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Doppelgänger, Part 3

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Chapter 11: Eager Assistant

Angie had never considered the A/V club to have any use whatsoever, until today. In order to make her transformation, though, she was going to need help. People didn’t go from mega-nerd to super-slut in a day. The entire appeal of the thing was the transformation. That meant that Not-eNerd would need to start with the kind of boys that Angela was interested in. Nerds. They couldn’t just be any nerds, though. They needed to be useful nerds.

Coming up with names of the people her dork self associated with hadn’t proved all that easy. Angela didn’t have any social media presence. She didn’t even own a phone. She did have an old laptop that wasn’t good for much besides typing papers, and which hadn’t held much in the way of helpful information. Getting through the password on the thing had proved a challenge, too. Angie just wasn’t used to thinking like a geek. She’d finally cracked the goddamn thing after looking at Angela’s bookshelf, where a copy of a biography of some guy named Fibonacci held a birthday message from her father. She typed in the math fucker's name and the computer unlocked.

All that work had nearly proved to be a waste, though. Angela had nothing but school papers and some horrible poetry she'd written. The only valuable information she’d been able to glean was that Angela had done a stellar video project with another geek named Brian, and he’d been a pro director. Even Angie could see that the kid had an eye for lighting and angles.

Today, A/V club was basically a study period, all of the projects having been wrapped up for the year. Brian was busy pouring over a graded practice exam for their shared history class, another reason the boy would be useful.

“Hey, Brian.” Angie said, taking a seat at a table with him, and flipping back her hair.

The poor boy’s eyes nearly fell out of his head at the sight of her.

“Ang… Angela?” he stammered, looking at her cleavage.

“Hey. How did you do on the pre-test?” She asked, as though her state of dress was nothing new.

“Um… great.”

Angie put her hand on his leg, and smiled, saying, “Of course you did! You know, I wanted to talk to you about a video project. It’s off school hours, but I think it could be fun. I loved what you did with our presentation!”

“I… I, um, yeah. What is it?”

Angie ran her hand up his leg a little further, dangerously close to his crotch.

“It’s, well, a little more risque.” She bit her lip nervously, and glanced around the room, lowered her voice, and went on, “Just kind of an… erotic film experiment I’ve been thinking about. It’s not, like, crazy or a nudie flick or something.