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Doppelgänger, Part 4

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Chapter 15: An Evil in Two Places

Angela had never enjoyed a shower more in her life, she thought, as she collapsed onto Angie’s bed, finally clean. She’d desperately needed it, too. After a brief rest, Brad had taken full advantage of her offer to fuck her for the rest of the day. He’d taken her twice more over two hours, and she’d absolutely loved it! She’d been more careful, though, aware of when each act was completed, and waiting for the shifts. The second one came just after riding Brad’s cock to a very satisfying orgasm. She’d quickly rolled off of him and measured the time. She’d spent just over a second staring into the face of the Brunette woman as she appeared on her bed next to her, long enough to hear her scream.

The next shift was measurably longer. Brad had taken her from behind, and when he unloaded into her for the third time, she made a show of accidentally falling off the bed. This time, the woman in the other room was gone. Presumably, she’d fled the haunted hotel room in terror, fearing for her sanity.

Laying back on the big princess bed, Angela thought about what she’d learned. First, sex was fucking wonderful! No wonder Angie liked to fuck so much. Second, Brad was not quite the asshole she’d made him out to be. He’d been genuinely into making sure she was enjoying everything he did to her. He probably hoped that she’d want to do it again. He was right. Third, her actions were moving in the right direction. It was very much like Angie to enjoy being fucked, and to want to do it multiple times in a day with different men. Angie wanted variety.

The brief crossovers had taught her things, as well. Wherever she was when she shifted was where she’d end up on the other side. That included being with whoever was there at the time. She’d have to watch that. When the shifts did finally last long enough to take advantage of them, she’d likely be naked and freshly fucked. She allowed herself a moment of perverted excitement about the idea, touched her pussy while she imagined it, and was rewarded by a shift long enough that she fell onto her back on the floor, because the bed had vanished beneath her. Then, she was back, and looking up at the bottom of the mattress. Inconvenient, she thought as she wiggled out from beneath the bed.

Her next experiment was with the pendant. First, she held it up to the light, and saw that it was dark. Angie must still have hers hidden somewhere. She placed the chain around her neck, then used the stopwatch on her WozPad to time how long it would take her to remove the pendant and throw it to the floor, where it would (hopefully) shatter. Just over 5 seconds, if she undid the clasp. Miming ripping the stone from her neck and breaking the thin chain brought it down to just over 2 seconds. Ripping the thing off was the way to go. Then a thought struck her, and she started over.

Assuming the pendant did not break when thrown on the ground, she had to have time to retrieve it before shifting back, or she’d be stuck here forever. A wave of abject terror flowed through her at the idea. She decided on no less than 8 seconds just to leave a margin for error.

Further analysis of the increase of the shifts, versus the kinds of behaviors that triggered them told her that small things, such as being bitchy, added imperceptible increments to the length of time spent during crossover. When she thought about it philosophically, she determined that everyone has the capacity to be hostile or rude. It might be out of character for someone, but it was always a possibility.

More extreme acts, which were wholly Angie-like and in total opposition to her own character, added to the shifts in a way that was perceptible to the human sense of time. She put it all together. Sucking cock was enjoyable, even when someone just used her mouth like a cumhole. It gave her an odd sense of power that she liked. Her hot mouth was so desirable that men would pay her just to cum in it. Fucking? That she absolutely enjoyed, far more than she’d ever imagined she would. Angie, though, wasn’t just a one dick pony. She was into multiple partners at once. 3, 4, 7 men all taking turns on her or stuffing her every orifice with dick at the same time. What was more, she didn’t just do it out of spite or for the money. She did it because she liked it.

That meant that Angela would need to like it, not just do it and tolerate it. She might be able to eventually push the shifts far enough by easing herself along, doing what she already knew she could handle, but that could take weeks. She needed to get back fast, or Angie was going to completely destroy her life, as well as her father’s.

Angela gripped the horrid stone in her fist and rallied her determination. Whatever it took, she was going to do it. She’d be the hottest teenage gangfuck toy in town, just like Angie, and God dammit she was going to love doing it. Tonight, though, she was going to rest.

Laying back on the bed, she swiped open the WozPad, her mind turning back to its natural curiosity. What was the rest of this place like? She wondered. Determining how to get home had consumed her every waking moment, thus far, that she’d barely taken the time to let the fact that she was actually in a parallel universe sink in. What budding scientist wouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity to learn something?

Here, Alta Vista was the dominant search engine, every bit as all-powerful as Google was back home. She scanned down the news headlines, getting a sense of what this world was like. One article in particular stopped her scrolling, though, because the photo next to the headline was her father’s. Rather, it was Angie’s father’s. The headline read, “Human Trials in Anti-Recoder Treatments Begin.”