with different men. Angie wanted variety.

The brief crossovers had taught her things, as well. Wherever she was when she shifted was where she’d end up on the other side. That included being with whoever was there at the time. She’d have to watch that. When the shifts did finally last long enough to take advantage of them, she’d likely be naked and freshly fucked. She allowed herself a moment of perverted excitement about the idea, touched her pussy while she imagined it, and was rewarded by a shift long enough that she fell onto her back on the floor, because the bed had vanished beneath her. Then, she was back, and looking up at the bottom of the mattress. Inconvenient, she thought as she wiggled out from beneath the bed.

Her next experiment was with the pendant. First, she held it up to the light, and saw that it was dark. Angie must still have hers hidden somewhere. She placed the chain around her neck, then used the stopwatch on her WozPad to time how long it would take her to remove the pendant and throw it to the floor, where it would (hopefully) shatter. Just over 5 seconds, if she undid the clasp. Miming ripping the stone from her neck and breaking the thin chain brought it down to just over 2 seconds. Ripping the thing off was the way to go. Then a thought struck her, and she started over.

Assuming the pendant did not break when thrown on the ground, she had to have time to retrieve it before shifting back, or she’d be stuck here forever. A wave of abject terror flowed through her at the idea. She decided on no less than 8 seconds just to leave a margin for error.

Further analysis of the increase of the shifts, versus the kinds of behaviors that triggered them told her that small things, such as being bitchy, added imperceptible increments to the length of time spent during crossover. When she thought about it philosophically, she determined that everyone has the capacity to be hostile or rude. It might be out of character for someone, but it was always a possibility.

More extreme acts, which were wholly Angie-like and in total opposition to her own character, added to the shifts in a way that was perceptible to the human sense of time. She put it all together. Sucking cock was enjoyable, even when someone just used her mouth like a cumhole. It gave her an odd sense of power that she liked. Her hot mouth was so desirable that men would pay her just to cum in it. Fucking? That she absolutely enjoyed, far more than she’d ever imagined she would. Angie, though, wasn’t just a one dick pony. She was into multiple partners at once. 3, 4, 7 men all taking turns on her or stuffing her every orifice with dick at the same time. What was more, she didn’t just do it out of spite or for the money. She did it because she liked it.

That meant that Angela would need to like it, not just do it and tolerate it. She might be able to eventually push the shifts far enough by easing herself along, doing what she already knew she could handle, but that could take weeks. She needed to get back fast, or Angie was going to completely destroy her life, as well as her father’s.

Angela gripped the horrid stone in her fist and rallied her determination. Whatever it took, she was going to do it. She’d be the hottest teenage gangfuck toy in town, just like Angie, and God dammit she was going to love doing it. Tonight, though, she was going to rest.

Laying back on the bed, she swiped open the WozPad, her mind turning back to its natural curiosity. What was the rest of this place like? She wondered. Determining how to get home had consumed her every waking moment, thus far, that she’d barely taken the time to let the fact that she was actually in a parallel universe sink in. What budding scientist wouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity to learn something?

Here, Alta Vista was the dominant search engine, every bit as all-powerful as Google was back home. She scanned down the news headlines, getting a sense of what this world was like. One article in particular stopped her scrolling, though, because the photo next to the headline was her father’s. Rather, it was Angie’s father’s. The headline read, “Human Trials in Anti-Recoder Treatments Begin.”

Angela clicked the link. Again, she’d been so focused on her own problems that she hadn’t even paused to wonder what Angie’s dad did over here, that brought him so much wealth. Was it something that she could take home to help her own father? She read the article.

The now-defunct DomCo Corporation and its long-reaching network of subsidiary companies still has a lasting impact on women all over the globe. The name has become synonymous with evil. Even now, a worldwide manhunt continues for those who once sat atop one of the largest corporate entities ever to exist. Tens of thousands of women, over a period of years, were subjected to some of the most heinous experiments in history.

Recoder technology, a monstrous invention created in the DomCo labs, was used on subjects to rewrite their DNA and turn them into slaves to serve the base desires of DomCo leadership. The total number of victims, unfortunately, cannot be truly calculated. Given the nature of these changes, many women are unable, or unwilling, to come forward.

Hope for the victims, though, has finally arrived in the form of an anti-recoder serum developed by GenTech’s lead researcher, Dale Eller. After years of laboratory testing, the serum has been approved for human trials. DomCo’s victims are eagerly awaiting the result, and the whole world waits with them.

Angie's dad was a DNA researcher? A high profile one, at that. Was this something she could use when she got home? She’d have to consider it. Reading the article tugged at a memory, too. She’d swear the name of the company, DomCo, was familiar. There’d been something in the news recently about a new bill in Congress, and she’d heard DomCo in connection with it. She filed the thought away for later and continued her research.

This world bore many more similarities to her own, she learned. Not everything was exactly the opposite. Some of it was just different, like other choices had been made throughout history, causing the timeline to develop differently. Despite feeding her curiosity, Angela couldn’t shake the feeling of unease as she thought about the next day.

Swiping through the messages from Angie’s clients, she compared them to the spreadsheet of services Angie provided for them. A few were just simple blowjobs. Men sure did love to jizz into Angie’s mouth. Still more, though, wanted to fuck her. Not all of them were one-on-one, either. Then, there was the butt-fuckers. Angela decided she would have to do at least one of those. Angie didn’t shy away from it. The girl’s ass was fair game for the right price, and that meant that Angela’s was, too.

Her search of Angie’s room the previous evening had uncovered a large collection of sexual paraphernalia, including vibrators, dildos, butt-plugs, and various lubes and lotions. Not only was Angie a whore, but a chronic masturbator. Angela opened Angie’s stash and removed a bottle marked “Anal-EZ” which seemed pretty self-explanatory, as well as a small dildo and the tiniest of Angie’s butt-plugs. Some of those seemed pretty extreme. Best to start small.

She locked Angie’s bedroom door, returned to the bed and stripped off the big comforter and a couple of pillows. She spread them on the floor. Shoving a lubed sex toy up her own ass was Angie all the way, so if she went through a shift from this, it would not do to suddenly fall on her face with a dildo up her ass when the bed vanished. Of course, if there was someone on the other side when she shifted, they were going to get one hell of a show.

Angela stripped off her clothes and laid on her back, head on one of the pillows. How did one masturbate their ass? What was the right position? Experimentally, she placed the little dildo at her butthole. The angle was workable, but awkward. She flipped onto her front, face down and ass up. This was easier, but she’d have to fuck herself by feel. She took up the lube, and squirted a generous amount between her cheeks, feeling silly. Using her finger, she smeared the slick mess around her anus, and then began to work it inside of her. It was sloppy and messy, but it accomplished the goal. Squirting more of the lube into her hand, she fisted the dildo in the same way she’d stroked Brad’s cock, coating the length of it in the goo.

