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Doppelgänger, Part 3

Chapter 11: Eager Assistant

Angie had never considered the A/V club to have any use whatsoever, until today. In order to make her transformation, though, she was going to need help. People didn’t go from mega-nerd to super-slut in a day. The entire appeal of the thing was the transformation. That meant that Not-eNerd would need to start with the kind of boys that Angela was interested in. Nerds. They couldn’t just be any nerds, though. They needed to be useful nerds.

Coming up with names of the people her dork self associated with hadn’t proved all that easy. Angela didn’t have any social media presence. She didn’t even own a phone. She did have an old laptop that wasn’t good for much besides typing papers, and which hadn’t held much in the way of helpful information. Getting through the password on the thing had proved a challenge, too. Angie just wasn’t used to thinking like a geek. She’d finally cracked the goddamn thing after looking at Angela’s bookshelf, where a copy of a biography of some guy named Fibonacci held a birthday message from her father. She typed in the math fucker's name and the computer unlocked.

All that work had nearly proved to be a waste, though. Angela had nothing but school papers and some horrible poetry she'd written. The only valuable information she’d been able to glean was that Angela had done a stellar video project with another geek named Brian, and he’d been a pro director. Even Angie could see that the kid had an eye for lighting and angles.

Today, A/V club was basically a study period, all of the projects having been wrapped up for the year. Brian was busy pouring over a graded practice exam for their shared history class, another reason the boy would be useful.

“Hey, Brian.” Angie said, taking a seat at a table with him, and flipping back her hair.

The poor boy’s eyes nearly fell out of his head at the sight of her.

“Ang… Angela?” he stammered, looking at her cleavage.

“Hey. How did you do on the pre-test?” She asked, as though her state of dress was nothing new.

“Um… great.”

Angie put her hand on his leg, and smiled, saying, “Of course you did! You know, I wanted to talk to you about a video project. It’s off school hours, but I think it could be fun. I loved what you did with our presentation!”

“I… I, um, yeah. What is it?”

Angie ran her hand up his leg a little further, dangerously close to his crotch.

“It’s, well, a little more risque.” She bit her lip nervously, and glanced around the room, lowered her voice, and went on, “Just kind of an… erotic film experiment I’ve been thinking about. It’s not, like, crazy or a nudie flick or something. I’m thinking more like Bigas Luna, or Russ Meyer.”

She watched his eyes glaze over at the idea. Before last night, Angela had no idea who those names were, but a quick search of artsy, erotic film directors had given them to her.

“You like Russ Meyer?” Brian asked dreamily.

“Yeah! Busty dominant women? It’s kind of a guilty pleasure, but it’s so funny!”

The boy smiled back, probably thinking about all the times he’d whacked off to the idea of being dominated by women with big tits. Wish granted, she thought.

“Yeah. Sure. It sounds like it could be cool. Um, what do you have in mind? Do you have a working script or anything we can look at?”

“Later.” She said, “Maybe after school you can show me some of your equipment?”

Her nails brushed his penis as she withdrew her hand, making him blush.

“I… uh… y, yeah. Totally!”

“Maybe you can drive me home? I can show you how deep the plot goes for what I’m thinking about.”

Brian swallowed a lump in his throat bigger than the lump in his pants.

Chapter 12: The Slithery T

Angela knocked on the door to a small house with faded blue paint, just off of 8th Street. Despite the general disrepair of the surrounding neighborhood, the place was well-kept. Even the walkway to the door had been patched over the years, cracks sealed, and the lawn was very evenly mowed. Small flowers lined the walk up to the porch, and neatly trimmed hedges blocked off the view of most of the chain link fence around the lot. Angela wondered why Angie did not have more wealthy clients. Certainly, she knew other people in the same social class as her father. Then, she figured that it was probably part of Angie’s kink. It was sluttier to whore her body out to low-class men who would throw their meager income at her just for a chance at a hot teen body of the kind they’d never see naked outside of licensed internet porn.

Focusing on quelling the flutter of fear in her stomach, Angela waited for the door to open. When it did, she was greeted by a muscular young man with an unruly mop of black hair. Angela guessed him in his late twenties and compared to Arnold this guy was a dreamboat. He wore an easy smile that made her feel better, and his eyes were kind, if hungry as he raked them over her body.

“Hey, kitten.” The man said. Angela’s spreadsheet named him Mike.

“Hey stud!” Angela chirped.

Mike waved her in and shut the door.

“I’ve been thinking about you. Glad you could make it.” He said, leading her into his living room, where he drew the curtains and asked, “Can I get you a beer?”

“Hell yeah!” Angela accepted. She had never had beer and wasn’t sure how it would mix with the belly full of Arnold’s jizz and a latte, but it seemed like what Angie would do.

“Have a seat.” He pointed to a couch.

Angela waited for her beer to arrive and surveyed the tidy little place. Mike may have looked like a frat boy, but he didn’t live like one. He returned with her beer, twisted off the cap and flicked it expertly into a nearby trash can. Angela accepted it and chugged. She thought it was disgusting but downed half the bottle in one long gulp.

“Cheers!” Mike said and raised his own bottle to her.

