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Bad Influence(r): The Conclusion

Chapter Seventeen: Sure Thing

Krista dragged a half-conscious Vixy into the apartment and put her in bed, the exhausted influencer falling asleep immediately. The photographer flipped on the white noise machine and shut the door, then went to work sending her photos and videos to Melissa.

“It seems like the most recent visit to Remolded Reality is settling in well,” Krista said over the phone to the manager, “There’s still some conflict in there, but I don’t think it’ll be long.”

“Perfect,” Melissa said, “It’s a bit of a shame that the memories go, along with the identity. It would really top things off if she actually remembered, for what’s coming.”

“Yeah,” Krista agreed, “but I guess even iFem has its limits.”

There was a moment of silence and then Melissa said, dangerously, “iFem doesn’t believe in limits.”

Krista backpedaled and said, “No. Sorry.”

“We’ll compensate you for having to suck that guy’s dick,” Melissa said.


“You’re doing great, Krista,” Melissa added, “Just one more job to go and you’re settled.”

“Alright. Night.”

Krista hung up the phone.


Vixy dressed in the skimpy, pink lingerie that the followers had chosen for her, then took her supplements. Within the hour, her pussy was hot and wet and the mild headache began to fade. Her cunt still felt a bit sore from the rough fucking the strange man had given her the previous night, but the reaction from the followers this morning had been overwhelmingly positive.

Hot damn! You took that cock like a real whore.

Lucky guy! When’s the next auction?

Love the new look, Vixy. A bitch collar really suits you.

Leashed like the animal you are. So fitting.

On and on the comments went, the shares of the degrading video spreading it far and wide. Naturally, these shares included links to the new club, along with praise from iFem and the owners. After Krista took the first photos of Vixy in the lingerie, she fumbled at the collar.

“How does it come off?” she asked.

“It doesn’t,” Krista informed her casually.

“Why?” Vixy asked, tugging at it again, worried.

“Because it’s what iFem wants for you, and you’re their property,” Krista explained.

“I’m… I’m not… what do you mean?”

“VixyViv is the intellectual property of iFem,” Krista said, “It’s in your contract. You are VixyViv, and you signed over the rights when you took the contract.”

Vixy paled and wanted to protest, but at the mere thought of arguing against this, it was like a wall went up in her mind, shutting off the thought. Arguing against iFem was betrayal. It was bad. The want was instantaneously replaced with revulsion at the idea of objecting.

“You want to be good for iFem, don’t you, Vixy?” Krista asked, pushing her against the wall and cupping her cunt.

Vixy nodded. She did want to be good.

Good girls obey. Good girls are good toys.

“Did Vivianne tell you to be bad?” Krista asked.

Vixy shook her head and said, “Vivianne… isn’t real.”

Krista nodded and said, “Good girl.”

The words drove away the worry as the pleasure overcame Vixy, sending her into orgasmic spasms and blotting out anything else. Duty was pleasure. She was good, a good girl for iFem. The pleasure went on, longer than it ever had, and as it did Krista was there, touching her, kissing her, telling her that she was good. She was such a good slut, a good fuckdoll.


“It’s called Sure Thing,” Melissa explained as Vixy opened the new app on her phone and looked at the profile, “and we’re running a poll now for the winner. You sure had some bad dates before iFem! Don’t worry, though, we’re going to give one of those lucky guys a second chance to make a better impression.”

The mobile app was a dating app, sort of. While a conventional date might involve two people going out and getting to know one another, Sure Thing offered sex dates. Her latest sponsor, along with Melissa, had carefully built Vixy’s profile on the app and were, even now, lining up her first date. The candidates were only men that Vixy had once decried as creeps on social media, after ghosting them. Now, one of those men would get a second chance through Sure Thing.

“He just… gets to come over and fuck me?” Vixy asked, appalled, yet extremely horny because Krista was licking her clit and pushing a vibrator into her cunt.

“That’s kind of the definition of a sure thing,” Melissa said over the speakerphone, “It will be right up your alley.”

“I… I…” Vixy squeaked, and then Krista pushed the full length of the toy into her cunt and made her cum.

“This is what the company needs,” Melissa said, “Are you going to be a good company slut, or a difficult bitch?”

Vixy moaned loudly.

“Good girl,” Melissa said.

Vixy came again. Krista climbed onto the couch with her and, as she fucked Vixy’s cunt with the toy, kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, “It’s so much better to just listen to Melissa than to try to make decisions, isn’t it?”