After fumbling about in her slick backdoor, she managed to get the tip of the toy against her opening, giving it an experimental push. The toy slipped right past her hole and out of her hand. She sighed. Why couldn’t she have taken more time to learn how to masturbate properly like the other kids? She tried again, and this time the tip of the toy parted her asshole, just like the tongue. Not too bad. It didn’t hurt.

She pushed again, feeling resistance, and she forced the thing a little deeper, it wasn’t pleasant. It was tolerable, but not enjoyable. Angela breathed out, shut her eyes, and tried to remember how the tongue had gotten so far into her. She’d been relaxed. The thing had just made her climax, and she’d felt more relaxed. Right now, though, she was fighting it. She made another attempt, this time relaxing her muscles. This opened her up and the slick toy began to slide deeper with greater ease and much less discomfort.

This still wasn’t giving her the kind of pleasure she’d felt earlier, but it also did not hurt. It was just kind of like feeling a little full. Ok. Nothing to be scared of there. She pulled the toy back, and pushed it in again, working at building up some kind of rhythm. The repeated motion, in and out, in and out, did start to feel good as she continued. She thought of what she must look like, face down on the pillow with her ass in the air, fucking her own butt with a sex toy. The image was kind of hot. The lube had dripped down her crack, and she could feel it running through her pussy slit.

After a few more minutes of fucking her ass with the dildo, she removed it and inserted the plug. The fat base of the thing spread her butthole wide, then popped inside. Her anus contracted around it, creating a tight seal that kept it in. This was an interesting feeling. Maybe keeping the thing in for a while would help her get used to having something up her ass, in preparation for tomorrow’s activities. She used a towel to wipe up the excess lube, returned her comforter and pillows to the bed, then dressed and washed off the dildo before putting it away.

Moving around with a plug up her ass was stimulating in a slutty kind of way, and when the little thrill of it went through her, she shifted. The now-familiar shimmer around her lasted long enough to count it out, at about a second and a half. During the shift, she saw the same room, but empty and dark. Then, it was gone, and she was back in Angie’s bedroom. She allowed herself a feeling of satisfaction. It was working.

Chapter 16: Blowing Brian

Angie and Brian shared a table at the back of the class during A/V Club. After yesterday’s filming, Brian was all too happy to have Angie sitting with him in every class they shared, which allowed her to easily cheat off his exams. Now, they shared a set of earbuds and reviewed the initial edit of the previous day’s footage on Brian’s laptop. Angie had to admit he’d done great! Today, he’d said, they would work on the voiceover using a script he’d written for her and then film the next episode.

Angie applauded herself silently on her choice of partners. This kid was going to make an excellent little stooge for this whole thing. Her only regret was that she’d have to waste most of the next two days in school, which tested her patience. Still, it was a small sacrifice. There was only one more exam tomorrow, and then she’d be graduating with honors. She made a mental note to get in touch with Angela and taunt her about it later. Maybe she’d masturbate while she did it. That would be super-hot!

Once school was dismissed, Brian drove Angela home and followed her up to her room. They spent just over an hour recording Angie’s voice following the script, with Brian prompting her to reread lines a few times to get the tone right for his vision. The little guy sure was dedicated. With the voiceover recorded, Angie pulled more of Angela’s clothes out of the closet and dressed in front of Brian, who shifted awkwardly as he waited, unable to take his eyes off of her.

“What’s the next step, director?” Angie asked, sitting on the bed.

“We, um, well, today we’re going to take it one step further and use the other toy. Let’s start like yesterday. Lay back against the headboard and put the toys in front of you.”

Angie scooted back and set the two toys in front of her. Brian switched on the cameras.

“After learning how good it felt to use a sex toy on your pussy,” he said, “you’re very eager to try it again. Pick up the vibrator and turn it on. Watch it hum. Lick your lips. You’re excited by the pleasure it gave you. Slip your pants off, all the way this time, more quickly. You’re eager.”

Angie was eager. She wriggled out of her pants and kicked them off.

“Now, your shirt, too.”

Angie pulled the shirt over her head, exposing her bra-clad breasts.

“Run the vibrator over your panties and work yourself up. Do what comes naturally. Touch yourself. Explore your body. Learn what makes you feel good.”

Brian’s camera recorded as Angie played the vibrator over her panties and groped her breasts. Her growing arousal was evident on her face, and soon by the small wet patch in the crotch of the white panties.

“Today, you’re ready to expose your pussy.” Brian said, his own arousal apparent, “Sit up on your knees, and turn your bottom toward the camera. Good! Slowly arch forward and peel your panties down your legs. Yes, just like that. Now, on your back, legs in the air, facing the camera. Slide them off your legs. Great!”

Angie tossed the panties aside.

“Now, back against the headboard, and spread your legs.”

Angie bared her wet and excited cunt to the camera and Brian, spreading her legs widely.

“Touch yourself with your hand. Feel your hot, young pussy with your fingers. It’s so warm and it feels so nice to play with it.”

Angie followed his instructions, touching her pussy with well-practiced expertise, teasing the camera.

“Now, the toy.”

She took up the toy and began to rub her horny slit with it once more.

“Let the feelings guide you through your natural curiosity. Don’t be afraid to explore your body with your hands, and let the camera see what you’re feeling.”

Angie slipped the vibrator into her pussy, and Brian captured it up close, his penis hard in his jeans as he watched her exposed folds swallow the little toy and her other hand rubbing her clit back and forth. He played the camera up her body and caught the gleam of her excited eyes as she fucked herself.

“Work yourself up and cum for the camera, then we’re going to move to the next toy.”

The vibrations and the familiar act of filming herself masturbating was doing the trick for Angie, and her hips pumped against the toy as she worked it into herself, then pulled it out and pressed it against her clit. Her other hand wandered over her tummy, then up to her breasts. After a few minutes of this she let out a small moan and came with the vibrator pressed against her button.

“Now, move to the next one. Let your gaze linger on it while you consider the difference in the size, and the shape. Run your fist over it and stroke it like it’s your first lover.”

Angie took the rabbit and did as instructed, looking at it with wide eyes full of wonder, her expression showing her eagerness to try it. That, she did not have to play at. She owned a couple of toys like this, and they were her favorite. She touched her tongue to the new toy as she fondled it, swirling it around the rounded head. Her fingers found the switch at the base and flipped it on, adjusted the vibration to something lower, and touched the thing to her very wet cunt.