“So,” Angela said, setting the rest of the bottle aside, “What’s your pleasure today?”

Mike grinned and said, “Straight to business. That’s why I like you, Ang. You don’t fuck around about fucking around.” He pulled a wallet from his shorts and took out $100, handed it over.

Angela put the going rate for Angie’s mouth into her purse, and Mike patted the seat next to him.

“Tits out, kitten.” Mike instructed.

Angela peeled off her top and dropped it over her purse, resisting the temptation to cover herself with her hands in front of this stranger that she was about to suck off.

“Damn! I never get tired of those gorgeous melons.” He said, shaking his head.

Mike wriggled out of his shorts and discarded his tank top. Angela sat next to the naked stranger and his half hard penis. Mike was more of a size similar to Brad, she noted, but he was completely denuded of hair. This struck her as somewhat courteous. Mike flipped on the TV with the remote as he put his arm around Angela’s shoulders, and gently guided her toward her task. She opened her mouth and slipped her soft lips over her third hard cock of the day.

“Check out this new shit I got, baby. You’re gonna like this one.” Mike said, as Angela played her tongue around his cockhead.

While she was thankful that Mike wasn’t making any effort to shove her head down his prick, or fuck it into her reluctant mouth, she couldn’t deny a certain feeling of pride at how accustomed she was becoming to putting cock in her mouth. The act of sucking dicks, she found, was actually kind of calming in a way. Hearing the men groan as they took pleasure from her mouth made her feel warm and wet between the legs. It was only that she was doing it for total strangers out of desperation that really stopped her from enjoying the good feeling in her pussy. The fact that she did feel excitement about it made her feel like a slut. She should embrace the feeling, she knew. It’s what Angie would do, but it was so very hard to like being wanted only for the pleasure you could provide to men with hard dicks, rather than the brilliant thoughts that came out of your mind.

Mike clicked a few buttons on the remote, and Angela saw a video begin to play on the screen. The film was obviously homemade, probably with someone’s phone camera. Unlicensed porn, Angela guessed, slowly sliding her lips down Mike’s hardening shaft, while her eyes watched the TV. She still couldn’t get the idea out of her mind that two days ago she’d been at the precipice of adulthood, on track to graduate with a wide choice of colleges ahead, and now she was on a total stranger’s couch, being paid to suck his dick while watching underground porn. What would Angie do?

She sealed her lips tighter around Mike’s penis and breathed through her nose to get as much of it into her mouth as possible. Mike gave an appreciative groan, and rested his beefy hand on her ass, squeezing it as she sucked him. The TV showed a big-breasted girl with black and purple pigtails, a little stud in her nose, laying on her back on a bench. The girl’s legs were stretched widely apart, and secured to poles, with restraints, on either side of the bench. A very large toy in his hand, a masked man slapped the girl across the face several times. The girl’s body shook with perverse pleasure each time.

“You’re a fucking hole!” The man hissed at her.

“Fuck you!” The girl spat at him, “I’m 3 fucking holes!”

Mike chuckled at that and squeezed Angela’s ass again. Having had little experience with porno, the scene was shocking. She shouldn’t be that surprised, she thought. Angie had recorded herself being handcuffed to a bed while two guys took turns burying their cocks in her ass until she orgasmed. Angie was evil, though. She expected that kind of behavior from an evil slut. Apparently, there were a lot of evil sluts out there.

Angela drew her lips up and suckled on the head of Mike’s penis, massaging it while stroking his pisshole with her tongue. Mike groaned and she felt his cock twitch, a small dollop of precum oozing out of the tip onto her tongue. She lapped it up and continued her lip massage. The man in the video pushed the big, thick toy cock in his hand into the restrained girl, who shuddered as the thing opened her pussy up.

“Fuck!” The girl moaned, “So big!”

“That’s the small one!” The man said, and laughed, pushing the rest of the toy into her. He began to fuck her with it in long, hard strokes as the girl screamed for more. Moments later, her cunt gushed a stream of clear girl cum out around the toy, and her entire body quivered. The man pulled the thing out of her, and reached for another one, much larger this time.

“Damn, dude. Are you watching it again?” A voice said from the kitchen entry.

Angela jerked back in surprise, but Mike quickly grabbed her head and held it in place, pushing her back down on his cock.

“Uh uh, slut. Keep going,” he said. Then, to the newcomer, “Yeah, man. I thought Ang would get off on this shit. How you likin’ the show, kitten?”

“Mmm hmm.” Angela agreed, not liking it at all.

“Hey, Ang.” The newcomer said, as though he hadn’t noticed the topless whore with his friend’s dick in her mouth until now.

Angela glanced away from the dick in her mouth and the girl on the screen, who was now screaming again as 14 inches of rubber, nearly 5 inches around was shoved into her body. The new man in the room was about the same age as Mike. Angela tried to recall the other two names from the same address on Angie’s sheet, but Mike was gently masturbating himself with her face now, and aggressively palming her butt cheek. Combined with the screams of agony and pleasure from the woman on the TV, and the growing heat between her legs, Angela’s recall was not forthcoming.

