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The Second Place Sister: Author's Edition (ePub+PDF)

The Second Place Sister: Author's Edition (ePub+PDF)

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This Author's Edition has been updated and revised with a clean sweep of all existing errors, as well as formatting. Included are all the illustrations by HentaiArtist2000, both inline and as files included with the package. The following bonus stories have been added to provide over 700 pages of erotic content:

  • Valerie: A NewYou Story
  • A Hamlin Family Interlude
  • Stephanie's Birthday Blowjob (Illustrated)
  • The Redheaded Slut


Twin sisters Stephanie and Tori Hamlin are the poster children for success. They're gorgeous, smart, and award-winning track stars, competing on a national level. Stephanie, though, harbors a terrible secret. Consumed with blinding jealousy over her twin's success, she's been pulled into a dark conspiracy, behind which lurks a terrible corporate entity bent on changing the world.

When Stephanie has Tori framed for a fabricated crime and incarcerated at the NewYou Clinic for Adolescent Addiction, she goes to work on her family, remaking them into her perverse vision of perfection. Meanwhile, the methods of the NewYou clinic condition Tori to accept a new personality, that of a subservient, sexual plaything.

Once she's returned to her family, wholly different, Tori must contend with the changes that Stephanie has wrought on her family. Through struggles that they'd never imagined, the Hamlins will need to come to terms with the changes to themselves. What Stephanie didn't count on, though, is the power of a sister's love and capacity for forgiveness in the face of life-altering change.

  • File Format: ePub+PDF

    This work is copyright of Hamlin and ErotikInks. It is not to be redistributed, resold, recopied, or used for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of the author. By downloading this file, you agree that it is for your own personal use only.

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