“Good! It’s so much bigger than the last one. You’re more frightened about how this might feel, but you’re so worked up that you can’t stop. You just have to push it in.”

She did, and the fat round head of the toy spread her pussy apart for the camera in a way the little vibrator wasn’t able to do. Brian licked his lips but held the camera steady as it captured the long, fat toy sinking into Angie’s body. She groped her tits through the bra, wishing that she could rip it off and get at her hard nipples, but she remembered that she had to go slow. The pulsing rabbit’s head popped into her pussy, and the curved tip found that special little spot just inside that it was designed to stimulate.

“Oooh, yes…" she moaned softly and mauled her breast, pushing the rabbit deeper, deeper, until her pussy had swallowed the thing and the little arm vibrated against her clit.

Brian said nothing, not wanting to break the realism of the moment. Angie held the toy inside of her for a moment, letting the vibrations pass through her slick channel, and the tremors in her clit push her toward cumming again. Once the feeling started to ebb, she pulled the toy out, just a fraction, and began to fuck herself with it, letting that curved tip stroke her inner walls, while the arm stayed in touch with her clit. Fuck it was good!

Brian moved about her, capturing different angles, getting close up shots of her horny pussy, her hands moving and groping, and her face showing half-lidded ecstasy. Angie fucked herself faster, bucking against the toy as it brought on a much-needed release. The wet, squishing sounds from between her legs were music to her ears as she hit her peak and the first big orgasm washed over her.

Brian watched in wonder as his crush thrashed in pleasure on the bed, her legs wide, knees up, the fat toy lodged into her shaking body as she moaned out her release. In his mind, he was already accepting his award at the AVNs. He’d never been so hard in his life, but he kept on filming like a professional. Angie’s first orgasm passed, but she kept going, lost to the pleasure now. She turned hungry eyes toward him and motioned with her hand.

“Cock…” she panted, “I want to suck your cock!”

Brian nearly dropped the camera in his haste to comply, but kept it in hand, loosening his belt with one clumsy hand, pushing his jeans down his legs while trying to keep the camera focused on his starlet. He joined Angie on the bed, his penis tenting his boxer shorts. Once on his knees next to her, the camera pointing down at Angie’s flushed face, he fished his cock out of the boxers and then inhaled sharply as Angie plunged her lips over it.

“Oh fuck!” Brian exclaimed, his cock disappearing into Angie’s mouth in one swift motion.

The feeling was like nothing he’d ever experienced, a hot, tight sheath of pure joy around his penis, and her writhing tongue caressing every part of it. Angie figured that the kid would have a pencil pecker, but she was pleasantly surprised to find him just a hair above average. Not that it would have mattered at this point. She just needed a real cock in her mouth. It had been days now since Arnold had shoved his black schlong into her throat, and she was not used to going for days without blowing at least 2 or 3 dicks. Brian didn’t stand a chance in her well-trained mouth, though, and within a minute he was groaning and firing a nice heavy load of cum into her as she fucked herself with the toy.

The taste of his sperm on her tongue pushed her over her next peak, and she squealed around his spurting penis as she came. Brian was in no hurry to pull his dick from her mouth, and as she rode out her cum, she sucked at it continually as it softened, and then finally plopped free. Brian backed away, looking at her worshipfully as she switched off the rabbit. She pulled it slowly from her cunt with a pleasurable sigh and dropped it on the bed, licking her lips to get the last drops of cum.

“Your cum tastes really nice.” Angie said, her head light, “We’ll have to do that again.”

Brian nodded from behind the camera, grinning.

Chapter 17: Angela’s Anal Adventure

Angie’s father had been absent the whole evening, which Angela figured was not a rare occurrence. The fact that Dale was some high-profile researcher over here was, in some ways, even weirder than that fact that she was a whore. She wanted to know more, but she certainly couldn’t ask him. It was not like Angie to care what her father did, as long as he provided her with money and a place to sleep. If she was going to get her hands on anything useful, she’d need to find out for herself.

Today, though, she had her own situation to deal with. She drove Angie’s car, a cute little thing, the maker of which she had never heard of, on the wrong side of the street. The first time she’d done it, the previous evening, hadn’t been easy but she’d managed. Today it was a bit more familiar, but still felt wrong. The GPS on her WozPad directed her toward the outskirts of downtown, where her first of Angie’s clients waited.

Skipping school to whore seemed like both what Angie would do, and also was something of a necessity. She had to work fast to get her shifts up long enough to be useful, and that meant maximizing her time as Angie. More time in the day meant more clients serviced, and more time added to the length of the shifts. Today was going to be a tough one, though. She’d already arranged three clients for her morning and early afternoon. And she wasn’t going to take it easy. No simple suckoffs today.

Her brief journey took her to a home similar to Mike’s, where a client named Jerry waited to slam her pussy full of dick while his girlfriend watched (and possibly joined in). Angela walked up to the door, smoothing her tiny skirt down, and then knocked. The door was opened by a short girl with a ring in her nose and black, lanky hair, who was topless and not at all shy about displaying her small, pierced breasts. She smacked a piece of gum loudly in her mouth as she invited Angela in with a quick nod of the head and not a single word.

Angela followed her inside and down a dimly lit hallway, toward the sound of a horrible racket that sounded like some form of speed metal. There, she met Jerry. From what Angela had seen of Angie’s clients so far, none of them were unattractive. If nothing else, at least Angie didn’t want to debase herself so much that she was into gross, fat guys. Jerry looked a bit like a nerd, if she had to be truthful, with big round glasses perched on a beak of a nose, and a button-down shirt tucked into his khaki pants.

“Your whore’s here.” The girl yelled over the music, and Jerry turned it down to a conversational level.

“At last,” Jerry said, looking at the topless girl with disgust, “some good pussy worth fucking.”

Angie’s sheet had referred to Jerry’s usual service as “fucking/Cuckquean”. Angela had never heard the term before but found out on Alta Vista that it was a woman who got off on watching her significant other with other women, usually while being demeaned and humiliated. Using Angie’s porn license, she was able to find a few licensed videos to get an idea of what she was supposed to do. Unfortunately, Angie hadn’t filmed herself with this particular client, so she’d have to wing it.

Angela put her arms around Jerry and stuck her tongue into his mouth. He tasted of spearmint. She spent a couple of minutes making out with the guy as his topless girlfriend sat on the couch and watched, her face red and legs tightly pressed together. Angela kept her eyes open, watching the girl fidget. She figured that was more humiliating than simply closing her eyes and kissing the guy.

Jerry’s hands wandered over her body as they kissed, and he made little appreciative grunts into her mouth. Finally, she pulled away and rubbed his cock through the khakis.

“Haven’t been getting satisfied by tiny tits?” Angela asked, injecting as much vitriol into her voice as she could manage.