Mike’s roommate tossed some money onto Angela’s discarded shirt, and she panicked. Two at once? How much money did he just throw down? Would he wait his turn or want her to do him at the same time? Oh shit!

“Cheap ass,” Mike said, good-humored.

The roommate snorted and said, “Whatever man. You know I love to eat this slut’s pussy. You love it, too, don’t you Ang?”

He opened his mouth, and stuck out one of the longest, thickest tongues that Angela had ever seen. The thing had to be as big as Mike’s dick. And it was about to go inside of her. She couldn’t run. This had to be done. It wasn’t as though she could physically get away, anyway. These two were so horned up now that there was no way they were going to stop using her until their lust had been satisfied.

Roommate grasped the hem of Angela’s skirt and pulled it down, then removed her panties, leaving her completely naked. He wrapped her panties around his cock and jerked himself with them as he maneuvered her body into a better position. The guy was stronger than his physique had led her to believe. He easily picked up her lower body and pulled it over the arm of the couch. Her legs dangled over the side now, spread, with her wet pussy exposed and ready for a thorough tonguing. Mike’s cock remained buried in her mouth, and he seemed content to let her simply drool over his penis while his friend knelt behind her.

“You had this pussy fucked today, baby?” Roommate asked.

“Nnnn nnn!” Angela mumbled around Mike’s cock, suddenly afraid. There was no way she’d be able to stop him if he decided he wanted to sink his dick into her.

“Too bad. I do love it when you feed me those sloppy seconds,” the guy said.

“You’re a sick fuck,” Mike said, and chuckled.

A sensation like nothing she’d ever felt in her life suddenly invaded Angela’s pussy. This guy’s tongue was like a living thing, slithering inside of her like a snake, wiggling and thrashing.

“Mlly Thip!” She squealed around Mike’s cock.

Mike groaned loudly as her exclamation sent vibrations of pleasure along his cock.

“Damn, man. Keep on going. That was fuckin’ good," he said.

Roommate did keep going, worming that long, thick tongue as deep as it would go, and then working it acrobatically inside of her, now, very wet sheath. Angela had no need to play at enjoying this. It was fucking incredible! Any pretense she’d had of playing at a slut was dashed away as this stranger’s python of a tongue twisted and licked out her insides to the most mind-blowing feeling she’d ever experienced.

Angela moaned like the sex-mad whore that Angie was, her entire body convulsing with a life-altering orgasm that had her head spinning. Mike muttered to himself as Angela moaned around his dick, thrashing about. Roommate held her ass apart with both hands. The woman on the TV screamed and squirted again, or maybe it was herself this time. She wasn’t sure.

Roommate withdrew his magic tongue from her sopping pussy. Angela lifted her head up from Mike’s cock just long enough to say, “More! Put it back in!”

Roommate laughed, “You should be paying me for this shit.”

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and then ran his long tongue through her embarrassingly soaked slit. She could actually feel her juices dripping from it. Instead of pushing it back into her pussy, though, the tip of it tickled her anus. Angela’s body tensed. He couldn’t! He was! The tip of the snake opened up her virgin ass. The guy curled it and pushed it further. Angela made a conscious effort not to bite down on Mike’s cock, and as the length of that monstrous tongue squirmed its way into her ass, she began to suck like a true whore. Mike guided her head up and down as she sucked, now not so eager for this to end.

Angela believed that getting anything shoved up her ass was going to hurt, and if it were a penis it might have. This was in no way unpleasant, though. This was fucking amazing, and when Roommate shoved two of his fingers inside her pussy and began to massage it, she bucked against him and came again. Her frantic dick sucking and the sight of a hot teenager in the throes of orgasm did its work on Mike, as well. He pulled Angela off his penis by her hair and fired thick ropes of cum onto her cock-drunk face. She couldn’t even feel disgusted by her first facial. The way this guy’s tongue was buried in her ass was an all-consuming feeling of total bliss. Mike grinned at her shell-shocked face, eyes clouded over with pleasure.

“Lookin’ good, Ang.” He remarked.

Roommate removed his tongue and fingers from her body and pulled Angela around to face him. Before she had time to register what was happening, the magic tongue was in her mouth. She kissed back, smacking lips with this total stranger that had just invaded her body in a way she’d never dreamed was possible, then the sick bastard raked his tongue across her cum-soaked face, jerking his cock with her panties until he came.

As the intense feeling of pleasure began to fade, leaving her feeling empty inside, Angela began to shake. The scientific part of her brain was telling her that she was traumatized, but the Angie in her was giving her a mental thumbs-up. Then, the world shimmered, and the two men winked out of existence, as though they’d been a dream. She had only the briefest glimpse of another Mike, skinny and missing teeth, his mouth wide open, looking as shocked as she felt. Then, it was gone, and she was naked, covered in saliva and her own cum, while Angie’s clients bumped fists as bros are wont to do.

Chapter 13: Not-eNerd

Brian was, understandably, very nervous to be in a girl’s room alone with her for the first time. Though he was trying to act cool, carrying his little camera bag and pole lights, Angie could see him shaking. He fidgeted with the bag in his hand as if unsure where to put it.