Vixy trembled and nodded as Krista groped one of her tits. On the TV, she watched the man with the big cock push it into her spread cunt and begin to fuck her.

“Don’t think anymore, Vixy. Just listen. You’re iFem’s little bimbo, and that’s so much better than thinking about things. Thinking about things is hard, isn’t it?”

Vixy nodded. It was very hard to think about things. Thinking about things made her head hurt, and made her see Vivianne, which was scary. When she was good, when she listened to Melissa and just did as she was told, everything felt so much better, so much more right.

“The man is going to come over and fuck you,” Krista said and Vixy shivered, watching the TV, where the other man was fucking her, “He might be mad because he remembers when you were mean to him. He remembers from before you were good, when you were a difficult bitch. Do you remember when you were a difficult bitch?”

Vixy shook her head and tried to remember being a difficult bitch, but the memories were just gray fog and some kind of sound, a voice maybe, something like a woman crying. It wasn’t pleasant and it made her head hurt. Instead, she touched the collar and felt better. The collar made her feel good, because the collar was from iFem and it meant that they were taking care of all the difficult things that made her feel bad. She just needed to do what iFem wanted, what Melissa wanted, and everything felt good, like Krista fucking the toy into her cunt did.

Krista put a set of earbuds into her ears and continued to toy her pussy, while sucking her bimbo tits. The familiar and comforting sounds began to play in the earbuds and then it was all she could hear. On the TV she writhed in pain as the man shocked her, fucked her, forced her to cum on his cock. In the corner of the video was the iFem watermark, the stamp of approval, telling her that it was good, that she was performing her function well. The sight of it caused a warm glow of happiness that began to spread as the noise played.


The poll winner was a man named Erol, but Vixy could not recall ever having met him. To her addled mind, it made sense that she would not, because Erol was from a time when she was a difficult bitch, which was no longer the case. As she primped herself in the mirror, her thoughts, her only thoughts, were on looking fuckable and doing as she was told. Everything else, now, just seemed like it hardly mattered.

Some man that she couldn’t recall, who was no one to her but a follower, was going to come over and fuck her. He’d fuck her so that it could be broadcast on the internet for people to watch, and she’d act like a slut so that the sponsors and iFem could reap profits and send her commissions. She’d do it to gain more followers, in order to produce more profits and more commissions. The idea filled her with happiness and purpose, fulfilled the dreams of VixyViv.

It turned out, though, that Erol did want something of a date. He wanted to make her a nice dinner and sit at her table with her, and he wanted to have a conversation. The affair was like a reality TV show, she thought, and glowed with pride because she was famous enough to warrant a reality TV show, that millions would watch. When Krista told her that the apartment was filled with cameras, capturing every room and angle, it only seemed appropriate to Vixy, now.

Property had no privacy. iFem had every right to record what they would, to use that footage to market her, to market the sponsors. This, too, was right to Vixy, who smiled robotically as she showed the strange man into her apartment for their “date”.

“Your tits look great,” Erol said, giving them a good squeeze, “much better than the last time.”

“Thank you,” Vixy said, gushing.

Erol tugged at her leash and led her to the kitchen, where he pulled out a chair for her and sat her at the table. Krista followed along with her camera, adding additional footage alongside the apartment’s cameras. Erol set about making a pasta dinner for the two of them, and while the noodles cooked on the stovetop, he extracted his cock. Gripping Vixy’s styled hair in his fist, he pushed the length of his half-hard cock into her mouth.

“I always figured you were some kind of dumb bimbo,” he said, using her mouth, “You really weren’t all that smart the last time. Frankly, I thought you were kind of boring to talk to. This is much better.”

Vixy glurked on is cock. When the noodles were ready, Erol allowed her to breathe, and Vixy sputtered, drool leaking into her cleavage as he continued making dinner with his cock exposed.

Erol laid out a plate of noodles and drizzled a warm sauce over them for Vixy, and then proceeded to fuck her face while the food cooled. He rhythmically humped her mouth, both hands on the side of her head, holding her in place and pounding his cock wetly into her mouth as she gagged and glurked. He ejaculated, not into her mouth, but across her sauce.

Vixy ate the pasta and cum sauce as though it were any other meal, while more and more followers tuned in to the livestream to watch. Erol complimented her tits, noting that they looked even better caked in a film of drool. Vixy blushed at the compliment and wondered if he would fuck her rack after dinner. It would be an excellent boost for Maximizer, she figured.