Jerry laughed, and looked at the girl, “Satisfied? I think not. Have you been satisfying my cock, babe?”

The girl looked down at the floor and shook her head.

“She loves this shit.” Jerry said, “You love this shit, don’t you, babe? You wanna see your man get some big tits in his face and a nice, tight pussy around his dick, huh?”

The girl visibly shook with arousal at the dirty words and nodded. Jerry reached on top of his TV and handed Angela a folded wad of bills. Based on Angie’s sheet, this was $600, the going rate for a fuck with two people, even though she would actually only fuck one. She wondered again where Angie kept her money. As active as she was, she must have a nice little stash somewhere.

Angela dropped to her knees and worked Jerry’s khaki pants down his legs, then looked up at his half-hard prick. No underwear for Jerry, she noted.

“Can I suck it for you, baby?” Angela asked, stroking it.

“Hell yes! Teach that bitch how a real woman does it. She still doesn’t get it right.” Jerry answered.

Angela threw herself into her task like an eager slut who only cares about money and fucking, slipping her wet lips over Jerry’s cockhead and swallowing his penis, holding it in her mouth as her tongue swirled around it and brought it to life. Jerry groaned his appreciation and watched his weird girlfriend as Angela sucked him.

“Shit yeah, baby!” Jerry said, “That’s how you do it. Take notes, babe. You’re still using too much teeth when I fuck your mouth. This little slut’s a pro. You see that? All lips and tongue.”

Angela let herself feel pride at being a pro slut who sucked this man’s cock better than his girlfriend, and even went so far as to choke herself trying to deepthroat him. She ignored the girl on the couch and looked up at Jerry, trying to play her role as best she could. After a minute of working his shaft over with her tongue, she jerked it with her hand, and pulled her top down to show him her tits.

“Give them a squeeze, baby.” She said, “I know how much you love having a real pair of tits to play with. I’m sure you've been missing these.”

Jerry nodded, and groped her breasts roughly, squeezing them in his hands and making her nipples erect.

“You’re so hard.” She said breathily, “You really need good pussy, don’t you?”

Jerry nodded again and pulled her up. Angela slipped off her panties and skirt before she followed him to the couch, where he sat next to his girlfriend, his wet cock sticking up. Now, she was ready for a new experience. Angela sat on Jerry’s lap, but trapped his penis beneath her, spreading her legs and arching her back against his chest. Jerry reached around and played with her tits.

“Why don’t you get me ready for him?” Angela said to the girl with a cruel smile, “You might as well be useful for something.”

The girl immediately dropped to her knees and crawled between Angela’s legs. She licked the head of Jerry’s trapped penis, and then happily went to work eating Angela’s moist pussy. Within seconds, Angela realized that the girl was damn good at it. She’d probably done this for Angie several times and knew just what she liked.

“Fuck, you’re a hot little dyke.” Angela said, and the girl cooed into her cunt, “get my twat nice and wet for your boyfriend. That’s a good little lesbo. Right there! Yes!”

Angela shook with pleasure as the girl lapped and sucked at her clit, Jerry groping her breasts and tugging at her nipples. She had to give it to Angie on this one. The feeling of power over this girl, watching her please another woman in front of her boyfriend, was getting her hot. She mentally pushed away the rational part of her mind that drew comparisons between her and Angie and focused back on being a bitchy slut.

“Put that dick in for me.” Angela ordered the girl and lifted her hips.

She turned her face to Jerry and found his mouth, awkwardly side-kissing him as the girl took hold of his hard cock and put it against the opening of her pussy. Angela lowered herself back down, taking this stranger’s cock deep into her as she moaned into his mouth. Jerry’s full length filled her up, and she began to gently rock her hips back and forth in his lap, sucking at his tongue as he pawed her tits.

As Jerry’s penis rubbed her insides pleasurably, her excitement increased. Maybe there was something to this whole slut business. Despite the fact that she didn’t know shit about him, or maybe because of it, she was really enjoying the feel of his hard tool sliding back and forth inside of her. Shouldn’t she feel disgusted at letting some guy she’d known for 15 minutes bury his dick in her? Then, the girl between her legs began to tongue her clit as Jerry fucked her and Angela broke their kiss to turn her attention to this latest pleasure.

“Fuck yes!” She exclaimed, “Lick it!”

The girl flicked her tongue up and down on Angela’s clit. Jerry’s hands slid from her tits to her hips, and then he began to fuck his tool into her harder with short, quick thrusts that had her bouncing in his lap and the girl struggling to maintain her tongue work. Angela figured her pussy must be really good, because she could feel the pulsing head of Jerry’s cock expanding in her after only a few minutes of hard thrusting, and just before she was able to climax, Jerry gasped and yanked his cock from her, grasping it with his hand and aiming it toward his girlfriend. The girl squeaked as a hot spurt of semen hit her in the face, followed immediately by a second that landed in her open mouth

“Fuck yeah! Take that cum, bitch. You see how fast good pussy does it for me? Take that cum!”

The girl smeared his jizz into her face, her hand between her legs frigging her clit furiously beneath her skirt. Angela quickly stood and stepped just to the side of the couch, and then she shifted and counted the time. The room around her changed, became dark and filthy, like it hadn’t been touched in years. Right as she counted two seconds, the shift ended, and she was back. Jerry’s girlfriend was licking the head of his penis clean, and his head was back against the couch, eyes shut. It didn’t appear that either of them had noticed her brief absence. Angela smiled, a wave of relief washing over her as she clutched the stone around her neck.

Jerry allowed Angela the use of his shower before she left, and after thoroughly soaping down her pussy, she inserted the small butt plug into her ass in preparation for her next client. Jerry and his girlfriend didn’t even acknowledge her as she left, as they were consumed by Jerry’s slapping his wet dick against the girl’s forehead and berating her for being a useless cunt. Though it had been a more exciting experience than she’d thought, she was glad to leave the odd couple behind.

As she drove to her next client, the familiar fear returned. This would be her first real anal experience. Angie’s spreadsheet called this service ass play, which she assumed meant she was going to take her first cock up the butt. Would he be rough, like Arnold fucking her mouth? Would he shove it inside her hard and fast, delighting in the way it hurt? The 15-minute drive brought her to an aging manor style home. In her world, the style would be called Victorian. Here, she had no idea. Whatever it was called, the maintenance on the place must have been a struggle. Overgrown hedges lined the walk from the streetside, encroaching on the concrete, the roots cracking the stone. The once white paint was now yellowed and cracking, and one window was covered by a plywood board.