“You can just set that anywhere.” Angie instructed, opening the closet door and pulling out some of Angela’s gross, stuffy clothes.

Brian set the camera bag on her desk and leaned the bag with his lights against the edge of it. He still couldn’t get over the fact that he was going to see a girl naked, and a girl he’d had a crush on since they did their project together. Angela was super smart, and he’d always thought she was pretty. She didn’t show it off, like some of the “cool” girls, but he wasn’t blind. The past couple of days, though, that had suddenly changed. While it was different, it wasn’t all that surprising.

Lots of the kids were going through sudden changes with graduation coming. It was like the experience had shifted people’s perspectives about their future, which made sense, and some of them were embracing becoming adults, changing their looks, or their music. Even Jessica Rain, a black-haired goth girl for the last four years, had shown up this week as a blonde in blue jeans and cowboy boots!

Brian watched Angie pulling out clothes and looking them over, marveling at the change in her appearance from just putting her hair down and taking off her glasses. To say nothing of the tight top that displayed her boobs so prominently. He thought again that this might be the best decision of his life.

Angie settled on her choice for the first shoot, a baggy, gray blouse that came up to her neck, and a pair of loose, linen pants with wide legs. It was one of the ugliest things she’d ever seen. She threw the clothes on the bed, fished a pair of Angela’s glasses out of a tote on the floor, and then stripped off her shirt. Brian made a little squeaking sound. Shit, she’d almost forgotten the little twerp was there.

“Well, I’m going to be taking them off again later, anyway, right?” she said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Uh, yeah. Ok,” Brian stammered.

He made a show of checking his camera over, watching from the corner of his eye, while Angie pulled the blouse on, then changed her pants and underwear. She wrapped her hair up in a tight bun, and then slipped the glasses on. Glancing in the mirror, she mentally compared herself to Angela, and decided it was perfect.

“I think I’m ready,” she said to Brian.

Brian nodded, already setting up the lights, which drove the shadows from the room. He also placed a second camera on a tripod with a wide view of the room. Once finished, he took up his camera and asked, “So, uh, how do you want to, um, start?”

“Well, you’re the director, Mr. Meyer. Direct!”

Brian glowed at the praise. Film school was coming, but he was getting to work with his first actress right now!

“Ok.” He said, closed his eyes for a moment, and then said, “This is a coming-of-age series. You’re realizing that you’re now an adult, and you’ve been so focused on making good grades and furthering your academic pursuits, that you’ve never learned about your own sexuality. You’re curious, and you’re afraid, but when you think about it at night, all alone, you touch yourself and wonder what it would be like to explore those feelings.”

Angie felt that he was describing himself to a tee, but she remained silent and nodded along.

“Since this is going to be an ongoing series, and you want people to engage with you, we don’t want to give too much away at first. We want to tantalize your audience, get them to connect with your uncertainty and eagerness. We’ll keep it short for now, and we’ll record some voice over later. The thing with a lot of these Just4Fans girls is that they just film stuff as it happens, which is ok for the realism factor, but the idea here is to draw an audience that will come back repeatedly for the next episode. It’s like any good TV show. The story is what will draw them in. They’ll need to know what’s going to happen next, and how what already happened is going to change you as a character.”

Angie nodded, legitimately approving. It seemed she’d made the right pick with this guy. He might have been a nervous wreck when he was thinking about seeing a naked girl for the first time, but once he got to talking about what he loved, he was completely cool. It occurred to her, then, that this wasn’t only his chance to see a cute girl naked, it was his big debut as a filmmaker, and he was all-in.

“Sit on the bed, cross-legged, back against the headboard. Put those two toys in front of you, but don’t open them.”

Angie did as instructed, placing two sex toys she’d purchased today, with Brian in tow, on the bed in front of her. The first was a small pink vibrator, while the second was a larger rabbit that she was quite eager to get into her cunt later. She hadn’t cum since yesterday and it was getting unbearable.

Brian switched on the camera and stood at the foot of the bed.

“You’re curious.” He instructed, “You’ve never owned a sex toy before. You know, in theory, what they are, and you’re excited thinking about how they might feel. Will it be different from masturbation with your own fingers?”

Brian got a closeup view of Angie’s face as she chewed her lower lip in anticipation.

“Pick up the small one and open it. You’re nervous. It’s just a plastic package, but your hands are shaky and unsure. You’re thinking about the possible pleasure it’s going to bring you.”

Angie took up the package and fumbled with it until she tore it open. She cast aside the wrapping and held the little toy in her hand, examining it like a nerdy scientist. Her fingers traced the silicone shape, and her eyes were wide and studious.

“Now, just touch it with the tip of your tongue, experimentally. You’ve heard the cheerleaders talk about putting a boy’s thing in your mouth. Will this be the same?”

Angie poked her tongue out and tickled the little toy with it, then giggled to herself like she was so naughty.

“Good! Good!” Brian praised her, “Now, lay it aside and open the next one. You’re just a little more confident. You’re becoming aroused at the thought of using them on yourself. Your trepidation is fading, and your curiosity is growing like the heat between your legs.”