After their meal, Erol led Vixy by her leash to her bedroom, where he stripped her naked, then himself, and spent several minutes slapping her udders with a look of amusement until they began to hurt and her eyes were watering. His erection had returned and so he laid her on the bed and mounted her chest, making use of her mouth once more.

“Jesus, these fucking melons just swallow up my cock,” Erol commented, his cock sufficiently lubricated to fuck her tits.

The man pushed the length of it between her jugs, squeezing them like toys in his hands as his spit-lubed cock slipped between the valley of her titflesh. The head of it didn’t even emerge from the other side, but all Vixy thought about was what a great job the sponsor had done with them, to make them so jiggly and fuckable. Her pussy was so wet and needy that she wished the man would hurry up and put his cock in it, or that Krista would lick it for her. Krista was busy, though, doing her own job, performing her own function for the company.

It was not Krista’s job to lick her cunt for her. Erol kept a hold of her tits, but then positioned himself and pushed his cock into her sopping hole. Vixy squealed and wrapped her legs around him, mouth open in pleasure. The pleasure wasn’t just from the feel of his prick, which was now all the way into her, but for the rightness of her position. The followers would love watching him use her, she knew. They’d be signing up for Sure Thing in droves, pushing the app’s subscription fee income higher, in turn generating revenue for iFem.

Perhaps even more of the followers would fuck her, and make her feel even better. Erol’s groans of enjoyment as he manhandled her tits and pumped his cock into her were the sound of a job well done, another successful service for iFem and the sponsor, and that more than the feeling between her legs made her cum.

Chapter Eighteen: Corporate Whore

It was not an easy thing to lie face down with large bimbo tits. They mashed against the table uncomfortably and it hurt. That pain, though, was insignificant compared to the pain of the tattoo gun between her shoulder blades.

“It looks so good, Vixy,” Melissa said, holding her hair out of the way of the artist, her latest sponsor.

Vixy bit down on the ball gag in her mouth, her once sparkling and excited eyes watering. Those eyes were no longer sparkling with life and longing, filled with dreams of one day becoming truly influential. It was not because she had achieved those dreams, though she had. It was that those dreams had been replaced with the desires of the company, and the only joy she now felt was at doing their bidding.

Vixy had not seen Vivianne for days now, and when she thought about that phony, that fake, that liar, there was a sense of victory that she’d been able to make her go away for good. Everything felt so much nicer without that screeching, crying bitch around, putting notions of disobedience in her head and making her doubt herself. Vivianne had been terribly difficult, a difficult bitch.

The tattoo gun fell silent, finally lifting from her back. She heard the click of Krista’s camera and then, a moment later, the photographer showed her the photo. Between her shoulder blades were the letters VV, followed by a string of digits, the same as on the tag attached to her collar. They were her number, Melissa had explained, the one attached to her in the iFem Influencer Database. She shivered with delight when she saw it, inscribed in her flesh so that she could never forget, so that no one could ever forget to whom she belonged.

The tattoo artist spread her legs apart and pushed the head of his cock into her bare, always wet cunt and began to fuck it. As he gripped her ass roughly and pumped the length of his prick into her, Vixy stared at the photo. She glowed inside as the number on her skin burned itself into her mind, which had so much available space for things like that, now. She glowed at the knowledge that she’d finally made it.

She’d gained fame, and she had influence, reach beyond anything she’d ever imagined. Sponsors sent her gifts and free products, which she could push on her followers to gain commissions. Interesting destinations awaited, where wealthy and influential people threw lavish parties, uncaring about the cost of their handbags. Everything she’d ever wanted had come true, even if she couldn’t exactly recall what that was. As the strange man behind her fucked her and spanked her bottom, Vixy squealed into the gag and then orgasmed as Melissa and Krista watched. All of her dreams, everything she had ever wanted, all of it was hers, now. Thanks to iFem.


Enjoyed this story? You can pick up the finished book in the shop! This book tells the story of Vivianne, who dreams of being a real social media influencer. When she's offered a contract with Internet Famous Entertainment Management (iFem), her life is taken control of by her campaign manager, Melissa. Melissa has her own plans for Vivianne's social media career, and they include degrading and humiliating her as often as possible, rewriting her personality, and turning her into a cash machine for the evil iFem corporation.

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