Angela pushed down her unease at the sight of the place. Angie serviced this guy pretty regularly, according to her records, so she hoped she’d be safe enough. She raised an old bronze knocker in the shape of an elephant’s head and it boomed against the backplate. The door opened moments later, and she was met by a man named Rolando. The swarthy, brown-skinned man gave a lopsided grin, beneath a curled mustachio at the sight of her.

“Good morning, princessa.” He said with a slight trace of an accent, “You are just the companion I am waiting for. Come in.”

Angela crossed the threshold into the dim interior, and Rolando’s hand immediately went to her ass and kneaded it playfully.

“Someone’s ready for some sexy teen booty!” Angela quipped, and leaned back against his chest, extending one arm behind his neck in what she thought was a very seductive pose.

“I would have it every day, amor, could I only afford you.”

“A girl can’t do everything she loves just for fun, now, can she?”

“This is true,” Rolando nodded, molesting her ass.

He guided her, his hand on her rump, down the hall, and through a dusty sitting room. Angela imagined that 100 years ago, debutantes might have gathered in it for tea while discussing which horses they were going to ride that afternoon. Rolando’s hand left her bottom as they climbed the ancient, creaking staircase to the second floor, and then to a large master bedroom. This room, unlike the rest of the place, was well taken care of, even immaculate. She supposed this was where Rolando spent the bulk of his time.

Since she was just behind the man, he did not catch the brief flicker of surprise on her face when she took in the… decor. Above the large bed was a framed photograph that had to be at least 6 feet wide. The photo showed a naked woman on all fours, her face covered by a horse-head mask. A big, bushy tail draped from her ass. Arranged on hooks on the wall to her right were a wide variety of, what she believed, were Rolando’s toys.

Most of the things she didn’t recognize, but many of them looked quite nasty. Crops and whips of varying sizes hung in a neat row. Below them were coils of thin rope, cuffs, chains, and padded manacles. On small shelves built into the wall below these were butt plugs, ranging in size from tiny to ridiculous. Beyond them, dildos of varying proportions, some double-headed, while others were covered in protrusions, which she assumed were supposed to make them more pleasurable.

Not for the first time she cursed Angie for being such a kinky bitch, but then shooed that thought away. She was the kinky bitch now. Whatever this guy was into, she’d take it, and she was going to get off on it like the sexy little whore she needed to be. At least the numerous bottles of lubes and creams on the bedside table looked like they were going to make this easier.

Rolando handed her $400, Angie’s butt-fuck rate, which she slipped into her purse. The grinning man turned her around and Angela gasped as he tied a blindfold around her eyes. She bit her lip as his hands slid over her shoulders, then over her breasts, until they reached the hem of her top and pulled it up and over her head. He stripped off her skirt and with a hand on her back, bent her slightly forward. His hands gripped her ass and parted her cheeks.

“Mmmm. I see you have been preparing for me. I like this about you, my little whore.” Rolando said at the sight of her plugged ass.

He gripped the base of the plug and carefully worked it out of her hole, sending a pleasant feeling through her lower body as it popped free. She heard him put the plug into his mouth and suck, and she was thankful he didn’t see the small look of disgust on her face. Was that also in her near future?

Rolando helped her to his bed, where he tilted her head back and kissed her neck.

“Open.” He said, and Angela opened her mouth, expecting him to shove his cock into it. Instead, something hard and rubbery was placed between her teeth, and then strapped behind her head. She couldn’t close her mouth. Rolando laid her on her chest, her breasts pressed against the mattress, then lifted her hips and inserted a round, firm cushion between her stomach and the bed. This left her exposed ass and pussy in the air. He took each of her hands, and she felt panic start to well up inside of her as he secured each of them with a padded cuff on her wrists. He followed this by doing the same to her legs.

She’d never felt so completely helpless in her life. This strange man had her naked, blind, gagged, and tied to his bed. He could do anything he pleased with her now, and if his collection of toys were any indication, he had a pretty vivid imagination. She fought the surge of panic down. Nothing she’d seen in Angie’s videos indicated that she was into being physically harmed, outside the normal pains of rough and rigorous sex. This guy was also using her a couple of times a week, so she assumed they had some kind of arrangement.

Rolando was not a very vocal client. Unlike the others she’d serviced so far, who did love to talk dirty to her, Rolando was not much of one for conversation. So far, he seemed to be more interested in treating her like another toy in his collection, something he could maneuver around and play with, like a living sex doll. Her pussy felt slightly warm as she thought about it, the feeling of surrender something wholly new, frightening, but strangely arousing.

A sudden thought about her precarious predicament struck her. When this was over, and she shifted, it could create a complication. Suppose there was no bed on the other side. She was going to fall flat on her face, gagged, naked, and blindfolded into someone else’s bedroom. Suppose the house itself didn’t even exist! Where was she going to end up? Furthermore, how was Rolando going to react to her vanishing before his eyes and then reappearing stuck under his bed?

A sharp, stinging slap on her ass broke her train of thought and made her squeal into the gag. She breathed in through her nose. Just a hand, not one of the more devious instruments.

“Your ass is perfection, little whore.” Rolando said.

Something warm and wet dripped into her exposed anus, and then she felt Rolando’s finger at her back door smearing slick lube across her opening, but not inside. Then, she heard the hum of a vibrator, and something else strapped on each of her ankles. Then, the vibrator was placed against her pussy, humming away happily as though it had just come home.

Angela moaned into her gag at the sensation. Rolando returned his attention to her ass, and now the tip of his finger slowly pushed into her asshole, pressing the lube inside. He added a couple more drops and repeated the process several times, slowly working a bit more of his thick finger into her each time.

The vibrator against her cunt sent pleasurable waves through her pussy as he took his time playing with her butt, seemingly in no rush to fuck it. Angela was silently grateful. Ass play, she realized, was not just another word for butt-fucking. He really was enjoying just playing with her backdoor. She had her first orgasm when the whole of his finger sank into her ass and gently wiggled about. He held it inside of her as her ass contracted around it and she moaned around the gagball.

Rolando withdrew his finger, added another few drops of lube, and then something slightly bigger and rounded pressed at her ass. One of the dildos, she imagined, as he pushed the tip of the thing into her. Angela wasn’t sure exactly how much time had passed, but he’d spent several minutes at least just opening her up with his finger, and that had relaxed her.

The toy was not much bigger, and he was slow with it as well, feeding inch after inch of it into her bottom. Fuck! It wasn’t half bad, she thought, and certainly much better than her clumsy anal masturbation the previous night. Then, this seemed to be Rolando’s kink, so he must be pretty experienced at making girls like it.

Angela was liking it, too. There must be about 4 inches of the toy in her now, and the combination of the vibrator and the penetration made her pant heavily as she felt another orgasm working its way into her brain. Rolando pulled the toy out a couple of inches, added more lube, then worked it deeper.