Angie was not feeling any trepidation, but he’d pegged the warmth in her pussy, for sure. She unwrapped the next toy, more hurriedly this time, and opened her mouth in a little O of surprise, her eyes wide as she took in the sight of it. It was so much bigger than the other one. The flush in her cheeks, from her growing arousal, could easily be interpreted as a flush of embarrassment about her own feelings. Oh, Angela, what a naughty girl you’re going to be, she thought.

“Bring it to your mouth and kiss the tip of it with your lips.”

Angie did, giving the toy a little kiss, then sliding her lips over the head of it for good measure.

“Great!” Brian said, his voice a bit husky, “Now, set it aside and pick up the first one.”

Angie picked up the small vibrator.

“Hold it up and switch it on. You’ll be surprised at the vibrations.”

Angie gasped as the toy began to vibrate in her hand.

“Keep your eyes on it. Let your other hand wander to your breast. Squeeze it gently. Just like that. Good! You’re so excited about what you’re going to do. It’s so different from the way you’ve acted your entire life. Good girls don’t buy sex toys to put in their vaginas. Naughty girls do that. You’re about to feel what it’s like to be a naughty girl, for the first time.”

Angie suppressed a chuckle as she squeezed her tit through her top. If only Brian had seen her being gangfucked last week, he might think otherwise. Of course, her own Brian played for the baseball team, and gangbangs were not an infrequent occurrence amongst that crowd. Angie had done of couple of them, blindfolded, so she might have even fucked this guy already.

“Let your hand with the toy stray to rest between your legs. You need to feel it, but you’re not excited enough to cross that line into letting it touch your naked flesh. Not yet.”

Angie continued to fondle her breasts through her top and let the toy rest between her legs. As the vibrator made contact with her pussy through the cloth, she let her head fall back and eyes close. She let out a small squeak of pleasure.

“Perfect!” Brian praised her, playing the camera across her half-lidded eyes, then capturing her face, then panning down her body, where she pawed her tits a bit more roughly. The camera slid down further, focusing on her hand, holding the pink toy against her parted legs.

“Now, undo the tie on your pants. You’re going to slide the toy inside, bringing it closer to its goal. Your excitement is growing, and you’re taking the next step. That first barrier is gone, your pants. Now, only your panties are in the way of truly feeling what it’s like to be a naughty girl that touches her pussy with sex toys.”

The ties came loose easily, and Angie loosened the drawstring, giving her hand enough room to slide beneath the light cloth. She had to give the boy credit. He was doing a great job getting her into character, and the thought of what she was doing to Angela was getting her so fucking wet. She was a mean girl, after all. Making herself feel good was her primary driving force in life. The idea that she could actually take over someone else’s life, and utterly change who they were was immensely exciting and powerful.

Angie pushed her hand into her pants, bringing the vibrating toy to her pussy. The hum of the thing was muted by the cloth as she rubbed it against her panties and let the pleasure show on her face. Fuck, that was good! Her hand continued to squeeze her tits through the blouse as she teased herself with the vibrator. Brian played the camera up to her face, capturing the feeling of excited bliss as she explored her new feelings.

“Let your excitement build.” Brian directed, “This is all so new, and it feels so good. Let your hand stray to the hem of your top and slide under it. Slowly slide it up your stomach to your breast.”

Angie did as instructed, tracing her fingers up her belly, showing just a hint of her skin to the camera as she groped herself through her bra.

“Your pants are in the way now. You’ve become excited enough to push them down and show us your panties.”

Angie wiggled the pants down her legs and kicked them off, then pressed the toy against her pussy again, sliding it up and down her slit through the panties. Her excitement produced a visible wet spot on the crotch, which Brian was happy to capture in closeup. He alternated between her panting face, the toy rubbing her pussy, and her hands touching her breasts.

“Now, pull the panties to the side and let the toy touch your naked flesh for the first time. One more boundary has been crossed. You feel so naughty touching a sex toy against your bare pussy, the way only your hands have done up until now.”

Angie pulled the panties to the side, exposing her wet pussy to the camera, and then continued teasing her slit with the toy, the vibrations working her up as they pulsed through her crotch. The toy was slick with her arousal, and she lingered against her clit, letting the vibrations propel her toward an orgasm. Fuck, she wanted to cum! She pinched her nipple through the thick bra as the camera captured the gentle rocking of her hips pushing against the good feelings building up inside of her.

“Slip it inside of you,” Brian said, his own arousal clear in his voice.

Shit! His first film! His first naked vagina! This was a day to remember.

Angie pushed the little toy into her wet pussy and slowly began to fuck it in and out while she played with her tits, gasping as the feeling intensified. The camera focused on her busy hand, pushing in, pulling out, pausing inside of her to let the feeling build. She bucked her hips against the toy at the same time, wishing it was one of her hung clients rather than a tiny vibrator. A good, hard pounding underneath a sweating, grunting stud was what she really needed.