He carefully fucked it in and out of her anus, and Angela’s legs began to shake each time he pushed it back in. She wasn’t sure how long the thing was, but she could feel it practically in her gut now. Then she screamed into the ball gag as the thing suddenly began to vibrate inside of her and she came on it, her legs quaking as she struggled against the restraints.

Rolando chuckled and held the toy in her bottom as she began to fuck herself with it, trying to get more of that incredible feeling. She felt his warm hands stroking her back and neck as she huffed into the gag.

“I love this about you.” Rolando said, “You are able to cum for me so well from your sexy bottom. You want some more, yes?”

Angela nodded, her head in a pleasant fog of lust. Yes, she absolutely wanted more! Rolando chuckled again.

“Tell me you are an ass whore, and I will give you more.”

“Mm am aff hmm!” Angela said with no hesitation.

“Yes, you are.” he agreed, and slowly pulled the long toy from her bottom.

The thing came free with a wet smack, and then she heard him putting it into his mouth. That part was pretty disgusting, but she wasn’t one to judge. She was the one who’d just admitted to being an ass whore just so he’d shove another sex toy into her bottom, after all.

A moment later, a larger toy began to open her wider. This time, there was a slight initial pain as it pressed through her anal ring, but once the head of it was in her and burrowing deeper, inch by agonizing inch, the pain was gone. A feeling of fullness replaced it, and then pleasure as it began to vibrate in pulsing waves that came a second apart.

Angela bucked her hips up and down as the vibrator against her clit kept her constantly on edge, and the new toy sent pulses of pleasure through her rectum and up her back. The new toy hit bottom and Rolando held it in her, letting the gentle pulses work her toward another orgasm.

An unexpected sensation joined in, and Angela groaned loudly as Rolando began to push another toy into her very wet and excited pussy. Oh fuck! Fuck! She was going to split in half! The thing pushing into her cunt was smaller than the one in her ass, but getting them both in her at the same time was driving her crazy.

She breathed heavily through her nose, spit soaking the bed around her gagball as she groaned in pleasant agony. Rolando began to work the two toys in and out of her holes, alternating so that she was never empty. As one pulled out, the other pushed in, rubbing against each other through the thin membrane in her body. The ass toy continued its pulses, while the vibrator on her clit kept her stimulated, and the dildo in her cunt rubbed that special spot inside of her that she knew would make her cum hard.

Her entire world became sensation after sensation assaulting her brain. The sound of the vibrators, the wet squish of the toys pushing in and withdrawing, the smell of her own sweat and cunt, the occasional chuckle from the man manipulating her orgasm, and the deprivation of her sight, restriction of her ability to move, all of it combining into an erotic cocktail of carnality that set off the longest, most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced.

Angela wasn’t sure that the things coming from her mouth were even words at this point. She grunted and groaned, moaned and cooed as her body shook and bucked. Her ass and hips wiggled from side to side, and her legs shook as if she were trapped naked in a snowstorm. Holy fuck she’d never cum so hard! She’d never even imagined a person could cum like this. The feeling was so intense she thought she might pass out, but then Rolando extracted the toy from her cunt, and removed the vibrator at her clit.

Angela lay panting into the ball gag, her sweaty hair plastered to her forehead, and the toy still deep in her ass. After a moment, that too withdrew, and she felt very empty. As she lay huffing into the gagball, she heard the wet sound of Rolando stroking his cock over her ass, and then a moment later a hot spray of semen washed across her butthole. A followup spray he directed into her gaping ass, which was a weirdly erotic feeling. All that, she thought, and he didn’t fuck her? Oh God! She was actually disappointed!

She felt Rolando get off of the bed and heard the creak of the springs as his weight withdrew. She heard, somewhere, a door open, and then shifted. Her limbs were suddenly free of the restraints, and then she was falling. The sudden jolt of adrenaline made time seem to slow. She had a fraction of a second to turn her face to the side, before it smacked against the cold wood floor.

The hard crack of the pendant around her neck hit her ears as it, too, struck the wood. Then, she was rolling to the side, tearing the blindfold off as she counted, and just after her 2nd breath she shifted back and lay on the floor, on her back, the big bed just to her side.

Shit! Angela rubbed at her cheek with a numb hand, hoping it wasn’t bruised. Her legs barely supported her as she rose and climbed back onto the bed, sticky cum coating her ass and a thick sheen of lube smearing her entire lower body. She checked the pendant over. It struck the wood floor pretty hard, but seemed to be perfectly intact. She frowned, again wondering just how hard it was to break.

A moment later, Rolando emerged from what Angela assumed was a bathroom. The man was naked, his flaccid cock swinging in front of him. His face showed surprise at seeing her unbound.

“Maybe you should tie me tighter next time.” Angela said, and winked.

The man grinned and shot back, “Perhaps the stocks next time.”

Angela gulped, hoping there would not be a next time. She made use of Rolando’s shower, cleaning herself for the third time that day, then left the house behind. Despite the long and intense anal session she’d just experienced, she was surprised that her ravaged butthole didn’t hurt as much as she’d believed. That was likely due to Rolando’s very generous and lengthy lead up to her eventual, incredible analgasms. As she drove to a nearby cafe for a much needed lunch, Angela pondered this most recent development.

Never in her life had she imagined taking anything up her ass, let alone experiencing pleasure from it while tied up and deprived of her sight and mobility. Once again, she felt that odd companionship with Angie. They might be polar opposites in their personalities, but she was quickly learning that, sexually, they were more alike than she’d care to admit. Other than the part about selling her holes to strangers, the new things she was experiencing were actually a crazy kind of thrill.

So it was that, after lunch, she drove to her third client of the day. This one would prove to be the biggest challenge, though. She’d purposely arranged her meetings today in order to get herself ready for this one. Rather, these 3. Angie’s sheet labeled these “The Triplets”. The files on her evil twin’s computer contained several home movies of Angie with these guys, who were actually triplets. Don, Dick, and Darren. The 3 men were well-built studs, and in every video they’d taken Angie all at once, in every hole. Airtight Angie, they’d joked as they repeatedly shoved dick into her orifices.

It was with a flutter in her stomach that Angela knocked on the door, waited, and then looked up into the eager face of one of the brothers. Damn, the guy was cute! Angela felt a little tingle run through her at the sight of him. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad. After all, she’d come to enjoy everything she’d been forced to do up to this point. What would be different about a little gangbang? If Angie could take it, then she had the capacity to take it, as well.

“Well Goddamn! Get your sexy ass in here, you gorgeous little slut.” The man said and held the door open for her.