Brian watched in awe, silent now, as Angie lost herself in the pleasure of her impending orgasm. The little sighs and squeals she made were so erotic, he thought, his cock hard in his jeans. Watching a woman orgasm in person was nothing like porn made it out to be. This was incredible! He could see every quiver of her body as the feelings she gave herself swept through her, heard the hum of the vibrator and the wet, squishing sounds from between her legs. He imagined, if he were closer, that he could even smell the hot scent of her arousal. Angie’s sexy little moans became more impassioned as she got herself off in front of the camera, until she finally found her release. Brian captured it all, already editing the footage in his head.

Chapter 14: Hotel Humpdate

Angela staggered out of Mike’s house with her head in a sexual fog. She’d thought she was familiar with what an orgasm felt like. Masturbation wasn’t something she did often, and the results were not really something that had blown her mind, thus she’d never really felt the need to explore it more than was biologically necessary for a teenager with changing hormones. Holy shit, though, had she been wrong! For the first time she understood Angie’s sex addiction. The hooking, she understood on a different level. That was just Angie fueling her kinks, but the physical pleasure of having an intense orgasm like the one she’d just experienced on the nameless Roommate’s tongue was not something she’d been prepared for. Her extensive vocabulary failed to give her words to describe it, other than so damn good! She almost did give the guy his money back and ask for another one, but Angie would never do that.

Instead, she’d wrapped up business and now, stumbled down the walkway with the most delicious feeling between her legs. As she exited the gate, she fished the phone from her purse and called Brad.

“Hey, Princess,” he answered.

“Where are you?” she asked, “I’m getting bored.”

Brad sighed and said, “I’m almost finished. The locksmith got the keys made, so I’ll be on my way soon. I’ll pick you up at the Horizon store.”

“Fine,” Angela said, rolling her eyes for good measure and started back toward the store.

She waited outside on a bench, eating a sandwich and replying to other requests for services. Since she was about to give up her pussy for the first time to Brad, though, she replied that she wasn’t available right now. While she waited, she pondered the upcoming fucking she was about to receive. Angela had always believed, somehow, that she’d meet some nice boy in college, and that they’d fumble around awkwardly to learn what this whole sex thing was all about. Circumstances being as they were, the timeline for sex education had sped up immensely.

The necessity of becoming a slut had taught her that the experience was far different from what she’d imagined, especially that damned tongue. That part made her tingle all over again as she remembered the writhing thing burrowing into her body and making her head explode with that incredible feeling. It made a perverted sort of sense. She was Angie, and Angie was her. Their bodies were bound to react the same way to the stimulation. If she’d had Angie’s life, she’d likely have turned out the same way, which meant that sluttiness was there inside of her.

That, also, made sense, when she considered her own actions today. It hadn’t really been the sexual acts themselves that she disliked. Those had actually been, in a weird way, enjoyable. Even the way Arnold had, essentially, degraded her and treated her as nothing more than a useful hole to unload his balls into had aroused her in a way she hadn’t thought possible. No, it wasn’t the acts themselves, but rather the fact that it was being forced on her as her only path to reclaim her own life. What was to come next was going to decide whether she could really stick with this thing, though.

What would it be like to get a hard penis pushed into her? Would it be like the tongue? Would she feel the same rush of pleasure and that orgasmic explosion from it? It sure would make the rest of her upcoming tasks more palatable, if she could at least get some kind of enjoyment out of the whole deal.

She thought back to the “wildest” night of her life up until this unfortunate event. Just after the divorce, she and Kat had gone super crazy and taken some wine coolers from Kat’s stepdad's garage fridge. It was the one time in her life that she’d gotten buzzed, which then led her to come home feeling rather amorous. She’d made the brash decision to masturbate with a hairbrush, which led to a horrific puncturing of her hymen, some blood, and a sense of terrific shame. She’d resolved never to be the kind of girl that would lose control and bang herself with household objects again, and that had been that. That had not been a pleasurable experience. Until today, it had been the only time she’d had something other than a finger inside herself.

Brad’s black sedan rolled up to the curb in front of her at that moment. Angela pasted on her bitch face and opened the door. Inside, Brad handed her a key to a vehicle she had never seen.

“No calls from your dad, as of yet, so I think you’re in the clear,” he said.

“Did you get the room?” she asked, without thanking him.

“Booked it while I was waiting,” he said excitedly.

“Let’s go, then.”

Brad put the car in drive and pulled back onto the road. The motel he’d booked was just on the other side of downtown proper, and when they pulled in Angela was not impressed. The place was definitely low rent, with the shoddy old sign reading “Rooms from $35.99 per night”. Angie would probably be thrilled about this, though. It certainly played into her desire to be used like a cheap piece of ass.

“What a dump,” Angela said, “But it’s kind of hot.”

Brad raised an eyebrow.

She added, “You’re gonna take me to a seedy motel and fuck daddy’s little princess like some cheap hooker. It’s kind of hot.”

“Actually, it was one of the only places that had check-in before 2pm, but I do see the appeal. You’re right. It is kind of hot. I’ll be right back.”

Brad went into the office to check-in and get a key. The process took a few minutes, and then he drove them around to the back of the place and parked.

“Come on, slut,” he said and got out of the car.