“I’m so ready for this!” Angela lied, and stepped in.

Angela followed the brother (she wasn’t sure which one) down the hallway into a room which she’d seen in the videos. The place was very simple, as it served only a single purpose, and held a bed with a small table filled with various lubes and oils. The two other brothers were naked and waiting.

“That’s the nasty girl I’ve been waiting for.” One of them said, standing up and immediately ripping Angela’s top up and off of her.

“Easy, Donny!” another chastised him, “Conduct fuckin’ business first. Angie’s not your pecker toy until she’s been compensated,” he idly stroked one of her breasts as he spoke, then added, “Don’t matter how much she wants it, too.”

“Sorry, Ang,” Don said, and stepped back.

He reached for an envelope on the table and passed it to Angela. According to Angie’s records, this little adventure netted her $1,500 each time. Briefly, she wondered what these guys did that left them flush enough with cash to gangbang Angie a couple of times a week, but then decided she’d rather not know.

“That’s that.” Angela said, putting the envelope into her purse, “Can I get a dick or three now?”

This experience was going to stretch her creativity for dirty talk, she knew. These guys were nasty and degrading, if the videos were any indication, and Angie loved to play up the fact that she was a whore for them. Apparently, that was part of the kink. She wasn’t just a gangbang toy; she was a paid gangbang toy.

Don and the other naked brother immediately pushed her to her knees on the floor, and before she even had time to breathe, there was a dick in her mouth and another bobbing at her cheek. Angela wrapped her hand around this one and stroked it as she bobbed her head on Don.

“That’s it, bitch. Give that dick its money’s worth,” Don said, “I swear no other slut looks as sexy as you do with a mouthful of cock.”

“Fuckin’ right,” the other said, and pulled her head off of his brother by the hair, then crammed his meat into her sucking mouth.

Angela decided that this one was Dick, as it didn’t really matter who was whom. They were just 3 big meat poles whose only concern was getting off with her body while they degraded her. Darren had shucked his clothes now, and then appeared to Angela’s right. She gave Dick a few more pumps with her mouth, then turned to Darren, sucking him in, and moving her hands to jerk the other two brothers.

“Let’s try the double barrel again, Donny,” Darren suggested.

Donny nodded, and Darren pulled his dick from Angela’s mouth, then the two of them pressed their cocks together and attempted to shove them both into Angela’s mouth at the same time. Though there was little chance of success, they still laughed at her feeble attempts.

“Good girl, Ang. You do love some dick, don’t you?”

“Yeah!” Angela agreed, slapping one on her tongue, then the other, trying to look as slutty as possible.

Dick slapped his dick on her forehead, and she turned her attention back to him, sliding her lips over his penis while she awkwardly stroked off his brothers. As she rotated between the three of them, she looked up and saw them doing something like rock-paper-scissors. Dick lost the first round, and Donny was the victor of the second. Angela wasn’t sure what this meant, but Donny seemed pleased.

The three of them picked her up bodily, and Angela gasped as they laid her on her back on the big bed. Donny knelt between her legs, slid her skirt and panties off, and began to suck at her slit. Angela groaned happily, which opened her mouth, and Darren shoved his cock back into it.

She fumbled with her hand, found Dick’s member, and stroked it as Darren used her face. Angela marveled at just how quickly she had ended up on her back, naked with her legs spread. She couldn’t have been here for more than 10 minutes.

“How’s that tongue feel in your cunt, Ang? Donny eating that pussy good for you?”

“Mmm hmm!” Angela answered, and switched her attention to Dick’s waiting penis, stroking Darren as the two brothers pawed at her breasts and tugged her nipples. Fuck! She still felt a little unsure about the triple penetration that she knew was coming at some point, but this part sure was awesome!

Donny swapped places with Darren, who went to work eating her out. His technique was very different, and if she was being picky, better than Donny’s. It took him only a few minutes before Angela came on his face with Dick’s dick in her mouth and Donny’s lips around her tit as he frigged her clit.

God, all the attention her body was getting from every angle was overload on her senses. There were so many hands and tongues and cocks and fingers, touching and poking, groping, pulling, pawing, shoving, and slapping. All the while, the three of them prattled on, spitting filth at her.

“Fuck, yes. Suck that dick, you cheap whore.”

“Give my brother that cunt cream on his tongue, bitch.”

“Stroke that cock, slut. Get it good and hard for that sexy ass.”

“Can’t wait to shove this dick up in you again, Ang. You’re gonna get filled up so fuckin’ full.”

“You love selling pussy, don’t you whore?”

“Best cunt that money can buy.”

Darren, she thought, was the first of them to plow his cock into her. By now, Angela was very slick with spit and her own girl cum, and the feeling of that thick slab of cockmeat working its way into her immediately had her bucking her pelvis up to meet him. Her whole world became a rotation of stroke, suck, fuck, repeat, as the three brothers all took their turn in her pussy, then rotated up to clean their dick with her mouth.

Having each completed two rotations, the brothers picked her up again and turned her over. One of them, she no longer knew which was which, put his back to the headboard and guided Angela’s head to his penis. She sucked away at it, his hand resting on her head.

The other two moved behind her, and then she felt slick lube pouring onto her ass. The two of them worked the lube into her butt with their fingers, taking turns. While one fingered her anus, the other played with her pussy, fingering it and rubbing her clit until she came with the third’s cock in her drooling mouth.

Angela felt a cockhead press against her ass and relaxed, bracing herself for the penetration, and then it came. She groaned around the dick in her mouth as her first real penis slid past her ring, and the flared head popped into her asshole.

Fuck! The initial pain sent a shock through her body, but he waited, giving her some time to get used to it, then pushed again and sank deeper. After the session with Rolando, the familiar feeling of fullness returned, and it wasn’t long before the burrowing penis began to feel pleasurable.

The third brother somehow managed to get underneath her and licked at her cunt as his sibling took her ass, his big hands parting her cheeks as he increased his pace and slowly pleasured himself with her anus.

“Fuck, that ass is so good,” he said.

Angela moaned around the penis in her mouth, wondering how the guy had so much stamina. She’d been sucking and licking for 15 minutes as his brothers played with her ass and pussy, and he was still going strong. After a few minutes of reaming her butthole, he withdrew, and they swapped places. Another cock slid into her ass, much more easily this time, and began to slowly stroke in and out.

The brother in her mouth, pulled her head up by the hair and made her look him in the eyes.

“Damn good look on you, Ang,” he said, and slapped her face playfully, then took her chin in his big hand and asked, “You love getting buttfucked, don’t you, slut?”

“Uh huh… “

“Tell me you love whoring your little butt to perverts.”