Angela followed him, slightly ashamed by the fact that her pussy got a bit damp when he’d called her a slut. Maybe that was just the residual saliva left over from the tongue monster. Either way, she wasn’t going to shower. Let Brad kiss her with two guys spermy leftovers on her breath and lick up another man’s spit between her legs. He was an asshole. He deserved it. The world shimmered around her, catching her unprepared. For an instant, the trashy motel appeared clean and white-washed before her, and then it was gone. She stopped at the door, hiding the look of surprise she knew she was showing. Shit! That reaction had been pure Angie!

Brad unlocked the door, and Angela followed him inside. He shut it, locked it, and flipped on the light. Only one of the two lamps worked, and she almost wished it hadn’t. The place was a dump. The bed was made, and looked clean enough, but she could only imagine the things it had been used for. Probably for something much like what was about to happen. The two side tables, next to the bed, were mismatched and looked faded. One had a chipped, splintered leg. In one corner was a horrid, floral-patterned armchair with stuffing poking from one side of the cushion. A small, bulky TV that had to have been 30 years old sat atop a set of drawers, which had carvings in the top from previous guests of the place.

“Yeah,” Brad said, “It’s a shithole alright.”

Angela nodded in agreement and said, “It’s perfect.”

Brad took off his jacket, undid his tie, and tossed them onto the chair. Those were quickly followed by his shirt, shoes, socks, and then his trousers, leaving him in nothing but his boxers. Angela watched him disrobe. At least he wasn’t some fat, gross bastard. He might be an asshole, but he was nice to look at and obviously took care of himself. Angela set her purse aside, took a deep breath, and peeled off her top, tossing it on the dresser. She pushed down her little skirt, added it to the pile, and stood naked before the man who was going to be her first.

Brad stepped forward, and slid his arms around her waist, then pressed his lips against hers. Angela let him, feeling her tummy flutter at how gentle he was. This wasn’t anything like when the tongue monster had raped her face with that squirming snake. Brad kissed her sweetly, which was more than a little surprising, and slid his warm hands up and down her back. She trembled in his arms when his fingers grazed her spine and heard herself moan a little into his mouth. She broke away and said, “You’re not supposed to kiss cheap hookers.”

Brad snorted and said, “You’re not a hooker, Ang. You’re just a slut.”

If only you knew, Brad, she thought, and let him kiss her again. His hands wandered over her body, one of them dropping to squeeze her ass, while the other slid to the back of her neck and played his fingertips behind her ear. Shit, that felt great! She was actually getting hot from the way he kissed her. His big hand moved from her ass, up along her side, until he palmed one of her breasts, giving it a light squeeze, then a gentle pinch of her hard nipple. That made her purr into his kiss. The light jerking of his erection against her told her that he was certainly enjoying it. Angela hooked her fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pushed them down. Brad aided her, letting them drop to the floor, and then her hand encircled his cock, stroking it up and down gently. He grunted his enjoyment into her mouth, and then broke away, putting his hands on her shoulders.

Angela sank to her knees, at eye-level with his penis, and licked the tip of it. She looked up at him, and then slipped her lips over his cockhead, letting him watch as it disappeared into her mouth.

“Yeah. Just like that, slut,” he said, and Angela felt another quiver of arousal at the demeaning name.

For long seconds, she sucked at him slowly, and he let her set her own pace, but as he grew more aroused, he became more aggressive. She’d expected this, and braced herself, opening her throat, breathing through her nose. Brad rested his hand on her head and began to fuck her mouth with longer, wetter thrusts, much the same way Arnold had done. One day, four different men, and it wasn’t even noon. She didn’t need Angie to turn her into a porn star, she was doing it to herself. It was for a good cause, though, she thought. It was the only way. She may as well learn to enjoy it, because it certainly wasn’t going to be the last time.

With a wet pop, Brad pulled his dick free and grasped it in his own hand, rubbing the slippery head across her lips as she stared up submissively from the floor. He motioned her up and turned toward the bed. This was it, she thought, and felt a sudden flurry of emotions. First, she was angry, with nowhere to really direct her anger toward. It just wasn’t fair. She hadn’t asked for this! A girl’s first time doing something so intimate and personal, should not be on a shitty motel bed with some stranger.

Then, she took a step toward the bed and the anger shifted to fear. What would it really feel like to have another hot body on top of her, his hands roaming and groping at her? The fear stayed but mingled with her own natural curiosity. If she enjoyed it, what did that say about her? Angela kept hold of the curiosity like a mental lifeline. That was familiar. It was why she enjoyed learning so much. Her curiosity was never sated. She laid on the bed and shifted her mind into the familiar place she went to when it was time to learn. A slut for science, she decided, and kept her curiosity in the front of her mind, letting it pool with the undeniable heat of arousal that she was less familiar with, but also curious about.

Instead of crawling on top of her and taking her, as she’d thought he would, Brad surprised her again by parting her legs and moving his face between them. Now this, she knew she liked. Brad ran the flat of his tongue from the bottom of her moist slit to the top, and Angela responded with a short gasp of pleasure. The feeling was similar to the tongue monster, but this was gentle. That thing hadn’t lapped at her gently, hadn’t made love to her pussy and worked her up slowly like Brad was doing. Roommate had simply dived in and tongue-fucked her.

This time, it was very different, both in the physical feeling, as Brad toyed with her in different spots, but also emotionally. His hands crept up her legs, caressing her body carefully. He didn’t paw at her or grope roughly like the Tongue Monster had done, no. This was a slow burn, like he was running his own experiment with her body as the laboratory, testing each part of her, noting the reaction, repeating what worked to bring about the result he wanted.

Without even realizing it, Angela had placed her hand in his soft hair, and began to feel her own body, as if getting to really know it for the first time. Clearly the result Brad wanted was to get her to enjoy this, too. He wasn’t going to just push himself on her and use her, at least not this first time. He wanted her to want him, as well. A crass fucker he might be, she thought, but at least he’s not completely selfish.

His lips latched themselves around her clit, sealing it in a softs, sucking warmth, while the tip of his tongue began to trace it gently. Angela’s legs shook, her knees drawn up, spreading herself in an unconscious desire to encourage him to continue. Brad made soft humming sounds in his throat, and the little vibrations added a new level of pleasure to what she already felt.

“Oooh, fuck…" she heard herself moan, and her mind stopped analyzing as the pleasure swept away her desire to experiment and replaced it with a more animal desire to enjoy what was happening to her.

Brad slipped two fingers inside of her now very wet pussy, the scent of her heat in his nostrils and the slick secretions of her enjoyment coating his lips. Angela bucked sharply against his face at yet another layer of added pleasure, but Brad kept his rhythm on her clit with practiced ease. The two fingers started slowly, but as they became slicker with her pussy cream, the pace of their thrusting increased, making Angela hump her pelvis upward in her own rhythm. She fucked against them as Brad kept up his tongue work, until Angela was panting, gripping his hair tightly, her eyes half-closed and her mind overcome with an approaching wave of pleasure that she could feel through her entire being.

The wave hit, crashed over her in much the same way that it had with the Tongue Monster, but the slow build-up from teasing to completion was infinitely better. It was like Brad had taken her on a journey from one small pleasure to another, adding one ingredient, and then the next, and the next, until it was finally just right, and the desired result had been obtained. Even as the wave overtook her, that little scientist in her admired it and loved it. This wasn’t just some animal fornication, two people rutting like pigs. What Brad had done to her was pure science, and she fucking loved it!

In a flash, though, as she still rode the wave, everything changed again. Angela drew in a long, sharp breath as she felt Brad’s penis spread her open, burrowing into her wet, gripping pussy. Her back arched off of the bed and another wave of pleasure, different again from the first hit her, receded, and then hit her again as she felt the base of his cock touch her moist lips. The sound of a wet “thuk” reached her ears, and then Brad’s big arm wrapped around the back of her neck and drew her up.

His lips met her own, and his hips pulled back, then slid forward, burying his length inside of her again. “Thuk”. Angela squealed softly into his mouth, and a little tremor shot up her body. Brad repeated the motion again, then again, then it became a rhythmic thing that seemed to keep time with the unconscious thrusting of her own hips coming up to meet his, while his tongue slipped into her mouth.

Another slow, burning wave began to build up as their bodies moved together. Angela’s arms wrapped around his shoulders, gripping them tightly as every fear she’d had vanished. She couldn’t remember why she’d been afraid of this. It was fucking amazing! So many varied sensations and thoughts warred for her attention that it was impossible to process them. Brad’s free hand roamed her body, groping her breast, tugging at her nipple, moving down her side, gripping her ass tightly, then sliding to the back of her leg. He held it behind her knee, and his pace increased, just enough to move the building wave to its next stage.

Each time he pulled out of her, his cock rubbed against her clit, then the length of it stroked it again as he pushed into her. The head of his penis hit a small spot on the top of her sheath on each entry, sending a little surge of joy through her, which only added to the growing wave. He seemed to feel it in her body, and when the wave started to recede, his pace increased, and it shot right back up.

Brad stopped kissing her, and his arm behind her neck held her to his body tightly as he began to really fuck her now. Angela could hear herself in some still-aware part of her mind, moaning and softly telling him to fuck her harder, but it was like those words were coming from a different room. The wave was about to break, and she sensed that it was about to hit Brad, too. His pumping into her pussy became urgent. Her nails dug harder into his shoulders. Angela’s eyes shut tightly as the rush of pleasure hit her. Her pussy squeezed around him, and she heard Brad growl. He buried himself into her with one sharp thrust, and Angela came as the hard burst of cum coated her insides.

Completely lost in the incredible feeling, Angela was only vaguely aware of the shift when it happened. Her eyes snapped open, though, when the weight of Brad’s body disappeared, and the feeling of his cock filling her up went with it. She caught sight of a brightly lit hotel room, clean and well-kept, and the utterly shocked look on the face of a brown-haired woman as she dropped her towel from lifeless fingers at the sight of a naked girl suddenly appearing on her bed. Then it was gone, and Brad’s body was on top of her once more, his penis wilting inside of her, and his breath hot in her ear. He sat back and looked at her curiously, certain that for just a second she’d completely vanished. Damn, he must have cum hard, he thought.

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