Angela rocked back and forth against the man fucking her ass and said, “I love… selling my ass… to perverts to fuck… “

The guy shoved his tongue into her mouth, groped her tits, and sloppily kissed her as his brothers worked over her ass and pussy with cock and tongue. Angela squealed into the kiss as her ass contracted around the dick in it and she orgasmed.

“You didn’t get paid to cum from getting cock up your ass, did you?” the man asked.

“Mmmm, no!”

“You came with a dick in your ass because you liked it,” he stated.

“Yeah… “

“Fuckin’ slut.”

“Mmm hmm!”

Angela let out a long sigh as the dick in her ass withdrew. She felt lightheaded and shaky from the orgasm and the constant attention to every part of her body, but she was far from finished. The brother she’d been sucking slid down onto his back and positioned himself at her pussy hole, then put his hands on his hips and guided her down onto his shaft. Angela tossed her head back and moaned as he buried his length inside of her. He moved her up and down on his dick, and his brothers appeared at either side of her.

Each of them took one of her tits in a hand and squeezed it as she rode. One of them put his slimy cock into her mouth. She should feel disgusted, she knew, but she felt too far gone to care. It was just one more sick, twisted perversion, and the dick pressing up inside of her felt so fucking good. She sucked the taste of her own ass off of his cock, then took the same treatment from the other.

“You love being an ass whore, don’t you Ang?”

“Mph!” She said around the dick.

“I’m gonna put this dick back up your butt.”


The brother pulled his penis from her mouth, and it was immediately replaced with another one. He moved behind her, and she mentally braced herself for what was coming. The man in her pussy bottomed out, held her there, and then they bent her forward.

“I want you to scream around my dick when he puts it up your ass.” Said the man in her mouth.

She looked up at him with wide eyes glazed over with fucklust as he held his dick in her throat. The feeling of another hard penis at her ass seemed like just another pleasurable sensation now, and then he forced the head of it inside of her. She did scream around the cock in her mouth as the brother pushed his fat length further and further into her stretched rectum until she was completely full of cock.

Angela took in a series of heavy, labored breaths through her nose as the brother in her mouth held her hair tightly, his cock at the back of her throat.

“Airtight Angie.” He said with a smile, “Damn but you look good like this. You’re the filthiest fucking slut I’ve ever met, you know that?”


The fucking began, and Angela lost herself. The two cocks in her moved out in a practiced rhythm for long minutes, stuffing her so full. This was utterly different from being filled with two sex toys. Sex toys didn’t grab your hips, call you an ass whore, slap your cheeks, grab your tits, or jerk and throb inside of you. As the two penises alternated strokes in her body, Angela felt the first intense orgasm hit her like a truck. She spit the dick in her mouth out and screeched as her whole body shook with tremendous pleasure from every nerve. The two men pounded in and out of her through it, and then they all rotated.

She had no idea how long this went on. By the time she’d taken all three of them into every hole at least twice, her body was a sweat-covered mess, and she’d never felt so exhausted in her life. Angela lay on the soaked bed, semen running from her every orifice. She could swear there was even cum dripping from her nostrils, but she could barely think straight.

She heard the three men leave the room, laughing loudly as she tried to gain some semblance of where and who she was, having been nothing but a set of three holes for who knew how long. Damn, what an experience! Then, the bed beneath her vanished, and she fell to the floor with a hard thump. Somebody screamed.

Judas Christ!

Chapter 18: An Unexpected Cure

Angela collapsed onto Angie’s bed. Her entire body ached, and she felt as though her insides had been rearranged.

“Fuck you, Angie.” She said, and then fell asleep.

It was dark when she finally awoke to an all-encompassing feeling of pain. Groaning pitifully, she crawled off of the bed and discarded her tiny skirt and top. She’d lost her panties somewhere but didn’t care. The only thing on her mind was washing the dried sweat, lube and cum from her body.

The hot shower was one of the best feelings in her life. Soaping up her tender pussy and ass, she marveled at how hard she’d cum getting repeatedly violated by the three filthy brothers, and even though she hurt all over, she realized that she was actually not against doing something like that again.

The way she was continually manhandled, contorted, used and toyed with had been utterly raunchy, but also exciting. The way her body felt now, though, was not enjoyable in the least. How did Angie do that at least twice a week, and then take on even more? She could barely keep herself standing right now.

Clean at last, Angela returned to the bed and ordered takeout from her Wozpad. She’d damn well earned this money today, and she wasn’t going to skimp on getting some good food. The weary fog cleared from her head after her nap and shower, and she mulled over the problem of getting home once more.

She’d been far too fucked out on the last shift to keep track of how much time this latest debauchery had added, but she estimated that she had to be close to 3 seconds. She checked her messages and arranged a bit of an easier day for tomorrow. No anal. God, her ass couldn’t take another pounding right now. She hoped she hadn’t broken anything.

While she waited on her food to arrive, her mind turned back to her curiosity about Dale. Did he have a home office? She got off the bed, wincing at the soreness in her ass and went exploring. She found a small office tucked into the spare room next to Angie’s father’s bedroom. The door did not have a lock. She considered if this action would set her back but decided that snooping around was definitely in keeping with Angie, if for no other reason than finding something valuable to steal and pawn.

Dale’s office was neatly organized, with an array of filing cabinets. She quickly checked each one, unsure of what she was really looking for, but hoping something might stand out concerning “Recoder technology”. Nothing in the cabinets did. She sat in front of the computer, moved the mouse, and it prompted her for a password. She tried her birthday in reverse, like the lockbox her dad kept the spare key in behind the house, and the computer unlocked.

She felt a small pang of sadness at that. Dale actually did love his daughter, despite Angie being such a horrible person. When had it all gone wrong in Angie’s life? What had turned her from being someone who was compassionate and intelligent, into a lazy, fuck-anything slut who viewed everyone and everything with disdain?

A folder on the desktop labeled “DomCo” caught her attention immediately, shoving thoughts of Angie to the back of her mind. She opened the folder and started going through the files. Each of them was labeled with some kind of system that only Dale understood, but as she opened them, she could tell that they were formulas of some kind. Her knowledge of chemistry and biology was nowhere near good enough to understand what was happening in these pages, but it was something. She printed off copies of them, and then went to answer the doorbell.

Shoveling Chinese chicken into her mouth, she waited by the printer for the task to complete, then quickly put the machine to sleep, took the papers, and made a last glance around the office to ensure that she’d covered her tracks. Satisfied, she returned to her room, folded the papers, and hid them in her purse. Now, she just had to make sure she was actually carrying the thing when she did eventually get home. For the rest of the evening, she let her battered holes rest, and soaked in mindless entertainment from a world gone wrong.

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